by Courtney Brown, Ph.D.

 excerpts from the book "Cosmic Explorers"

(Spanish version)
from ReptilianAgenda Website

  • Souls exist in subspace, that vast domain diversely referred to by mystics and theologians as the etheric realm, heaven, or the afterlife. P. 4

  • The subspace mind, the intelligence of the soul, perceives and processes information differently from the physical mind. All evidence suggests that the subspace mind is omnipresent across space and time. P. 9

  • Any person of average or better intelligence apparently can be trained to remote view with considerable accuracy. P. 19

  • All this implies that remote viewing is a skill that takes considerable practice. A person does not learn the procedures and instantly perceive accurately across time and space. Rather, accuracy increases with practice. Just as all artists must practice regularly in order to perfect their skills, remote viewers need to view often in order to maintain and improve their skills. P. 77

  • Returning to their former genes was never an option for the Greys. They held a deep fear of their past. If their former genetics led them to an existence in which they selfishly destroyed their own planet, what guarantee could be made that they would not do so again? The Greys wanted a different route to the future, a route that required outside help.

    Apparently after serving the Galactic Federation as members in good standing for a long time, the Greys applied for permission to travel to Earth and obtain human genetic material to create a new race for their souls to inhabit. My data suggest that they have carefully followed a policy of asking permission of human souls before physical birth with regard to their participation in the Grey's genetic activities. P. 99-100


  • Based on the previous chapters on the Reptilian ET species, the following are apparently the case:

  1. the Reptilian ET species exists

  2. it is currently involved in a significant military confrontation with another group, possibly the Greys

  3. Earth and humans have been indirectly caught up in this military confrontation

  4. the Reptilians have at least one underground facility on Earth in which both they and a Reptilian/human hybrid species work together

  5. the Reptilians have some future plan for Earth and humans, although we do not yet know any specifics for this plan. P. 125

  • The Reptilians are apparently highly interested in maintaining the secrecy of their operations. They are now totally aware that we are capable of remote viewing their facilities and their activities, and they are adapting their behavior in a defensive fashion. Apparently they can do little but stand still when we remote view them. P. 129

  • My interpretation of these data now lead me to suspect that group G2 is a renegade Reptilian faction. This group is qualitatively different from the remainder of Reptilian society.

. . . I suspect it is this group that is at war at the current time, not the entirety of Reptilian society.

. . . If my interpretation of these data are correct, then we truly have a significant problem. If the larger Reptilian society itself cannot control this group, then how are we to control them?

. . . Based on my observations to date, we will need outside help. Unless further data suggest another course of action, I see no alternative to this. As relative newcomers in these galactic woods, we cannot, we must not, act alone. P. 143

  • There seems to be a presidential address in progress. (Which president is making the address is unclear.) There is an announcement about new friends, but this announcement contains deception... The session data suggest that the president has been tricked, and that there is a Reptilian influence associated with his behavior. Essentially, he is denying that something exists. P. 178-179

[Regarding the Martians]

  • Once they arrive here, they need a place to stay, a facility for their Earth-based operations. Early remote-viewing results suggest that there is such a modern Martian facility in the United States located in the state of New Mexico underneath the mountain Santa Fe Baldy.


    Remote viewers have targeted this facility many times, virtually always with the same results. I have personally grown to accept these results as basically accurate. One day, hopefully soon, we will all know the truth about these matters. P. 181

  • In my interpretation of these data, it appears that the agenda of the Reptilian extraterrestrials is to use the genetic stock of humanity to create a new race that is partially human and partially Reptilian. P. 200

  • Recall that a great deal of remote-viewing data indicate that there is a complete continuum of realities and timelines, all of which equally exist. This is one of the reasons why it has historically been so difficult to remote view the future in particular. Many futures are nearly equally probable, and subtle and momentary considerations of a viewer's subspace personality can send a session off in any of these future directions.


    The possibilities are endless, and almost any scenario can be found in some future trajectory. For this reason, when we cue the future, it is necessary to state explicitly which timeline we want to be on in the session. P. 201

[Regarding the current time line]

  • The data in the current session contain no elements that suggest that the environmental devastation on Earth is caused by anyone other than ourselves. Moreover, nowhere in these data are there the concepts of human rights abuses, incarceration, or authoritarian rule. These are just humans struggling as best they can. They are angry at their predecessors for making selfish decisions that destroyed much of their world. P. 216

  • The Reptilian mentality perceives humans as things to understand with buttons to push and knobs to twist. I perceive no sense that the Reptilians want to interact with us as equals. They want to understand us and to gain from us. But they do not seem concerned about our desire to determine our own fate, and to choose with whom we wish to interact.

...I detect absolutely no sense of coercion, or any desire to force anything, from the consciousness of the Greys. Their open intellects are indeed childlike. But there is a deep maturity in their way of thinking that both respects our differentness and celebrates our common existence. P. 222

  • From the perspective of the Galactic Federation, it is the right of a species to learn from its own mistakes, however severe these mistakes may be, as long as the species does not deprive another species of its own freedom to do likewise.


    The Federation does not want a universe of species that act like dogs on a leash. My observations indicate that the Galactic Federation embraces a philosophy that values the freedom of all species to achieve a unique destiny, to mature in their own ways through God's school of the living experience. P. 234

  • As a species, we are going to make a crucial decision in the near future. Our decision may be to accept the responsibility of our own destiny, which may include inflicting horrible environmental abuses to our world as we fight to understand ourselves and our true potential.


    Alternatively, we may abandon the difficult commitment to forge a future for ourselves that contributes meaning to a struggling universe, and instead choose a path that continues the pathology of controlling our masses with secrecy and manipulation.