Real facts about the real people

The fictionalized characters in the first few chapters of this book are based on real people. They have experienced the real abductions or other alien encounters described. I changed their names for legal and privacy reasons. It is very important that you understand we face a real problem. For that reason I’m including here information from newspaper articles written about the actual people involved. These articles were written by Billy Cox of Florida Today newspaper.


After I recap Billy’s articles, I’m going to include some late breaking archeological news and other recently released information. I will also include my interview with Sam Phillips, an abductee Billy Cox wrote about in Florida Today, and a lady I am calling “Karen,” who I am writing about to show the aliens want to keep their activities secret.

Billy Cox wrote an article in Florida Today on 1-1-95 titled:


Billy Cox recounted how a silver disc shaped UFO was filmed by both news crews and NASA tracking cameras when it flipped across the Space Shuttle Columbia’s flight path during it’s Oct. 18. 1993 launch.

Billy interviewed Joe Jordan, the local MUFON president, soon after the sighting. Joe told him a friend of his that worked with the movie tracking crew at NASA, had supplied him with a copy of the film. It was analyzed by MUFON’s film analysis lab. They determined it was a three-dimensional object, not a lens flare. Billy also told of the Primetime Live TV show that reported a 1983 incident in the Ukraine, USSR where a 900-foot diameter UFO hovered over an underground missile silo and,
on purpose, remotely caused the launch sequence to initiate. The missile crew barely got the missile under control before it fired. It could have gone anywhere, as the aliens had scrambled the missile’s targeting computer.

On April 27, 1995 Billy wrote another article titled:


This article covered the abduction experiences of Ginger Thompson and Sam Phillips. (I ran into Sam Phillips at a UFO seminar at the Cocoa Beach Hilton on Oct. 30, 1998. 1 interviewed her and I am including the information in this chapter. She has been abducted many times since she was a small child).


Billy’s article also disclosed Ginger Thompson’s suppressed abduction memories, brought out by hypnotic regression. Ginger only initially remembered being lifted up an amber colored beam of light into the alien craft before passing out. She woke up on an examination table. Her forehead felt like it was hard frozen. A Gray alien put his little hands over her eyes. The next thing she knew, she woke up in bed. Months later, Ginger underwent hypnotic regression. She was able to recall details from her abductions.


She remembered a Gray alien letting her look through an 8 by 3 foot convex window into space, walking through curved hallways on the craft, and being examined by a scanning machine shaped like the tapered end of a broad aircraft wing. A Gray ran it over Ginger while she lay on an examination table. Many of Ginger’s abduction memories are still firmly suppressed. Sam Phillips, on the other hand, remembered most of the details of her many abductions, recounting some typical experiences in the article.

On Sept. 11, 1996, Billy Cox wrote another article titled:


The article showed that newspapers, radio and TV news and talk shows have increased their coverage of the abduction problem. Ginger Thompson was even featured on the Maury Povich show. (Almost every time there is a local UFO related incident here in Central Florida, TV news crews and newspaper reporters interview Ginger Thompson as our own local expert victim of the alien menace). On the Povich show Ginger met a woman from Massachusetts who recognized her from being abducted at the same time by the same alien UFO crew. Small world!

I wonder, has this small world ever been ours? At night, it definitely belongs to the Grays.

Now for the late breaking archeological news. Evidence has been unearthed in ancient Sumer revealing the continuing pattern of alien intervention and control of mankind. Language specialists have translated thousands of clay tablets detailing every facet of Sumerian life. The Sumerians reported that the “gods” had given them the ideas and plans for all of their tools, weapons, the wheel, laws, money and a form of writing (cuneiform).


The “gods” said the tools and the Sumerians all belonged to them. (“We own you.” Does that sound familiar?) The Sumerians were told they were put here to perform sacrifices to the “gods.” Sumer was made up of city-states populated by citizens of the same blood. They were in a constant state of war with each other, just like the later Greek city-states, with no one city ever achieving a lasting victory. They only achieved high body counts. A warlord governed each city. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of trouble that type of leadership will cause (“WAR”-lord?).


Some things NEVER change. The “gods” gave them a map of the solar system showing accurate details about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Modern astronomers did not discover those planets until 1781, 1846, and 1930, respectively with the use of telescopes. The Sumerian kings reportedly lived 1000 years, 900 years, etc. This is very similar to biblical stories of ancient Hebrews living 900 years. Did the aliens utilize their time dilation field generators to give those people long life? Or was it stronger non-unraveling DNA? What would happen differently if we all lived longer?


We would breed more children in our long lifetimes that would breed more children in their long lifetimes. If you stayed young for hundreds of years, you would continue wanting to breed. Especially if you were under instructions from “supreme beings” to “be fruitful and multiply.” Viewed in the context of a breeding program, that message takes on a very sinister character. Large populations gave the aliens more “cattle” at harvest time. The Sumerian religion required people of breeding age to take part in temple orgies on a regular basis. The “gods” required it. That was an “accelerated” breeding program. More sex equals more offspring.

Overpopulation never became a problem in Sumer or any other ancient society with a “religiously inspired” breeding program. Wars for one reason or another were always easy for the “gods” to start. Then the “gods” picked up their slaughtered “cattle” from the battlefield. When the Sumerians performed sacrifices in their temples, they were required to collect the blood for the “gods.” Other ancient religions around the world had the same practice.


The “gods” are bloodthirsty. Even today all mutilated cattle are drained of blood. Again, some things NEVER change. The Sumerian writings also took note that during the full Moon, large numbers of pregnant women would go into labor. Men and women would go crazy for sex. Women would go through their menstrual cycle shortly after the full Moon if not impregnated. Today, if you were to ask the emergency room and obstetrics staff at hospitals, they would tell you they are swamped when there is a full Moon with fight victims and labor ward cases.


Police departments have always reported upswings in craziness during a full Moon. Again, some things NEVER change. But why does it happen? Did the aliens use some kind of electronic apparatus buried near population centers to stimulate our nervous systems? Do they use devices that are triggered on a regular basis by lunar gravity? Or did they set up our DNA to respond to the full Moon? Maybe we’re all “lunatics” on a genetically controlled level.


The major patterns keep repeating themselves throughout history. Breed. Populate. Slaughter. Ancient Rome was the same way for its citizens, but not its slaves. Breed (orgies there too), populate, slaughter (warfare during conquest and coliseum entertainment). They even practiced concentration of the “cattle,” having nearly all of the population live within the city limits or walls.


In Sumer most of the population lived within the city walls. When the Romans carved out their own empire, all conquered lands were divided up into vast estates that were given to influential rich Roman citizens. All of the people who had been living on the land were driven into the cities to be used as workers for hire or slaves. The countryside of many countries was left completely devoid of people. Concentrated “cattle” usually breed more often than widely dispersed cattle.

Unfortunately for the Roman Empire, they interfered with the widespread breeding program of the Grays by enslaving the populations of the conquered countries. This drastically curtailed those populations ability to breed freely. That combined with the Pax Romana eliminating wars in the areas of occupation, meant less dead bodies for the Grays to pick up. That doomed the Roman Empire. It was torn apart by civil wars, religious wars, and wars with people in the captive countries. Gee, I wonder who started those wars.

From Sumer straight through to modern times, many of the rulers of the various countries of the world acted as if they were under the control of the aliens. Most rulers kept their populations concentrated and firmly under control. The ruler’s word was law. There was very little personal freedom anywhere. Most of the state religions encouraged their members to have large families.


Those large families gave the rulers a lot of cannon fodder that could be expended in war. Well the cannon fodder was also Reptoid fodder, sent to slaughter (war) when it was harvest time. Even today, vestiges of the old breeding programs are alive and well within several different major religions. I am not referring to any major modern religions. There are still many primitive religions around the world that practice fertility rites to this day.

The aliens have utilized religion to firmly control us in the past.

Another example: When they needed a body count to harvest but didn’t have time to start a war, they would start a plague. In 1349 half the world’s population died in the Black Death. Forty million people. The aliens sped up the spread of the disease using mind control on the population. The Grays compelled “religiously inspired” people to wind in long lines that stretched between all the towns in Europe.


These people would hold a mass religious rally in each town along the way, thoroughly spreading the disease. Grays know how to run the Reptoid’s ranch. They have to improvise when it is not possible to start a war, or the geographical situation in a country makes it difficult to implement a plague. Often the Grays will get a leader to slaughter his own people. For instance, Stalin liquidated five million Russian peasants so the state could seize their land. Stalin certainly wasn’t religious, just another ruler controlling people and ordering them to be slaughtered. Saddam Hussein has killed many of his own people, and started wars against Iran and Kuwait.


Pol Pot liquidated two million people in Cambodia to eliminate all intellectuals and the educated middle class. This was a bonus for the aliens. Ignorant people statistically breed more children than educated people. The Reptoids like that. In America we have a more humane way of eliminating the intellectual class of people. Our schools have been downgraded to the point that many people are functional illiterates when they graduate. Society is indoctrinated by the media that intelligent people are nerds and freaks. The smart kids in school are singled out by the ignorant for abusive treatment. School then becomes a survival course for the smart kids.


Many give up or turn to drugs, thereby permanently damaging their mental faculties. Drugs have been imported in large quantities by US government agencies. That practice was exposed on several occasions. The CIA, the DEA, even Border Patrol personnel were involved. The government could stop the flow easily, but drug zombies also make contented “cattle.” The upswing in crime keeps everybody distracted from trivial problems like UFO encounters. Don’t forget, South American cocaine was found in the bodies of ancient Egyptian mummies.


