Dr. William Baldwin’s book, CE- VI: Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind, systematically shows the reader the various kinds of spirit attachments, including dark force entities and earthbound lost souls. However, he goes beyond what has been described before by clearly examining case histories that involved attachments, or take-overs, by aliens or extraterrestrials. Not only that, he demonstrates how some attachments by ETs have been manipulated by dark forces intervention. Besides showing the reader what has happened, he demonstrates the effectiveness of his releasement therapies in eliminating any of, and all of, these types of attachments.


His stunning case histories, showing him at work in resolving those debilitating conditions, gives the reader not only information, but hope. The knowledge that one does not have to be burdened by these, at times life-threatening, intrusions. His book is also a manual for any mental health worker open-minded enough to put the client’s welfare above previously accepted belief systems or what is currently accepted as conventional therapy. He shows that these conditions do, indeed, happen, and, best of all, they can be resolved in a loving, human, and effective way.

Dr. Baldwin’s work is another of his contributions to the understanding and relief of human suffering. Bravo! Dr. Baldwin.

Edith Fiore, Ph.D.

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Sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, and involuntary abductions by aliens have been widely reported over the last five decades in countries around the world. Investigators have uncovered reports of similar visitations that occurred tens, hundreds, even thousands of years ago.1 This is not a new happening.

Through my clinical experience with thousands of clients, I have come to accept not only the existence of discarnate entities and energies, and their effects on living people, but also the possibility that ETs (extraterrestrials) exist, at least in some form. Not in the way I read about in volumes of science fiction or books on UFOs and alien abductions, but in a form I can communicate with, even though I can’t see them. They have impact on our reality and they can affect individual human beings, usually with unfavorable results.

Through the voices of the clients in altered states of consciousness, these alien beings reveal their purposes for being here, they describe their home-world civilizations, and many express the desire to go “home.” In some cases, the ET commandant on a nearby spacecraft, and even the leader of the ruling High Council on the home-world, will speak through the voice of the client.

The ETs offer many reasons for their presence here. Many are here to gather data and information on human life forms. They are technicians and scientists. There seems to be some kind of long-term genetic experimentation and manipulation in progress. Some ETs may be able to help troubled humans. A few apparently have the ability to heal physical ailments. Some people claim to have been spiritually transformed as the result of an abduction and interaction with aliens.

In other cases the ETs announce they are here to take control, to simply take over the human race, beginning with our client. They often threaten that we will be next. Such threats clearly indicate DFE (dark force entity) influence.

This channeled information could be totally fabricated by the client, consciously or unconsciously. It may be a product of the collective unconscious mind, triggered by a subliminal mass hysteria over an urban myth of alien domination. A more sinister possibility reflects the fears of the conspiracy theorists; the alien abductions may involve elements of our own government who have formed some kind of alliance with ETs, beings from other worlds or other dimensions. Equally repugnant is the possibility that the entire UFO/ET enigma might be nothing less, nor more, than field testing of mind control technology by earth’s own intelligence agencies or military personnel.

However, it may be exactly what it appears to be: actual communication with an alien race. Whatever the case, the information voiced through the clients forms a consistent body of knowledge about the alien beings and their motivations for coming to our planet.

Therapists deal with problems and situations which cause discomfort to people. Most therapists deal with mundane, temporal conditions: emotional upset, personality imbalance, character deficiency, relationship conflicts and similar issues. Psychiatrists often treat signs and symptoms of mental illness with medication designed to control the symptoms. Few practitioners get involved in spiritual matters, though there is a reluctant but growing acceptance and recognition of religious or spiritual problems in the mental health field.2

UFOs and ETs are considered by most health professionals as imagination and hallucination, the product of an unbalanced or deranged mind, or outright hoax, and reports of such are not taken seriously. Possession and exorcism are still relegated to the domain of fantasy and hallucination, and not considered worthy of serious consideration. Even most clergy deny and avoid this area. Several states have statutes expressly forbidding a licensed mental health practitioner from being involved in any sort of exorcism procedure.

And yet, perhaps millions of people suffer with the effects of non-physical or other-dimensional intelligent beings which interfere or connect with them in some way. Human and non-human entities are discovered in altered state sessions, causing many of the problems and conflicts which motivate people to seek professional help. Many of these entities and energies attempt to take over mental and physical control of the host human. Some simply want a place to “live,” a body to call their own. Other types seek to disrupt or destroy the host.

All of these errant beings want something for themselves, regardless of the desires, needs, plans, or spiritual path of the unfortunate host. This is a terrible violation of individual free will. Spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, truly benevolent and highly evolved ETs, true spirit teachers and other light beings neither possess nor control humans and they do not impose their own agendas.

This book describes the conflicts which seem to be produced by the intrusive, selfish, opportunistic, sometimes confused, often malevolent entities and energies that interfere with living people. Humans are sovereign beings, and have the right to live without such interference from aliens, entities, other human beings, or government agencies of any kind.

Most of the case histories and dialogues in this book have been taken from actual sessions with people in our counseling practice and training courses. The general information is pieced together from the clinical sessions of many clients. There is a consistency in the personal narratives, a pattern which can neither be denied nor ignored. The material is organized here in a coherent picture; the details have not been embellished in any way. My own conclusions, assumptions, and speculations are identified as such.

The material in this book is not offered as absolute truth. There is no way to prove the validity of the narratives which come through the client’s voices in altered state sessions. Nor can these experiences be interpreted in any meaningful way. The subjective experience of several thousands of people is presented here as part of the spectrum of the human condition. Real people have had these experiences; the memories are concealed in the deep unconscious mind. In an altered state of consciousness, also understood as hypnotic trance, they relate to us what has happened to them. This is what is being reported.


Please read with an open mind. This is middle America speaking. This could be any of us. It IS some of us.

Many colleagues in different parts of the country have reported similar ac-counts of the alien beings, ET intruders with similar “missions.” Several have contributed cases for this book. Names and identifying details have been changed to ensure the anonymity of the people involved. Minor editing has been done in some descriptions and case transcripts for the sake of clarity only.

The purpose of this book is to increase public awareness, not to arouse fear. In clinical practice, we find that more than half our clients are apparently carrying the burden of attached ETs and suffering their influence. If this phenomenon is real, it must be investigated and researched thoroughly, documented and made public knowledge. And just consider the possibilities if it turns out to be true!

We cannot ignore the mystery of the non-physical reality, the unconscious levels of mind, the imaginal realm, the spiritual levels of being. The deeper levels of consciousness have not been thoroughly explored. This is terra incognita, undiscovered territory, the unknown region. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, made this statement on the unconscious mind. 3

The years when I was pursuing my inner images were the most important in my life — in them everything essential was decided. It all began then; the later details are only supplements and clarifications of the material that burst forth from the unconscious, and at first swamped me. It was the prima materia for a lifetime’s work.

It is this uncharted territory which we explore and seek to understand with our limited human intellect. In these pages you will find some of the results of our research.


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My clients and the other intelligences which speak through their voices continue to be my most profound teachers. My gratitude is exceeded only by my curiosity at the phenomena which we collectively explore in private sessions. The wellspring of knowledge seems to flow with no sign of running dry.

Bob and Cathy Teets, my editors and publishers, also deserve my deep and sincere gratitude for their unending encouragement and support, their gentle course correction on my literary voyage, and their professional skills in this field. Bob’s cheerful voice on my phone always stirs renewed enthusiasm for the project when I find myself mired in ennui. “Onward and upward,” he cheers, and away we go!

