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The Exopolitics Model


Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe?


Exopolitics, as a discipline for understanding Universe society through its politics and government, may turn our dominant view of the Universe upside down. Exopolitics posits that the truest conception of our earthly circumstance may be that we are on an isolated planet in the midst of a populated, evolving, highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, multidimensional Universe society.

Exopolitics provides us with a 21st century universal paradigm, a new dominant worldview. The scientific paradigm of the 20th century was that intelligent life ended at Earth’s geo-stationary orbit. The Exopolitics model informs us that, in reality, Earth appears to be an isolated planet in the midst of a populated Universe. Universe society consists of advanced, highly organized, and consciously evolving civilizations. Universe civilizations function within our own interstellar Universe, as well as within other dimensions in the Universe-at-large. Advanced Universe civilizations exist in other dimensions parallel to our own. They access not only our own planet and galaxy but also all of interstellar space.

In the Exopolitics model, life-bearing planets such as Earth are members of a collective Universe whole that operates under universal law. Think of Earth as part of a universal commons. Life was planted and cultivated here under the stewardship of more advanced societies, in accordance with the over-all principles of Universe ecology.


Our Exopolitics model holds that, when necessary, universal law applies restrictive measures to a planet when it endangers the collective whole. Universe government can remove a planet from open circulation within Universe society. This fate appears to have happened to Earth in our distant past. Earth has suffered for eons as an exopolitical outcast among the community of Universe civilizations.

The Exopolitics model holds that Earth is presently isolated from interaction with organized intergalactic civilization because it is under intentional quarantine by a rational, structured Universe society. There are signs around us, however, of a Universe initiative to reintegrate Earth into interplanetary society.


It is possible that Earth may be permitted to rejoin Universe society, under certain conditions, at a future time certain.


The Exopolitics Model and Public Opinion

This interpretation of our universal reality may seem vaguely familiar to you. It is, after all, the stock-in-trade of most science fiction.


The notion of a populated Universe may have the ring of truth to you. It may raise a tingle on the back of your neck, or be a truth too close for comfort. You may even react to the concept of a populated Universe as flaky and unscientific.

Are humanity and our planet on the verge of being re-integrated into Universe society? That’s very likely. The signs are all around us. In-depth public opinion polls evidencing positive contemporary human attitudes about a Universe populated with intelligent civilizations are important signs of our pending re-integration into Universe society.


The Exopolitics model is an operational bridge between our terrestrial politics, government, and law, and the larger models of politics, government, and law in Universe society. Exopolitics may be a key institutional nexus for navigating Earth’s reintegration into Universe society. Exopolitics is a political, governmental, and legal process by which the interests of human society – its individuals, institutions, and nations – can reach out to, interact with, and create a cooperative future with off-planet cultures (OPCs).

Exopolitics does not end at Earth’s edge but is a process universal in its reach. Earth’s reintegration into Universe society may be occurring as part of a definable exopolitical process within Universe society itself.

Your own beliefs about a populated Universe – whatever they might be – fall along a spectrum of public opinion that has been frequently measured. A Gallup poll in 1996, for 46 example, showed that 72 percent of the U.S. adult population believes there is some form of extraterrestrial life, and 45 percent believes the Earth has already been visited by extraterrestrial beings.


There are indications that public opinion about extraterrestrial visitation is similar in other regions of the planet. The proportion of extraterrestrial sensitive world youth may be even higher than that in the adult population that believes in an extraterrestrial presence.

Nearly 100 million U.S. respondents (or 45 percent of the adult U.S. population) believe that extraterrestrial civilizations have visited Earth. This is approximately the same number of citizens of the United States that votes in U.S. Presidential elections. The U.S. Federal Election Commission reported that 96,277,634 people voted in the 1996 presidential election, and about 100,000,000 persons voted in the disputed 2000 U.S. Presidential election.


It would seem that in the United States about as many individuals believe in extraterrestrial life as believe in voting for President!