This alien inspired drug trade needs to be stopped. Some things never change. Religion used to be called the “opiate of the masses.” We know the Grays were behind a lot of things involving religion. Now they are once again using drugs to control their cattle. There used to be many opium dens in China and many thousands of opium addicts before the Chinese Communists took over. They executed all the addicts and den owners. Hmmm. More bodies. There seem to be bodies generated no matter what happens.

Recently the Grays initiated a very underhanded, deceptive program to lure devout Christians to their death. The Grays are past masters at using our religious beliefs against us. What they are doing shows how truly evil they are. Here’s what’s been occurring. The Grays have attempted several dozen abductions across the US. When the abductees realize they’re being kidnapped, they call out for Jesus to save them.


The aliens immediately stop the abduction and quickly scurry away. The “almost abducted” victims then tell everybody that calling on the Lord Jesus Christ stopped the aliens and caused them to leave. Surely this must be the answer to ending abductions! Jesus will save us! ......... What’s wrong with this picture? Are the aliens deviating from their routine methods of operation? Yes. Usually when the Grays do an abduction, they first paralyze the victim so they can’t move or call out.

When it’s time to leave, the Grays erase the conscious memories of their victims. Neither of those steps has been followed with these particular religious people. The aliens are backing off on purpose when the fully awake subjects call out in terror for Jesus to save them. The Grays WANT the word to spread that prayer to Jesus is the only defense needed if you ever face abduction. This ploy has succeeded.


One book has already gone into print to spread this method of salvation from aliens. Joe Jordan, president of my local Florida MUFON chapter, has coauthored another book about the topic that is to be released soon. I had a three-hour discussion/argument with him on this subject. Joe said he had collected information from many people across the country proving faith in Jesus would save you from the aliens.


He said this proved that if they came to harvest and kill us, our souls would go straight to Heaven. He believed we should look forward to this rapture and willingly go to meet our maker. The Grays are evil demons sent by Satan, Joe said, but Jesus would rescue our souls if we called on Him at the time of our death.

Resistance against the Grays was not necessary. My view is that the Grays are very clever beings who have outfoxed us. If they are demons, by sacrificing ourselves we are just letting evil take our lives without a fight. If their intention is to just kill everyone and turn the planet over to hybrids, man will be extinct. For the benefit of the trusting religious people, I state the following: IT’S THE FOOD CHAIN, STUPID.


In three and a half billion years, God has showed NO favoritism for one of HIS creatures over another in HIS food chain. The Roman’s fed thousands of Christians to the lions in front of huge crowds of pagan spectators. If God wanted to make a statement or take action like the parting of the Red Sea to save them, that would have been an appropriate time.


During World War Two, 1100 men wound up floating in the Pacific Ocean after the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine in 1945. God did not interfere. 800 men were eaten by tiger sharks. Remember that when God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, the Egyptians weren’t chasing them to eat them. When God protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo from the fiery furnace, no one was trying to cook them for dinner. You’re probably thinking, what about Daniel in the lion’s den?


Well, what about the 300 men who were not eaten by the sharks? The first 800 filled the sharks up. It’s not too miraculous if the prison guards had already fed the lions so many people that they had no room left for Daniel. It could be a miracle that Daniel was in the den at just the right time. That way God did not interfere in HIS food chain.



If the Grays really were demonic representatives of Satan, do you think if you committed suicide by letting them kill you, your soul would not go straight to Hell anyway? Evil exists when good men fail to act. Wouldn’t you rather send these “demons” back to Hell? Arm yourselves! They have been pulling strings and pushing our buttons to disarm humanity of small arms, nuclear weapons, and military forces.


Our military was downsized. Weapons pose a threat to the aliens. If they were truly supernatural demons, they wouldn’t have to sneak up on us at night while we’re asleep to abduct us. They would not need SPACECRAFT or ADVANCED TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT. Demons would not need to implant ELECTRONIC MONITORS and TRACKING DEVICES in your body to locate you. Demons should be able to tune into your soul.


They even have to use Antigravity BEAMS to lift you up into their ship. They can’t fly. Maybe they’re supernaturally handicapped demons, who have to use special equipment to do their jobs, but I haven’t seen a UFO park in a handicapped parking space yet. Remember all the trouble the Irish used to have with the “little people” for hundreds of years. We now know who those “little people” really were.


As devoutly Catholic as most of the Irish are, I would think that if they could stop the activities of their night visitors by calling on Jesus, we would hear about it in Irish folklore. Please, see the Grays for what they are; advanced beings relying on us for food away from home, and as food suppliers to the Reptoids. All things being equal, the simplest explanation’s usually the correct one.

It’s an easy concept to understand. Our meat is just as edible to a shark as beef or chicken would be. I’m sure if these “aliens” are able to eat us, we could eat them. Maybe they taste just like chicken. I don’t advocate eating beings that are sentient. Just killing them in self-defense. If the aliens need meat, we can raise extra cattle for them. We could raise genetically altered cattle so the meat tastes like humans, if that’s what the Reptoids like.


We could trade meat for advanced technology and knowledge, much like the inner circle operating within several governments previously may have tried to do with the aliens. Then we would all benefit from the technology. The bottom line is; we have to be strong enough to force negotiations. There is a high probability the aliens will take massive corrective action. Too many facts point to them getting prepared to eliminate any possibility of us ever again posing a military threat to them.


They are not stupid. Do not underestimate them. They’ve scouted out the down sized and weakened militaries of the US and Russia. They’ve tested the military responsiveness of the Russians and our allies too. If we don’t prepare a massive defense we’re toast (or MREs).

There was an interesting news item on CNN on 11-20-98. It told of Adolph Hitler having been treated by a psychologist shortly after World War One. The doctor hypnotized Hitler and gave him a posthypnotic suggestion that he would have the personality to achieve a miracle and rule the world. It was chronicled in a book about the Nazi era titled “Eyewitness.” My question is was that doctor working for our alien masters?


It’s real easy to influence the simple-minded. Right after World War II, a large alien fleet showed up and restocked with the MREs accumulated during the war. There were thousands of UFO sightings in 1947, and again in 1952 over Washington, DC in plain sight, and over many other major cities around the world. Not just single craft, but formations of 15 or 20 saucers. They were apparently studying how much we’d progressed since the last time they passed by. One UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the rest is history.


They seem to have had a hand in too many of these high body count tragedies. The Grays have told abductees they don’t kill living beings. By getting us to commit wholesale slaughter on each other, they can just load and stack meat for transport and not have to supply guards, oxygen, or other amenities when transporting people to the MRE plant on the Moon. They also don’t have to carry or use equipment to neutralize our nervous systems prior to transport if we are already dead. They don’t even have to slaughter their “cattle.” They make us do it for them on conveniently located battlefields.

I conducted an extensive interview with Sam Phillips. The experience has left me in a state of awe and amazement. Sam has been abducted dozens of times since she was a small child. She has a clear recollection of events during most of her abduction episodes. I learned many fascinating facts and details about the Grays and their spacecraft. It made me realize UFO researchers haven’t been sharing all they know.


They use hypnotic regression on abductees, amassing large quantities of information. When they write their books about the subject, they get stingy with the facts. There are many fascinating details I will share with you regarding the aliens, their spacecraft, and methods of operation.

UFO Characteristics:

Whenever the aliens abducted Sam Phillips, they’ve used large UFOs for the mission. The smallest craft she’s seen was eight times the size of a Greyhound bus. Usually though, the Grays abducted Sam using a 150 foot diameter craft. Sometimes the craft they used was so big she couldn’t get a visual handle on its size. When aboard the really big craft, Sam was able to see that you could fit a football field inside.


Sam said control console panels on the craft had gauges, knobs and switches on them. The gauges, knobs and switches were all lit from within in various colors. They’d all simultaneously cycle progressively from dim to bright to dim about once a second. There were never any TV-type monitor screens visible or any sound type communication systems in use. They do have a holographic screen they activate against a wall that has Korean looking letters scrolling down it from top to bottom. They can activate another holographic screen to give a view outside the craft.


When the craft is in flight, there is a faint background noise like the high pitched whine of an electric generating plant. There were no audible alarms, chimes, buzzers, etc., or flashing warning devices. Everything operated silently. The aliens were never seen to stop what they were doing and quickly respond to an emergency situation.


The craft may have an artificial intelligence threat management computer system. It could respond to any threatening situation with no input required from the alien crew, and do it at computer speeds. This is the next step above an autopilot. It is an auto fighter pilot. There is artificial gravity throughout the ship. When Sam was led to different levels on the craft, she was always held to the floor by gravity. She said the aliens seemed to prefer floating along beside her, one foot above the deck. Since aliens have been observed floating in Earth gravity situations, both indoors and out, they must carry a small device to neutralize gravitational effects on their body and propel them forward.


The Gray’s bodies have directional flight while weightless in their ships artificial gravity environment also. Sam never saw how they did it. They must carry a miniaturized personal type field propulsion unit. When the aliens moved Sam from one level to another, it was always by means of circular inclined ramps that ran around just inside of the outer edge of the craft. There was no other method of going to a different level, no stairs, escalators, light beam lifts or fireman’s poles.


