by Willem McLoud
19 February, 2022

from Ancient-Origins Website




'The Nephilim - Kings of an Epic Age', is a pioneering work tracking down the story of the enigmatic scions of the gods or Nephilim in ancient Middle Eastern tradition.


Commencing with the most ancient strata of traditions of Sumer and Egypt, the focus falls on the earliest known and perhaps greatest of heroic ages, the Epic Age of great Sumerian kings like Gilgamesh and mighty Akkadian god-kings who ruled over the ends of the known world.


Their epic traditions, which include some of the greatest legends and myths our world has seen, are brought to life in an unprecedented way.

'The Nephilim' also explores their secret doctrine.


Although many authors have written about the strange world of the ancients, this work explores the secrets and enigmas specifically associated with the Sumerians and the Akkadians, something that has never been done before.


The author's newly published chronology for the ancient Middle Eastern world, dramatically confirmed by the recent discovery of an important cuneiform text, is utilized to shed new light on many gaps in our knowledge and to unlock those mysteries.

Also investigated and studied is the relationship between the,

Sumero-Akkadian and the Israelite, Persian, Indian and Egyptian traditions as well as the history of religion.

Readers intrigued by the ancient world and all its marvels will find this work truly fascinating and absolutely worth the read.


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