And to my beloved Judith, my partner in life, in our love, and in the work, I again pledge my eternal love. You always support my earthly endeavors, you are a beacon on my spiritual path, and your flamboyant personality and ebullient sense of humor light up my life when I need it most. Thank you from my heart and my soul.

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The government sponsored program SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence,4 may be focused in the wrong direction. The radio signals are sent into space, and the giant receiving dishes are waiting for return signals from some intelligent beings “out there.”


SETI’s work is based on at least two assumptions:

1. Aliens exist in three-dimensional space-time as humans do.
2. They haven’t yet arrived on earth.

This could be faulty thinking!

If we can draw any conclusions from human experience, then the aliens are already here. Millions of humans may have had encounters with aliens on some kind of “spaceship.”5 Many have described the trauma of being abducted against their will, taken aboard the craft or to some unknown location, and subjected to intrusive and often painful physical procedures.6 During some of these experiences the “abductees” claim to recognize humans in military uniforms.

“Space brothers” have delivered volumes of information to Earth by channeling through sensitive persons. They have made several magnanimous promises: to stop nuclear wars; to lift our population off the planet until the predicted cataclysmic earth changes are over; or to stop earth changes before they happen. (How could we know if they were successful?) They have exhorted humans to stop making war on each other and to love each other. (Good advice, whatever the source.) They have announced certain dates for their arrival in mass landings across the face of the planet. So far, they have not kept these appointments.

In my youth, my closest encounter with space beings was through the pages of Astounding Science Fiction magazine. Such authors as Heinlein, Asimov, and Ray Bradbury were my literary adventure heroes. I was still in high school when I read Donald Keyhoe’s book, The Flying Saucers Are Real, published in 1950. With that book my thinking turned a corner, my mind opened to the possibility of alien life forms existing somewhere else. Never again was the vastness of space filled with the imaginary creatures of science fiction. According to Keyhoe, they were real and they were visiting Earth.

Years of college, dental school, and a doctoral program in psychology gave me a firm scientific grounding. I think like a scientist. I am dedicated to rigorous scientific standards of inquiry and objective evidence when considering and examining natural phenomena. The scientific method of inquiry works, at least for the narrow range of physically detectable phenomena. Yet the scientific method tends to be an impregnable, inescapable box which excludes all but “hard” physical evidence.

Personal exploration of natural phenomena is also valid inquiry. However, subjective accounts are normally not accepted as part of the scientific method of
research. Along with my years of education, training, observation, and investigation, I also experienced guided imagery (images suggested by the facilitator), rebirthing (deep, rapid breathing exercise which sometimes stimulates memories of the birth experience), past life regression therapy (uncovering memories of what seem to be prior lifetimes), spirit releasement (removal of interfering conscious energies), and inner child healing (treatment of wounded subpersonalities). I know from these personal experiences what the client is feeling during a session.

As a therapist I am sensitive to human feelings, memories, and experience, no matter how far from consensus reality the stories range, how they differ from accepted norms of the possible/impossible. I have seen and listened to human pain, and it is very real. I have learned that the exploration of human consciousness may uncover anything. Yet much of what is uncovered is rejected by objective science; it seems that a large part of human experience lies outside the parameters of the scientific method.

Francis Bacon considered knowledge in itself to be a virtue, to be used to achieve power over nature, leading to longer, healthier, happier human life. Galileo emphasized the value of observation over abstract speculation. He left a legacy of ideas on astronomy that forever changed humankind’s notions about the physical universe.

Isaac Newton was born in 1642, the year Galileo died. In 1687, Newton published his Principia Mathematica, perhaps the greatest scientific work ever written. It dominated scientific thought for more than 200 years. The Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm is still the reigning model of scientific thinking, devoid of philosophic speculations.

Science finally parted company with the spiritual reality between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, especially in Western civilization. Metaphysical and spiritual phenomena, being improvable, were relegated to the province of religion. This was a great loss to the human race.

Yet people continue to have mystical and spiritual experiences. Can this all be imagination or mass delusion? Deja vu, past life memories, out of body experience, near-death experience, possession by other beings or entities, channeling, psychic abilities, precognitive knowledge, UFO contact and abduction, and many other non-scientific events continue to be reported by intelligent, credible people.7

A few scientists have been courageous enough to study and document such phenomena, then publish their findings in these controversial areas. Some have been ridiculed by the mainstream scientific establishment, those people who won’t acknowledge the existence of anything other than the physical universe. Yet aware-ness of the non-physical universe continues to expand, both in the general population and among some scientific types. Human experience cannot be denied nor explained away. Intelligent curiosity demands serious investigation of the non-physical, or spiritual realm. The time is now.

The scientific method will never be sufficient to properly and thoroughly explore the richness and depth of human consciousness. The research must include a sense of the spiritual. Subjective human experience cannot be weighed, measured, and exactly duplicated on demand. Yet human experiences are appropriate data for a complete science. William James, considered by many to be the father of American psychology, urged that science should be based only on experience, and that nothing within the totality of human experience should be excluded from being a potential topic of scientific investigation.


In his Essays in Radical Empiricism, James defined this term:

To be radical, an empiricism must neither admit into its construction any element that is not directly experienced, nor exclude from them any element that is directly experienced.8

In 1981, a year and a half before I left my profession of dentistry, and after more than ten years of study in metaphysics, parapsychology, and the farther reaches of human consciousness including the near-death, after-death, and out-of-body experiences, past lives, spirit possession and de-possession, channeling, and other spiritual teachings, I began conducting a part-time private practice in past life regression therapy (PLT).9 There were only a few books on the techniques of PLT at the time, written by practicing professionals.

Around the world, thousands of therapists of various orientations are now using the techniques of this controversial approach to helping people. The client is guided into an altered state of consciousness, sometimes called hypnotic trance. The emotions surrounding a present-life situation can trigger memories of what seem to be events in other lifetimes. In theory, other lifetimes hold the source of most present life problems and conflicts. Memories of traumatic events from former lifetimes can be recalled, processed in the therapy session, and the present life problems ease or disappear.

When I first hear something unusual in a regression session, for instance a past life in Atlantis or on a distant planet, the details of an alien abduction or an implant device, or a particular type of attached entity and its effects on the client, I simply note it, without judgment. Many clients have described archetypal scenes such as conflict between the warrior gods of light and the beings of darkness who would take over earth. When similar descriptions emerge in two or three sessions, I am interested. If many clients report the same experiences, then I accept the experience as part of the human condition within the spiritual reality.

To my surprise, after only a few months of doing past life regression sessions, I recognized signs and symptoms of what seemed to be discarnate interference in a growing number of my clients. Like many people, I had assumed this condition to be imaginary, contrived, the result of paranoia and delusional thinking. As a scientific investigator, I observed, recognized, studied this phenomenon, and formed an hypothesis which was not unlike historical descriptions of the condition of spirit possession.10

From the information gathered during clinical sessions, a map of the spiritual territory slowly unfolded which was similar to age-old descriptions of the spiritual realms.11 From this working model, I began to develop a rational methodology of treatment for the condition. Turns out the problem is neither imaginary nor delusional. Most people affected aren’t aware of the interference until they discover it in a therapy session; the majority of my private clients uncover these unwelcome intrusions. Many of the people who believe and claim they are possessed usually aren’t.