Unlike our airplanes and spacecraft, there is no sense of motion or momentum in flight on the UFOs. When a human is brought into the ship by the light beam lift, there’s no feeling of upward motion. Sam said you could see you’re moving upward at about 10 feet per second, but that’s the only clue you’re moving. If your eyes were shut you wouldn’t know you’re in motion.


Another characteristic the alien craft have in common is that the temperature on board is uncomfortably cold for humans in pajamas. I asked Sam if it was ever cold enough to see your breath. She said sometimes it was. This means the temperature is kept in the 40 degree Fahrenheit range on the craft. The aliens also do not use any small devices or tools in processing or examining abductees. As a result, nothing is ever seen lying around the spacecraft that could be removed as a souvenir. Any exam equipment is attached to a wall or ceiling.

Alien’s Characteristics:

The Gray, Green, and Black aliens Sam encountered all had similar traits. They all had three fingers and toes. Webbing is visible between their fingers and between their toes. The three fingers are attached to the edge of their hand, just like ours. They can curl their fingers around an object as we do. They don’t have an opposable finger like our thumb. Their middle finger is slightly longer that the other two.


Their finger joints only bend one way, like ours. Their hands are cold to the touch, meaning they are cold blooded, like reptiles. Their breath was not visible, no matter how cold it was on the craft. This applies to the Gray, Green, and Black aliens.


When Sam told me she had been abducted by “little green men” during her childhood, I was at first skeptical. However, since the aliens are “reptile-like” in other ways, green coloration suddenly did not seem so weird. We have snakes, lizards, alligators, turtles, and frogs here on Earth that are most definitely green. Being cold blooded explains why they eat every 55 hours. They don’t need as much continuous energy as a warm-blooded creature. An alligator or snake can go 30 days between meals. If motionless, Earth reptiles hardly use any energy at all.

Maybe the aliens have modified their own DNA to make their bodies even more energy efficient. Gray’s skin feels like elephant skin. Like reptiles, the aliens have no ears. They do respond to sound from objects being dropped on the floor or from abductees crying out. Sam said in all of her travels to UFO seminars, meetings, etc., she’s only met one other person who had been abducted by a Green alien.


When the Greens abducted Sam, they never took anyone else. They told Sam they were training and educating her for some purpose when they would return. They told her it would be an important job. She hasn’t seen a Green in over 40 years. The Grays began abducting Sam when the Greens stopped. The aliens never speak. They only communicated with Sam telepathically.


When the Grays communicated with each other, Sam couldn’t “hear” the message, even if she was looking into their eyes. They must use a different telepathic frequency among themselves. Contrary to what you may have seen in the movies, the Grays have no ear canals or visible eyelids, and do not blink in any manner.

Alien Operational Methods:

The Grays always abducted Sam between 1 AM and 3 AM. Four Grays or Greens (when Sam was younger) picked her up every time. They would stand on each side of her bed when they arrived. They would always zonk out her husband before entering the room. She would shake him and yell for him to wake up, but he was unresponsive each time.

This means the Grays have the capability to differentiate abduction subjects from their spouses and neutralize only one of them through solid walls. They may be saturating the entire area with a nerve-neutralizing field, except for the space occupied by the person they are about to abduct. The Grays never use any hand held tools aboard ship to perform examinations or other procedures. The machines used for examinations are wired and attached to the ship’s walls or ceiling.


They are pulled down for use and passed over the abductee’s body. Apparently all data gathered is compiled into a main computer for tabulation purposes. The Grays were not concerned about the health or condition of any one abductee. Their prime concern was to process each human examination quickly, like an assembly line. The Grays never reviewed information about abductees during collection. Sam remembered all of this, because her abductors didn’t neutralize her and did not wipe out her memories as they do with all other abductees, until just recently.


From age 2 to 6 years old, four Green aliens would routinely abduct Sam from her home. From 6 years of age until October 1998, four Grays have been coming into her home to pick her up. Only one tall Black hooded alien, resembling a Gray, showed up to abduct Sam in November 1998. Sam could not get a good look at his face because of the hood. He took Sam by the wrist and tried to lead her away. Sam felt uneasy with this situation and whacked him in the stomach.


The alien picked Sam up and threw her down on the bed. Sam said the alien then neutralized her nervous system and she didn’t remember anything after that. She knows she was abducted then, and three more times during November and December 1998. Each time they subdued her nervous system before, during, and after the abductions, but typical telltale evidence revealed the occurrences to her. Sam is very knowledgeable about these symptoms.


She is writing a book about her lifelong abduction experiences. When she was a young girl, she developed a bad nosebleed from an implant. Sam blew it out of her nose. It resembled a one inch long silver automotive fuse, with three whisker thin antennae sticking straight out of each end. Sam showed it to her mother who told her to throw it in the trash. Sam’s mother didn’t know what it was, even though she got occasional “nosebleeds” herself. The aliens would prank the family at night to see their reactions.


They would do things like snapping all their window shades up at once, mess with the TV, phones, or answering machine. Sam would shout, “Knock it off guys,” and they would stop. Sounds similar to what the Grays did to Whitley Strieber. Abductions go way back in Sam’s family. Sam’s grandmother told Sam she had also been abducted and that Sam’s mother’s grandmother told Sam’s mother of being abducted too. That spans five generations in one family.


Sam said the aliens would communicate with her grandmother from a distance (this is possible with the alien implants). The grandmother would go out on the porch to answer them back. She spoke to them in an oriental sounding language.


Sam was told by her grandmother that the aliens had a purpose for her, and as she got older she would realize what it was. She didn’t know the purpose herself. The Greens took Sam to their home world and returned her back to her house within a matter of hours. They showed her their home world’s location on a star map and its relative position to where Earth was. Sam will cover that in her book. I can hardly wait.


No one has reported seeing an alien home world before that I could find. Sam has also been taken to underground alien bases on Earth and the Moon. She has been taken on large mother ships. The Greens always treated her with love and respect, and taught her things. The Grays were all business. They showed Sam a few dozen hybrid children on her flights, some in liquid solutions, and some in rooms. Sam had two disappearing pregnancies.


That means, she became part of the Gray breeding program.

Sam has never seen a Reptoid during any abduction. The Greens apparently enhanced Sam’s mental capabilities, as she has some telepathic and precognitive skills. She has been able to sense disaster and avoid it. She saved herself and her husband from taking Pan Am flight 103. She will tell you about the rest in her book.

In 1995 an attempt was made by the Grays to abduct Sam and her husband together one night. They had driven to an isolated area to observe a scheduled meteor shower. The car radio started losing the station. Sam tried to retune it, but got only loud static. Then the car went completely dead. A 150-foot diameter saucer appeared off to the side of the car. It was shaped like a child’s spinning top, but more spread out laterally, and rounded on the top and bottom. It was fat in the middle. It had lights around the top, the middle, and the bottom.


All three rows of lights simultaneously fluctuated up and down in intensity. They would go from dim to bright to dim again in a few seconds. The craft rotated slowly in a counterclockwise manner. The craft moved in quick jumps, straight forward, straight back, and up and down. It would shoot straight away from them about 25 to 30 miles in two seconds. Then it would shoot back. It did this several times. Then it shot straight up and down several times. It would stop briefly and hover between jumps about 500 feet from Sam’s car, at an elevation of about 200 feet.


It acted very skittish, as if there might be a trap, but finally settled down and hovered nearby. It was completely quiet in operation. There were no antenna or anything else sticking out of it. The craft’s show of lightning quick maneuvers had been very impressive. After hovering about 50 feet in the air, it settled down close to the ground behind some trees, off to the side of Sam’s car. The craft hovered over the same spot, rising and failing continuously by a few feet, every few seconds. It kept going up and down. All the lights continued to brighten and dim as the craft rose and fell. Mr. Phillips felt an overpowering urge to get out of the car and approach the craft.


Sam had to use all of her strength to push him back in the car as he struggled against her to approach the UFO. When I asked him what he remembered about it, he said all he could remember was the pretty flashing lights, and an overpowering desire to walk towards them. Sam felt the Grays were summoning him, and they wanted to abduct only him. Sam said he was in a trance state. He told her he wanted to go to it. Sam yelled, “They’re going to take you.” He said he didn’t care. Sam forced him into the car and drove off. When they got home it was 45 minutes later. It normally takes 15 minutes to drive home from where they stopped.


There was 30 minutes of missing time. Apparently the aliens zonked them out and had their way with Mr. Phillips. Sam said her husband now has a mark in the center of his forehead and they don’t remember where it came from. Sam has many scars herself. She has scoop marks on the front of her legs near the knees. She has a hole in her forehead the size of a pin. She says she can stick a safety pin into it with no pain. She has radiation burns on her stomach and chest. She has a lump in her leg that may be an implant. She has a long scar down her back over her lower spine.


The Grays did all the damage. The Greens had treated her very well and made her feel very safe. Sam emphasized that she was never afraid of Greens. They taught her astronomical facts. On the trip to the Green home world, they took Sam to an observation deck on their craft. They pointed out stars and other sights as they passed. Sam said they showed her the Earth as they were moving away from it. They showed her our Milky Way Galaxy and said they were from the Andromeda Galaxy. She said she was shown our galaxy as a great white stream of trillions of stars as the craft was moving towards the other galaxy. Well. Are we looking at intergalactic space travel here?

