If the aliens need Earth as a place to restock their in-flight food supplies, we must change Earth from being their ranch to a market that we run. We can make food available to them in exchange for technology, trade goods, and information about other races. To negotiate this agreement, we need to be in a position of great strength very soon. Neil Armstrong stood up and told us the truth is covered up. I believe he did it now because he knows things are coming to a conclusion. From what I can tell, the government may be building up our defenses on a small scale.

They have only the Black Budget funds available to build Star Wars weapons and our saucers. We need to go on a full-scale domestic war footing like we did in World War II. All industries need to be mobilized to produce a sizable defense force that poses a threat to the alien mother ships and can force negotiations. Open congressional hearings may cause enough public alarm, that congress may do something along the lines of declaring war. It’s that serious. We are at a technological stage where we pose a limited threat to the aliens.


We can use some of their technology against them. This gives the aliens two logical courses of action in response. They can neutralize us and restock the planet with humans from one of their other preserves. Any technology here would be removed, and the next batch of humans would be starting from the Dark Ages. Or they could process everyone on the planet over six years of age, and stockpile the meat on the Moon for later use.


They could then supervise a breeding program to restock the planet. They’d be like “Gods” to those people and start the cycle all over again. Something has to be done. It all starts with you. Call your congressman and ask that open hearings be held to uncover the entire alien matter. Tell your friends. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper asking them to ask congress to hold the hearings. Ask your church leaders to get involved.


They especially must convince a large segment of the population that some of God’s other creatures have been interacting with us since biblical times. It’s in the Bible. Mankind has grown out of its childhood. We have to be responsible for our destiny. Remember that God is not playing any favorites here. He has always allowed any form of life he created to feed on any other life. You have to look at basic purpose.

  • What is the purpose of the large structures on the Moon?

  • What is the purpose of the removal of large population groups?

  • For what purpose would you transport them to the lunar structures?

  • They are not office buildings, factories, or hotels. So you tell me. What purpose would humans serve being there?

Yeah. The main course.


Advanced races don’t need slaves any more than we do. It’s just more mouths to feed. If the aliens intended to feed the large groups of people they abducted in the past, they would have taken large quantities of food along to feed them. There is no record of that ever happening. It’s as if they expected the humans to suddenly stop eating. I believe that is what happens when we die. If the lunar structures are factories, what happened to all those “workers?” Send more workers, the last ones were delicious. I hope none of us would willingly get on an alien saucer because we fall for the old “we’re taking you to Heaven” trick. Never accept a ride from a stranger.

If anyone has any evidence the aliens are doing something helpful and friendly for mankind, please contact me with the proof. So far I haven’t been able to find any evidence of helpfulness that was not in the best interest of the aliens. Keep in mind that if the aliens were behind plagues in the past, that all they would have to do to avoid catching the disease is to properly cook or irradiate the meat. That’s right. Just like we cook hamburger meat to 160 degrees to kill E-coli bacteria or make germ-free MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) using irradiation. Many millions died in the Black Plague. Forty million people died in the Spanish influenza epidemic from 1918 to 1922. In both epidemics people were told to stay home and let the authorities remove all the dead victims. Where did the bodies go? Did all those deaths result in more food to go?

I know this may sound like bad science fiction, but I think the purpose of the Lunar Prospector satellite that was launched in January 1998 was to pinpoint any active or inactive alien bases on the Moon. In 1995 the Clementine lunar probe sent back pictures taken in the near infrared of a large underground base. The aliens may have left a stockpile of abduction class saucers and their fuel in an underground installation.

That would be a logical thing for the aliens to do. Why carry a bunch of transport craft with you between the stars when they can be left in the area where they are needed. If we secure them for our use, the aliens could no longer employ them for abduction. The large mother ships may not be suitable for abduction work. Over the last 50 years, any time the larger craft have been observed, they have not exhibited the maneuverability of the smaller craft. We have been shooting down and/or capturing their small local craft for years, and more keep showing up for abductions.


They must have additional craft and crews nearby. On the Feb. 2, 1998 Art Bell Show, Sean Morton stated he believed the US military had reactivated an alien base on the moon and there were between 2500 and 5000 personnel now stationed there. Art Bell said there had been a flurry of “fast walkers” observed in close proximity to the Moon by a group of astronomers. They have been taking photographs of the alien structures and couldn’t miss the saucer activity. They may be some of “ours.” Let’s hope they are setting up an ambush. If the aliens are smart, they will send in a scout to check out their old lunar facilities before they expose their mother ships to danger.


I don’t think we are ready for the alien war machine. If they hold the mother ships outside the solar system and send back to the home world for a large military attack force, we are in deep trouble. They most likely have stand off weapons to use on us without even exposing themselves to attack. The people at NASA who know what’s going on have good reason to be scared. Even if we stop the aliens this time, we may find it necessary to pay a visit to their home world and let them know they are not welcome here for their old purposes.


This graphic demonstration can be easily accomplished with one of their small saucers. We could carry a one-megaton nuclear weapon with a timer to the alien home world. Our crew could park it in orbit and then proceed to the capitol city with a message that this is a friendly warning to stop using humans as a food source. If they want food we can work out a trade agreement to supply them. We should set up a monitoring outpost in the outskirts of their star system to warn us of any fleets of mother ships heading our way.


This outpost should have nuclear defense capability. We also need some outposts like this around our solar system for defensive reasons. We must be vigilant for internal disruptions on Earth that are caused by the agents of external forces. Any attempts to weaken us economically or militarily need to be examined carefully to see who is behind it. Any treaties we enter into with the aliens we will have to enforce militarily. They are not to be trusted. Never. They have already broken one treaty. They will agree to anything to guarantee their food supply. We can never trust them. We can trust a hungry lion more. We must keep our guard up and keep them under close observation forever.