All through history, this unwanted, involuntary condition has been labeled spirit possession or demon possession. In primitive cultures, spirits were thought to be everywhere, and everything was infused with unseen intelligence. This belief is termed animism. The typical religious literature depicts non-physical entities as demons, the minions of Lucifer, and all spirit possession is considered to be demon possession. The adherents to the philosophy of Spiritualism, which began in the middle of the 19th century, believed such entities to be the souls of departed loved ones, returned from the “Sunnyland” of the after-death realm.12

Rarely is a living human being taken over and controlled completely by a non-physical entity, though this condition has been reported. A person in this condition would not likely seek a therapy session for the problem.

As I observed my clients in clinical session carefully and rationally, it seemed clear that there was definite influence from these apparently separate entities. There are methods of differentiating between parts of self, or subpersonalities, and separate beings of various kinds. I recognized the connection between human and entity as a parasitic condition, and I began using the term “spirit attachment” instead of spirit possession.

My clients were my teachers along the way, as were these apparently attached entities of various kinds. In my curiosity I asked what must have seemed like endless questions of the entities. They answered through the client’s voice. I learned a great deal about the mechanism of spirit attachment, the reasons for attraction and attachment, identification of the many different types of attached entities, and the mental, emotional, and physical effects on the host. It appeared that, aside from superstition, some of the ancient and classical literature on the subject was at least partially valid in a clinical setting, and not merely philosophical and theological beliefs imposed on human thinking.

Drawing upon this growing body of empirical knowledge, I developed rational techniques for appropriately releasing these intruders in a way that eliminated any possibility of their return. In ongoing therapy, a person can learn to strengthen the “spiritual immune system”13 and begin to learn how to ward off future interference by such opportunistic entities.

I briefly tried various exorcism and deliverance techniques drawn from many volumes on the subject. The results were mixed. My own techniques developed empirically, by trial and error, with much correction; what worked, remained, what didn’t was discarded. As a parallel to the descriptive term spirit attachment, I coined the designation Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) to describe the treatment methods I was evolving. I spent most of my waking hours during 1990 writing the book, Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual, which outlines techniques of past life therapy, recovery of soul fragmentation, and the methodology for clearing attached entities.

In the clinical setting, the goal is to help a client find answers within himself or herself that address and relieve personal conflicts or troubling conditions they may be suffering. Over the years of exploring this phenomena of discarnate interference in clinical practice, the clients have helped me understand that regardless of the scientific rigidity of associated research, the bottom line to them is that the therapy works. In short, whether any, all, or none of what your are about to read is true in the strict scientific sense, it can be replicated in a clinical setting. Replication is one of the basic elements of the scientific method.

There is a mass of accumulated fear and superstition surrounding the phenomenon of unseen spirits interfering with living humans, largely promulgated through the centuries by the Church. In lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings, books and articles, it has been my goal to ease the fear, erase the superstition, to describe rationally a real phenomenon, and increase the public awareness of this very common condition.

As my experience expanded in the clinical work and I developed the methodologies of SRT, my knowledge of the spiritual reality also expanded. The techniques are effective in practice and I began to train others in the work. To date, more than 500 people have completed the Basic SRT Training, and thousands of others have read my Technique Manual or studied with someone else. Many of these people conduct spirit releasement sessions with similar results.

In 1989, I met and married Judith. She is a talented painter, brilliantly creative, and a deeply spiritual human being. She is an excellent instructor and a gifted spiritual counselor. We present professional trainings together and work as co-therapists in clinical sessions. Her presence is a great gift to me personally and professionally.

Over the years of clinical experience I discovered what appeared to be three main types of intrusive, attaching entities: the so-called earthbound spirits (EB) of deceased humans which are bound or stuck in the earth plane and unable or unwilling to move on to the higher realms; the dark force entities (DFE), which includes the classic demon; and aliens or extraterrestrials (ET). This book focuses primarily on the ET and DFE, though there are many other interfering energies.

These various intruders seemed to cause all manner of mental, emotional, physical, and relationship problems for people.

  • The earthbound human spirits, the EBs, impose human conditions and ailments on the unsuspecting host such as habits, behaviors, addictions, inappropriate emotions, sexual distortions, and the physical symptoms of illness.

  • The DFEs attempt to block every aspect of human progress, to undermine love in any form or situation, such as self esteem, personal relationships, and family groups, and to generally cause chaos and disruption at every opportunity. They often claim they are just “doing their job.”

  • The ETs state that they are from “far away,” and the Light in their “universe” is a color other than golden-white.14 They do not impose human problems, and they are often here on a specific “scientific mission”—except for those who are influenced by the DFEs.

Whatever the truth might be regarding alien civilizations, humans have always had a curiosity about what’s “out there.” Many have voiced the thought that we humans might have come from “out there.” The notion of “sky people” has peppered human thinking, as evident in some early cave drawings and petroglyphs, sacred scriptures, fictional accounts of space travel, and sci-fi movies.15 Science fiction still holds fascination for many millions of people. Star Trek: The Next Generation was the most successful weekly show in the history of syndicated television.16 Possession was a common theme in the various Star Trek series. Survival of consciousness beyond physical death and spirit possession have been the subject of numerous popular movies such as Ghost, All Of Me, Maxie, and of course, The Exorcist.

Possession or control by another being goes against our most basic human and spiritual rights. It is a possibility both terrifying and preposterous. We rail against excessive political or police power. We have laws against intruders who violate our physical person or property. Medical science has developed remedies for many of the microorganisms which invade our bodies and cause disease. We must expand our awareness of the non-physical intruders of all kinds. There are effective methods of dealing with the unseen forces which impose upon us. In this book, you will read about real cases of these close encounters with conscious alien beings: the causes, the effects, and the treatment.

There is a reference to such in the Bible (Ephesians 6:12):

... we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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Chapter 1


The possibility of spirit possession, that is, full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate or non-physical being, has been recognized, or at least theorized, in every time and in nearly every culture. It seems that a disembodied consciousness, a spirit, a soul, an entity, can join or attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of control on the mental functions, emotions, and behavior. An attached entity can produce sensations and symptoms in the physical body of the unsuspecting host.

People around the world have described these possessing entities as gods, demons, deities, ancestors, spirit guides, healing spirits of some sort, great teachers, and, more recently, as travelers and teachers from other star systems such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda, Lyra, Vega, or Sirius. Spirit possession is an ancient yet enduring concept, largely denied and ignored by the clergy and mental health professionals in our materialistic Western society. In recent years, however, a growing number of open-minded therapists have begun to notice the condition and accept the possibility of non-physical consciousness and its effects on living people.17

In clinical psychotherapy sessions, clients describe conflicts, problems, and areas of discomfort in their lives. As they describe painful and unpleasant situations, emotions usually emerge such as anger and frustration, guilt and remorse, even sadness and tears. They usually begin to feel these emotions as sensations in the physical body: nausea, a flush of heat or cold, tightness or tension in muscles, or headache. The descriptions of the problem are often metaphorical phrases, such as: “This makes me sick,” or “He’s such a pain in the neck,” or “It feels like I’m being stabbed in the back,” or “It feels like I have a tight band around my head.”