Sam was a 6-year-old child when this happened. There are several possibilities to explain what she was shown. My best guess is that they were giving her a basic astronomy lesson, showing her the Earth, our solar system, a close up view of our galaxy and then zooming in on the Andromeda galaxy to show Sam an example of what our galaxy looked like. If they have the capability to navigate and travel to another galaxy, that is truly technology advanced beyond belief.


Maybe interdimensional travel and time control allow them to quickly hop across the empty space between galaxies. Sam told me over and over there was no sense of time when she was on board any of the alien craft. Sam said only Greens lived on their home world, no Grays or other types of aliens.


The Grays told Sam telepathically that some of them came from the Pleiades (by name). Sam will tell all that she saw in her book. There are so many fascinating details. Sam was always fully conscious, very observant, and she remembered all the details, even little things, like the Green’s necks are a little shorter and their heads are shaped a little differently than the Grays. Neither the Grays nor Greens have fingernails. She has seen regular people and hybrid newborn size babies suspended in tubes full of a green liquid on Gray ships.


The babies were in a fetal position so Sam was not able to see if they were anatomically correct. If they have reproductive organs, it would show the Grays were breeding them for some purpose where they could continue to breed among themselves. Otherwise they may have been bred to be the temporary staff used to process millions of humans at the Gray’s MRE meat packing plant on the Moon. If any other abductees have noticed whether the hybrids have reproductive organs, please contact me and let me know.

I think Sam Phillips plans on undergoing hypnotic regression again to bring out additional details for her book. Right now she can describe her experiences so clearly, it’s like being there yourself. You’re in for a real treat when her book comes out.

I feel like I’m writing the Readers Digest of Alien Genocide Evidence. New evidence keeps turning up almost daily.


Throughout this book, I’ve included information from many different sources showing that the aliens have harvested large segments of our population, and used ancient religions to control humanity and create high body counts. In Dec. 1998 I watched a show on cable TV about the Holy Grail. Here we go again. It told that, indeed, Jesus had sons whose descendants went on to become some of the royal leaders of various European nations.


They interviewed Laurence Gardner on the show. He is author of the book “Bloodline of the Holy Grail.” He stated that the early Popes ordered that the descendants of Jesus be put to the sword before another religion sprang up around them. A new religion run by the blood descendants of Jesus could create severe competition for the Roman Catholic Church.

The orders were never carried out. Most of the descendants of Jesus survived in the royal houses of Europe. Other descendants blended into the general population. They can be anywhere. From what the experts on that show said, the Catholic Church has kept track of all of them and currently knows where they all are living. They are not in any danger. I don’t think any of them know they are related to Jesus.


On Dec. 24, 1998, The Learning Channel on cable TV carried a show called “The Mysterious World.” It covered several miraculous feats in the Bible. It also offered more proof that Jesus survived the crucifixion, married, and had at least 3 sons. They based this on books of the Bible contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and books of the Bible found in the Vatican archives which had been removed from the original Bible.


They also told of a French Catholic priest who had recently found documents that led to the burial place of Jesus in France. All of this shows the aliens know more about our history than us, because they had a major influence in it. The program showed that the walls of Jericho were knocked down by sound waves. They set up a lab demonstration with an actual wall made of bricks and concrete. They used sound to shatter it.


The Bible says God instructed Joshua how to use trumpets to bring down the walls. If it really was God, why didn’t he do it himself with an earthquake, etc.? The program also disclosed a story from an ancient book removed from the Old Testament, called the Apocrypha. It told of Abraham being lifted up and traveling into space with two nonhuman creatures. Abraham described them as not having a human breath in them. The aliens showed him the Earth from space. He asked the creatures to please bring him back down to Earth. This is yet another example of long term alien influence.

The Sept. 29, 1998 Art Bell Show featured a scientist and author named Stan Deyo. He has worked within the secret US scientific community that has done research and development on captured UFOs.

His recently published book, “Cosmic Conspiracy,” warns that the New World Order people have been working with the Grays and are going to stage an “event” with them to force the NWO issue.


The idea is a single government in control to face a massive single threat, (the aliens). The NWO plans to enforce a world religion with a world leader who doubles as a world religious leader. That was the deal the Grays and NWO leaders supposedly made. Stan says we may be only months away from the alien presence announcement.


The NWO was originally started by scientists such as Teller and Sakaroff as a program to share the advanced technology they were gleaning from recovered UFOs with all other countries to help the poor people of the entire planet. They had a network going to do this, but around 1974 it was taken over by underground military intelligence and behind the scenes political leaders of the US, Canada, Australia, Britain, and Yugoslavia. Mr. Deyo said the FBI had hired him as a paid informer to give J. Edgar Hoover the names of all the people involved in the NWO plot. Stan was working with and trusted by the NWO scientific clique.


The FBI asked him to break into a corporate office to get the names of political people who had met with the scientists, but he got caught. The corporate security people told him they were going to kill him and J. Edgar Hoover. Stan left the country, taking a job in UFO research in Australia. One year later, J. Edgar Hoover was killed by chemicals that gave him a heart attack and all of his top-secret files were removed from FBI headquarters.


The NWO is no longer a starry-eyed idealistic organization. The goal of the NWO’s new leadership is absolute dictatorial power over all the world’s people. We may not even know they have taken over. They would keep the present world leaders in power as figureheads with no real power. All elections would be permanently suspended, and the current leaders would take orders from the NWO due to the “emergency.”


The NWO has disarmed the private citizens of England, Canada, and Australia. They have been trying hard to disarm US citizens. Word on the street is that the government will artificially create an emergency situation and martial law will be declared. Road traffic will be banned, and food will only be distributed to disarmed and displaced citizens. You will be at the mercy of the NWO and the Grays if you give up your arms.


When the public was worried about the Y2K problem, several survivalists appearing on the Art Bell Show and said to stock up on food, weapons, ammo, and battery powered communications equipment, and to form interlocking armed defense cells. If we don’t defend ourselves from anything resembling the NWO and gun confiscation, the aliens will find a dictatorial government in power on Earth, that they can easily take over using their mind control technology.


Dictators don’t have to answer to an electorate. An alien controlled world government could order armies of different puppet controlled countries to fight each other in a “senseless war,” with the aliens to harvest the bodies. There’s a lot of information on the Internet about the NWO. Be prepared. We need to have the capability to defend ourselves on a national and local level.

More late breaking archeological news: Another ancient civilization has vanished! The Dec. 21, 1998 issue of Time magazine reports, in an article titled “City of the Gods,” that an ancient Indian civilization in Mexico vanished without a trace.


Archeologists reported finding that a vast abandoned pyramid city had been taken over by the Aztecs in the year 1500. They definitely did not build it. No one knows the name of the previous Indians that did built it. The city is named Teotihuacan, or “Place of the Gods.” The Aztecs had another name for it: “The City Where Men Became Gods.”


It is 25 miles north of Mexico City. The previous occupants of the city had reached a population of about 150,000 in the year 500 AD. The article says archeologists can find few clues to the origin or fate of this missing civilization. They’ve only found the bones of 150 people who were sacrificed inside of a pyramid, and two 2 ½ foot high green stone statues of little men with small bodies, big heads, and big eyes. (Is it a coincidence that the statues were green?)


The Aztecs were convinced this city, which was larger than Rome, was built by supernatural beings. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The ancient Sumerian “Epic of Gilgamesh” openly states the aliens have had a deadly influence on us. They probably sealed our fate to live short lives (long life gives you a long memory and accumulated knowledge) by means of genetic engineering:

“When the Gods created mankind they appointed death for mankind, kept eternal life in their own hands.”

It’s time we put our fate back into our hands.

  • Geneticists found we have 46 genes, whereas our primate relatives have 48 genes.

  • There are also 2000 chromosomes in our DNA that are turned off.

  • ABC radio news announced on Tuesday Dec. 27, 1998, that genetic researchers had discovered a gene that when introduced into a human cell gave it immortality.

I always suspected there was no reason why a self-repairing organism like man should ever wear out. With the right genetic instructions, death will be an “alien” concept.

On a Sightings show that aired in December 1998, there was a segment covering recently declassified documents and information regarding a glowing red UFO that hovered over an underground ICBM base at Malstrom AFB on March 16, 1967. It sequentially shut down and took off ready status, every missile on the site. The site was called “November Site.” The UFO then flew to a second site 26 miles away called “Echo Site.” It shut down all the missiles there too. Then the craft left. No matter what the Air Force missile crews did, they could not bring the missiles back to ready status. Three hours later the missiles all came back on line themselves.


Sylvania and Boeing, the missile contractors, sent technical troubleshooting people to run tests to see what had caused the problem, but they found nothing wrong with any of the hardware or software. The declassified report went on to say that the system was designed so that the missiles could never be shut down or taken off ready status, but the UFO somehow did it.

Not all abductees are willing to come forward and tell their stories. Some of them are so traumatized and terrorized that they bury the experience in their subconscious mind and try to forget it. Many are in denial because the memories are so excruciatingly painful. My heart goes out to those people. I know one person who has been deeply scarred by the experience. It has taken her 37 years to come forward and talk to anyone. She is my son’s best friend’s mother and she told me the following story of one of her many abductions.


