Brave words are needed from brave men

There is a critical need for full disclosure to the public of what was found on the Moon, and the alien plan for harvesting us. This need far outweighs any need to remain silent due to a secrecy oath. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are both brave men. What Neil did though took more courage than his trip to the Moon. He went on CSPAN, at the White House, and told a national audience that the truth was covered up.


We need to know the truth. A fatal end may be looming for part of the human race. I believe Neil has been pressured to remain silent, as his nervous body language and trembling voice on the CSPAN tape showed he was under extreme duress. There could be a danger of Neil having an “accident” to permanently silence him. He would be given a first class funeral and have an aircraft carrier named after him like they did for James Forrestal. That would be a tragedy for him and us.

Neil Armstrong is a beloved American hero. If anything happened to him it would create a firestorm of public outrage. At this point, his silence can do irreversible damage. History may judge him very harshly if billions die because fear silenced him. If Neil tells what he knows, he will be far more than a hero. He will be a savior. His lunar landing and exploration was one of the bravest deeds in history. It’s time for one more brave deed. Neil can take one more important step for mankind. Our future depends on his bravery........ Neil, tell us what you found.

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Don’t get sidetracked on this issue. I am writing this book in an attempt to warn everyone of the grave peril we face. I am not trying to convince anyone that their religious beliefs are wrong. In fact many religious beliefs came about because of evil things the aliens have done to us in the past. On the Art Bell radio show on Feb. 24, 1998, Art said that 20% of the mail he received was hate mail. He said the letter writers accused him of being everything from antireligious to the anti-Christ, because he had guests on his show that gave their views on UFOs, etc.


He said an evangelist had even told his church members that anyone who “believed” in UFOs should be stoned to death. That may have been a reference to UFO cults. I am not asking anyone to join a cult, or leave a religion they presently belong to. I have no interest in starting or joining a cult myself. I am not asking anyone to stop believing in God and start believing in UFOs. UFOs and aliens are not a new or an old religion.


In the past the aliens may have started religions as a means of getting their food to come to them. If you want something antireligious, the aliens fit that description. When Whitley Strieber cried out, “God help me,” during an abduction, the Gray alien with him said, “Why do you call for your God? There is no one up here but us.” The Grays act like insects. Their ungodly actions against sentient beings like us, shows they have no consideration for rules a civilized (or religious) race would be expected to follow.


They are like intelligent soldier ants that eat everything in their path. As far as I’ve been able to determine, religion or lack of it has nothing to do with trying to stop the aliens. If you are simply alive, you stand to be eaten regardless of your religion, race, or nationality. A predatory animal has no respect for religion. It’s us against them.


Many or all of us may die if we don’t prepare. We pose a threat to the aliens because we are copying their technology. It would not make sense from their point of view to let us become too strong. By converting us all to storable food now, they avoid big trouble later. Once they clear Earth of all technology, they could breed more people to restock their ranch. It’ll be a restart in the Stone Age.

My reasons for writing this book are simple. I don’t want my family to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want the people of Earth to die. I’m afraid. We all need to be motivated by fear. If you think this is all fantasy, go to your library to section 001.942 and read up on the subject. I did. There are many books with factual accounts about what the aliens have been doing. I will list some of the ones to check out in the suggested reading section in the back of this book.


Go to a MUFON meeting in your area. They are not a religious group. They collect information on sightings and abductions. They probably know a local person who has been abducted that you can talk to personally. I had always thought that people that reported UFO sightings, etc., were just looking for attention and I never took any of it seriously. I started to take it seriously when I found out there were people like Neil Armstrong and President Carter who wanted to bring out the facts of the situation which they know to be true.


They were not allowed to talk by the intelligence community. So I looked into the situation myself. I personally talked to Shirley MacLaine on the Larry King Live show to confirm that President Carter told her the government had recovered UFOs. I next talked to the doctor from NASA at the Richard Hoagland seminar and found out the alien’s plans for us were extremely bad. Then I talked to Buzz Aldrin at his book signing and heard him fearfully deny the existence of alien structures on the Moon, and say that his partner Neil Armstrong would have to be the one to answer for his statement that the truth was covered up. This was in reference to the statement Armstrong made on CSPAN:

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.”

When military intelligence uses fear tactics against famous public figures to suppress information, it has to be very bad news they are trying to hide.

I believe something must be done now, so I am putting my money where my mouth is. I paid out of my own pocket to do research and write full time, and publish this book. The message in this book must be spread quickly. If I took the time to find a literary agent and wait for him to find a publisher, more time would be lost so I found a publisher myself.

There’s a deadline approaching with the emphasis on “dead.” From all available information, the alien mother ship fleet will be here in 1 to 3 years. I don’t know how soon their military fleet will show up in advance to neutralize our military forces. Their military fleet will only destroy military capabilities. I don’t think they will just outright kill everyone. Why waste all that good meat. It will be saved for the harvest.

An unnamed government spokesman recently stated the aliens would be here in 30 to 40 years. Wrong. This is purely disinformation. That “somebody” may be in the alien’s inner circle and have made a deal, or be a long time collaborator with the aliens.