It is safe to assume that the 100 million adult U.S. respondents to the poll who said they believe in extraterrestrial life cannot all be deluded, programmed, or brainwashed. These extraterrestrial-sensitive humans are responding to something that they sense, deeply and intuitively, is true – extraterrestrials are visiting Earth, and this fact is being suppressed.


It is also safe to assume that human intuition is reality-oriented enough to filter out the disinformation propagated to obscure universal reality. For example, some extraterrestrial “visitations” are actually psychological warfare operations conducted by military and intelligence agencies of decidedly human origin.


Other public opinion polls confirm the role of intuition in shaping belief about extraterrestrial life. An ABC-NEWS poll in October 2000 found that 47% of U.S. adults believe that intelligent life exists on other planets in the Universe.


Demographically, the poll found that belief in extraterrestrial life is held by,

  • more men (51%) than women (43%)

  • more college-educated citizens (51%) than high school graduates (43%)

  • more Democrats (53%) than Republicans (38%)

The ABC-NEWS poll found that 60 percent of those who think intelligent extraterrestrial life exists also believe that extraterrestrials have visited Earth.


Overall, 27% of adult 47 U.S. respondents said they believe that extraterrestrials visit Earth. (Interestingly, the poll excluded “spiritual alien” and “telepathic alien” visits.)

As with the Gallup poll in 1996, personal intuition appears to be a key component of human opinion that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and visits Earth.


In the ABC-NEWS poll in 2000, fully two-thirds of those who responded that they think extraterrestrials visit Earth stated that they based their conclusion on “speculation.” One-third of respondents base their opinion on external evidence they have read or seen. Intuition may therefore be the basis for the insights of at least two-thirds of extraterrestrial-sensitive persons.

Estimates of the percentage of the U.S. population that thinks extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth range from 45% in the Gallup poll in 1996 to 27% of the adult population in the ABC-NEWS poll in 2000. Somewhere between 50 million and 100 million adults in the United States alone believe beings from extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth, and the United States comprises only five percent of the world’s total population.

On November 11th, 1999, a less statistically based poll (one that included a number of leading astronomers and astrophysicists) was released in the United States in a documentary broadcast on cable television. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they believe there is intelligent life in the Universe, including our own Milky Way galaxy. Eighty percent said they believe alien civilizations are more advanced than Earth’s.


Sixty-five percent of the participants said they think Earth would be conquered if aliens chose to “invade” us. Twenty-six percent said they think that if the Earth is invaded, the people of Earth will fight back and win.

These polls may, in fact, indicate a bottom-line reality about the Universe that the poll participants intuitively sense: we humans are actually part of a highly advanced, organized, interstellar civilization, from which we are in deliberate isolation. This Universe society of intelligent, planetary civilizations is a highly organized and civilized interstellar government that would not attack Earth because it is not violent, war-like, or destructive.


Although Earth is currently in isolation from the rest of interplanetary society, we are part of a peaceful Universe government.


The Quarantine Hypothesis and the UFO Phenomenon

You may ask,

“What is the evidence that an inter-dimensional, interplanetary Universe society exists, and is presently lifting its intentional quarantine of Earth?”

We find a conclusive answer in recent scientific analysis of the evidence of high-quality Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) encounters.


The UFO Phenomenon

The UFO phenomenon began in full force around our planet in 1947.


The quarantine hypothesis holds that UFOs are an integral part of humanity’s reintegration into interplanetary society. Some UFO phenomena appear primarily to be deployed by a higher intelligence as psychological conditioning tools.


In an ongoing analysis of the UFO phenomenon, psychologist Carl Jung stated in 1955,

“A purely psychological explanation is ruled out [to explain UFOs]... [T]he discs show signs of intelligent guidance, by quasi-human pilots...”

Jung concluded that UFOs function essentially as “Mandalas” or spiritual conditioning symbols meant to facilitate humanity’s spiritual evolution.