The client is guided to locate the source of these feelings, both emotional feelings and body sensations, and to recall the first time they felt this way. They are urged to repeat the phrases. They are directed to focus inward and describe what they see, feel, hear.18 These suggestions usually lead the person into the
heart of the problem, the source of the present life conflict, usually a traumatic event, often in a past life setting. If it is a past life of the client, then past life therapy will help ease the problem. However, it may be an attached entity which is causing the problem. There are methods of differentiating between a client’s
earlier traumatic recall and the memories of an attached entity. There are specific techniques for releasing the different types of attached entities.19

Earthbound spirits, or EBs, the surviving consciousness of deceased humans, are the most commonly discovered possessing, obsessing, or attaching entities. The emotions and feelings connected with a sudden, traumatic death can hold a spirit to the earth level, usually in the environment in which the person lived and died. Anger, fear, jealousy, resentment, guilt, remorse, even strong ties of love can interfere with the normal transition into the Light. The grief of the survivors can hold their loved ones earthbound after the death of the physical body. The newly deceased spirits can follow and sometimes cling to living humans.

In session the client often discovers a different type of non-physical influence:

a dark, arrogant, hostile, malevolent, disruptive, destructive entity which claims to be a follower of Lucifer, The Dark One, The Evil One, The Great One, or some other similar name. It claims it has never been alive in its own human body.

This description conforms to the classic portrayal of demons in the literature of Christianity and other religions. These we have termed dark force entities, or DFEs.


Another form of non-physical entity we often discover with our clients is the alien, the extraterrestrial, or ET, a conscious, sentient being. Typically, they have never been human, though a few claim former incarnations in a human body on earth. This is not the spirit of a deceased alien; their normal form seems to be non-physical.20 They are neither hostile nor belligerent, disruptive nor destructive as the DFEs are. A few assert they are lost or marooned here. Many claim that they come to gather information. Others conduct experiments on humans by influencing emotions in some way and monitoring the results. Some claim to be here to assist human earth citizens in their spiritual evolution, perhaps even to help our people through the long-predicted catastrophic earth changes.

Some of them are further advanced technologically than humans, some more enlightened in their spiritual evolution. However, most of these aliens who dialogue through the voices of clients are not spiritually aware in the least. As time/space/dimension travelers, they are operating in their own self interest, without regard for the inhabitants of whatever planet they are exploring and exploiting, and this can wreak havoc with the citizens of earth.

A very few of these intruders claim that they infiltrate living humans in order to gather scientific data or other information and they have no intention of interfering. They apologize and withdraw when we explain the situation. Other ET “scientists” refuse to leave, refuse to talk with us, and consider humans to be nothing more than lab rats to be used in their experiments. This indicates DFE control of the ET, and reveals the more sinister purpose for their presence.

Still others arrogantly proclaim they are here to conquer humanity and take over the planet for their own use and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This element of power and control over others signals the influence of the DFEs. In these cases, the ETs themselves are controlled, even possessed, by the demonic beings. There is no real time table for such takeover, and some of these aliens assert they have been with their human host for numerous lifetimes.

Some of the UFOs and alien beings can be perceived in the physical form, yet can shift vibration and become non-physical, apparently at will, hence invisible to human eyes as well as radar. They can affect humans in a dreadful variety of ways.


Carla and Her ET Brother

Carla was sobbing. She could barely speak through her tears. She was deeply moved as she witnessed the release of an earthbound spirit from an older man in the group who had volunteered to be the subject of the demonstration. In this case, the entity was the spirit of a deceased child who had been with the man since his early married years. It had wanted to be born to this couple. There were very few dry eyes in the place as the little spirit said farewell to its would-have-been parents and moved into the Light.

Carla was crying so hard she could not see to walk out of the building and drive home. This is not an unusual reaction after observing an emotionally intense spirit releasement session. I offered to help her explore the source of the tears and grief she was feeling. I suspected an attached entity. Her tears finally subsided and an entity was able to speak through Carla’s voice. It claimed to be her brother in another existence on another planet in a different solar system. He followed her to this system when she chose to come to the planet Earth to incarnate. He did not want to endure the whole process of becoming a human in his own body as she had done. He had bypassed that step. Now he wanted her to withdraw so he could live through her body, or at least move aside so he could take over.

With very little explanation he realized the harm he was doing to his sister, whom he loved yet wanted to dominate in this chauvinistic manner. As he re-counted their life on their home planet in a distant space and time, Carla also recalled the love they had shared there and began to weep again, this time for the joy of that memory and the sadness over the loss.


This was, in effect, a dual past life regression, both beings remembering the same prior existence on another planet.

He agreed to go and she agreed to release him, though the attraction of love was strong between them. More than a year later, she was thrilled to report major changes in her life as the result of the release of her ET brother.


Janet and the Alien Probe

Janet was an intuitive healer, adept in her work and in her life. In session she discovered a probe in her third chakra, the solar plexus. She described a thin black cord which, in her perception, led upward through two dimensions. It was connected to a laboratory on a spacecraft. As Janet visualized the location, I called out to the one in charge of the lab. Janet described a sort of humanoid form which actually responded to my questions. She was able to repeat its words. This remote communication link, this type of channeling, has produced some fascinating results over the years.

Yes, this alien scientist acknowledged, there was a probe inserted at the level of her solar plexus. It was for the purpose of gathering information on the members of the human species.

Dr. Baldwin: “How many such members of the human race have you treated this way?”
Janet: “About 3,000.”
Dr. B.: “This is a violation of an intelligent species. You have no right to interfere in this way.”
J.: “We did not know we were interfering.”

Drawing from the realms of science fiction, I tried to imagine the organization of such a group of beings. I took a chance and plunged ahead.

Dr. B.: “Cross connect us with your headquarters. We want to speak with your High Command.”

A few moments passed and Janet straightened in the recliner. Her voice took on a different tone; the manner was almost imperious.

High Command through Janet: “Yes, what is it you want?”
Dr. B.: “Your scientists have placed probes in 3,000 human beings without consent.”
H.C.: “Yes. They are gathering data.”
Dr. B.: “You are gathering data from unwilling subjects. Aren’t you aware of the concept of non-interference? There is to be no interference with another sentient species.”
H.C.: “Yes, we are aware. We did not mean to interfere, only to gather data.”
Dr. B.: “We are a sentient species. We protest this intrusion.”
H.C.: “What would you like us to do?”
Dr. B.: “We request that you withdraw your probes from every human being on this planet.”

This was a request, not a demand. I had nothing to enforce such a demand. There was some hesitation, as if there was a discussion being carried on in the background.

My skeptical mind asks: “If any of this is true, why do they talk to me and why would they be willing to do what I ask?”

These questions are always with me in altered state sessions. My skepticism remains alive and well.

H.C.: “We will withdraw the probes. We have gathered enough information.”
Dr. B.: “Thank you.”
H.C.: “You are welcome. Good-bye.”
Dr. B.: “Good-bye.”

The commander was already gone. The alien scientist apologized and gathered his equipment, including the probe, and completed whatever tasks remained. Soon, he was also gone.

Janet came out of the altered state as bewildered as I. Were these images valid? Was this nothing more than imagination? Are humans perceived by more highly developed beings as nothing more than biological units, subjects to be randomly probed, examined, and tested, much like lab animals used by earth scientists? Am I implanting these notions? I don’t think so; this was my first encounter with such a situation, and I had no such notions.