The seriousness of the coming situation is enough to make a president cry. Recently a news-wire item was reported on the Art Bell radio show, that former President Jimmy Carter had been at a book signing for his new book. He was asked by a customer waiting in line, why had he not followed through on his pledge that, if elected, he would reveal the entire truth about UFOs to the American people. Carter did not answer in words, he just looked at the man and tears sprang from his eyes. Any doubt in my mind about whether there was really an alien problem vanished when I heard this. For me, things will never be the same. I now carry a fear in my heart and mind for the whole human race. Every day the public is uninformed about the aliens, is one more day of preparation lost. It’s time to do your part. This is a group effort. Apathy is suicide for everyone.



How To Set Up A Sheriffs Department UFO Squad

I figured out a way for law enforcement to apprehend the aliens when they return to abduct any multiple abductees. There is an electronic monitoring system now used by many law enforcement agencies to monitor those people under house arrest and on electronic leashes. The system has a GPS (Global Positioning System) and radio transmitter built into an ankle bracelet. All of the monitored people show up on a big monitor screen map at the sheriff’s headquarters. It tells where the person is located every second. The system can be set so that if the monitored person crosses county borderlines, it notifies the sheriff. The person can then be apprehended at the location where the GPS indicates they are.

Check these two websites: and This system could be used to monitor abductees that volunteer for this type of surveillance. If they are abducted, or if the aliens remove the ankle bracelet, the sheriffs can move in and stake out the abductee’s house until the aliens bring them back. Then they can disable the alien craft and arrest the aliens. Disabling the alien craft is the easy part. It is accomplished by the already proven method of disabling the craft’s avionics with microwave transmitters. Additionally, if the aliens take an abductee to an underground base, the abductee’s ankle bracelet GPS could pinpoint where they are located.


Here is some detailed background on the monitoring system:

The Long Arm of the Law
Many law enforcers are now using a monitoring system that can keep up with the offender at all times. It is used in conjunction with the Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System is a constellation of 24 satellites that orbit the earth, which was developed by the US Department of Defense for military purposes. These satellites constantly transmit radio signals that are picked up by GPS receivers.


They can determine your location on the globe, any time, anywhere, and in any kind of weather. GPS is not only being used by the military—civilians use this system for many applications such as hiking, boating, and map making. The criminal justice system is now using the Global Positioning System to monitor those serving time outside of jail. What makes it superior to the previous electronic monitoring system is that it tracks the offender 24 hours a day—no matter where he is—at home, at work or in a car. In fact, it can even tell which intersection he is in and what speed the car is going.


Another feature is that boundaries can be set for the offender—green areas where he is allowed to travel in and red areas (perhaps around the victim’s home) where he is not allowed. If the offender goes in one of these areas, a warning signal begins to beep and doesn’t stop until he is out of the “hot area.” Also, his parole officer is notified so he can check on the situation. With this system, the offender’s every move throughout the day can be monitored and printed out on a computer if necessary. It’s easy to tell if he’s been at the scene of a crime. Some refer to it as a “virtual jail.” This system takes away the opportunity to commit a crime.

How does it work?
The offender wears an ankle or wrist bracelet and has to carry a mobile tracking pack (the receiver) wherever he goes. This receives signals from the Global Positioning System satellites. They are monitored by a monitoring center. If they don’t carry the pack or if they try to cut the bracelet, parole officers are immediately alerted—either by pager, fax, cell phone, or computer.

What are the benefits?
There are a number of benefits for using the electronic monitoring system. It helps reduce the problem of overcrowding in the prison system. It keeps the correctional system from building more prisons, thus saving millions in taxpayer’s money. Housing inmates is extremely expensive—from $50 to $100 a day per offender. The old electronic monitoring system costs from $7 to $10 a day and the GPS monitoring system costs about $16 a day. Millions of taxpayer’s money is being saved. In some places offenders pay their own bill for the monitoring system. They are able to keep working and live in their own home. In Florida, offenders monitored by GPS haven’t committed a single felony while on parole.


So, there shouldn’t be a big problem getting the police involved in abductee monitoring in many jurisdictions. They are “onboard” in alien abduction investigations already in many places, including here in Florida. In Arizona, the Navajo County Sheriff’s office investigated the Travis Walton abduction, it was even recreated in the movie “Fire In The Sky.”


James Garner played the detective. There are other well-publicized examples. The police in Australia investigated an abduction case:

Headline: Abduction claim gives UFOlogists food for thought
Source: ABC News / Australia, Oct 09, 2001.


Reports of an alien abduction in central Queensland are expected to keep the room buzzing at a national UFO conference in Brisbane this weekend. Police are investigating claims that a Maryborough district woman was abducted from a caravan and transported 600 kilometers to the north Queensland sugar city of Mackay.


Witnesses have told police they saw the woman near Maryborough on Thursday night. She turned up in a dazed and muddy state 90 minutes later at Mackay Base Hospital. UFO investigator Dr. Martin Gottschall is not surprised at the woman’s claim.

“These sort of things seem to be happening all around the globe,” he said. “What these people will appreciate the most is for other people to suspend judgment for a while; don’t call them idiots or crazy or accuse them of trying to create some sort of a hoax. By and large this is rarely the case,” Mr. Gottschall said.

Also, if you go to the website below, you can see an excellent news video about police investigating UFOs, with the police chief being interviewed on camera by CBS-TV channel 12 News in Jackson, Mississippi: -- From the news report:


“NEWSCHANNEL 12 contacted the Air Force for an interview, but they refused to comment on UFO sightings during the 1970’s saying,

“Due to the fact that the Air Force is not in the business of investigating UFO claims, it would be inappropriate to go on camera.” What was this object police were seeing? We’ll continue to investigate as we go in search of the “Unexplained.””

Here in Brevard County, Florida, local law enforcement wants the alien abductors real bad also. There are two sheriffs detectives detailed to investigate abduction cases. The night the aliens abducted my wife, they took 20 other women from the area. My wife saw the women on the ship that night. (That’s a hell of a note isn’t it, abducting a UFO researchers wife?)