Nearly all of this is in her exact words. “Karen” is not her real name. Her name, certain dates, some details, etc., were changed because she wants to remain anonymous to protect her privacy. The abduction experience related here is the only one Karen remembers clearly out of the many times that she has been abducted. Karen said, “There may have been abductions before the one I’m telling about, but I don’t remember them. I don’t consciously remember abductions after this one either, I just have strange dreams, strange occurrences, and strange physical maladies.” As with many other multiple abductees, the Grays have erased most of Karen’s memories of abduction.


The physical symptoms of her additional abductions, like nosebleeds, etc., can’t be erased. Here is her story:

“In 1963 I was sixteen years old, living with my parents, in Louisville, Kentucky. I had a date with a friend, Daniel Walker. We were planning on going out for dinner and a movie in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is about 60 miles from Louisville. My friend’s grandparents owned a Skyline Chili restaurant in Cincinnati. The drive from Louisville to Cincinnati is isolated, scenic, and usually uneventful. Daniel picked me up around 6:30 PM. We planned to get to Cincinnati around 7:30 PM, eat some famous Cincinnati chili and get to the movies around 8:30 PM. The reason for this explanation is that when we arrived at the restaurant it was closing, the cleanup crew was leaving and the place was deserted.

We felt like we were in the twilight zone, we couldn’t figure out what made them close so early. With our restaurant closed we decided to go on to the movies. When we got there the last movie was letting out so we missed that too. We were missing some serious time. I think we asked someone for the time and we couldn’t believe how late it was, our date was over before it barely got started. My curfew was 1 AM and we had to get home. The next morning I was frightened awake by the most unusual sounds, and when I opened my eyes I saw reflections of strange blue lights.


I jumped out of my bed and tried to crawl under my bed, I had to hide. My bed was too low for me to get under it so I buried myself in the back of my closet, trembling and waiting for them to get me. As I sat there I thought, what in the world am I doing? Why am I acting this way? Shaking, I came out from my closet and looked out my window. A county sheriff’s patrol car had pulled someone over and it looked like routine police work, but the patrol car was different. It no longer had the red flashing lights, now they were blue and white. The siren had a new sound. (What a time to make a change.) The new lights and new sound on the patrol car jogged my memory and I started remembering the evening before.


Daniel and I were on our way to Cincinnati on I-71 and my favorite view of the drive would be coming up soon. It was all rolling hills covered by tall trees. They call it “God’s Country.” But the radio started losing the signal and Daniel was trying to figure out what was going on. I looked up from looking at the radio and saw a huge UFO hanging over the highway. I asked Daniel if he saw it too. He said that he did. I asked him why was he continuing to drive toward it and he said he didn’t know! I think that we heard some kind of communication or messages over the car radio, it didn’t make sense to us.


Daniel drove nearer to the ship and then the car went dead. The ship looked like a huge houseboat. When I was a small child we would visit my aunt in Washington State and take a car ferry to Vashon Island, Washington from West Seattle. We would drive our car on the ferry, and then we would get out of the car and go to the top deck to enjoy the view. This ship hanging in the sky was bigger than the ferry and I sensed that it had several decks. The car was very dead. Daniel tried to start it; the engine wouldn’t turn over! Nothing! Then we saw beings floating down from the ship.


They came for Daniel first; he opened his door and was getting out trying to run. A couple of them grabbed him as he was closing the car door. I reached over and locked his door and then I locked my door thinking that would hold them off. A couple of the beings came to my door and I watched, thinking that the lock would give them some trouble and maybe I could figure out what to do. To my horror they reached through the closed and locked door and grabbed me and pulled me through the door. The lock was nothing! The door’s matter was nothing!

It was like going through air! There was no pain. It was the most phenomenal thing. I was terrified. To understate it, I was way out of my league! The beings floated us toward the ship. We were in a paralyzed state. I could see the ship. It had lights that looked like blinking Christmas lights around the middle. The material the ship was made of was smooth and there were no seams. The entrance opened out of the middle of the ship and unless it was open you wouldn’t know it was there.


There was a smooth humming sound being made by the ship. I don’t remember going through the entrance of the ship. I remember going toward the ship wondering about where they were taking us. My next memory is being inside the ship in a corridor. The walls, floor, and ceiling were a smooth metallic material, joint-less and seamless. I remember seeing markings protruding from the wall, it looked like a sign to identify the area of the ship. (Probably said Exam Room One or something like that in their writing.) I don’t remember walking, I think they were still floating us, but I’m not sure. I don’t recall the beings communicating with us at this point in the chronological sequence of this abduction.


The next thing I remember is the exam room. There were two tables for abductees. The tables were rock hard and looked like smooth slabs. My memory returned in this room. I think I came to after having fainted. I felt like there was a fireball in my abdomen and I looked and saw a white tube device about an inch in diameter in my navel. The pain was horrible. I wanted to scream, but I was unable to. So in my mind I was wondering why they don’t use some kind of anesthetic for the pain.

Then I heard this answer in my mind telling me that they don’t need to anesthetize us because we won’t remember anything. Then I looked at the other slab and saw Daniel and our eyes met and we both felt so very sorry for each other, we couldn’t say anything out loud, but we knew what we were thinking. I saw them put some kind of tube in Daniel’s private part and I heard him scream in my mind. Then they put something like a catheter in my neck on the right side, I think they were taking blood from a vein in my neck. I passed out or I let the memory stay erased. My next memory was being ordered to get dressed.


The voice I heard seemed female. She was sitting at a small table going through the contents of my purse. She was telling me that I won’t remember any of this, but I argued with her that I would remember. I began thinking of ways to make myself remember and so I thought that if I put my slip on inside-out, that would trigger my memory, I’ll know something happened to me. She caught me and ordered me to put my slip on the right way. I didn’t have a choice; I had to obey her.


I hated her and I didn’t want to obey her, but I had lost my freedom to do as I chose so I put my slip on the right way. I felt pure anger toward those beings and what they had just done to us. I don’t remember leaving the ship. I just remember being in the car and it was going and we are on our way to Cincinnati. Later Daniel said for us not to say anything about this to anyone and I agreed.


There is also something strange about how the alien got my purse. I didn’t take it with me from the car, as my purse was the last thing on my mind as I was being pulled through the car door. So they must have gotten it from the car. The car may have been brought on board the ship. It went dead while driving on the highway and if the car had been left where it had gone dead, it would have at the least aroused suspicion and at the most caused an accident. The ship was plenty big enough to have the capability of housing a car. If we were abducted around 7:00 PM and released around 11:00 PM, the car would have been a liability left on the road for that many hours.”


(“If the aliens have nothing to hide, why do they abduct in secret and why do they erase our memories? Also, why do they take people against their will? I’m sure they could find plenty of volunteers if they would only ask. But then they would need to explain what they needed volunteers for, and maybe the human race wouldn’t like what they had to say.”)


“That female alien did not have my best interest at heart. I felt that she was evil. She was the only being that I remember communicating with, but there may have been others that I can’t recall. I remember feeling so angry at the aliens for what they had done to us, but I was powerless to do anything. Even my thoughts weren’t safe from their probing. I guess we were lucky to get out of there with our lives. The beings were a metallic gray in color. They had small bodies with disproportionately large heads and two almond-shaped large black liquid eyes. I don’t remember a nose exactly, but the skin seemed to protrude where a nose should be. I don’t remember a mouth or ears.


The arms were long and thin. The hands were slim with long and thin fingers. I think there were three longer fingers and one thumb-like finger, and the ends of the fingers were rounder and a little larger than the finger part, it’s like they had pads on the ends of their fingers. They did not have nails. There wasn’t any hair. It is almost like they were wearing seamless suits that fit their bodies snugly. They didn’t have facial expressions. They didn’t have wrinkles. They were all the same color. They were all short, but not uniformly short. (Some were taller than others.) I don’t remember their feet at all. When they pulled me through that door I knew they could do anything! I felt like time stood still. All I remember hearing is the constant humming of the ship.

Sometimes the hum would be slow and then it would gradually increase and be fast. Does that make sense? The new police car sirens reminded me of the incident. When the hum was fast it sounded a lot like the police siren. The sound wasn’t loud, but it was mesmerizing. The stretch of I-71 we were on was two lanes in each direction with a good piece of land between them.


The ship hung across the whole road and much more. The highway had four lanes and about four lanes worth of land or more between the lanes. This thing was huge. The aliens must have taken the car because I kept thinking of the car ferry. I think they kept us close to four hours. They would need to get the car out of sight. We were in the fast lane and another car could have come upon it and caused an accident or at least an abandoned car would become suspicious.


This ship was smooth. It was like a shell. Things could open and close and you wouldn’t know an entrance was there. When they put us back on the road, they headed us in the right direction. At the end when the female Gray was going through my purse, a window appeared in the room. I remember looking at it and seeing yellow lights or spots against a black background. I felt like I was looking out at something big, like a big garage or something.”

Now that was an interesting bit of information. They let her see into a hangar. I asked Karen if they were looking through her purse for an electronic item like a portable radio or some other item that had attracted their attention. She said,

“I’ll try to remember what I had in my purse. It was a wallet, calendar, makeup, and comb. She did seem interested in my lipstick. Maybe the Gray just wanted to show me that she could go through my purse if she wanted to and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.


Somehow, I think she was really interested in the type of items I carried. Maybe she wanted to learn what to put in a purse for their own moles or something.” I said, “They would need a lot of makeup.”


