by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

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  1. Chapter - Who are The Star Kids?

  2. Chapter - Physical Attributes of Star Kids

  3. Chapter - What It’s Like Mentally and Emotionally to Be a Star Kid

  4. Chapter - Psychic/Metaphysical/ESP Abilities of the Star Kids

  5. Chapter - Star Kid Spirituality

  6. Chapter - How Did the Star Kids Get Here? - A Short and Revised History of the Human Race

  7. Chapter - The Various Kinds of Star Visitors in Contact With Earth

  8. Chapter - The Star Visitors Are Not the “Evil Mean Invaders” of Propaganda

  9. Chapter - What Is It Like to Be A Star Kid?

  10. Chapter - Are Star Kids Normal?

  11. Chapter - Meet Some Actual Star Kids

  12. Chapter - Parents of Star Kids - "What Do We Do Now?"

  13. Chapter - Proper Education for Star Kids

  14. Chapter - Issues for Siblings, Families and Friends of Star Kids

  15. Chapter - The Geopolitical Context in Which Star Kids Must Function

  16. Chapter - Some Precautions and Protections for Star Kids

  17. Chapter - The Difference Between Star Kids and "Indigo" or "Crystal" Children

  18. Chapter - The New "Fifth World" Society These Star Kids are Helping Build

  19. Chapter - Famous and Celebrity Adult Star Seeds - Role Models for Star Kids