If the craft is brought down, the occupants will be taken into custody by the sheriffs department and held for prosecution. Kidnapping is a capital crime here in Florida. The sheriffs want those aliens behind bars. My son knows the two detectives assigned to the case. They eat lunch at his deli. My guess as to why they got seriously involved may be because a wife, daughter, or girlfriend of a deputy was in amongst the 20 women that got abducted the same night with my wife.


Then the sheriffs would have known it was a real crime. The sheriffs are keeping the investigation completely quiet. It is an ongoing investigation and they don’t want a media circus, or New Age believers dancing around bonfires to protest persecution of their “space brothers.” Where I’m involved in this is that I’m trying to get the sheriffs the equipment they need to disable the alien craft. They don’t even know about me yet. I’m not going to make a fool out of myself promising them equipment that I might not be able to raise the money to buy in a timely fashion. I might have to wait on a big cash advance from the sale of the movie rights to my book.

(Yes, I’ve already had an offer.)


If things start to get hot and I can’t wait on getting military surplus radar, I already have enough commercial microwave transmitters to maybe disable the avionics on one of the alien’s small craft, if they are right on top of the equipment. The 12 transmitters total energy output is around 15,000 watts continuous. I wanted to test out this method of disabling avionics myself, with the equipment I had, in case that was all I could get.


As an experiment we tested one of the 1,500-Watt microwave transmitters to see what effect it would have at close range. I had my son aim it through our refrigerator at a 45-degree angle away from the target area, our TV, computer and monitor in the living room. When he turned it on, it nearly fried the TV and computer monitor, causing the pictures on both screens to tear sideways with a lot of snow type interference and garbling of the pictures. It even burned out my digital watch. If it had been pointing directly at the living room, it would have fried everything. It was very impressive.


My son in law was messing with one of these microwave transmitters about 5 years ago in his driveway setting steel wool on fire. He accidentally burned out his car’s electronic ignition, stereo, CB radio, and a 2000-watt CB power booster (and the car was not running.) However, I would still like to obtain military surplus radar to use because they put out 6 million watts each, can be set up 5 miles away from the target area where they won’t be noticed, and there is a lot more flexibility in targeting the craft. With the commercial equipment I have now there is no targeting flexibility. Don’t get me wrong. I am not calling for aliens to be blown out of the sky. It is old-fashioned police work that is needed.

No one is above the law. All the cops need is a modern means to apprehend the perpetrators at low altitude. Our justice system can handle the abduction problem. Neutralize the alien’s electronic toys and the sheriffs can take them prisoner if they have the capability to catch them in the act at the scene of the crime. Think of what I’m doing as a technology transfer. I’m giving local law enforcement the equipment they need to catch the criminals by disabling their “get-away saucer.”


Our military did figure out that radar pulses interfere with the flight control avionics on aircraft, and alien craft, causing them to lose all control. The military wanted to harden the avionics on our aircraft after the “Forrestal incident” that cost 138 lives. That was due to the ship’s new more powerful radar activating the fire control system on an F-4 fighter on the aircraft carrier’s deck. It caused the plane to fire a Zuni rocket on the crowded deck with the resulting disastrous fire, explosions, and destruction that followed.


As a result, the Navy had a defense contractor build high power RF (radio frequency) and microwave generators to test carrier aircraft avionic components and shielding in the lab. They found that the testing equipment could fry avionics so well, that they developed the testing equipment itself into an anti-avionics weapons system. Put a laptop computer in a microwave oven for two seconds and see how well it operates after that. The original microwave oven from Amana Corporation was called the Radar Range. Microwaves interfere with electronic equipment.


People with pacemakers have to avoid operating microwave ovens. Just a small amount of radiation leakage can fry their pacemaker. The skin of the small alien craft is not shielded against RF/microwave penetration because it must allow the electromagnetic fields that their propulsion system generates to pass out through the skin to propel the craft. (Their field generators are internal, there are none mounted on pylons hanging outside the craft.)


Skin shielding would hold in all the power generated. It would be like a large microwave oven inside. The aliens avoid flying their craft near active radar at military airfields and commercial airports. They stay away from my county here in Florida until the base radar at Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral NAS, and Melbourne International airport are shut down at night when flight operations cease. There was a case reported a few years ago where a UFO followed a policeman who was driving in his patrol car. When the UFO overtook him, he pointed his radar gun at the UFO and it dodged all over the place to avoid the weak radar pulses it was putting out. It zigzagged around like that for about a minute, then zoomed off.

Many people think that the military should be the ones to catch the aliens, but that is another problem. The military is aware of the abduction problem, but won’t do anything about it. They have secrets to protect.

The “big secret” is that we have copied much of the alien’s propulsion and weapons technology. We HAVE to keep that fact secret from the aliens themselves; and from our Earthly adversaries. Our military does not want to reveal to the aliens that we have copied their technology and may be using it against them in the future.


The fact that the aliens pose a major threat to humanity must also be kept secret from the public, so that our economy and society will not be devastated as predicted by the Brookings report. Luckily, the local sheriffs’ dept. did not need any convincing from me. Now you know why it is a job for law enforcement. Law enforcement has no military secrets that would be compromised, so they are the only organization that can and will stop the aliens from abducting people.


The idea here is for the sheriffs to first determine that the abductee was taken (by ankle bracelet alarm), then drag out the radar or microwave equipment and position it so it can be used when the alien craft returns the abductee to their home a few hours later. (That’s returning to the scene of the crime, of course.) When the sheriffs eyeball the craft, they will turn on the radar equipment and paint the craft, knocking out its avionics. I’ve thought about doing this all myself, and have had contact with people that want to do it themselves in their own cities.