The UFO phenomenon operates as a key force in raising human awareness of Universe society, regardless of whether its specific source is terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Our Universal awareness is automatically increased by a UFO experience, whether created by a higher intelligent civilization, a natural phenomenon like electromagnetic pulse energy, or a military-intelligence disinformation program.

UFO or “alien abduction” experiences simulated by military and intelligence agencies, as a form of disinformation, may momentarily trick human subjects into thinking “bad” aliens are occupying Earth. At the same time, these disinformation-driven UFO encounters are propelling forward humanity’s awareness of higher intelligence in the Universe.

Operationally, the UFO phenomenon appears to be a mix of all of the following:

  1. Dimensional Psychological Conditioners

    Some UFOs are electro-magnetically generated “virtual reality” images of spacecraft, as well as spiritual symbols (such as Mandalas). These are created by Universe society, advanced dimensional beings, or the collective human mind, to condition us into universal awareness that we are part of an interplanetary society. The “UFOs” function as peripheral cues to our collective consciousness.


  2. Interplanetary Spacecraft

    Other UFOs are actual interplanetary spacecraft that are part of an extraterrestrial initiative to integrate Universe society.


  3. Covert Military Craft

    Still other UFOs are Top Secret, black budget military intelligence craft, which masquerade as extraterrestrial “spacecraft.” These secret craft implement a covert disinformation scenario, including mind control-based “military abductions” (MILABs), in furtherance of “psy ops” – psychological warfare operations –purporting extraterrestrial “invasion” of Earth.


  4. Natural Phenomena

    UFOs are also caused by natural phenomena like electromagnetic pulse energy or clouds, which may be configured into the archetype of “spacecraft” and other archetypal symbols by an intelligent civilization or by the human collective unconscious.

The Extraterrestrial “Leaky Embargo” Strategy

A community of scientists has addressed how it is that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations may be in our environment, all around us, yet in a stealth mode, so that human society remains oblivious to their presence.


Scientists like Dr. Hal Puthoff and his colleagues at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin conclude that,

“some evidence of [the extraterrestrial] presence might be found in certain high quality UFO reports… and that such advanced extraterrestrial civilizations may value the search for knowledge from uncontaminated species [like humans] more than direct, interspecies communication, thereby accounting for apparent covertness regarding their presence.”

Dr. Puthoff and his colleagues conclude that the existence of a planetary quarantine that he terms a “Leaky Embargo” can be verified by the evidence of high quality UFO encounters.


The term “Leaky Embargo“ refers to the fact that the UFO encounters that we experience on Earth are actually intentional “leaks” in what is otherwise a total quarantine of Earth by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.


The Leaky Embargo is, according to these scientists, a “grassroots education program” of humanity in the form of the UFO phenomenon that started around 1947.


Exopolitics and the Planetary Quarantine

We know from the naval blockade of Cuba by the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and from the United Nations’ embargo of Iraq during 1991 to 2003 that embargos require concerted social action by the parties carrying them out.


Just imagine what it would require to carry out a quarantine of Earth in the midst of a populated Universe.


The Exopolitics model holds that the Earth’s quarantine is not a random event, but the product of an organized intelligent Universe society. The Leaky Embargo described by Dr. Puthoff and his colleagues is another way of saying that the planetary quarantine is lifting, and that the UFO phenomenon that started in 1947 is the beginning of the lifting of this quarantine.

One requirement of carrying out a quarantine of Earth is technical. How is the quarantine to be carried out? Another aspect of quarantine is legal. On whose authority is a quarantine of Earth first imposed and then enforced over time, and with the precision that one notes in high quality UFO encounters?

The context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication, developed in 1974, holds that interactions with extraterrestrial civilizations, such as UFO encounters, are actually purposeful communications by the extraterrestrial civilization.


The content of these extraterrestrial communications can be interpreted contextually, through a process analogous to the principles that psychologists use to interpret dreams. According to the context communication theory, verified flights by UFOs over intercontinental ballistic missile bases and nuclear power facilities are warnings to humanity about the dangers of nuclear war.


