21 - Frustrated Aliens’ Impulses

We’ve all seen how frustrated humans sometimes revert to destructive, if not violent impulses to secure reproductive access and protect their food supply.


The most corrupt humans will lie, cheat, and even foul the entire global environment in order to isolate themselves in splendor. But what about aliens? When challenged beyond immediate control, how do they react?

Over time and under challenging circumstances, we’ve catalogued a variety of frustrated aliens’ impulses. In the same way that humans have animal impulses, we’ve seen various aliens resort to mind-destructive behaviors to protect their work here from being disturbed.


Mind destructive and brain destructive behaviors arise, along with attempts to stultify humans. In such instances, aliens have tried to provoke humans to run off and drink alcohol or feel extreme anger. Aliens have remotely made veiled (as though human) threatening remarks to provoke and frighten humans as part of the IFSP/”three ellipticals’” scheme to thwart, if not decapitate, independent human initiative.

Again, when pushed beyond their limits, various aliens impulsively toss off mind-destructive or brain destructive, thought-stultifying gestures.


This resembles a human’s animal tendency to behave in ways that maximize genetic proliferation. Among some non-sexual aliens, there’s an impulse to obliterate competing thought systems and impose their own - by any means necessary. However, because they come from more evolved, less internally violent societies, the worst of (interacting) aliens’ impulses appear to be less overtly prone to violence than the worst humans.

In some cases, advanced aliens will float veiled threats into a complex human telepathic interaction in order to pre-empt human threats to other humans. In such cases, the remarks may be couched in softer, essentially see-through terms, assuming that humans are aware of the aliens’ manner and are marginally deferential.


At other times, however, i.e. when anger rises against the IFSP’s direct operatives, more advanced alien overseers (including some in the three ellipticals section) have posed threatening remarks - as though human - in order to avert human thoughts about cracking down on the direct operatives. This demonstrates their desire to control the pace and outcome of human doings.

In such cases, basic questions arise about independent, critical judgment - both in our case (the ability to judge such ET's as they are) and in theirs (has their society grown too cold and insular to be able to criticize itself?). Alien psychotronic technology that monitors and is controlled by brain energy brings certain oppressive potentials into being. No doubt some societies go through nightmarish phases of psychotronic abuse, yet, over time, they develop a measure of transparency.


Societies of the sort must establish a basis of law and proportionality, right and wrong, lest they fall behind better populations.

We’ve seen a more disturbing behavior when corrupt hyperversals feel frustrated. For example, when pressed about the schemes of planet-killing client states like Verdants, some corrupt hyperversals retreat into a cold yet disturbingly casual framework of absolutist arrogations. An old “three ellipticals” faction hyperversal insists that there’s no law that protects us from such crimes, as though his distant population’s designs and decisions are all that really matter.


In his mind, their perspective is more important, hence our opinions and our notion of laws don’t count.


Although he listens to grievances about IFSP direct operatives’ mass crimes against humanity, he tends to dismiss them as superfluous. He seems to feel he did the necessary thinking on such subjects thousands (or millions) of years ago.


So, when frustrated by human emotions about mass crimes against humanity, he retreats into his, or his group’s, sense of order and simply externalizes ours. It’s as though legal reasoning and independent critical judgment have withered or have been suppressed in such regimes, which is frightening.

I recall initially being impressed by hyperversals, then disappointed that,

  1. they don't have a more active physical presence

  2. some are corrupt

They tend to use hybrid, genetically engineered copies of recently evolved aliens who live in this and other galaxies, in part to pre-empt new populations’ interactions with neighbors before they’ve been assimilated in a larger sense, and in part as a kind of intermediate.


To design their many various hybrids, hyperversals may rely on various mega-populations’ abduction and breeding programs. That’s a vast undertaking involving laboratories and different kinds of science in different places. It predisposes many populations to think in terms of intervention, manipulated genetics, and high technology. It also suggests a chameleon-like strategy, an attempt to play friendly and get on a people’s good side while sometimes working to entirely replace them.

In some ways, hyperversal aliens are more like us than not. They can be too obedient, too easily used by the worst of their peers. Some are too idealized in their remove from other populations; others are designed to interface with mega-populations like the Verdants, for example. Apparently, genetically engineered hybrids are used to interface with Verdants possibly to avoid Verdant theft of hyperversals’ genetic material and technology.


As is noted in later pages, there are explicit indications that Verdants may long ago have received genetic inputs from the “three ellipticals” hyperversals, perhaps as part of an intervention in their own case.

Again, hyper-advanced aliens suggest that we do as they say they did: we move, as best we can, toward a mostly non-sexual reproduction strategy. They go out of their way to suggest that we integrate into larger entities, which, they suggest, will allow us to endure into extended universe cycles.


The question is:

  • Which larger entity?

  • Do we forgo independent critique in order to do so, or do we find our own way and make our own associations?

In either case, hyperversals live in our vicinity and probably have vital inputs into every mega-population and every galaxy.

One hyperversal said that some independents of the previous universe cycle made it into the current universe cycle (as we know it) yet accorded and were open to various interactions. In other words, they didn’t arrogate too much to themselves. Of course, from our perspective, how “separate” would such independents actually be?


We know they can field a critique of larger mega-populations, and who is to say which are more astute and insightful:

independents or large mega-populations?

Both options are incomplete without the other.

This is a major topic of discussion among aliens here, given the human penchant for independence in the face of a Verdant intervention. Nonetheless, if we develop better global law and try not to take too much, if we don’t swarm out and try to occupy other systems (as Verdants do), we are approachable.


If we achieve a resonant global ecology and use gravitics only sparingly under global accords, we have a good chance.


The irony is that we’ll eventually interbreed with aliens (not necessarily a sexual act) and will exchange genetic options. Billions of years in the future, if not sooner, we’ll look more like mixed-origin hyperversals. Our heritage will derive from many planets, as it may in part, already.

From what we’ve seen, to date, hyper-advanced aliens derive from different backgrounds and have different physiques. They aren't monolithic products of one greedy stab out to dominate the cosmos.


Instead, the majority may be more humble others who recoiled at greedy example and organized to protect themselves from such excess.       


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