The problem with doing this privately is that it is dangerous for the people doing it. I had really thought long and hard about doing it all by myself, then calling the media and the cops. There are too many things that can go wrong, and you need a large well armed organization like a sheriffs dept. with manpower, helicopters, SWAT, etc., that is available as backup if things go terribly wrong. For instance, how could private individuals counter an alien retrieval team coming in and neutralizing all electrical equipment and the nervous systems of everybody on your premises where you are holding the aliens?


So this is a job for law enforcement. Their job is dealing with the scum of the Earth, and now the scum of the universe. That’s what they get paid for. Their job is to protect us. I’ve asked for feedback from people regarding how well they thought the ankle bracelet system would work as an “abduction alarm.” The comment I got most often was that the aliens would just turn off the ankle bracelet system. Turning them off, no matter who does it, or how it is done, triggers the alarm at the monitoring station because it interrupts the “real time” data stream of GPS telemetry from the ankle bracelet.

Since the aliens usually come at night when the abductee is asleep, or zonk them out if they are awake, they won’t be able to read what’s in the abductee’s mind concerning the ankle bracelet being used to catch the aliens. In case the aliens just show up, each abductee can be told to physically struggle against the aliens when they arrive. That way the aliens will zonk them out immediately for their own safety, and again, the abductee’s mind will be unconscious and unreadable.


The ankle bracelet also measures the mass inside of the bracelet. If it changes, it signals that it is being tampered with and sets off the alarm. The Grays are not smart enough to defeat it. Another comment I got was that the aliens could neutralize the ankle bracelets by slowing down time or zapping them electrically.


All of those time/electrical effects are localized in the area of the abductee’s home and would immediately set off the alarms at the ankle bracelet-monitoring center. That is because, again, it would interfere with or stop the continuous real time telemetry data stream that the ankle bracelet transmitter was putting out. The instant the monitoring system loses contact with the ankle bracelet, it sets off the alarm. So when the aliens slow down time in the area of the abductees house, or flood the area with enough static electricity to disable camcorders, it would also neutralize the electronics in the ankle bracelet, severing its link to the monitoring system.


When it goes offline, the alarms go off. There’s no way around it. It’s easy to say the aliens can do this and can do that. The reality of the situation is that the Grays on the small craft doing abductions don’t carry the basic tools or electronic materials needed to make gadgets that could ever bypass the ankle bracelets. They also lack the electronic testing devices to analyze the electronics in the ankle bracelet, and they are not that skilled as electronics technicians to be able to analyze the devices, and whip up a countermeasure.


They are nowhere near being competent electronics technicians. Some of the observations I’ve made about what Grays can and can’t do comes from a lot of research into the experiences of abductees who saw what Grays did or how they reacted in certain situations. I don’t “speculate” based on wishful thinking, etc. For instance, a multiple abductee once used a magic marker to put red spots all over her body to mess with the Grays.


They came and abducted her and when they got her on the ship, they spent almost the entire time of her abduction on board crowded around her trying to figure out what was wrong. They never did figure it out. They wasted so much time on her they did not perform their usual procedures on her or most of the other people they abducted that night. If they had just read her mind, they could have found that she did it but they got so flustered they didn’t.


So, we are not dealing with mental giants here. An abductee I know gave me her take on the technical capabilities of the Grays: She said it is possible that they are fairly simple minded creatures that understand “the operation” of a technology that was handed down to them. They do not have the intellect or the production facilities to create new technology for themselves. After all, there are millions of humans who can drive a car or fly an airplane, but extremely few that possess the intelligence and skills to build either starting from beginning to completion of a successful product.


Most of us can’t even build a flashlight. These are not infallible space geniuses. They do make mistakes; having a 3% error rate as tabulated from all abductee reports by the major researchers in the field and reported at the conference at MIT. They listed many of the different type stupid mistakes the Grays made. The 3% error rate was not in their overall operations in the solar system. It referred only to their methodical abduction operation that they did by rote, day in and day out.


They would screw up doing things that should have been so routine that even us lowly humans would have done better. The mistakes they made were:

  • returning people to the wrong place such as other people’s houses naked,

  • in the woods instead of their house,

  • in the basement instead of their bedroom,

  • putting their clothes on backwards,

  • putting women’s underwear back on men,

  • putting cars back jammed into driveways sideways,

  • putting cars down into the middle of cornfields (then coming back to get them and putting them on the highway),

  • setting cars down on their roof in the middle of a highway,

  • abducting two women and swapping one woman’s Kotex for the others Tampon,

  • and much more.

They weren’t just clerical errors. As to constructing electronic countermeasures, the Grays just don’t have the facilities to do that on their small craft. Where are they going to plug in a soldering iron?

Additionally, if they tried a blanket approach, like slowing down time, it would also slow down and distort the continuous GPS telemetry signal, making it look like the person was moving out of the area. That would set off the alarm at the monitoring HQ too. Those devices send a signal in real time that allows the monitoring system to even see the persons direction and speed of travel. There was a man who had been abducted by an alien craft, along with his fishing boat.


When the authorities took a read-out on where the GPS on the boat had been, it showed it had been picked up out of the water and lifted completely over a mountain before being set down somewhere else. As I said earlier, with any luck, we might be able to use the GPS device to pinpoint the location of an underground base if the aliens transport the abductee there with the ankle bracelet working.


Did you know the military has ordered deep penetration low yield nuclear bombs? Why do we need them?






The US military already knows where many underground alien bases are located. Some UFO spotters here in Central Florida think they have narrowed down the area where an underground base is located from watching arrival and departure routes of UFOs abducting people. I hope the sheriffs raid that alien base before it gets nuked. It is too close to home.

This is a nuts and bolts solution to the abduction problem on a local level so that those law enforcement agencies in our hometowns will have the tools needed to:

A. Monitor multiple abductees in real time in a manner that CANNOT be defeated by the aliens. (Unless they knock out everybody in a 20 square mile area.)
B. Disable the alien craft by electronic means by a method they CAN’T shield against on their smaller craft.