This “Leak” in the Leaky Embargo of Earth is likely a highly orchestrated part of a coordinated plan by extraterrestrial civilizations. Technically, the quarantine of Earth is achieved by way of the superior technology and advanced evolution of Universe society.


Universe government enforces an interplanetary and inter-dimensional quarantine of Earth by applying advanced principles in parascience:

reflectivity and dimensionality, mediated through Universe governmental institutions, in the nature of a galactic federation of life-bearing planets.

Reflectivity uses the holistic energy of a being, a planet, or a constellation for deep understanding of, or communication with, that being, planet, constellation, and so forth.


In present-day Earth terms, the principle of reflectivity comes into play when a psychic healer attunes to the aura or energy field surrounding a patient, and obtains a holistic picture of the patient’s being. In human health care, this branch of science is known as “energy medicine.”

Dimensionality is based on the dimensional structure and function of the Universe, and utilizes the multi-dimensions of the Universe for everything from advanced space travel to intelligent, spiritual “soul” evolution. Even in conventional Earth science, dimensionality is supported by recent human scientific advances, which now predict the demise of “time” and “space” in favor of a multi-dimensional reality.


Advanced Universe civilizations can gauge and monitor the relative “holistic state” of human society and planet Earth. Through technologies and intelligence based on the principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, interplanetary civilization can monitor humans on Earth. If we think no one is watching Earth, we are in error. Universe government appears to be continually monitoring Earth, and has been monitoring our planet and our species since their inception.

This monitoring is positive and caring, like a gardener with a greenhouse or an ethical scientist with a cherished biological investigation. Earth is a life-experiment planet, and most of the life forms on Earth have been seeded and carefully cultivated by Universe society scientists. These Universe scientists are advanced beings that specialize in the growing and cultivation of planets.


Reflectivity is one principle and technology by which they monitor the ups and downs of the planet and, where necessary, both individuals and groups of human beings.

The quarantine hypothesis supports dimensional interstellar travel as a reality of interplanetary society. Interstellar travel to and from Earth uses the inner dimensions of the Universe. This way, visitors to, and permanent observers of, Earth do not have to traverse the full distance of interstellar space. What we know as outer space is only one of reality’s dimensions in the time-space continuum and beyond. Dimensionality is probably one of the most useful technologies that advanced societies can offer to humanity.

In the quarantine hypothesis, Earth’s humanity is not yet sufficiently morally evolved to be unilaterally included in a Universe “dimensional” role. Universe society does not want us to export war or violence into interstellar or inter-dimensional space. The powerful nations of Earth, led by a secret command-and-control network in the United States, are attempting to continue the militarization of outer space.


These Earth nations are on a collision course with Universe society’s ethics and laws pertaining to the peaceful use of space. The militarization of outer space may be the single most important factor preventing the end of Earth’s isolation from civilized space society.


Humanity may not be permitted into Universe society without an absolute ban on warfare and weapons in a jurisdiction ruled by the standards of a common Universe government.



The Planetary Quarantine and Its Causes

The quarantine scenario is a working model of our actual planetary history and present Universal reality.


The quarantine from Universe society affects our entire reality –physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As a consequence, we have evolved under conditions that are the opposite for a normal life-bearing planet. In light of these factors, let’s take a closer look at the quarantine and its causes.


Although a new sun is created in our galaxy every day, life-bearing planets like Earth do not appear willy-nilly in the slow evolutionary cycles of the Universe. Life-bearing planets are intentional experiments of advanced Universe society. Designated Universe scientists routinely monitor planets deemed capable of bearing life. When a planet like Earth appears to have favorable life-bearing conditions, Universe society formally incorporates the planet into a life creation program. Then, a slow, patient, intelligent life implantation program begins.