Many hundreds of clients have since experienced and described such intrusion with probes, implants, and devices for testing, monitoring, and controlling. As a therapist, I must work with whatever information emerges from the client as if it were real. At some level of consciousness, it is real for the client.

  • What’s really going on here?

  • Did we come from the stars?

  • Are we about to go back there again?

  • Can we really talk with aliens through the channeling abilities of people in an altered state of consciousness?

  • Why do they listen?

  • Why do they bother to do what we, as therapists, request?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up and begin at the beginning: the experience of birth.

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Chapter 2

Regression therapy has enjoyed renewed interest in the past few decades. The notion that the adult can be affected by childhood events, often traumatic, is not new. Sigmund Freud fostered the theory that repressed memories stimulate and influence adult behavior. Freud claimed that memories of events earlier than age five or six, and certainly infancy, could not be retrieved and expressed adequately because of the limited verbal ability of the child and the infant.21

However, guided by a well-trained therapist, a person in an altered state of consciousness can uncover and recall repressed and forgotten events from child-hood, infancy, birth, the time spent in utero, the experience prior to conception, even other lifetimes. Much of the uncovered material can be verified as valid memories of actual events.22 But not all. Some of these remembered events may be part of an attached entity’s experience.

Memory can be less than accurate, and several past events can begin to merge into one memory. Movie scenes, stories, suggestions by friends or therapists, even dreams can become part of the stream of memory. This is termed confabulation of memory. For this reason, events recalled under hypnosis cannot be assumed to be completely real and part of the client’s life. In therapy, we strive to ease the emotional impact of recalled events, from this life or another time. We work as if it were true. For the client, it is true at some level. The emotional impact is all too real, and can continue to affect a person, long after the actual event, whatever it might have been.


Birth Regression

It seems that many people are fixated or stuck in the birth trauma.23 Human behavior tends to reenact the birth experience. Many people cannot stand to have anything tight around their neck, whether it’s a necktie, turtleneck sweater, or whatever. Most people are very shallow breathers. The urge to breathe and to resist anything that interferes is a most powerful drive for the human; the need for air is the primary hunger.

Think about your breathing. How are you breathing right now? With shallow little breaths or a deep, belly-stretching intake of air? Most people find themselves taking very shallow breaths, as if afraid to breathe, or worse, prevented from breathing.

During a therapy session, this can often be traced to memories of the actual birth experience. The details of the birth and the entire nine months of the pre-natal period and before are available within the subconscious mind, and this includes the moment of conception. These memories can be uncovered and described through the words of the adult client.24 There is no barrier to the memory of these events.25

As the infant passes through the birth canal, the umbilical cord is squeezed, shutting off the supply of nutrients, including oxygen. Once the baby is born, the mouth is cleared of fluids and the lungs can begin to expand and fill with air. If the umbilical cord is cut before this process is complete, there is a period of time when no oxygen is coming in. To the newborn this feels like suffocation.26

The client is guided to trace this feeling back to its source. Often a prior lifetime is discovered when death was caused by suffocation, hanging, or strangulation. Past life therapy on the death experience will ease the discomfort with tight things around the neck. Exploring the birth experience in this way will often ease the problem of shallow breathing. It is a basic principle of Freudian psychodynamic theory that “reliving is relieving.” Bringing the subconscious memories into the conscious level may ease or resolve the problem or conflict, though many issues require further processing for complete resolution. This is the essence of regression therapy.



Relationship patterns can be established during the birth experience. Jeff described his love life as a series of very brief affairs, usually with large-breasted blond women. In session, he discovered that he had been taken from mother immediately after birth, which interrupted the essential mother-infant bonding. He was wrapped in a blanket and held and regularly cared for by a large, buxom, loving, blond-haired nurse.


She smelled good, she felt good, she gave him nurturance and nourishment. His mother was distant and unable to care for him because she was recovering from the ordeal of giving birth to her son. From that moment forward he was unconsciously looking for the big, blond nurse.


Recovery of Lost Soul Fragments

Recovery of Soul Fragmentation (RSF) is a clinical approach to soul retrieval, a traditional shamanic method of healing. In indigenous cultures, sickness was thought to be caused by loss of one’s soul, or part of it. The shaman journeyed into the underworld, the upper world, or wherever the soul fragment had gone, to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person, restoring wholeness and health.27

This is more than a primitive notion. In clinical practice, we find that the condition of dissociation or fragmentation of consciousness is very common with people. Depending on the severity of the trauma which leads to the dissociation, the results can range from mood changes to the often debilitating condition of multiple personality disorder (MPD), now called dissociative identity disorder (DID).28 DID is often the result of childhood sexual abuse.

This condition is reflected in our language, indicating an inner awareness of the condition:

“It was a shattering experience.”
“That guy isn’t playing with a full deck.”
“Hello, is anyone home in there?”
“I’m just falling apart.”
“I feel half dead.”
“I left my heart in San Francisco.”

The term Recovery of Soul Fragmentation is used to describe the clinical method of gathering the scattered soul or mind fragments. The healing of the condition is also familiar to the inner mind, the inner knower.


It is expressed in such expressions as the following:

“Pull yourself together.”
“He’s a real together guy.”
“I’m getting it together.”

Most everyone has mixed feelings at times, mood changes, awareness of parts of the personality with different desires, roles, even functions. We often act differently in different circumstances: the overbearing supervisor in the office can be a submissive husband at home; the capable, conscientious, patient and loving mother can be a screaming, demanding, unreasonable customer at a department store sale. These various selves29 have been labeled subpersonalities.30 Many people shift between the many subpersonalities without notice, simply adjusting and conforming to the surrounding circumstances.31 More obvious changes in personality can stem from some early painful experience.

These splits of consciousness can result from a major or minor, real or imagined, emotional or physical trauma. Most of these personality fragments remain with the person, affecting behavior, appetites, and attitudes. There are many therapeutic techniques for treating this condition: ego state therapy, inner child healing, subpersonality therapy, parts therapy.

In clinical practice, we have found that some of these splits or fragments actually separate from the person much like the out-of-body experience (OOBE).32

Each fragment remains connected to the core consciousness in the physical body by a silver thread, a part of the silver cord connecting soul to body.33 Many clients in altered states can perceive this silver thread connection. In some reported cases of out-of-body experience, people can perceive a “cord of light” connecting their physical body with the location of their consciousness.34

A fragment can be separated from a person and just follow like a balloon on a string. A mind fragment of a living person can be with another living person as an attached entity. A fragment can remain in a location of a trauma or an especially joyous event. The fragment can sometimes be found in some distant location. If a fragmentation occurred in a prior lifetime, the fragment might still be back there/ then. Nearly all these fragments can be located and recovered in a therapy session.

In the literature on multiple personality, the sufferers, more often women than men, describe splitting away psychically, actually leaving the body during sexual abuse. Combat veterans often sustain severe fragmentation during life-threatening firelights. A serious traffic accident, even a narrowly missed collision, can cause a fragment to separate and move toward the Light, assuming it has died. The shock, the emotional impact of the trauma on the psyche, can lead to a fragmentation of the consciousness, the soul essence.