I had Emailed Stanton Friedman with details of this plan and he said he thought it might work. He was not patting me on the head so I’d go away.


If he says it will work, it is because he has enough of a scientific and technical background, being a nuclear physicist who worked in the aerospace industry, to know that under the laws of physics that it will work. He knows theory as well as nuts and bolts. So do I. I studied aerospace engineering at NYU. Understanding new technologies can be difficult even for a professional engineer if they haven’t been keeping up with the latest methods, ideas, and inventions.


Some new technology products I read about recently sound like complete science fiction, but they are being produced. Luckily in this case you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that something might theoretically work if the technology is already in everyday use. What I am proposing is not outlandish but involves using equipment already available. Police agencies currently want this type of police equipment for their specific law enforcement use, and will soon have available to them a variety of electronic weapons that will disable the microprocessors and electronic ignitions in fleeing cars.


Those units are relatively low power compared to what I am proposing police agencies use to disable the small alien craft. As I said earlier, one of the surplus military radar units puts out six million-watt microwave pulses. This electronic “overkill” is needed to knock out the avionics on the alien craft, fry the electronics of their little hand held people zappers, and their other electronic hand weapons.


I’ve included a technical description from the patent on one of the low power devices that explains the scientific principles behind the functionality of this method in the electronic disablement of automotive electronic equipment. With a working knowledge of this type device, you will see why our police want to use these methods to stop crime.



A means of directly injecting radio-frequency electrical current into the electronic circuits of vehicles is described. The disabling current is transmitted through two channels of highly ionized air. The channels are created by the Multi-photon ionization of the air within two beams of far-ultraviolet laser radiation directed to the vehicle. The current flows in a circuit from an electrode near the origin of one beam through the channel of ionized air within it, then through the target vehicle and back along the conductive channel within the second beam.


The current frequency is 100 megahertz and the pulse width is 300 microseconds. The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser radiation is between 180 and 250 nanometers. At the wavelengths and fluence employed, there is little or no ocular hazard.

The calculated theoretical range is two kilometers NEED - In both civilian and military applications, there is an obvious need for a means of immobilizing dangerous vehicles without injuring the occupants or bystanders. With no practical method of safely stopping a car, police pursuits too often end with someone dead in the road.


For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that, from 1990 through 1994, an average of 331 people were killed in the United States each year as a result of police pursuits. Of those, an average of 68 “uninvolved” persons were killed annually. Moreover, for every 200 police pursuits in California from 1994 through 1996, one person was killed and four were severely injured.


If the California data are representative, about one-half of one percent of the pursuits in the United States result in fatalities, and two percent in serious injuries. In environments where hostile military or paramilitary vehicles are operating, the need is even greater. For example, the failure to stop an explosive-laden truck at an embassy checkpoint could be catastrophic. Clearly, the security of U. S. and allied personnel would be enhanced by the use of an effective non-lethal Vehicle Disabling Weapon (VDW).


ADVANTAGES- A major advantage of the VDW is that it utilizes the type of electrical energy that most effectively disables modern internal combustion engines. Of the several methodologies evaluated, the Final Report of the Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies recommends the direct injection of radio-frequency (RF) current as,

“the best approach to stopping ground vehicles because it is the most likely to achieve irreparable damage to the target and is more likely to operate effectively each time.”

Another major advantage of the VDW is its standoff capability. Its theoretical two-kilometer range greatly exceeds that of other non-ballistic weapons. A police officer or soldier using the VDW would therefore be in far less danger from a hostile target. Moreover, such range would allow the VDW to be employed from a concealed position, thus offering the operator further protection.


(The range could be extended by the development of more powerful lasers.)

The Vehicle Disabling Weapon is easily directed. The target may be acquired either by a radar-controlled servomechanism or the manual alignment of a coaxial beam of visible or infrared light. A further advantage is that the VDW may incapacitate one target among many without affecting the others, or swept across a large number of targets to disable them all. Because the VDW is simple to use, it should not significantly affect the operator’s ability to control his own vehicle.


The VDW requires little total power to inject its single electromagnetic pulse because the energy is conducted rather than radiated. Of additional value is that the VDW is state-of-the-art. The ability of RF energy to damage the electronic controls of internal combustion engines has been demonstrated many times (Society of Automotive Engineers, 1999). A few of these demonstrations used RF energy radiated through the air. As disclosed by Sutton and Rains (1994), intense bursts of broadband (70 to 1500 MHz) energy from a large dish antenna may disable an automobile’s microprocessors. However, the angular width of the radiated beam is about thirty degrees.


This allows its rapid dissipation and possible interference with other equipment. And, as Grove and Reeser (1999) report, “Typical tests cause the vehicle to reduce power or stall, but the vehicle resumes operation upon removal of the radiation.” The direct injection of RF energy into electronically governed vehicles has been shown to be the most efficient means of stopping them. In an extensive series of experiments at the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University, RF energy from 250 kHz through 500 MHz was conducted by wire into several types of civilian and military vehicles.


In those tests, 300 microsecond pulses of RF current caused the malfunction of the electronic components damaged most of the electronic systems, and a field strength of 100-1V m destroyed them. The most commonly induced failures were of the airflow sensor and the crankshaft position sensor. The destruction of those units permanently disabled the vehicle. The higher frequency currents were more effective because they more easily penetrated the seams in the vehicle bodies, and thus more easily reached the cabling of the otherwise shielded microprocessors. In addition, the higher frequencies more closely matched the cable lengths and therefore coupled more energy into them.

Don’t forget, this sheriffs’ program will only catch some of the aliens some of the time. It is designed to goad the public to make the government take action to force the aliens to change or stop their harvesting operations here.

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.”

- Henry David Thoreau

“If I can’t find them, maybe they can find me.“
- Major Greg “Pappy” Boyington

USMC, WW2 Ace Fighter Pilot, Quote made after Pappy sanded all the camouflage paint off his fighter plane and polished up the aluminum skin so the Japanese pilots could see him better and come up to fight.

