by Debbie West
July 20, 2014
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New truth chakra helps Humanity Discern Reality of Existence


This Galactic Alignment of the solar system, which occurs every 25,772 years,  just occurred again on December 21, 2012 and resulted in an energetic vibration change in the earth's frequency that activated a dormant DNA in humans.


This newly activated DNA had been sitting in our system waiting for an activation switch. The physical detection of the enhanced DNA can already be witnessed by medical intuitives who see a new chakra forming outside the human energy field.


This new chakra, often referred to as the eighth chakra is the energy portal of unity consciousness that allows humans the ability to experience an expanded consciousness beyond current perceived limitations.


The seven chakras of the personality/ego body only define us in three dimensional terms, the opening of the new chakra is the portal that connects us to the fourth dimension of the universe, where much of what we thought we knew will be discarded and replaced with a broader more truthful concept of who we are in the universe.


In this fourth dimensional vibration, humanity can recognize and discern the truth and this will ultimately shatter the incorrect beliefs of our origin and help us as we begin to interact openly with the other nations across our universe.


Contact with civilizations from outside our third dimension began hundreds of thousands of years ago when they seeded planet earth. Many attempts at colonization have failed.


The Anunnaki, who reside in the fourth dimension attempted to colonize during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.


Pleiadian beings from the fifth dimension and Sirians from the sixth dimension as well as those from Orion and Andromeda and many others have been making contact with people on earth.


Their message is of hope for inner peace for our souls as we reach a higher level of knowing and struggle in the fight for our freedom from the current enslavement.


The shift of 2012 is the fifth cycle of the earth and will result in what Edgar Cayce coined as the emergence of a fifth root race. This theory of evolution to a higher dimension is shared by physicists and scientists throughout history and in our current time.


One such theorist, Dr. Robert Pettit, describes the seven major chakras we currently hold energetically as energy vortexes that have a seal in them, explaining their current cone shape.


In the process of the activation of the new energy coming thru the earth's completion of this current cycle, the individual must clear out the old mental and emotional debris stuck in the cone shaped personality based chakras.

"The chakra's structural features were deliberately limited prior to this alignment," explains Dr. Pettit.


"As we enter into this new energy, we have the capability of recreating a new less dense physical body. The new light body is silicon-based, replacing our old carbon-based bodies." 

More about the light body activation and the process of ascension that the human body goes thru during this process is available in Robert Pettit's books Wake up for Ascension and You can Avoid Physical Death.


The restructuring of our chakras with the activation of the new "truth" chakra which is a blue/green color allows us to attain a soul/heart connection that stops the fractal patterning of energy formerly controlling our psyche. This old patterning makes us stay stuck in our old beliefs even when presented with new truths.


Dr. Jude Currivan, scientist, healer, mystic, and author of 'The 8th Chakra' tells us that we will now reveal a revolutionary new perception of the cosmos, reconciling leading-edge science with Spirit and a new universal model of consciousness.

"The seven chakras of the human personality are familiar to anyone working with healing or spiritual awareness. But that consciousness is essentially incomplete. It is the universal heart of the eighth chakra that can offer us the missing key to remember who we truly are," explains Dr. Currivan. 


"The chakra is visible now in many people and is part of our completion in our human experience," explains gifted physic and spiritual teacher Naomi Knowles.

In her new book The Soul Essence Naomi Knowles outlines how the merging of our Trinity of Self with the Trinity of the Spirit completes this human cycle of our existence.


But who are we really?  


We are souls incarnated in human bodies on a planet that is finally coming of age and entering a stage of spiritual awareness that allows us to participate and interact with the broader galactic universe.


This greater community is described in Marshall Vian Summers book Life in the Universe.


According to Marshall Vian Summers,

"As it exists today, the region of space where earth resides is full of life forms and established trade routes.


Free and sovereign nations who want to maintain control of their planet must be self-sufficient and operate with integrity and unity. Unification of earth and humanity as the stewards of earth must occur as we emerge into this galactic universe."

The understanding of what is taking place is explained by The Allies of Humanity  who are a group of our allies from other civilizations who know what is happening on earth and want to help us.


According to many sources, the intervention by the alien races currently on our planet is by use of deception and persuasion, enabling them to carry out their plan. In the universe, overtaking planets by military force and aggression is not permitted and can only happen if the existing species thru "free will" allows it to happen. 


Some of the current intervening races cannot exist on the surface of this planet due to biological hazards and are therefore using interbreeding to populate our earth with an alien-hybrid race, which explains all the human abductions in recent years.


The Allies of Humanity along with the Galactic Federation are here helping to guide humanity as we wake up and realize that we are in an ongoing battle to emerge as a free race.


The time of the "shock and awe" of alien intervention is over. The understanding that we have interacted with other civilizations and have had technology exchange programs with them is an undeniable reality as discussed by many eye witnesses from the Disclosure Project and  thousands of reliable sources.


The awareness that there are groups of alien races that are attempting to colonize our planet, take away our vast resources and continue their reign of enslavement thru manipulative greed based organizations like the Bilderberg Group and those who transcribe to a New World Order, needs to be understood as a certainty as we emerge into the greater community of the galactic universe.


In order to wake up, we must first realize that we are truly being infiltrated by alien races and accept that we must fight for our freedom. Some may ask why can't the advanced civilizations come and do this for us.


To answer this question, Patricia Cori, author, teacher and spiritual guide shares advice from the Sirian Council.

"Remember that you are immortal beings and stay out of emotional fear-based control no matter what happens. Stand up for yourselves as a species. Wake up and use your powers of discernment to recognize the truth which you will feel in your soul." 

She says they are here like so many other higher civilizations to help us but we have to come of age on our own just as they did.


We have to grow up, so to speak, and they are here to guide us with their knowledge, wisdom, and love just as parents do with their children.


The opening of our truth chakra which connects us to the expanded truth of who we are as universal souls will help them reach more people in more ways and help us all gain contact with the cosmos around us.


Many of us have not cleared our emotional baggage, allowing the new chakra to activate and it is the most crucial part of this process.


Michael Hathaway, author of nine books on spiritual awareness and connection to inner self gives simple advice on how to clear old energetic blockages that we no longer need to hold on to.

"The purpose of our existence is to connect to our higher self, fulfill our soul contract and evolve as spiritual beings," he explains. "At this crucial time, we all need to humbly surrender to our own spiritual growth."