Emotional violation can cause fragmentation as quickly as physical pain. A child who trusts a parent or grandparent can be emotionally shattered if that loved one sexually violates the child. The ability to trust will leave with the fragment. A child or young adolescent can be devastated if a parent dies. There is a lack of understanding and often a feeling of self-blame for the death. The ability to love may be crushed and the fragment will harbor that crippled capacity. The person no longer has the ability to love.

When we discover fragmentation, the client is guided to locate the original trauma and recover the lost fragment. We assist in processing the emotional pain to a peaceful resolution, and the soul fragment, or subpersonality, is welcomed back into the body/mind space, like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fitting into place.

As the fragment is recovered and healed of its emotional pain, it will bring back that ability to trust or ability to love, or some other emotion or capacity which was lost along with the fragment, such as creative imagination or playful-ness. In this way, the returning fragment always has a “gift” for the client, often an essential emotional ability or transpersonal quality such as loyalty, honesty, even clairvoyance or other psychic ability. With the fragment safely home, the client will report a feeling of warmth, peace, and a pleasant new sense of wholeness.

Fragmentation presents a wide-open door for any passing entity. If there are literally pieces missing from the soul essence of an individual, an entity can easily enter and attach. In session, we often discover that this is the vulnerability which first allowed the attachment. Soul fragments are recovered and integrated after releasement of attached entities. This is part of the protection against future intrusion.

William James wrote and lectured on multiple personality and spirit possession. These were professionally acceptable subjects for investigation early in this century. In James’ day, there was “.. .much alarmist writing in psychopathy about degeneration,” and he suggested that ”...if there are devils, if there are supernormal powers, it is through the cracked and fragmented self that they enter.”35

We discover some degree of fragmentation in nearly every client we see in our private counseling practice. Who among us has not suffered at least some minor trauma in life? Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in the native healing traditions. It may prove to be an important thread in the rich tapestry of holistic healing.


The Chocolate Chip Cookie Eater

One of my own subpersonalities was a “chocolate chip cookie eater.” When I was about 9 years old, my aunt made me some chocolate chip cookies. The warm, wonderfully fragrant cookies were heaped on a plate sitting on the pull-out bread-board. They smelled great. I reached for a cookie. She slapped my hand! That was a shock! I didn’t understand. Again I reached for a cookie. She slapped my hand again! AHA! I got it! No cookies! She had some cockamamie idea that the cookies had to cool before they could be eaten.

But my mouth was watering and I wanted one of MY cookies NOW. No way.

So I salivated and longed for a cookie while they cooled. That silly little upset, a minor emotional trauma, caused a personality split-off that affected my cookie eating habits for years to come. Eventually I worked on it in a therapy session.

The source of the trauma seemed to be a past life in which I had died of starvation at age 9. The episode with the cookies restimulated that greater trauma. The way I attempted to deal with the buried fear of death was to buy freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a dozen or two at a time, in this life. A very minor trauma, but it exemplifies the condition and the effects of a subpersonality. After that session, my consumption of chocolate chip cookies assumed “normal” proportions.
Past Life Therapy

Many people reject the idea of looking into a past lifetime for problems as they claim to have enough troubles in the present life. This sounds reasonable. However, in clinical practice, clients discover that present life conflicts and problems often stem from traumatic events in prior lifetimes. Past life memories may come to us in many guises: the deja vu experience; recurrent dreams, either of a specific location, or of a frightening event; an unexplained, groundless fear, or a crippling phobia.


People who fear water, public speaking, or heights (to name just a few common phobias) often uncover the memory of a death by drowning, hanging or burning at the stake before a crowd, or falling from a high place. As these past life traumas are explored and resolved in therapy sessions, the phobias cease to exist for the clients.

The process of past life therapy (PLT) is being used effectively by mental health professionals in many countries.36 Through the emotional feelings and body sensations associated with an identified present life problem, the client is prompted to locate the source or cause or origin of the problem. This usually leads to the discovery of a pain-filled memory in a past lifetime existence. The client, in the personality of the past-life character, is guided to resolution of the traumatic episode in the lifetime, and finally through the moment of death.

From this point, the newly deceased soul can review the life, easily recall the source of anger, fear, resentment, and any other unresolved conflicts in the life-time. This after-death experience can be a rich font of healing for the client. The therapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business in that life, finally to the point of being willing to forgive the individuals involved in the past life incidents, including one’s own self. Self forgiveness may be the most difficult to accept. With this resolution and healing of past hurts, the client can leave behind the trauma of that lifetime and integrate the lessons of the healed experience into the present life situation.

Once the past life character is separated from the physical body and free from any physical constraint or emotional ties with the lifetime, it can move away from the body and the death scene and make the transition fully into the Light. This part of the narrative is similar to descriptions of the near-death experience (NDE),37 during which the being returns from the threshold of the Light and rejoins the physical body.

The past-life personality, in fact all the past life and potential future life personalities, are contained within the soul essence, along with the memories and life-scripts of all lifetimes. The entire panorama of past lives, and future lives, on this planet and elsewhere, is available to the client in an altered state of consciousness. The linear flow of time is an artifact of the physical universe, which a being experiences only while incarnated in physical form. Past and future lives do not seem to be arranged in this linear fashion.38

Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through PLT, usually in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. Many physical ailments are considered to be psychosomatic, and these conditions may begin to diminish or cease altogether. With the knowledge and wisdom gained through past life regression therapy and the power of forgiveness, the unfinished business, the unresolved issues, the emotional residue of past times can be healed. Then a person can live, and love, more fully in the present moment. There is enormous healing potential in past life therapy.

Past life therapy, when performed by a well-trained professional therapist, is a powerful, safe, swift, direct approach to psychotherapy, and the results are often immediate and lasting. The amazing success of past life therapy does not depend on the belief or disbelief of either the therapist or the client. Reincarnation as an age-old philosophical concept and theoretical reality is a spiritual teaching; past life therapy is a well-established psychotherapeutic technique that works.


Pete and Marian

Pete was a 35-year-old TV producer. He suffered from diabetes which required a daily intake of 12 units of insulin by injection. This is not a high dosage but it is significant. Pete had lost the vision in one eye, and was suffering impaired circulation in his legs which could eventually lead to amputation. Pete’s body was literally giving out beneath him. He was awash in helpless anger.

The TV show was an interview format, and I had been invited to discuss past life regression therapy. Marian, the hostess, had reluctantly volunteered to undergo an altered state session in preparation for the show. About the only way an inter-viewer can formulate intelligent questions on a little-known subject like past life therapy is to actually experience a session.

Marian chose to explore a disturbing dream which had been recurring two or three times a week as far back as she could remember. In the dream, she sensed herself looking down on a small, old-fashioned town. She floated along a brick road to the edge of town and that was it, the dream would end. Several times a week, week after week, she would awaken with a feeling of sadness. Not the best way to face life each day!

I asked Marian to recall and describe the dream. She related the short segment and I urged her to continue and describe what she experienced next. Surprised that her “dream” continued, she saw that the brick road extended down to the edge of a small river. The scene ended there.

At my suggestion, she started to narrate the dream again. This time, I made a clinical assumption that the “dream” was a repressed, emotionally laden memory, perhaps from a past lifetime. At the end of her narrative, I directed Marian to locate a time when she was in her body in the town. She immediately recalled an event and began to describe it. The assumption seemed to be valid. Her response could also be the result of my direction. What followed, however, was not the result of any suggestion.