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The human race may face total genocide if the aliens determine we pose enough of a military threat to them. Over the last 40 years the aliens have done an excellent job of reconnaissance to feel out our military capabilities, right down to snatching airmen off of military aircraft in flight. Currently, only the US military is preparing countermeasures. We have deployed some particle beam weapons, and reportedly have a triangular shaped spacecraft, called the TR3-B that uses a propulsion system copied from the aliens. It may be a military craft with weapons systems.


It is said to be 200 feet long. Art Bell and his wife witnessed one of them at 300-foot altitude silently fly slowly over their house in Pahrump, Nevada. It was heading directly toward Area 51. Unless the US and all the other governments gear up their defense industries, we could be replaced. If we are in a position of military strength, we can face down the aliens and force negotiations to end this problem. If they need food, we can supply their needs from alternate sources.

Richard Hoagland and other UFO researchers believe there is an inner circle” in control of the captured UFOs and alien technology. Others believe the inner circle or an underground government is assisting the aliens in their efforts, in exchange for their own safety, or alien technology. While probably just conspiracy theories, those possibilities need to be addressed when open congressional hearings are held. Otherwise any defense preparations could be compromised, and countered by the aliens. The small saucers being built at the Northrup-Grumman plant could wind up being used against us by the aliens.

Our top government officials may have been misled by the “inner circle” into believing the small saucers will be used to evacuate our top civilian and military leaders if the aliens attack. If traitors are in control behind the scenes, the evacuees could wind up being the first into the meat packing plant.


That would be a sneaky way to eliminate our leadership, leaving people in charge with no grasp of the big picture. A thorough background and security check of key intelligence people is needed. If the rumor is true that our military reactivated an alien base on the Moon and staffed it with 2500 to 5000 people, it is in jeopardy if they are sold out by the inner circle, they could be an appetizer for the aliens.

We should not underestimate the military capabilities of the aliens. Just because we only found lasers and particle beam weapons on their crashed or captured craft, doesn’t mean that’s all they have. Several abductees have reported they were told by a small faction of good Grays that most of the Grays are evil, and all other alien races are afraid of them. They could have some of the most advanced weapons in the galaxy.


I don’t think they have risked exposing any major weapons systems to being captured on the small saucers they’ve been using for abductions. The small craft they now use seem to be unarmed. I’m sure the aliens are smart enough to not let a superior weapons system fall into our hands in an accidental UFO crash. We know crashes happen.

Congress may never find the people behind the scenes. Putting new people in charge of all the sensitive projects may be necessary. The inner circle could be behind military downsizing, NASA cut backs, and nuclear disarmament. The US military is less than half as strong as it was 12 years ago. The Russian government is in such bad financial condition they can’t even pay the people guarding their nuclear weapons and material.


If nuclear bombs or missiles were sold to terrorists or countries that support terrorism, it could result in an attack on the United States that would cripple us and make us an easy target for the aliens. If the Russians leave their nuclear weapons unguarded, the aliens can destroy them. The Grays, in a sneak incursion, have already reportedly taken nuclear material out of one of our missiles in an underground silo at a heavily guarded base. The supposedly alien controlled inner circle could have engineered current political instability in Asia. It could lead to more chaos and war.


We can never lose sight of the big picture. Global problems can cause disasters in the US. Our economy could become as sick as Russia’s. A worldwide depression would weaken us militarily, as we have learned from history. The Great Depression in our country resulted in the downsizing of our military and curtailment of the purchasing of all military goods. When World War Two started, we weren’t ready or able to stop the German and Japanese military advances. As a result, they overran so much territory, it took 5 long years and millions of lives to drive them back and defeat them.


We can’t make the mistake of being unprepared for the aliens. If we defeated their forces locally with no peace/trade agreements forthcoming, we may have to follow up with an attack against their home world based forces. We will need to have a long-range expeditionary force ready to go. This is not going to be easy for us to do with the distances and logistics involved, but something has to be done. Even if we can force the Reptoids to negotiate, I believe it will only result in a short-term solution. We have to be permanently ready to enforce the peace.

There’s no telling how the aliens will react when they learn our government has copied the equipment they use to live 100,000 years. (Refer to NY Times article about China’s UFO research). It can create internal problems for humanity too if the “secret government” or a New World Order type government uses it only for itself. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, what does eternal life add to the equation? If they can keep a lid on the UFO information for another 100 years, we will have died and they will control the world with no one the wiser.


They can groom their own puppet leaders from the “mortals” or have the “immortals” run things every other generation if they want the power trip experience. So why is it our own government has not been willing to give you eternal life by releasing the technology? They must want the public to be “short timers,” who never get a handle on what’s going on.

They only want your votes and your money. They don’t want you to learn from history. They want you and your children to be condemned to repeat it. Why has our educational system been downgraded? They turn out ignorant people who can barely read or write. All of our school children are given easy access to drugs to fry their brains so they can’t think or even care. The CIA and DEA have both run drugs and allowed huge drug shipments into our country.


Even Clinton was indirectly linked with some major drug running into Arkansas. Is this at the direction of the alien inner circle? Right now this is only a “conspiracy theory.” The facts seem to fill in the holes in the puzzle. If “the masses” are ignorant, dull-witted, and “cattle-like,” this works in the alien’s favor in two ways. We’d pose less of a threat to them, and the Federation wouldn’t consider us sentient.


Then we would remain a big cattle herd for the Grays and Reptilians. If our government has another explanation for what they’re doing, we would all like to hear it. Even ancient Egyptians had South American cocaine in their systems. History is repeating itself. Some things never change. They are using us.

There are several types of equipment that the Grays use that are adaptable into devices that can be used as wide area human nervous system neutralization weapons. They could be used to zonk out entire populations instantaneously. This type of attack would allow the aliens to come in and harvest an entire unconscious population with no resistance. It’s just one more scenario we need to prepare a defense against.