In any event, something bad is coming. Soon. There is a chance I may be wrong about us being destined to be eaten. It we were simply going to be wiped out, the aliens would not show any interest in us, breed us, do physical exams, etc. However, just like cattle, we breed or are bred, we are rounded up periodically and taken away. The aliens collect dead bodies after battles and plagues. The people who are knowledgeable about the alien’s actual plans are very scared of what is coming. The plans are bad, bad, bad.

There are other possibilities what’s coming may be different from being eaten but be just as bad. For instance, when the aliens have bred enough hybrids, they could kill us and give the planet to them. Or they can sterilize us and let us live out our lives with no further offspring, then give the Earth to the hybrids. Nah. Not scary enough. The “scariness” of the plan that the knowledgeable people refer to, could mean we are going to die suddenly, either at the hands of the aliens, or in a plague they start, or a war they get us to fight amongst ourselves.


Thus, we are operating DEW satellites and have been actively trying to shoot down alien craft since around 1984. I wrote earlier in the book about the UFO that the British military recovered in Germany in 1964. I believe it had been shot down. The big trouble starts just before the fleet of mother ships arrive. If we are to have any chance of survival we have to start preparing now.

The aliens told some abductees, “We rearrange atoms.” They have technology to cause cohesive structures of any element or alloy such as steel to fail, melt down, etc. Examples of this are the aliens melting down the M-16 rifles carried by two MPs at an Air Force missile base and two Russian Migs shot down by a UFO mounted weapon energy weapon that blew them to pieces from 20 miles away.


This should make it obvious we need to surprise them before they can bring their weapons into play. We need to build craft and weapons systems that are able to use their tricks against them. How about a missile that uses their type propulsion system and can pass through the skin of their mother ships and detonate inside those larger craft? That would work. If we have recovered and copied their energy weapons, we need to deploy them worldwide in a defensive grid.

The gravest danger comes from being unprepared. This is nothing to mess around with! I have read several books written by or about abductees where they seem to think the aliens have something planned for us we will like. Right. The aliens have been giving the abductees all different types of disinformation. They have even showed groups of abductee surrogate mothers; projected visions of another planet, where they say their hybrid children will be used as workers. Scrawny weak little workers. That makes a lot of sense. The Grays have told abductees there is no God, or that God is only a good life spirit that exists in all of us. Guess they never heard of Hitler, Stalin, or Saddam Hussein.

Everybody’s dealing in disinformation, the government, the aliens, and some authors. They all have their agendas and want to carry them out. I have no hidden agenda. I only want us to arm, negotiate, and be prepared. What would it hurt? Even if we build spacecraft with offensive capabilities, there are a lot of useful and peaceful purposes they could serve. They can intercept enemy ICBMs, or intercept asteroids.


Recently we had an asteroid scare. If we could turn a rogue asteroid away from a disastrous collision with the Earth it would save billions of lives. We can’t survive forever with our heads stuck in the sand anyway. If the Shoemaker-Levy comet that struck Jupiter had struck the Earth instead, we would now be a bunch of debris floating scattered all over the Solar System. If we ever get to the point where we are exploring the universe, we will need to be well armed. If we meet a race as advanced above us as we are above worms, we will need all the help we can get.


Especially if they find us first. While we wait, the alien abduction and implanting program is progressing at an accelerating rate. The aliens are working new areas in an attempt to tag more people in all parts of the world. UFO sightings have increased in the Pacific Northwest in the US, Canada, (along with a huge increase in cattle mutilation across Canada), Mexico, Central and South America, India, Africa (including several sightings of Grays on the ground in the daytime), Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. (Israel has had increasing UFO activity since 1991).


When enough people are implanted, the harvest can begin. Human cattle respond to commands received through their implants. When the aliens transmit the order, the implantees will obey and go wherever they are told to be picked up, or start a war on command. The commands transmitted through the implants make the implantees feel an overpowering urge to go into the woods, etc., like in Whitley Strieber’s routine repeat abductions.

Abduction isn’t the only routine experience we have with Grays.

They’ve become part of our culture. I see their faces on a daily basis on bumper stickers, posters, TV, and T-shirts. I even had a soccer team have a victory party at the arcade I own that was another reminder. The team was called the “Aliens” and they had a “Gray” alien face on the front of their jerseys. The upper part of the alien’s head was in the image of a soccer ball. Volkswagen’s TV commercial for the new Beetle says it’s made from back- engineered UFO parts.


Strange as it may seem, they’re right. Transistors were just part of the technology recovered from the UFO that crashed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Jack Shulman, president of American Computer Company in Cranford, New Jersey, said he plans to release on the Internet 20,000 pages of notes that he acquired from people at Bell Labs. The material is from 1947-1948, and contains information on other devices that were not developed at the time, because they would not have been able to explain where they came from.


