by George LoBuono
Updated edition released April 2011

Early electronic version released in 2006 - Version 1

from AlienMindBook Website




  1. Signs of the Times

  2. A Critical Threshold

  3. How Aliens View the Universe

  4. When the Cosmic-scale Meets the Micro-scale

  5. How Aliens View Us

  6. Interactions Between Aliens

  7. Alien Communities and Hyper-dynamics

  8. Large-scale Disagreements

  9. A Universal Standard?

  10. A Mega-Population Problem Case

  11. Our Pending Merger with Andromeda

  12. A More Alien-like Model of Mind

  13. Hyperversals - A New Category of Aliens?

  14. Extending a Universe Cycle

  15. How to Locate Aliens and “See” their Energy Networks

  16. Within a Hyper-Advanced Alien Community

  17. Hyper-Advanced Alien Behavior

  18. A Most Singular Limitation

  19. A More Evolved Humility

  1. A Second Depth of Awareness

  2. Frustrated Aliens’ Impulses

  3. Surviving the New Technologies

  4. Further Dangers of Electrogravity

  5. The Negative Cycle Mindscape

  6. Mega-Populations

  7. Eliminating the Troublemaker Gene

  8. Averting an Over-reaction to Aliens

  9. Crime in Alien Societies

  10. The Notion of Physicality

  11. A Hyper-advanced Problem Case

  12. An Advanced Alien Case Study

  13. A Test of Higher Mind

  14. Do Aliens Sleep?

  15. Are Aliens Religious?

  16. Ultimate Implications

* Many heart-felt thanks to all those who patiently offered guidance and information across great distances, both physically and culturally, without which this book would not have been possible.


To Dennis Briefer, Byron Belitsos, Maria C. Gonzalez, Frank Riccardi, Jamie Hunter, Robert LoBuono and my family, and others who helped me move this study along or critiqued early drafts, thank you for your understanding and support.