Our nervous systems are definitely vulnerable to this type of electronic neutralization. I believe the clothing the Grays wear shields them from those effects. We need to copy the material, at least for the military and police to wear. Somebody should be ready when the aliens get serious. They won’t be attacking us with weapons that would blow us to bits, anymore than we slaughter our cattle that way. Making MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) that way is much too messy.

We know the Grays have the capability to fly into a missile base or Air Force base and take over the computers controlling everything, as they’ve done it in the past. They damn near fired a Russian ICBM that way after they scrambled its targeting computer. It could have landed and detonated anywhere. We need to protect all our critical bases with anti-UFO batteries consisting of automatically aimed particle beam weapons, high power radar transmitters, and RF weapons. Remember the Nike Missile bases that used to defend our major cities from the Soviet bomber threat in the 1960s? It would be great if the government arranged protection for us civilians too by defending our cities once again.

There is one more scenario to worry about. We need to be really alert for this. Twice in recorded history there have been plagues that generated massive loss of life, immediately followed by major saucer sightings.

The first such “harvest” was the “Black Death” plague in the Middle Ages. The second was the 1918 influenza epidemic that killed 40 million people worldwide. It started at Fort Riley, Kansas Army Base and spread with our troops to the battlefields of Europe in World War One through all the troops on both sides and then around the world. Sounds like a good alien plan. Get the soldiers all in the same place for a big war, lots of available prime bodies, then get them all sick for even more deaths. More bodies. And it is expected cause there’s a war on.


Over 650,000 civilians died from flu in the US. Just like in the Black Plague, the “government” picked up all the dead bodies for disposal and transported them to storage places. In 1356, the Black Death killed one-third the population of Europe. The dead were hauled off by the wagon-load by the “government.” The plague was supposedly caused by fleas carried by rats. Those rats covered a lot of territory! The real “rats” are more mobile.


The Gray alien “rats” are smart. By using a plague as cover for their “roundup,” any written accounts will not implicate them. There was an article in the 4/29/2002 US News & World Report, titled “No Ordinary Plague.” It told that researchers at Penn. State had examined many church records from the time of the Black Plague and found no references to it having been spread by rats. There was no mention of rats anywhere.


Modern scientists assumed it was Bubonic Plague. But the untreated death rate was far higher than Bubonic Plague or any other plague known to science. It is still a mystery how it spread so quickly. Rats are ubiquitous in the spread of modern plague. Well, the rats weren’t ubiquitous during the Black Death, but the saucers and mother ships sure were. There were major saucer flaps recorded worldwide.


Now you know how they spread the disease so far so fast. Forewarned is forearmed. That is the main reason I am writing this book, to warn all of us about the alien’s continuing program to use us as a food source. In the Bible, Revelation 9, 15 tells of evil angels who slaughtered “one third” of the human race. Are you starting to see the pattern? Over and over, the aliens don’t deviate from their harvesting program. They won’t stop eating anymore than we would. And it’s “angels” again in Revelations.

Not God, but some beings that can be seen. God needs no assistance to accomplish His will. The ancient peoples classified floating beings as angels. We know who they really were. Grays. Bringing death in many ways. All yielding high body counts. Take Influenza for instance. It’s Italian for influence. Was it an alien influence? I believe it was. It was a very efficient killer. It really accelerated death in the last year of World War One.


The following is a review of a PBS TV show about the 1918 plague. It appeared in the Feb. 8, 1998 issue of The Wall Street Journal and was written by Barbara D. Phillips. Recently a nasty strain of flu spread across the country. It was called type-a, Sydney. It was starting to fill up hospitals and kill more people than a typical flu strain should.


Then the Avian Flu popped up recently in China, but was quickly brought under control. Then SARS broke out but was quickly controlled. The influence. It may not be over yet. Here is the complete article. What I think is a sinister coincidence, is that the 1918 flu started on a military base. If there were an alien inner circle that has been in operation for thousands of years, the military would be the best cover.


Military intelligence presently seems to be in control of the UFO information. It would be a logical move on the part of the aliens to have the military infiltrated in case of a saucer crash to insure it would be covered up. Kind of like Roswell, and every other crash here and abroad. The military would always be the first to go in and investigate a crash. Since military personnel are sworn to secrecy if they have to deal with a saucer crash, the inner circle is able to keep it their secret.


Here’s the entire article:

By Barbara D. Phillips

Imagine an America in which young, vibrant men and women, seemingly healthy the day before, collapsed and quickly died. In which people could see the relentless march of death from town to town-following the roads, the railroad lines, the postman’s route, but were powerless to stop it. In which the hospitals were so over- burdened that the nurses at a Naval facility in Chicago would put winding sheets around the sailors and toe tags on their bodies before they were even dead.


In which open carts in Philadelphia took to the street to pick up the corpses that were left on the porches like last nights’ trash. In which a doctor told one 12-year- old to “get on the waiting list for a coffin,” and another young boy and his friends played on the filled caskets of those lucky enough to have them. In which neighbors and friends, mothers and brothers, succumbed-the equivalent of 1.4 million Americans today dying in a matter of months. No, this is not a lost episode of the ‘Twilight Zone.” Nor is it the latest sweeps month product of the fevered imagination of Robin Cook or Michael Crichton. This is the chilling-and often intensely moving-true story told in “Influenza 1918,” tonight’s’ chapter in “The American Experience.”

According to one widely accepted theory, the pandemic, which would kill 550,000 to 675,000 Americans and 20 million to 40 million worldwide-began at Ft. Riley, Kans., in March 1918, felling 48 men that spring [their deaths were ascribed to pneumonia] and then seeming to disappear. “That summer and fall,” actress Linda Hunt tells us in the narration written by Ken Chowder, “over 1˝ million Americans crossed the Atlantic for war.