Shulman’s company developed a device called a trans-capacitor, based on the plans from Bell Labs. They supposedly store 90 gigabytes of information, and they have an operational prototype of a microchip that holds 90 gigabytes too. Yes, it’s more stuff from Roswell. They have plans for interface circuitry allowing electronic system control by thought. All of these things would have been hard to explain to the public 50 years ago when we didn’t even have hand hold calculators. To date, Mr. Shulman has produced no evidence or documents.


Some people are convinced he has made his sensational claims just to get free publicity for his company. I believe that is a distinct possibility. However, he convinced the publishers of UFO magazine he had something because they had Mr. Shulman on the front cover of their magazine.

Recently the Air Force announced they had developed a system for control of aircraft by thought. The information from the Air Force web site is included in this book. They claim to have developed it from EEG technology as a cover story. No way. You will notice the research team is based at Wright-Patterson AFB, home of the “Foreign Technology Division.” This is where alien technology is back-engineered. A coincidence? Not hardly!


We’ve achieved tremendous progress by copying alien technology. They’re still more advanced, so we need worldwide industrial participation to build up an adequate defense force. The key is information. Our government knows the alien’s plans.


Until they release the information, no other governments will take any defensive measures. They won’t do it just because people like you and me are worried. If our government didn’t tell us about Pearl Harbor, millions of Americans wouldn’t have volunteered to fight, or help build up our industries to produce war material. Well, in the last 10,000 years we have had several Pearl Harbors, where large groups of people have been disposed of.


Those mass abductions were definitely along the lines of sneak attacks. The fact that sightings, abductions, and the breeding program have accelerated shows the aliens are building up to something. We may see it coming on the DEW (directed-energy weapons) satellites, but we are unprepared. We have eyes but no teeth. We need numbers in both ground and space defenses. It’s not Pearl Harbor, it’s Armageddon approaching and if we’re not ready, we face a disaster of biblical proportions. I wish I were more persuasive. I will try harder.


A friend of mine suggested I play “alien’s advocate” to see if the aliens had a pleasant surprise planned for us. I tried. If the aliens had something beneficial planned, the government would tell us about it. It would be good news. They would not be so scared and secretive. NASA would not have hidden a major discovery of alien structures on the Moon for 33 years. I am sure if the astronauts found a library filled with alien information or a storehouse with alien spacecraft and equipment, the public would be thrilled.


What could be beneficial about the cattle mutilation that has been taking place? Are they trying to correct some thing wrong with our cattle? If so, how come they did not cure “Mad Cow Disease?” They are not helping the cows either. If the aliens themselves know they are doing something good for us, why do they have to abduct us against our will and then wipe out our memories of the experience? How do the implants benefit us?


To date the Grays and Reptoids haven’t even made formal open contact with any government or people. Does that mean they want to stay hidden from us? No matter how you look at this whole situation, we are in trouble. Remember, If we don’t try, we can’t succeed.


Countermeasures are needed. Right now. We should remove implants from all abductees. All women should be examined if they have an “unexpected” pregnancy, and have their amniotic fluid checked for alien genetic tampering. If that is found, these women need to be isolated in a secure facility until the child is born.


If the Grays were using the hybrids for food, production workers, or additional breeding stock, this may hinder their plans and throw off their timetable. It could force them to do something stupid. Especially if we took the implants and did something cute with them, like inserting them into some lab rats and using them as bait. I would think the military could set up some creative traps to capture alien ships coming after the rats for an abduction.


If we can capture all of the abduction craft, we should then try to find out where their base is (if the government doesn’t already know) and raid it. If the alien ships use some type of computer navigation program to return to their base, all we would need to do is access the program and use their own ships to transport our troops to the base for the raid. After the local base is neutralized, we need to have a worldwide sweep to remove implants. We don’t need millions of people vulnerable to alien mind control and disorientation when we get into it with the alien harvest fleet. Look what they did to Whitley Strieber.

From his writing, it looks like the Grays have been feeding him disinformation and playing real “mind games.” He admits he has suffered post traumatic stress disorder as a result of many contacts with the Grays. He feels they have a plan to “better” us spiritually, and put us in touch with our soul. There are two possible explanations for this “message.” Whitley is suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome,” or the aliens want him to tell the people of Earth in his next book they are going to introduce us to our souls, and then we will have the “rapture experience.” Read Mr. Strieber’s book “Breakthrough.”


The Grays generated hallucinations and feelings of love and fear in him. The Grays gave Whitley a compulsion to write a book to make us think they have good intentions. They know he has a big following. I like Whitley and don’t like seeing the Grays using him as a Judas goat. The Grays can give you very realistic feelings of religious awe. Remember, it’s not God calling you if there are any Grays nearby.


That’s the problem. We have to keep the Grays away. If they get close to you they can get control of your mind telepathically. When the aliens get into your head, from all available information, you should be able to tell they are not God. God would let you keep better control of your thoughts, emotions and physical activity. Grays overwhelm you. Your nervous system is suppressed for their safety. God would not need to do that.