Planetary life implantation programs are not solely biological. Where planetary conditions are appropriate, life implantation processes can produce intelligent species like humans that are both biological and spiritual. Advanced species like us have both biological and spiritual components – body, mind, soul, and spirit. Planets are grown like gardens.


Much of life development on planet Earth is the product of conscious intervention by the advanced, sophisticated techniques of the life technologists of Universe society. This process takes billions of years.


As our human scientists uncover more of the scientific past of our planet, they are actually discovering the work products of highly advanced agents within our Universe. At a certain point in planetary evolution, intelligent life comes into being as part of the life experimentation scheme. With this intelligent life comes the human soul, a trans-temporal entity that experiences life as a human, and survives bodily death into other dimensions of the Universe.


A new life implantation phase accompanies the appearance of intelligent souls on a planet. The planet is placed on a different life 54 experiment track. Intelligent soul-creatures have evolved that can themselves eventually help to further creation in the Universe.

The quarantine hypothesis holds that soul-bearing planets are visited and developed by formal planetary representatives of Universe society. These Universe representatives are charged with “civilizing” the planet into Universe citizenship. Universe representatives are formally delegated to the life-bearing planet to oversee and guide its entrance into organized interplanetary society.


On normal life experiment planets, general knowledge of, and participation in, interplanetary society occurs from the outset of civilization. On non-quarantined planets, an aspect of being civilized means consciously being part of interplanetary society.


The quarantine hypothesis suggests that Earth did not integrate into Universe society in the normal way.


Causes of Earth’s Quarantine

Exopolitics is the discipline that will lead us to new discoveries about our societal place in the Universe, including our societal past.


At present, we do not know for certain what the historical reasons are for the quarantine of Earth. These answers may come as we integrate with Universe society and discover the facts that lie behind our isolation. It may be that we are embargoed, as Dr. Hal Puthoff holds, because we are still in a relatively primitive state of civilization, and are being fed hints on a piecemeal basis that extraterrestrial civilizations exist.

Exopolitical integration with off-planet cultures may confirm a different, and in some ways, more familiar interpretation of our planetary isolation, one which has resonance in human religious tradition and mythology. The sacred texts of our great religions may contain fragmentary myths in allegorical format that are based on an historical truth that Earth has been in intentional quarantine.


This quarantine has isolated our planet (and our solar system) from communication with organized interplanetary society. One such sacred text is the Book of Genesis with its allegory of the expulsion of the first two humans from the Garden of Eden. At least one purported exopolitical source text, The Urantia Book, holds that the Book of Genesis refers in mythical form to actual events in the exopolitical history of Earth.


By this account, the Book of Genesis is a fragmentary, allegorical version of an early exopolitical colonization of Earth that resulted in catastrophic failure and the subsequent expulsion or quarantine of Earth from the network of inhabited planets under the jurisdiction of the Universe government.


As a form of evidentiary cross-check, another set of exopolitical data, developed by scientific remote viewing [a scientific protocol for interacting telepathically with intelligent entities outside of a specific framework of time and space], confirms that The Urantia Book’s exopolitical source text is generally accurate in its depiction of the Adam and Eve story and its catastrophic relation to Earth’s exopolitical history as the cause of Earth’s Universe quarantine.


The scientist developing this data notes:

“Nonetheless, because The Urantia Book’s discussion of Adam and Eve has a distinct ET flavor, I decided to have my monitor add this famous pair to my [scientific remote viewing] target list… But as it turned out, the story of Adam and Eve in The Urantia Book is basically accurate


Some readers may wonder why the religious figures of Adam and Eve would be a target of investigations in a book about extraterrestrials. The basic reason… is that many of our human myths may have some basis in history.”

We do not now know to an absolute certainty the detailed facts of this catastrophic planetary rebellion or other key events in Earth’s exopolitical past.


We can uncover our exopolitical history by open social integration with spiritually advanced extraterrestrial civilizations now visiting Earth. Whatever the actual details of the catastrophic rebellion against the Universe administration, the purpose of the quarantine of Earth was to prevent the exopolitical rebellion that occurred in our solar system from spreading out into the Universe.