But some of those doughboys came from Kansas. And they’d brought something with them: a tiny silent companion. As it spread, the microbe mutated day by day becoming more and more deadly. By the time the silent traveler came back to America, it had become a relentless killer. The face masks that so many wore proved useless-the microbe passed right through. Vaccines were ineffective- scientists were targeting bacteria, lacking the ability to see, let alone deal with, a virus.


And the war effort- with its bond rallies, call-ups and other crowded public events-hastened the deadly flu’s spread. In October alone, at the height of the epidemic, 195,000 died in the US but by the time of the armistice on Nov. 11, the death toll had begun to plummet. And soon the flu faded away as mysteriously as it had come. [There is no guarantee that a similar deadly flu will not appear again someday].


According to Dr. Shirley Fannin, an epidemiologist who appears in the program,

“in light of our knowledge of influenza and the way it works, we do understand that it probably ran out of fuel, it ran out of people who are susceptible. It’s like a firestorm-it sweeps through and it has so many victims and the survivors developed immunity.”

More Americans died in the pandemic than would die in all the wars of this century combined.

The documentaries living eyewitnesses, now in their robust 80s and 90s, were children when the plague entered their towns, their homes, their beds. And their detailed memories of innocence lost have a Blakean poignancy and terror. We hear of a father’s store where half the employees died of the flu. Of a baby brother’s last words.


Of the phone call that brought the shattering news of a mother’s death. Of a boy who returned to school only to find his playmates gone. As one man, whose family was in the undertaking business, recalls: ‘The fearsome part of it was that these were friends of yours that were passing away, these were whole families that you knew, these were people that you went to school with or church with.” But while individuals still remember, and some books and articles have been published in recent years, the wider world has largely forgotten.


In the aftermath of the war abroad and the plague at home, perhaps it was easier for the nation to look forward. In “Influenza 1918,” we hear excerpts from the nonfiction memoirs of the late Katherine Anne Porter, who as a young newspaperwoman survived the epidemic, only to learn that the handsome lieutenant who had so lovingly nursed her had fallen victim himself and died.


At the end of her fictional telling of that story, “Pale Horse, Pale Rider,” Ms. Porter says:

“No more war, no more plague, only the dazed silence that follows the ceasing of the heavy guns; noiseless houses with the shades drawn, empty streets, the dead cold light of tomorrow. Now there would be time for everything.”*

According to an article in the January 1999 issue of Discover magazine about the 1918 Flu epidemic, virtually every person on Earth became infected in that pandemic. Robert Webster, a virologist, commented about the close call humanity had with the 1997 Avian Flu. That flu was spotted quickly enough and contained. It had spread from chickens to humans in China. Millions of chickens had to be destroyed. The infected humans were quickly quarantined, stopping the spread. Webster said, “If the virus had really adapted to humans, half the world’s population could be dead by now. We’d be looking at the next pandemic.”


What was interesting about the 1918 epidemic also is that it targeted people in the 18 to 35 year old age group. Most of the victims of the Avian Flu fell into the same age bracket. Pretty selective for a dumb virus don’t you think?

So we have harvest by plague, war, religious war, and sacrifice.

Maybe the aliens really don’t kill living beings. They start war and plagues to do it. And use automated equipment and trickery. A recent trick of the Grays is to “inspire” writers to write books, articles, etc., saying there are no UFOs, aliens, and abductees are mental cases. It’s gotten so bad, the scientific community that knows the truth, has coined a cute scientific law to explain the phenomena.


It reads,

“For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert.”

Don’t be tricked into being unprepared. One more scenario to beware: The possibility the Grays make full open contact, pretending to be our friends. Then they come up with an offer to “evacuate” us to “save” us from a coming disaster, like a rogue asteroid, or a deadly solar flare. Don’t believe them. They may be very convincing. After everything else they’ve done throughout history, they are never to be trusted.


Did you ever think it was strange that the Christian, Jewish, and Moslem religion all worship the same God so passionately, but have so easily been turned against each other by “someone.” This has resulted in countless religious wars, crusades, and jihad through the ages. The body count has been high. It is not like any of those major religions worshipped Satan or had practices that could have really enraged the other religion’s followers.


Who could arouse all that anger? We are all God’s children. Aren’t you ashamed we have been tricked into slaughtering each other so many times in the past? The bottom line always is that there is a high body count with lots of unburied dead for the Grays to harvest. We are reaping the harvest for them by killing each other. Take Hitler as an example.


Hitler claimed to have been directed by supernatural voices. He said the voices saved his life during World War I when he was a corporal fighting in the trenches. There were occultists on his staff who led him. It was common knowledge he listened to an astrologer. A hypnotist named Jan Hannesohn gave Hitler techniques in mind control and crowd domination.


I recently came across an account of a 15 year old Jewish boy who went to a Nazi party mass rally to see what was going on with these people who had been persecuting his family. I suspect that he witnessed a session of the Grays exercising emotional and mind control over the German people. The Jewish youth said that when he went into the stadium where the rally was being held, he was immediately and uncontrollably swept up into the emotional fever pitch of the Nazi adoration for their Fuhrer and the Fatherland.


While it was going on, he could think that these Nazis were his enemies, but he could not control what he was doing. When they sang or saluted, he did too. He couldn’t restrain or control himself. And he hated Hitler. What else can explain the situation? I have known many German people and they are the nicest people you could ever want to meet. But somebody turned them into very unfriendly types. Want more proof the aliens were “helping” Hitler?

They purposefully make him make bad decisions. Hitler ignored the sound advice of his top generals on many key occasions. Hitler instead consulted his astrologer, to get the mystical course of action “from beyond.” This caused Hitler to do some very stupid things, like attack Russia, which caused a massive loss of life. Guess who that benefited? The Grays and the Reptoids. The debacle in Russia generated millions of German and Russian bodies for the Grays to pick up, fresh-frozen prime bodies all over the Russian landscape. Beware Grays bearing advice. Or implanting advice into astrologers.


That guidance from the stars we don’t need.

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