The implanted devices magnify their degree of mind control and allow them to suppress you at a distance before you can resist. Remember, God will not ask you to get on a flying saucer to go to Heaven! Angels are not colored gray with big black eyes. Recently the aliens have been able to get about 20,000 very religious people to assemble on specific days at outdoor locations in South America and Europe.


The UFOs hovering in front of the crowds are able to make these people think they see the Virgin Mary, etc. Every time they appear, the crowds get bigger as the word spreads. Rapture may soon become capture. When I saw the report of these incidents on TV I was heartsick. Look how easily we can be manipulated by the Grays playing on our emotions and religious feelings. It’s tragic. Are we really that easy? The Grays must be impressed with our gullibility. Wake up people! Stop feeding the aliens!

The aliens recently told an abductee they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of sentient races (see chapter-The Alien Propaganda Machine Comes To Earth). There has to be an underlying reason why Grays have interfered with us for 10,000 or more years. The reason has to be food. If they can get us to do warlike things, they can keep us from being accepted into the Federation they talked about. If they can prove we are not sentient, they are not prevented from interfering with us. It’s almost as if the Grays have a handbook of things to do to keep us classed as cattle. Robert O'Dean said the Grays started all the world’s great religions for their own reasons.


I will shed light on those reasons. There has been more war, death, cruelty and suffering in the name of religion than I care to think about. Turning one religion against another is one way of making us look warlike and downright barbaric. The aliens only have to inspire a few key people with their mind and emotion control machines to start a crusade or a jihad. Wars started for political or economic reasons are just as easy to start.


That’s another book by itself. Remember competing political and economic systems like Communism versus Capitalism, fascism versus capitalism, democracy versus dictatorships? They resulted in World War Two, the Korean War, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, the Cold War, even Desert Storm and the Iraq war. All that made us look very warlike. We know from history that wars are caused by countries being desperate for raw materials. The Grays can cause pestilence or change weather conditions to create famine. Or convince President Roosevelt and the British to cut off all steel, oil, and rubber sales to the Japanese.


Then all trade was cut off, making them desperate. We were their only source of oil. Push the right buttons and wars start. If the Grays get control of our leaders, they can lead us right into war. Don’t be easily led. If war seems imminent, find out if alien handlers are leading our leaders. Don’t fight each other!

Wars make us look warlike. Strike one. The aliens did a good job of proving we are not sentient according to Federation standards. In case no one’s noticed, all of the alien species are telepathic. It’s apparently a prerequisite for being considered sentient. The Grays search and abduct program insures we’ll never meet that prerequisite. They suppress the ESP talent with implants or weed out the humans who are genetically predisposed to telepathy.


Earlier in the book I asked who hears prayers? The answer was telepaths. Again the aliens are using religion for their benefit. When people go to church and pray, or pray anywhere, the aliens pick up strong telepathic signals and can home in on them. The person can then be abducted. The Grays can alter that person’s genetic capability so as to eliminate the ESP trait in future offspring. Some of us still possess very strong telepathic transmission powers.


Our nervous system normally operates at between 200 and 300 volts power. There have been many recorded cases of people under stressful conditions communicating telepathically with a family member at an extremely great distance. Sometimes the range has been more that 10,000 miles.

When your mind steps up the electrical transmission power it acts like the equivalent of a half million-watt transmitter. All religions require prayer. That’s very convenient for the Grays. Remember the little girl who prayed hard to be taken away by a UFO? She got her wish quickly. Think that was a coincidence? UFO researchers haven’t found a common reason why abductees are picked. They all had different physical traits, etc.


Apparently, what many share in common is an innate talent for telepathy. The implants mask that talent from any visiting Federation inspection teams. The Grays have really stepped up their implant operation in the last 20 years. I believe the people targeted may be the last descendants left with any latent ESP talent. The implantees will be the first to be gathered in the next harvest. Once they are eliminated, we may have no chance of ever being classified as a sentient race and just be a food resource for the Grays and Reptilians for eternity. Strike two. If we can stop the Grays and make contact with the Federation ourselves, we can show what the Grays did to get us blacklisted. If we prove we were made warlike by the actions of the Grays and we really are sentient, we may gain admission to the Federation.


Maybe the Federation could make the Grays and Reptoids pay reparations. That would be a home run! If we can’t directly contact the Federation, we may have to wait until their representatives show up again. The rule of no weapons in space may work against the Grays and Reptoids, if there really is such a rule. Since that information came from the Grays, it could be disinformation to lull us into a false sense of security. The Grays and Reptoids may be restricted from bringing any significant weapons to use against us for genocide. It might even explain why they favor war and disease to generate a high body count. It would look like they are not responsible for the death toll. They could still nudge an asteroid into one of our oceans, creating a tidal wave that kills millions quickly.

We need to film and document all of the Gray’s interfering actions, to show to the Federation if we are able to make contact with them. We have good attorneys to present the evidence. The Grays may have been trying to get the super powers to wipe themselves out in a nuclear war, and in previous world wars. If we had wiped each other out, I think there is a possibility the Grays might be able to document that fact to the Federation and take possession of Earth for purposes of “guidance.”