The quarantine has allowed the effects of this exopolitical rebellion on Earth to take their natural course and eventually to heal. The UFO encounters of the Leaky Embargo provide current evidence that Earth is now entering a period of reintegration with organized Universe society.

We humans are the children of a universal cataclysmic event suffered in the course of our planetary evolution. Our subsequent planetary isolation accounts for the severely conflicted, violent, ignorant, and confused state of our history and our society. It is no accident that humans are cursed with war, violence, poverty, ignorance, and death.

The violence of the 20th century would not have occurred on a normal life-bearing planet that had not experienced such an evolutionary disaster.

One aspect of the quarantine is that Earth’s Universe circuits of communication and advanced energy have been cut off, throwing our planet into devolution. Earth was isolated from the rest of interplanetary society, and placed in quarantine.


As a result of the quarantine, Earth has been historically deprived of normal planetary evolution and education.


We have been kept in the dark about Universe society, and the advanced technologies and superior quality of life that normal planets enjoy. In our individual lives and collective culture, humans have had to face more ignorance than a comparable intelligent civilization would confront on another planet. Our planetary quarantine allows the full effects of the planetary cataclysm to play out.


The flip side of Earth’s enforced isolation is that we humans have emerged as a hardy species of intelligent spiritual entities, or souls. At their core, life-bearing planets are designed as laboratories for growing souls. The Universe is ultimately a spiritual domain, and a key goal of developing life-bearing planets is to provide developmental opportunities for growing souls (the non-temporal components of created beings).


With the isolation of Earth from hands-on guidance by Universe representatives, this planet has become a brief and intense testing ground for new and old souls alike. Apparently, Earth has quite a reputation in the Universe as a challenging but rewarding place to live through a human life.


Future exopolitical research, perhaps with the officials, historians, and archives of Universe society itself, promises to be one avenue for discovering more facts, information, and truths about our exopolitical past.



A Universal Career

One long-term benefit arising from Earth’s quarantine is that our isolation has helped build a soul that can live on hope alone.


Our human souls must reach deep into inner resources to overcome many of the lingering tendencies of the planetary quarantine, such as war, confusion, poverty, violence, and ignorance. From the viewpoint of a Universe career, Earth’s challenges may be ideal circumstances during the course of our lengthy evolution.


A Universe career spans much longer than a single human lifetime on planet Earth. Human souls progress on a path of development in a multi-dimensional Universe, with individual outcomes dependent upon our choices and actions in our Universe lives. Looking at your life, fearlessly, as a universal adventure deepens its meaning.


Planning your life is more than a cradle-to-grave exercise. A successful life career includes activities and in-depth orientations that endow the soul for its continued career in subsequent lifetimes. Life on Earth is part of one continuous cycle for the human soul that extends into other, non-temporal dimensions.

Religion has always spoken of the eternal existence of the human soul. A Universe career, however, is certainly not part of the modern scientific canon. Conventional science holds that all life ends at death, a concept that parascience, the new science, now disputes. Because of our disrupted, quarantined past on Earth, human awareness of the universal career as a dimension of life lay truncated and buried.


Modern materialism is but a developmental stage of a lower intelligent species as it evolves into a higher-order intelligent species. An advanced planetary society has it all. More advanced planets have a high level of civilization and standard of living, along with the knowledge that a material life is but a transitory stage of development for a more fundamental, non-temporal being known as the soul.

There is no challenge greater for modern human beings, caught up in the materialistic daily chaos of Earth, than to acknowledge the soul as the inner core of their being. Our human body, persona, identity, and desires are but costumes that the soul uses in its inexorable development toward union with universal source.


Advanced civilizations in interplanetary (and inter-dimensional) society know these soul lessons well, for the Universe is a spiritual realm, and its core tasks are spiritual.