She was engaged to be married. She was standing before the smoking ruins of the home of her fiancé and his parents, feeling desperate and confused. They had all died in the fire. The constable of the small town assumed she was guilty of setting the fire and attempted to take her into custody. She escaped and ran into the woods surrounding the area, where she remained, undetected, for several hours.

She heard noises in the brush nearby. Three “highwaymen,” as she called them, discovered her, raped her, and slit her throat. She floated above the treetops, separated now from her body and pain-free, yet deeply saddened by the death of her fiancé and very confused.

In spirit, time is no barrier to exploration. She could move back and forth and observe, much like fast forwarding or reversing a video tape. She explored the circumstances of the fire and discovered that her fiancé had set the blaze, planning for his parents to die, counting on their meager wealth as his inheritance. To his horror, he had been trapped in the house, and had died along with them. She was terribly disappointed by his behavior and by her own poor judgment of his character. Her naive infatuation for him quickly vanished.

She drifted across her little town, over the brick road, across the flowing river, and began to rise toward an approaching Light. This new understanding relieved her confusion and eased her sadness. Marian came out of the altered state feeling somehow unburdened. She had to rush to fix her makeup to be ready for air time.
Pete wanted to explore his diabetes through regression therapy. It was now 11:00 AM and the show was scheduled to begin at noon. I agreed to do the session, even though it would have to be brief.

He went right into the experience.

Dr. B.: “How do you feel about what’s happening to your body?”
He began to feel the anger. His eyes closed as he gave vent to his emotions and described his physical sensations.
Dr. B.: “Good, let those feelings take you back to another time when you felt the same way. Locate the source of the feelings of anger. Recall the origin of those sensations in your body. Let those feelings take you right back.”

He found himself as an Indian hunting with a bow and arrow; he was stalking a bear. He shot the bear. It was not a fatal shot. The bear turned, chased him, knocked him down, clawed at him, tore his body open, ripping apart the intestines and internal organs, including the pancreas, the organ which malfunctions in the condition of diabetes.

As the non-physical body, the etheric body, rose out of the physical body, I said,

“Look at your form now. How does it appear?”
Pete: “It’s all ripped open, it’s all torn, it’s wide open, it’s ripped, it’s torn.”

He was already rising toward the approaching Light.

We only had about 15 minutes left before air time. I directed Pete to fill the torn spaces in the etheric body with light. I suggested that he begin to imagine light coming in from the brightness above him, to just funnel light into every space in his etheric form. This was a good moment to use guided imagery.

The etheric body seems to carry the patterns for the future physical body, including the seeds of illness. If it is fully healed at that point, there will be no possibility of that illness in a future incarnation. If it is healed in the past, the physical condition in the present life may improve, the symptoms of illness may ise.

Dr. B.: “Can you see the light coming in?”
P.: “Yes, it’s pouring in.”
Dr. B.: “How does it feel?”
P.: “It’s wonderful, it’s warm.”
Dr. B.: “Is it full yet?”
P.: “No.”
Dr. B.: “Keep pouring it in.” Which he did for a good ten minutes. I checked my watch at least twice a minute. We were very close to air time.
P.: “It’s full.” He said this in a very peaceful voice.
Dr. B.: “How does that feel?”
P.: “Wonderful!” was his heartfelt reply.

The spirit of this Indian rose into the Light in that peaceful, healed state. The regression was complete. We had five minutes to spare and Pete rushed to makeup. An assistant patted my forehead with a powder puff and I was escorted into the studio.

When the show began, Marian offered a few words about hypnotherapy and regression therapy. She shared what she had just experienced. Still a little groggy, she was not her usual “cool” self when the show began and the audience loved it.

Pete did not usually appear on the show. This day, however, he wanted to share his regression experience also. Pete was profoundly aware that something had changed within his body. With awe in his voice he said, “I’m going to have to get something to eat. My body is starting to produce insulin.”

Three months later I was again invited to appear on the show. A member of the audience asked about regression therapy and dreams. Marian related her regression experience. She had not had the dream since her session. It was simply gone!

Pete reported that he only required one fourth of the amount of insulin he had used prior to his brief session. A year later, he was down to one tenth of his former dosage. His physician had no explanation, yet he did not negate the results. He did acknowledge that the mind is very powerful, and that these things sometimes happen. Pete was delighted.


Sparks of Consciousness

Past life therapy is based on the philosophy that the human spirit is, in its essence, an individual being, an indivisible spark of consciousness, with the complete memory of its experience since extending from Source, God, Goddess, the All That Is. This spark emanated, along with countless other individual beings, from an ineffable Creator Source, the brightest Light in the Universe of Universes.

Each particle, or spark of the original Totality, is termed a “monad.” Like the parts of a hologram, each fragment of the whole contains a complete replica of the Totality when it was in its perfect state. Every monad is endowed with the urge to return to this perfect state, which keeps it in perpetual motion toward eventual reunion with God.39

There may be billions of star systems and billions of planets in the universe where these individual sparks of consciousness can exist in some form of “life.” Some of them seem to move from one planet to another. A small segment of these conscious beings chose the planet Earth as their destination.

There seems to be a portal or entryway into the earth cycle of existence. After coming through this portal, there are great Halls of Learning where the spirit being prepares for earth life before moving into the Planning Stage.

In the Planning Stage just before entering the physical life cycle and connecting with the physical body, a form of spiritual contract is established which involves choosing the circumstances for the coming life.40 This includes details such as: gender, geographical location, parents and family situation including material wealth, general health of the planned physical body, love partners, spouses, children, and opportunities for spiritual growth, learning forgiveness, goals and life purpose, and balancing past “karmic debts.”41 There are several guides or spiritual counselors who assist in planning the Lifescript.

Individual beings repeatedly take physical form in a series of lifetimes, or incarnations, each time in their own human body. This is part of the plan, the contract, the Lifescript; one soul, one body. No other being has the right to inhabit the contracted body. When the body falls away in death, the spirit being returns to a specific level of the Light, or spirit space, a place of very high consciousness. This place has been called Heaven or the Light. (Throughout the book, the term “Light” will be capitalized when used in this sense.)

In the Light there is a Review Stage where the being can reflect on the life just past, assessing the growth, learning, the fulfilled opportunities, the unfinished business, and any newly incurred imbalances or karmic debts.42 There are also spiritual counselors who assist in this process. From that state, the being moves into the Halls of Learning and the process is repeated. This is the Wheel of Life,43 the process of recycling for human spirits.

Exploring the farther reaches of the mind through regression therapy is a fascinating journey. We are not at all limited to life on Earth. Some clients recall going back and forth between this planet and some “homeworld” they remember as their primary destination after leaving the Light of Creator Source. They describe coming here for various reasons, and returning “home,” or longing to return.


Past Life Recall As Extraterrestrial

The therapist’s suggestions to “Recall...” or “Locate...” are powerful commands to the subconscious mind. If those levels of mind designated subconscious and unconscious do hold the soul memories of other lives, the space between lives, and existence on other worlds, then these memories are available and easily uncovered through regression therapy in an altered state of consciousness.

For the past 16 years we have conducted experiential seminars in past life exploration. The seminar includes several group regressions: to locate the source of present day emotions of anger, fear, sadness, and guilt; to explore one’s primary love relationship; to rediscover one’s purpose in life; and to understand the perceived separation from God. The instruction for the regression on one’s purpose is direct and effective.