What makes me think this could happen is that there is information out there that the Grays have control over the home world that the “Nordic types” originate from. The Nordics have been seen working for the Grays, mostly as armed security guards at underground bases and on larger ships when many humans are present after mass abduction. The Nordics keep the humans in line and keep them moving. My guess is that they are “muscle” that is also under the electronic mind control program of the Grays. They are like slaves with high tech “chains,” the implants making for far better control than the master’s whip. Your wish is my command. The implants sure give the aliens strong control over our species.


Abductees I have interviewed say they have no control when the aliens command them. They will march right up to the Gray’s ship because they have an overwhelming desire to do so. It is really amazing how much control the Gray’s can have over all of our lives. They can control the spread of deadly disease and natural disasters. So watch out for pestilence, plague, etc. Some of it is not “acts of God.” They are just standard harvesting procedures that the Grays have used before. Unfortunately for us, their methods can cause a tremendous death toll before we can bring them under control.


Any overt actions by the aliens can be quickly spotted by our military, and countermeasures taken. Advance military preparations for most eventualities are the key to a successful defense. There is a way the home front can be prepared for close-in defense. We can use the captured alien weapons against them. The South African Air Force shot down a UFO in 1987. It was reported they recovered several different types of weapons resembling laser or beam type rifles.


The weapons and all crash debris were turned over to the US Air Force and flown back here. A few years later a similar type of rifle was observed, carried by MPs guarding the gate at a top-secret military facility in Nevada. Taking about 6 copies of one of those rifles and mounting them in a pod can quickly create a cheap anti-alien defense weapon for use against the smaller alien spacecraft. This shotgun pattern weapon would make hitting a target easier. It can be mounted on weapons pylons on fighter planes and helicopters.


Larger more powerful ground batteries can be positioned near cities and military installations. A satellite version with a scaled up weapon would be next. Putting a lot of those satellites in Earth orbit could slow down any major incursion.

Putting those satellites into a lunar orbit also would keep any lunar alien bases under the gun. The weapons system should be mounted on naval vessels also, especially since US Navy submarine personnel recently reported that they’ve tracked large UFOs traveling underwater at speeds close to 600 miles per hour. I don’t think the weapons would work underwater, but the UFOs have to surface eventually.


Plans for this weapon can be given to any country, friendly or otherwise, as it’s not a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a close range engagement weapon. AWACS planes can mount them also, to make it hard to neutralize this vital warning system. We may not be allowed to take weapons into space in the future if we become a member of the Federation, but we must always keep them stockpiled here if we are to survive.

Dr. Steven Greer appeared on June 12, 2000’s Coast to Coast AM Radio Show with Mike Siegel. Dr. Greer said that the alien council has taken an interest in us because we are about to become a world civilization. The council thinks we have the potential to eliminate differences between nations. They are also interested and concerned because we have nuclear weapons and our military is beginning to weaponize space.


Dr. Greer said basically a rogue element here is in control and poses an unnecessary threat to these friendly extraterrestrial visitors and their civilizations. He said trillions of dollars are involved in this covert military program run by the “military-industrial-intelligenceuniversity-laboratory complex.” Dr. Greer said the military is using advanced craft and technology in a covert program to do abductions so as to terrorize and panic people to justify large expenditures in the military-industrial sector and also justify the weaponization of space.


Dr. Greer said if we are not careful, and take unprovoked military action against friendly aliens, we could hit a cosmic trip wire and bring massive retaliation on ourselves. Dr. Greer revealed some very interesting information about advanced communication methods and the nature of sentience. He said there is a universal spirit of consciousness that is spread through all conscious beings. The consciousness is a singularity shared by all, a single mind phasing throughout the universe.

Consciously we are one people, one universal consciousness beyond space-time, simultaneously at every space and time in the universe. We are all one being. We all exist in realms not bounded by physics. This explains our capability of having lucid dreams where we can have precognition of the future, mental telepathy, and remote viewing. Some people have talents in this area that are very well developed, like Nostradamus or Ingo Swann.

Dr. Greer talked about one of his witnesses, a Bell Labs’ scientist, who reverse engineered an alien communication device that directly interfaces with people’s thoughts and awareness. It can be used to communicate instantly over interstellar distances. To do that they use scalar electromagnetic fields that are able to interface with energy crossing over the light barrier into realms of energy like astral energy and the thought realm, to create an instant resonance field. I would explain it by saying there is an energy carpet of some kind between here and other points in the universe. If you yank on it here, they get the message there instantly.

Dr. Greer said on the show that his disclosure program was now fully funded and in the next few months he is going to have a “Disclosure News Special” from Washington, DC that will lead to a final resolution of all the secrecy, etc. At that time his now nearly 500 witnesses will reveal what they know about secret military and government projects based on advanced alien technology. He says it will mean the end of the industrial age (outdated mechanical machines will be obsolete) and the start of a new era where all the worlds problems will end. It will mean the end of the internal combustion engine, unreliable passenger airplanes, fossil fuels, global warming, pollution, war, and disease.