Karen said, “It was a rather pretty tube, but she didn’t ask about it. If they were planning to infiltrate us, they would need the right packaging. As I am thinking about it, she did look at my drivers license. Maybe she got my address.” I asked what the lights on the outside of the craft looked like.


Karen said, “The lights were beautiful. Let me try to describe them. They flowed. They were putting on a show; they did all kinds of things. They would be one color going one way and then would change and go the other way changing their color. I guess you could say they pulsed, but not all of the time.”


I asked if she had ever reported the abduction experience to any UFO group. Karen said she hadn’t but had E-mailed Dr. David Jacobs and he E-mailed her back.


She said, “I was asking for help, mainly, I wanted to get rid of my implant. He said he would send me names of people to trust. But I haven’t heard back from him. I didn’t tell him my story. You are the first person outside of my family to get the whole story.” (Dr. Jacobs is swamped.) Karen said, “His book, “The Threat,” rings so true.


Everyone is turning to him. He told me he was very busy trying to answer all of his Email. I thought I would leave him alone.” I said, “I’ve read it and seen him on TV. He comes to the conclusion that the aliens are not our friends and are up to something. He just can’t get relevant information from the abductees to determine what the aliens are going to do.” Karen said, “I think something is happening right now. We may be fighting a war right now in space. Do I sound crazy? It is one thing to think these things, but totally different to see it in print.” I told her, “The situation is crazy, not you.”


She said, “I just have a feeling. I read the paper and watch the news and I wonder what they aren’t telling us.” I told her, “When I read some of the things I wrote in my book, it sounded like science fiction. I had to go back and add explanations to make certain things sound possible and plausible. As an example, the only way most people would believe that a nonmagnetic item like a human body could be levitated into a UFO was to include in my book information showing our own scientists were duplicating the effect in their laboratories. We are dealing with beings that are at a technological level a few thousand years ahead of us.”


Karen said, “The ship was a torture chamber. I didn’t hear sounds, just the humming. The communication was done in the head. We even screamed in our heads. I heard Daniel in my head. I’m sure he heard me. I think I passed out a lot. I can’t remember any other sounds. They may have been there, but I don’t remember. Everything about the experience was smooth and quiet. The physical pain was horrific and was carried out so quietly. My telepathic abilities increased after that. I had a friend who was a night watchman at the VFW, and I would go visit him after work.


We would sit and talk without saying anything. The guy I was abducted with was a good friend. I had broken up with my boyfriend, and Daniel had broken up with his girlfriend, and we knew we would all get back together again, so Daniel and I decided to make the best of the situation and go out for an evening as friends. Before the abduction Daniel and I saw each other at least once a week, but after the abduction we saw each other only one more time, so I don’t know if his psychic abilities were increased.


About my friend at the VFW, I don’t know if he was an abductee. Back then I never told of my experience. It changes your view of the world! I think they took sperm and eggs from Daniel and myself. I think I may have been left alone by the aliens during the 1970’s. I got married and had two children.

Then I think they found me again in 1981. That is when I got my implant. I thought it was a bug bite. I have been diagnosed with uterine tumors. I have an x-ray that shows eight tumors. I think they are implants. They are benign. I’ve had female problems ever since my baby was born in 1975. I nursed and weaned my baby at 8 months. But I continued to make milk for 20 more years. Doctors tried everything, medication, binding, not drinking much liquid, etc., to stop it.” (It sounds to me like the aliens tampered with her nursing system. I wondered if they did this on purpose. Could she be used to breast feed hybrid babies during abductions?)


Karen said, “I don’t think I was abducted at that time. But, I did carry my baby 10 months. I was physically fine in the 70s. But, in the 80s, after the implant I’ve had a very difficult time. I was reading about vitamin deficiencies caused by implants, especially vitamin A. (This information came from Dr. Leir’s site). There is a list of all kinds of illnesses caused because of the implant leaching vitamins out of your body and I suffer from many of those ailments. I have been on a vitamin regimen for about ten years now and I’m getting better.”


I told her I read something recently about an implant being analyzed as being predominantly made of tissue, leading me to think they are something like biological transmitters. I think it could be a biological copy of whatever organic structure human or alien telepathic brains use that gives them telepathic capability. In the past the aliens must have found it, cloned it, and set them up to transmit the abductees condition and location to them. Karen said, “If those aliens cared about us they wouldn’t plant harmful things in our bodies. They wouldn’t experiment on us without medication OR without our permission.” (I knew they were good at biological engineering but so far no one has ever guessed that the implants were biological-transmitters. The tissue in the implant could even be cloned from tissue samples from each individual abductee so that their bodies won’t reject them).


She said, “Not only do I think that they have used my uterus, but I think they take my blood during all of the abductions. I don’t have proof, just a feeling.” (This may indicate the Grays are collecting blood from live abductees as well as from mutilated cattle, for their food.) “I cannot stand for anyone to touch my neck on the right side. I’ve been this way since the abduction in 1963. I have suffered from severe nosebleeds in the past. They went away for a while. Then in 1981 they started again. I would wake up with my pillow all bloody. I bled from both nostrils. I was examined by my doctor. No real damage was found. We lived in Ohio from 1980 to 1983 and I had nosebleeds.

Moved to Louisville in 1983 and still had nosebleeds, would wake up with my pillow all bloody. In 1986 we moved back to Ohio and the nosebleeds stopped. Maybe they tried to implant in my nose and it didn’t work too well for them, so they put them elsewhere in my body. I was examined by my doctor. No real damage was found. I think I was abducted in Ohio. I practically forgot all about my abduction experience until 1981 in Ohio. I can’t remember if it was the same ship that abducted me or not. Many of my memories of the abductions have been erased. In 1981 I grew afraid of UFOs again, looking for a place to hide whenever there was a strange light in the sky.


“When I was a small child, I was very sick. I had a high fever and an angel walked into my room, put his hands on my head and cooled me. He was tall and dressed in gold. He moved smoothly. I didn’t see his feet, but he walked right through my mother.” (That is one of the things aliens do, going through matter.)


“He was totally peaceful and loving, the exact opposite of the Grays.” I told Karen they sensed she was sick and came and healed her because to them she was a future hybrid factory, to be kept in good working order.


She said, “I was just a small child, how awful to think I’m equipment! Dr. David Jacobs’ book, “The Threat,” mentions something is about to happen and it is not good. It has taken me 37 years to tell about what happened to me. I want my story to be told to help understand and hopefully defeat the aliens.”


I told Karen we couldn’t defeat them, because that would involve neutralizing the Reptoid’s home worlds. We don’t have the capability to do that. What I would like to see happen is for our military to get strong enough to stop the mother ship fleet when they show up, and for our military to be able to force negotiations from a position of strength.

We can supply them with food of our choosing, in exchange for them trading technology, goods, etc., and leaving us alone. They will have the choice of trade or fight. If they wiped us out they would be wiping out a food resource, because if we were all dead, we would not be here to be fruitful and multiply. They would lose either way. They are not stupid, and it’s a long way to the next food stop. Eating is a necessity even for advanced beings on an extended many light year space voyage. It’s time for a diet change.

Karen said that she had read an article about abduction where Wes Clark, a former MUFON investigator, was interviewed and had stated that he had found more than 50 cases of people being able to stop abductions by calling out for Jesus. He was spreading the information far and wide. I asked Karen if she knew that the Grays were either letting or making people call on Jesus to fool them into thinking that will stop abductions.


In those cases, the Grays were not neutralizing the abductee first as usual; they were giving the person the opportunity to panic. For all anybody knew, they might even be doing this at the end of an abduction. I can’t believe they would not neutralize that many people and let an abduction slip through their little gray fingers. I told Karen that Whitley Strieber had written about trying to call for God to help him during one of his abductions.


A Gray told him, “Why do you call on your God, there is no one up here but us.” I told Karen that the Grays started that program about 3 years ago to make us think we had found a way to stop abductions. They want us to think that we can stop them without weapons and technology. They are once again taking advantage of people’s religious faith. The Grays are past masters at using our religions against us for their own purposes. They have a long track record of doing it. There are pictures of Grays and UFOs on religious tapestries in Europe; some of them are over 1000 years old. Mind control is part of it.

People in the Middle Ages used to think the Grays were angels, but real angels don’t need UFOs to get around. The Grays used mind control on both royal and religious leaders to start bloody religious wars to generate a high body count. It is easy for them to put “voices” in your head.


They can do it to anyone. The Grays are like vultures. They pick up all the dead bodies from the religious wars, etc., that they cause. Then they process the bodies into MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) for the Reptoids, and keep the blood for themselves. Karen said, “Maybe Jesus is the one who doesn’t let them kill us outright.”


I told Karen that this is a food chain thing. Life feeds on life. God never interferes in HIS food chain. God has no favorites in the food chain. We are all HIS creatures. We can eat sharks or they can eat us and there is no heavenly interference to stop either. There have been many shipwrecked sailors who have prayed unsuccessfully to be saved from sharks. So if you pray, it doesn’t stop you from being prey. Hungry lions in the Roman Coliseum certainly did not honor the prayers of the early Christians.


Everything has to eat. It has been life feeding on life for billions of years. We can feed on plants or they can feed on us. The plants are most definitely alive too. Karen said, “And the plants do eventually get to feed on us all when we die and return to dust.

The day after Karen gave me the information about her abduction, she sent me an Email about an experience that she had that night.