“Recall the first time you chose to come to the planet Earth.”

After a few moments of silence, the instruction is altered slightly and repeated to prompt remembering from there instead of here.

“Recall the experience of choosing for the first time to go to the planet called Earth.”

Over the years, we and other therapists and seminar facilitators who conduct similar regressions, have found between 50% and 70% of any group will recall the experience of choosing to come to planet Earth from somewhere else. For those who find such a memory, we guide them in discovering the purpose for coming. It is a profound memory and startling knowledge for most people.44

Nearly everyone reports the original purpose for coming was to bring light, love, healing, spiritual learning, and awakening of consciousness for the inhabitants of earth. People describe this place as a very dense, heavy planet and this heaviness dulls the consciousness and dims the memory. Those who came earlier forgot their true identity and whence they came. And many of the beings among the waves of helpers who came with that same purpose have also forgotten. This era has been called a time of great awakening. Perhaps some of our “space brothers” have come on that same mission again. Unfortunately, some of the “aliens” seem to be here to take advantage of the confusion. Most of the time it’s difficult to tell them apart.



Kathy recalled a lifetime on another world. She described it as “returning home for further instructions” before continuing in a long series of earth lifetimes. She was a teacher and healer, and it was her job to bring that energy to this planet.



Sam, a highly intelligent young man, was seriously depressed, even suicidal, and felt like he had lost his direction and purpose in life. In session, he recalled his origins on another planet. He was one of a group of students attending an institution of higher learning there, and the trip to earth for a human incarnation was nothing more than a field trip for his group. He had lost contact with them and felt alone in his mission.


As he touched into the consciousness of his group, he learned that many who had come had also forgotten their mission, had lost sight of their purpose, and more than a few had committed suicide. With this regression, Sam’s depression eased, he regained his enthusiasm for following the spiritual path of learning, and I suspect he will go on to fulfill his assignment here on his field trip to earth.



Ted attended our Basic SRT Training Course. As a hypnotherapist, he wanted to expand his knowledge and skills. He volunteered as a demonstration subject. The tale that emerged is not uncommon, yet was quite disturbing to Ted.

We discovered an attached ET which had been in place for a long time. Not unusual. It’s stated purpose was to gather data on the human animal in normal earth life circumstances. Again, a very common situation. What came next was a bit unusual, though we have heard it in other sessions. I directed Ted to locate the origin of this ET connection. He was very surprised at what his own subconscious mind and the attached ET disclosed.

Prior to the present lifetime, the being that is now manifesting as Ted was an associate of the attached ET! They knew each other! They were fellow citizens on another planet, in another density; Ted was an ET! His past lives were on another planet. This bit of knowledge was hard for him to accept, yet there it was, coming from his own memory banks.

As part of a “scientific” team in the other place, Ted agreed to come into the Earth cycle as a sort of guinea pig for the experiment. As a human being, he would be a living laboratory for his teammates to study without the hostility or resistance that a native earth inhabitant might exhibit toward invasive ETs.

They had followed him to Earth, moved into his physical body when Ted was very young, and had set up their equipment. Whatever the effects, he was used to it since it had been there nearly all his life.

Ted chose to release the ET and get rid of the equipment, the communication and control devices that had been implanted. He did not like what he had discovered about his own past, and he now chose a different course. He literally abandoned the alien project and chose human life. The ETs didn’t like it, but they honored his choice. They had always known it was one of the possible outcomes of such an experiment if Ted discovered them.45


The Nordic Type

One type of alien being which has been reported often in recent years has come to be identified as the “Nordic” type. Blond, blue eyed, kindly and helpful. Apparently these types have been coming to earth for millennia.


Several clients have related past lives in Central America during which they took the role of priest or priestess, seeking to teach and lead the “primitive” peoples to higher spiritual awareness. They described themselves as tall, blond, fair skinned, Nordic in appearance. They remembered the instructions they received periodically from their home-world, either by direct communication or by traveling there and returning to earth. They were extraterrestrials who had come to help the people of earth. Now they stay on as humans.

For a time the local citizens listened to the wisdom of these sky people. then finally rebelled and slaughtered the “different” ones. After the eradication of the ET influence and guidance, the native chiefs and priests distorted the spiritual teaching and practices.

With the failure to understand the priestly rituals and incantations as communications with the home-world of their former spiritual leaders, the ceremonies became empty rituals to imaginary “gods” who did not answer their prayers, did not fulfill their needs. Eventually, the chiefs started the practice of human sacrifice in an attempt to send “messengers” to the gods with prayers for assistance.

Blood sacrifice, the taking of human life in such ritual, was ineffectual, yet it became a common routine for those humans who assumed power in leadership positions. Human sacrifice became an instrument of fear, a way of maintaining control over the people. This was a gross misuse of power and a terrible distortion of the meaning of the rituals and incantations, which were originally a means of communication between the “Nordic” ETs and their home-world.

When we explore this kind of situation through the far memory of a client who was the victim in such a ritual in a past lifetime, we uncover the DFEs controlling the priests and executioners. This type of human activity always seems to be motivated, controlled, and perpetuated by the dark forces.

The anguish of the “messenger” about to be victimized is an energy which can be collected by the DFEs. The energy of fear in the citizens, as well as the blood lust in the onlookers as the crowds attend the sacrifice, can also be harvested and used as “food” for the DFEs and their superiors. This mechanism of harvesting energy takes on greater significance as we explore the ET/DFE connection in later chapters.

When a client discovers such a disturbing memory, it can be a past life personality, though just as often it is the traumatic death memory of an attached entity. If it is an entity, the remote release of the dark beings from that past scene, and the clearing of the dark energy residue still clinging to the earthbound spirit of the sacrificial victim, will allow this troubled soul to go home to the Light. Under-standing the mistakes made in that lifetime will lead to freedom. Peace and healing can come at last.

When we hear the details of lives as sacrificial victims, it is nearly always the same lament. The ceremony of human sacrifice was for the purpose of appeasing the gods, or for carrying a request for help, a prayer to the gods for much needed assistance, such as rain for the crops, or healing the people from some sort of plague.

The one carrying the urgent message might even volunteer for the service out of loving devotion to his people. A liquid potion, always recalled as bitter in taste,
was given to the “messenger” and soon they would feel a delicious euphoria. Next, a physical numbness and paralysis would set in. Breathing and heartbeat would cease, the spirit would lift out of the physical body, and would begin searching for the gods, eager to deliver the message. What followed was disappointment, disillusionment, and anger. The messenger would search in the lower astral realms, and the “gods” were not to be found there; the message could not be delivered. The mission was meaningless, the loving devotion lost in the nothingness. Such an entity, overwhelmed with frustration, feelings of betrayal, disappointment, and anger, often attached to a living person nearby.

If the messenger chosen was a vestal virgin, the process often included a last minute sexual encounter with the male priest or priests, usually against the wishes of the sacrificial victim. There was no defense against such violation.


Beyond Death

After the death scene in a past life regression, the newly deceased spirit usually moves toward the Light. Here in the Earth cycle, the Light is always golden-white, warm, and very bright. The description is similar to the accounts of the near death experience, the NDE, except the spirit is joined by other beings who come to guide the newcomer completely into the Light. Only when the newly deceased spirit moves fully into the Light is the past life really over. But that is only one possible option for the newly deceased spirit.


We will explore some of the other possibilities.

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