He said we have had the technology for decades but it has kept under wraps and only used in covert military programs. Dr. Greer said a top aerospace industry executive who has worked with secret advanced technology for more than 25 years is going to testify. He is going to tell how the military put advanced space-based weapons in place to target extraterrestrial craft and their civilizations. Additionally, Dr. Greer said all secrecy oaths are now non-binding due to their having been administered by unauthorized rogue programs.


The rogue element has been psychologically manipulating our social environment. They have covert programs to ridicule, deny, and contain any real UFO or alien information that the public may find out from any abduction experience, etc. Their military abduction program (MILAB) is designed to generate fear and loathing of space visitors. To that end, he said, the military has developed their own implants and is using the MILAB program to put them into abductees.

He said these false abductions were meant to demonize the extraterrestrials. He said no one really knows if the aliens themselves are implanting people. Dr. Greer said he has witnesses who worked directly with our implant program who will testify at the disclosure hearing. There is only one thing wrong with this picture. The complete picture of what the covert military programs are doing is not being revealed to Dr. Greer.


It is secret information that is highly compartmentalized among the various military and government agencies. There is information known to a very few regarding the real agenda of the aliens. Since Dr. Greer thinks we are the bad guys, he apparently has not run into any witnesses with the complete alien agenda information. I have. I also talked to Debbie Foch, the coordinator at CSETI and asked if any of their witnesses had information about the structures on the Moon. She said no.

If they did have witnesses who knew about the alien lunar structures and the agenda of the Grays and Reptoids, Dr. Greer would be singing a different tune. Dr. Greer apparently has not run into any Grays or Reptoids who will share their agenda with him either. He also has not said that any aliens will be present at his disclosure hearing. Dr. Greer plans to expose the MILAB program.


What if the MILAB program is designed to prevent a harvest of humans? Our military could be planning on using the implants that they have installed themselves, to override the mind control transmitters the aliens intend to use to command any non-implanted people to come to them. The secondary purpose of MILAB could actually be to turn the public against the aliens, and with good reason. Remember Pearl Harbor and 9-11? We were attacked and we were not ready for it. As a result many people died needlessly. Our military knows the harvest is coming.


They have learned from history to be prepared, both from Pearl Harbor and from previous massive human harvests. To get our country mad enough to go to war against the Japanese; we had to be attacked viciously at Pearl Harbor first. The MILAB program could be covertly getting us mad at the aliens “preharvest,” so that the public would get behind the “war effort” before we were attacked. The MILAB program could also be abducting people who the aliens had already implanted so that we can remove the alien implant and substitute one of our implants.


If the aliens harvested a bunch of those people, then our military could send a command to our implants to switch frequencies. Then our military could send commands to the captured people to revolt right on the alien ships. If enough people are implanted with our unit, some are bound to wind up on alien craft. It is like sending in human “Trojan Horses.” Grays are easy to overpower. As we know, black helicopters frequently show up at the residences of many abductees. Those helicopters may carry the teams that do the implant exchanges.


They just zonk out everyone at the right time and do it. Our military can easily find people that the aliens implant because our military has made copies of the alien equipment that homes in on the alien implant’s locator signal.

Dr. Greer said no one knows if the aliens are abducting people. To prove that they are, we have only to look at the people who are being set up by the aliens to spread the word that calling on Jesus will save you from abduction. Only the aliens could have been running that kind of program for the last few years. I say that because the US military would not want the public to think only religion would protect our people. If that happened, all the religious people would believe there was no need to raise funds for defense. Does that sound like what our military-industrial guys want? NO WAY. The aliens would sure like it though. No need for military defenses, just pray. They want to prey while we pray. I say, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” That prayer works.

This is an article by the late Dr. Karla Turner. I thought you would like her view on the subject. She was a dedicated UFO researcher and had findings about the Reptoids similar to mine. I guess that’s what I like about her work.


Encounter Phenomena Defy “Set Pattern
By Karla Turner

It is a myth that alien abductions of humans follow a set pattern or agenda. Perhaps the best known proponent of this theory is Budd Hopkins, who, in his books, made the genetics and crossbreeding scenario familiar to the public. Yet when you read back through those books, you’ll notice that several of the alien encounters seem to have very little apparent connection to an interest in breeding or DNA. And even Hopkins, in the past couple of years, has had to expand his theory to include a definite alien interest in some other things, such as pleasure and pain in humans.

Other well known UFO researchers also harbor restrictive theories about the abduction phenomenon. Jacques Vallee, David Jacobs, Whitley Strieber, Brad Steiger, John Lear, Raymond Fowler, Jenny Randles, Kevin Randle, John Keel and other writers hold a diversity of intelligent, often ingenious, theories, yet each makes the same error; they ignore parts of the abduction evidence—whatever details don’t support their ideas.

Inadequate Theories
Yet it must be clear that any present theory which cannot account for all the known evidence is not acceptable. At best, it can be misleading, especially for victims of abductions who turn to these prominent researchers seeking answers.