She wrote,

“Last night after we got off-line I went to bed. I dreamed that I was abducted. I dreamed an alien grabbed me by my forearms and yanked me out of bed. He was really angry with me for telling the story of my 1963 abduction. He threatened me, made me hear scary sounds like a cat fighting or something like that. He even made me think I was screaming in pain and terror from the punishment I would get if I talked about my abductions. I can’t really remember any more of the dream. When I was taking a shower this morning I noticed light fingerprint type bruises on my forearms. I don’t think it was a dream that I had last night. If they are trying to make me stop with the telling of my story, it just makes me more determined to tell it. Why is it so Important that I keep quiet?”

It is starting to seem like Central Florida is awash with multiple abductees. There are two partners in the printing business where I was going to have this book printed that have multiple abductees in their own families. One abductee is the mother of one of the partners, (Karen, whose story is told above). Abductions have run in her family back through 4 generations. The other partner’s wife is a multiple abductee.

The following is her story. I almost did not get this account because her husband is in denial about her being an abductee. He did not even want her talking about it. He thought if he pretended it never happened it would go away. They are now divorced like all 30 other abducted families on their street. His wife remembers seeing him on board a ship during one of her abductions so he may have more to deny than he thinks. I had to wait a few months until circumstances were just right to be able to talk to her.


When I finally interviewed her, I found out her mother was also a multiple abductee, and I was able to interview her mother too. They were abducted together on occasion. The daughter, who I will call Sandy (not her real name), was abducted and taken to a huge pyramid shaped space station on three different occasions. Her mother was taken to it once by herself. While Sandy was on board the small craft that took her to the space station, she noticed that the aliens were wearing silvery colored military type uniforms.


They had a triangular shaped patch on their uniforms with lightning bolts on it. To me that would signify they are members of a military strike force that is set up to be used as shock troops that engage in lightning fast surprise attacks. That is called tactical surprise. The uniformed personnel that examined Sandy on the space station wore the same type uniforms, but their patch had strange looking symbols on it, with some kind of shimmering background.


Sandy assumed that patch was for medical personnel. Sandy called the craft that took her to the space station the “mini-craft” or “mini-transport.” It was small in size. It was spheroid shaped and bulged out at the centerline. The interior was the size of a small bathroom. The ceiling was low and Sandy had to stoop to avoid hitting her head when getting in or out. There were only two Grays on the craft with her. This must be the “mini-van” of alien spacecraft. The seat she sat on was small. Sandy tried to move her arms but was unable to do so.


She did not remember if she tried to move her legs. There were no physical restraints visible, so her nervous system was partially neutralized by other means. She felt in a daze during the flight. She said there were a lot of gauges around the inside of the craft. I guess this small ship was not as self-monitoring as larger alien craft, so it had extra gauges that the pilot could use to monitor systems on board, etc. The gauges had symbols on them that resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Sandy said there were something like large windows all around the craft, giving a good view. The windows seemed to run all the way up to near the top of the curved ceiling, giving a glass dome effect. She did not see any planets or our Moon at any point on the flight. She was able to see the space station as the craft approached it. She did not see any planets near the station.


Another craft came out when they were nearing it and escorted them part of the way in. Then the mini-craft entered a long dimly lit tunnel that led deep inside the station. This is obviously why this small type craft is used, it is small enough to travel through the interior tunnels of the space station. The tunnel led to the medical area in the right center section of the station.


When the craft stopped, the aliens walked her into a large very brightly-lit room with a lot of tables. She was the only human there. All of the other exam tables were empty. She was able to walk on the floor normally because the space station had artificial gravity. The aliens did a physical exam on her, then poked a long large needle through her belly button. It was very painful for her.

The majority of the aliens Sandy saw on her abductions were Grays. Most were about 3 ½ feet tall. In the examination room were several Grays that were slightly taller than Sandy. She is 5 foot 2 ½ inches tall. Their facial features were humanoid, leading me to believe these were human-Gray hybrids that were genetically closer to being Grays.

Sandy’s mother remembers her own abductions started in the 1980’s. She first saw a saucer when she was five years old that was hovering over her grandparent’s home in Tennessee. During one of Sandy’s mother’s abductions she observed a humanoid type (maybe Nordic) among the Grays on the abduction ship. Sandy and her mother were abducted together and were subjected to some type of advanced cleansing and protection process.


If I had to guess, I would say they went through a process for riding their body of harmful diseases and then were enhanced in such a way as to have their immune systems operate at a higher energy level to more quickly combat infectious diseases in the future. Sandy remembers being taken to a facility that was not a ship. She does not know where it was. She was with her mother and a lot of other abductees. They were first taken to a room that resembled a large empty warehouse. Then they were all walked into a large room that resembled a movie theater. There were no seats, stage, or screen.

Mounted on the ceiling was a silver metallic tube shaped device that resembled a large laser. Sandy could see what looked like very thick black power cables attached to it. As they were watching this laser, the wires began glowing a bright bluish green. Then the same color shot out of the laser in small streams to each individual in the room. Next the group was walked through an area that had what looked like banks of computers.


Sandy walked near the rows of computers and a short old woman appeared and started screaming orders at her. Sandy thinks she said to find something and to keep looking for it. Sandy said the woman was in charge of what looked like children sitting at consoles typing things that appeared on screens in front of them. Their backs were to the abductees and Sandy never did see their eyes to determine if they were hybrid children. Sandy and her mom were walked to what looked like a store jewelry counter. They were given metallic bracelets to wear that had round stones set into it that were connected by small chains. They were told to wear it for protection. They were not told what it would protect them from.


All of the abductees were herded through a brightly lit room or section (where they were “cleansed”) and then onto a people mover. They were taken to another large room that was domed, with large glass windows that curved up to the ceiling. The windows were covered with large blinds that were shut. Something went “clunk” and a very bright light came on, lighting up the room. After it went off, they heard voices telling them they were protected. Sandy started remembering this abduction in dreams a few days after it happened. The aliens will numb the memory area of the mind and it stays that way for a few days, then it starts working again. The purpose of this abduction seems to have been to maintain the health of the abductees.


The Grays call it “equipment maintenance.” The large pyramid shaped space station and the large number of ships around it is what worries me. There were no mother ships present, just a large number of small to medium sized craft. They had a lot of ships hanging around that space station for some purpose. Was that an alien military force around the station?


The alien personnel had uniforms with lightning bolts on their patches. I don’t think it was a lightning study group from the meteorological division. Were they using our solar system as a staging area for some kind of military operation they had going somewhere else? Our military needs to be aware that this type of mobile pyramid base exists. It may be a forward command and control center.


The open bay at the base may be used for repair, restocking, and rearming of war craft. It could be the alien’s space-going equivalent of an aircraft carrier. If there is going to be a conflict between them and us, finding and neutralizing the space pyramid(s) may be the key to our success. If we can build a formidable defense force, the aliens will negotiate with us. They apparently need Earth as a replenishment stop. I hope the aliens understand fighting is costlier than trading.

Information From The Real World For Abductees

You can now scan for implants with a homemade implant detector, a Sony Walkman. If you think you have an active implant in your body, just set a Walkman to AM band between stations and pass it over your body. When it gets close to an implant the static it generates on the headphones will almost blow out your eardrums. It is just like using a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity. Another interesting piece of information I found out is that some implantees will burn out a digital watch in two weeks or less. Their implants put out so much power it fries the electronics in the watch.


Three abductees I know can burn out a street light if they get too close, so what chance does a puny digital watch have? Also we found that some implantees get cold hands and feet, mostly at night when the implants seem to be more active. The implants are draining energy right out of the abductee’s bodies to power themselves. An abductee who wanted to be called Windi has a body temperature that runs at 97.7 degrees. When she is sick it drops to 96.


The implant’s locator signal and telemetry has to be able to reach out far enough so that the Grays can monitor the abductee’s condition and location. The signal they transmit has to carry a long way. So the abductee’s body acts as an electrochemical battery to power the implant. Windi told me when she used an electric blanket overnight to try to bring her body temperature up, she felt sick and drained of energy in the morning. I suggested she stop using the electric blanket and get a heat reflective Space Blanket. I told her electric blankets were known to create an electromagnetic field that could cause health problems.


Windi bought five Space Blankets, one for each bed in her home. Windi noticed that if she put her hands under the Space Blanket they started to tingle painfully. As soon as she took her hands out from under the blanket, the tingling ceased. She asked me why that was happening. I looked up the technical specifications on the Space Blanket and found it was not only heat reflective but it was radar reflective, like aluminum chaff.

According to the manufacturer it is made from Kelvatherm, a supersoft insulating material, it comprises a unique sandwich. It is a four-ply laminate of clear polyethylene film, a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum, a special reinforcing fabric and a layer of colored polyethylene film.


Constructed with heat reflecting surfaces on both sides, it is 100% radar reflective. It was apparently reflecting her implant’s signal right back into the implant, causing feedback from the signal’s energy to overflow back into Windi’s nervous system. How’s that for some basic research? We may have hit on a way to mask out the implant signal from reaching out to the Gray’s receivers. Maybe those wackos who wear aluminum foil hats to prevent abduction had something after all. If you are an abductee, you may also want to experiment with some Nylostat sheets. They absorb “static” electricity like a sponge.