A case in point occurred during a conversation I had with a prominent researcher in 1989. In his lectures, this researcher always said that he had certain ways of testing the validity of potential new abduction cases, and one of those ways was the presence of particular scars on the victims’ bodies.


I questioned him about a different kind of scar, one which I knew often appeared on abductees of my own acquaintance, and the researcher denied that such a mark showed up in his cases. “Are you sure?” I asked incredulously. “This mark is pretty common around here, and I’d think it would show up in other places, too. In fact, I know it has.” “No,” he insisted, shaking his head, “the only marks I find are like the ones I’ve already described.” “And this other mark hasn’t shown up at all?” I asked. “No,” he repeated. “Not even once?”


I persisted. “Well,” he said reluctantly, lowering his voice, “there have been a couple of instances. That child I talked about tonight, she had two of those marks, and I think there was another case. But they’re so rare that I have to ignore them. When you have two hundred cases with Scar A and only two cases with Scar B, you go with numbers.” And that was the message he delivered, to an audience where anxious abductees were made to wonder if their anomalous marks meant anything after all, or if, as so many of their friends seemed to think, they were delusions of a troubled mind.

“No Single Pattern”

In truth, however, although there are recurrent events in the abduction phenomenon, there is no single pattern or structure. And until we know what all the events mean, we can’t afford to ignore any of them. What is one to make, for instance, of an ET/Human encounter in which two of the four aliens assisted the abductee in preparing a roast for dinner? Granted, other events occurred in this case, but the dinner was indeed cooked, served and eaten by the abductee’s family less than two hours after the ETs departed.


Other details of this encounter included the manipulation of the abductee’s neck, “for the purpose of instruction,” and a discussion of genetically stored memories and knowledge that can be tapped open in humans. But there was no medical exam, no crossbreeding activity, and no warnings of coming catastrophe, all of which are events that have been used to construct abduction theories. I know this to be true, because it happened to me.

Re: Abduction Article I, Human Duplicates

Another anomalous event involves the duplication or replacement of the human by an alien counterpart. In one instance, a young man and his fiancée were in their car when a “shimmering force” enveloped him. He passed out, but moments later he began to move, acting and talking entirely different. His fiancée became terrified when he tried to drag her out into the dark backyard, where he told her, “Something wants to see you there.”


And only when a friend drove into the yard did the young man return to normal, with no memory of his aberrant behavior during the past ten minutes. Under hypnotic regression, the fiancée described the young man as being kept in the car while the “other one” took his form and tried to control her. She called the “other one” a “hologram” and consistently referred to it as “it,” not “him”. In fact, she said she struggled to get away from “it” and back to the car where “the real” young man was still waiting. Under separate regression, the young man recalled his version of the evening and said that at a certain point he was “turned off” and “unplugged,” yet he couldn’t say what sort of power was then operating his body.


An even more bizarre event happened to a woman in the Southwest during her encounter. She said she was “removed” from her body and stored in some inexplicable way, still aware, however, and able to communicate with her captors. They told her that another entity was now using her body, that it was going through all her regular activities, and that no one would be able to tell the difference. The day after the abduction when she returned to her job, she found that her body had indeed been at work, even though she herself was somewhere else.

“Interdimensional Being”
These alien intruders apparently can behave and appear in a variety of ways. In one man’s experience, a human-looking woman often appeared, although she claimed she was an interdimensional being whose real appearance was not what the abductee saw. At times she would be “completely there” and very three-dimensional, but at other times only her head would be visible, or her head and hands.


The evidence from several cases also shows that the aliens have an odd interest in our animals, yet this is hardly mentioned in standard abduction research. During a period of intense ET activity in my family’s life, for instance, our dog was somehow moved one night from a fenced backyard into a locked garage. And the same dog, conversely, woke us up one morning barking in the backyard, when it had been put in a locked garage the night before. In both cases, there was no sign that either the gate or the garage door had been opened. The old dog was quite blind, at any rate, and would have had trouble getting anywhere even if both passageways had been clear.

Pet Puzzler

Transporting dogs turned up again in the case of a UFO researcher. Her dog slept outside, yet in the middle of the night, she was awakened by his wet tongue on her face. She and the dog were in her bed, but her bedroom door was still locked, as was the outside door, and there were two other doors closed in between them. Horses also have been moved, leaving their abductee-owners to track them down in corrals far distant from where the animals had been locked away for the night.


It’s hard to imagine the purpose of such events, yet they are part of the larger phenomenon and must have some relevance.


There also seems to be a connection between abductions and the disappearance or appearance of possessions and other objects. One of the more humorous episodes occurred when a researcher was visiting another city and staying as a guest in our home. The day had been spent in work with other abductees, and that evening the group ordered Chinese food.

Re: Abduction Article I, Preferred Utensils Appear
As we sat eating the food, the researcher remarked that she preferred eating Chinese food with chopsticks, but we didn’t have any. After the meal, the researcher went to her room then returned moments later with a very puzzled expression. “I thought you didn’t have any chopsticks,” she told my husband. “And I certainly didn’t mean for you to go out and buy them! But thank you anyway for being so thoughtful.” She held out a pair of chopsticks wrapped in paper and smiled. “Where did you get those?” he asked in amazement.

“They were on my bed,” she replied. “Didn’t you put them there?” “Of course not!” he exclaimed. “There aren’t—weren’t—any chopsticks in the house, I promise you. And I haven’t gone anywhere!” Other objects have appeared out of nowhere, such as metal balls falling from abductees’ bodies when they rose from their beds the morning after an encounter.


In another instance, a mother saw what looked like a white book floating horizontally in her son’s bedroom, but when she went in, there was no book to be seen. In one abductee’s home, a fish disappeared from their aquarium, and then it reappeared ten days later, twice as large as it had been. Within 24 hours, however, it died, as did all the other fish in the tank.

Women In Distress
Perhaps the most remarkable and disturbing set of cases concerned two women I know but who are unacquainted with each other. The first woman awoke one morning to find her bed soaked with blood. It was during her menstrual cycle, yet she was surprised to have bled so profusely as to soak through the tampon she had inserted before going to bed. When she went to the bathroom to clean up, she could find no tampon to remove.


Frantically, she searched her bed, the bedroom, and finally her entire apartment, but the tampon had disappeared. A few days later, she related the incident to me, but neither of us knew what to make of it. A month passed, and I received a call from the second woman, who lived far away from me. She was perplexed by an event of the previous night and wanted to tell someone about it. This woman was having her menstrual cycle also, and the night before had put on a sanitary pad before going to bed.


Several hours later, she woke up and decided to go change the pad, as she was an unusually heavy bleeder. In surprise, however, she found the pad was spotless, and then she felt something inside her. She told me that she removed the tampon, but couldn’t understand how it had gotten there. “I haven’t used tampons in ten years,” she said, “so this doesn’t make any sense.”

Anomalies In “Typical” Reports
Anomalies have turned up in some cases that might otherwise seem to follow the “typical” abduction sequence of going into the “ship,” undergoing an examination and being returned with little or no memory. Sometimes, for instance, the surroundings in the “ship” are described as messy or dirty, with foul odors and signs of sloppy housekeeping.


Sometimes the interior is said to be crowded, buzzing with numerous entities engaged in rapid, inexplicable movements from place to place. Even more unusual are those accounts of abductions to inner space rather than outer space. In these cases, abductees tell of being taken into large underground complexes, and their descriptions very often include earthly—perhaps military—apparatus as well as the presence of both humans and aliens working together.


These underground areas are reached through long vertical or corkscrewing tunnels, the abductees say, and in one case the place looked like a movie set of an old Western town.

Re: Abduction Article I, “Bathroom Settings”
A third anomalous episode, which may have taken place aboard a craft or in an underground setting, involves abductees taken into “bathroom” settings. There they are made to get into “stalls” with or without toilets, and in most cases the abductees are thoroughly frightened by the events that occur in these surroundings, often having to do with examination of their sexual organs.

Most of these anomalous details have come from a relatively small group of abductees, yet similar cases are known elsewhere. In the instance of the odd scar, which began this discussion, there are cases of the triangular pattern turning up all over the world, yet no prominent researcher has acknowledged this. The scoop marks and straight-line cuts are well known, but just as frequent are less permanent scars and marks.

Single, double and multiple puncture marks appear on abductee’s bodies, as do wide paths of subcutaneous purplish smears, triangles and other shapes made by skin discoloration rather than punctures, and long claw-mark scratches, usually numerous, accompanied by even longer welts of unbroken skin.

Challenge To “Positive” Theories
As to researchers who claim that the ETs are here to help us evolve to some higher consciousness or that they are here for some other positive purpose—saving our planet, promoting world peace, etc.—I challenge those researchers to incorporate anomalous data into this view. What about those people who suffer total breakdowns after their experiences? What about those who undergo wild personality changes, who find themselves obsessed with deviant sexual behavior they never had before, often leading to the breakup of marriages and friendships?


These things have happened numerous times, but no researcher has yet explained the higher purpose behind such results. Particularly disturbing are those cases where previously healthy individuals have an ET encounter and then develop debilitating or terminal illnesses. It is well known that many women suffer gynecological problems after their experiences, often leading to hysterectomies.


But other instances have shown the development of severe fatigue, horrible swelling and itching, and even cancer. Where are the positive effects in these cases? Theories are starting places for research, not proven conclusions, and UFO researchers must be willing to expand and alter their pet theories according to the data that they uncover. It would be wonderful if we could shape ET experiences into something positive, but until the details of abduction encounters—all the details—are given serious consideration, I think it is dangerous to cling to theories that ignore data that will not fit. We owe it to ourselves to seek the whole truth.

(Karla Turner, Ph.D. received her doctorate in English studies from the University of North Texas and was a university teaching fellow for over a decade. Author of the recently released, “Into the Fringe”, she has researched the UFO phenomenon and worked with abductees since 1988.)

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