I would like to find out if they will absorb the “static” the implants put out without reflecting it back into the implantee. In case you did not know, there is a website selling caps made out of Nylostat and it claims they will stop abductions. If the implant signal won’t get through the Nylostat, they may have a cure there. Nylostat floor mats are used to absorb static electricity in computer rooms. The mat must have a wire run from it to a ground to dispose of the accumulated charge.


For clothing, maybe it can feed the charge into a capacitor, or else you would need a very long ground wire for that drive to work. If we get a chance in the near future, I’d like to try having abductees sleep sandwiched between Nylostat sheets, which are covered by Space Blankets on top and bottom. It might make them invisible to the alien’s locator equipment.

From talking to abductees like Windi, I have found that their implants will become active during the day if they are frightened, very sick, or under a lot of stress at home or work. If the abductee then touches you, even on a warm humid day, they will give you a strong static electrical shock.


They can burn out computer keyboards, and in Windi’s case, the electronics of a gas pump at a filling station. Windi put out such a strong implant signal one time that her computer monitor built up a huge static charge. In a flash, from the monitor came a large electric charge, hitting her in the face and going through her arm and out her hand. From that moment on, she began getting shocks from anything grounded, and in turn giving shocks to everyone around her.


Following this event, she had many days when she experienced “missing time.” The only good thing about implants is that the military can monitor their transmission frequencies, and if the locator transponder part comes on, (to help the Grays locate an abductee for another abduction), the military can send out a few black helicopters to monitor the situation, if you are close to a black helicopter base. They make sure it is just a routine abduction and not the start of a major harvest.


Windi and another abductee have come in contact with another type of implant that is cause for much concern.

Both she and her friend have been attacked by moths and mosquitoes that were actually little flying implants that penetrated their bodies. One flew up Windi’s nose. She said she felt the thing came looking for the other implants. It called to them two times before it was answered. After it made contact with the implant in her sinus cavity, the implant shook like a car motor off its motor mounts.


She said we are in the middle of a massive unseen and unnoticed invasion. The other abductee I know came into contact with the insect-like implants long ago when she was a child and was afraid when they swarmed around her, then finally accepted the fact that they weren’t real insects attacking her but were something else.

Here is the really scary part. The insect-like implants can go through solid walls, just like the aliens do when they abduct someone. Windi has had the flying implants show up and swarm around her inside her locked up house in the dead of winter.


Where she lives in Arizona, they don’t even have mosquitoes in the summer. She has grabbed some of them out of the air and they turn to liquid in her hand. If they land on her they are absorbed through her skin. A friend of hers was visiting at her house one day and grabbed a large moth out of the air. When he opened his hand it was gone without a trace. It probably penetrated his body and coalesced into a functioning implant.


Windi said he has recently had vivid dreams of waking up on a spacecraft and being examined and prodded. He is a Native American of the Apache tribe and is not frightened by this, as his tribe and all other North American tribes have old legends that say they were brought here from another world, and will all be collected some day and taken elsewhere. The bottom line here is that some means must be found to neutralize these flying insect-like implants.


The problem in finding a way to neutralize them is that even multiple abductees only encountered them on a sporadic basis. Windi was able to stop all visits from the aliens themselves for six months by keeping an ultrasonic insect repellent plugged into the wall in her kitchen. Then the Grays started up their routine abductions again. There are two possibilities for why it worked to keep them away.


They may have detected the ultrasonic emission before entering her house and thought there was some electronic trap or weapon functioning, and then stayed away till they could modify it, disable it, or screen against it. The sound emitted by the device may have repelled the Grays as they are insect-like and the device is designed to repel insects.


The second possibility is they may not have been using a time dilation machine in the past when they abducted Windi and it took them six months to get a portable unit to neutralize the effects of the ultrasonic repeller by slowing down time when they entered her house. I suspect this may be the case, as Windi cannot remember any of her recent abductions.


That is a sign they are slowing time, which would automatically neutralize her nervous system. She knows she has been abducted though, as she will wake up sore and tired, as if she went through an ordeal instead of sleeping. So sound waves may have an effect on the flying implants. If they were used more often we could experiment with different ways to neutralize them. I think certain radio frequencies might disrupt them.


Maybe someone in the military or government will be nice enough to leak the information on how to disable them. Otherwise if the aliens flooded the country with the flying attack implants, they could gain control of all of us (including the military). HAARP might protect against incursion from above, but the attacking implants could come from below (like underground bases).

I had Windi the abductee do several experiments with her Space Blankets to see if we could muffle the output signals of her implants. We discovered something very interesting. She slept on the bottom bed of a bunk bed she had in her house and draped the space blankets all around the lower bed like curtains. She had one Space Blanket under and another one over her. She was fully encased.


It must have kept the implant from being in contact with its home base receiver. She said the implant tried to call it every fifteen minutes. After a few hours it gave up and shut itself down. Windi said she was elated the next day because her headache was gone and her body temperature was returning to normal. Her body temperature was 96.6 after a hot shower.


By evening it had risen to 98.3 degrees. By the following day it was up to 98.9. I told her it seemed like her immune system was coming back on-line. The third day her temperature was at 98.4 and she said she was feeling all of her strength returning. She said for two years her temperature never went above 97.7. She always felt drained and in pain, but now it had stopped.

The implants drain energy from the body to operate. That was the reason for the low body temperature. It was draining energy directly from her nerves. That’s probably why she hurt so badly. Your nervous system is an electrochemical wiring system. Nervous energy travels at 400 feet per second, not at the speed of light like electric wiring, but electrical energy is released.


That’s why EKGs can measure your heart’s electrical activity and EEGs your brain’s electrical activity. Since the implants are giving off telemetry signals on the condition of the body, I wonder if an EEG or EKG machine could be used to read the signal they put out. If any doctors reading this have access to EEG and EKG machines and have an abductee as a patient, as an experiment stick the pickup patches for the EEG or EKG on the areas where the implants are located to see if you can get a reading.


The scopes and graphs may pickup and record the data being transmitted. Then maybe the alien telemetry can be correlated with the body activity it is monitoring, like heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, etc. Devices copied from the implants could be used in the future as medical diagnostic tools. They can even be used to monitor the health of astronauts on missions, soldiers in combat (in the movie “Alien” the soldiers were monitored on individual computer screens in the landing craft), and even cattle in the field could be monitored.


The Grays monitor us to protect their “property/equipment” until they are ready to use us. If the implant signal registers only as static on the EEG machines like they do on transistor radios, at least it would give medical proof that something was transmitting from inside the body that shouldn’t be there. Then they can be surgically removed. Or for the more adventurous abductee, I think we may be able to burn out some implants using a 300,000-volt stun gun. I would not recommend using a stun gun on the implants that abductees have in their sinus cavities, just the ones in their hands and feet!

Here’s some information from the real world that shows there may indeed be a worldwide plot to turn us into stupid cattle. The Wall Street Journal on Dec. 9, 1998 ran an article titled “And You Thought American Schools Were Bad!” It gave details of the pathetic education English children now receive.


The writer is an English medical doctor named Theodore Dalrymple. He says most English high school graduates know nothing of history. When asked about historical information they reply, “I don’t know. I wasn’t born then.” “In other words, one can’t be expected to know anything other than by personal acquaintance,” Dalrymple said.


He said,

“Several teachers have told me that the vital thing in the information age is not to know a thing, but how and where to find it out. In my experience, however, those who know nothing are also completely unable to find anything out: They can scarcely read, and certainly do not make a habit of it. The vast majority of youngsters between 16 and 20 in my area cannot read a short passage out loud with any facility. They stumble over unfamiliar or longer words. When asked to explain the meaning of what they have just read, many will also say, ‘I don’t know, I was only reading it.’”

There was a column written in Encarta on Feb. 17, 2001 titled “Kids Today: Dumb and Dumber?” by Tamim Ansary. He said,

 “A massive study done in 1970 showed that 25 million adult Americans were illiterate. A similar study released in 1992 put the number closer to 85 million. Now can we panic? No, not yet. Look closer. From 1970 to 1992 the definition of “illiterate” changed. In 1975, if you could sound out the words “bus schedule,” you were literate. Today, if you can read every word in the bus schedule but can’t use it to catch a particular bus, you’re illiterate. I’m not saying the new definition is wrong. I’m just saying you can’t tell—from these numbers—if illiteracy has gone up or down.”

So maybe it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe aliens have also influenced the leadership of the educational systems of England and the US. Ignorant, backward, illiterate peoples of the world have always bred more children. World population has now reached eight billion. We are now ripe for a big harvest. The deadly Avian Flu that was recently stamped out may have been a first attempt by the Grays to get a harvest started in the most populous nation on Earth, China.


If they are starting the slaughter part of the cycle now, pick up of the processed MREs will probably be in the next few years. If we can make formal contact with, or force negotiations with the Grays and Reptoids, we should try to reach an agreement with them to stockpile for them an alternate type of food. Keep in mind, they are very treacherous. We won’t be safe until we see the mother ships leave, stocked with an alternate food. We need to stockpile weapons to defend ourselves in case they’re unwilling to take us off their menu or if they return in the future with an overwhelming military force.

A guest on the Art Bell radio show in Feb. 1999, reported that he had appeared on a national TV talk show with three of the Apollo astronauts.

In the green room before the show, he witnessed the astronauts being warned by a government “handler” to say nothing about UFOs or aliens.

That explains the next chapter of this book.

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