34 - Are Aliens Religious?

Although some contactees are convinced that aliens abduct humans for “spiritual” reasons in order to bring us into a larger kind of one-ness, many aliens would probably differ.


For example, how do we define spirit? Many humans think spirit endures with a unique personal character. Aliens don’t dwell on personal character in that sense. Instead, they define what we call “spirit” as that of a greater, universal whole, which is highly scientific, not simply a glowing quality of a primitive sort.


However, a given regime or collective might try to selectively categorize the universal whole as they choose, so the alien notion of spirit and sentience would be biased, in some cases.

While some humans think of spirit as their higher individual consciousness, aliens think otherwise - if they even use the word “spirit,” at all. We usually don’t hear their internal discussions on the subject because they’re too subtle. Aliens think of (the notion of) spirit in a collective sense. In other words, only the part of you that’s universal could endure.

Do aliens believe in God or a Creator?


The question assumes that there’s a single, individual entity, a figurative kind of super-being with singular character. Aliens usually don’t think in such terms. Instead, they talk about a multiplicity of intelligences that can converge in a collective community of mind, which you participate in and are part of. Our idea of a Creator assumes that there was a first cause.


Meanwhile, in various statements aliens have said the universe is, or can be, infinitely re-cycled, provided certain ecological conservations are respected. In other words, there probably isn’t a single character, a single-voiced deity that was first, in a linear sense of causation. To reduce universal mind to one single personage would exclude great awareness that can collectively dimension into and through any moment.


So when aliens tell humans about a “Creator,” they’re probably just posing the subject in terms that a non-scientific human can relate to.

If I’m not mistaken, aliens think the notion of a single creator is immature. Here on Earth, the idea of a single creator led to drunken kings and wannabe upstarts posing the singular and elevating themselves as god-like, rather than collective social consciousness. So, we see bad presidents and feeble-minded aristocrats who hide behind the illusion, which is convenient because any literate gofer can simply mouth the idea as though he or she is equal to it.

Meanwhile, when the universe cycles or folds into itself, time cycles back into itself also - in either great leaps of context or in tiny increments, depending on the mind of the observer. That’s why remote sensing is (or can be) as it is. That’s how the best minds cohere in hyperspace. In other words, by simply deciding to do so, you can step out of your old identity (old science and limitations) and be part of a better kind.

Of course it’s possible that before universe cycles peopled by aliens, a nascent earlier kind of universe could have existed, one with subtle singular vs. non-singular shadings - a darker energy continuum in which intelligence only evolved as a kind of order within order, a shared kind of hyper-mind.


Maybe such were the precursors of our more "physically" detached, if not distended-from-darkness, bodily kind. Science suggests that complexity increases with time, making a more darkly inter-connected precursor universe possible, theoretically.

The irony would be that a darker precursor cycle would have begun as what we’re still striving to become: peacefully mingled and composed of disembodied, thoughtful order. Such precursors could then have evolved in complexity and knowledge with each cycle of the universe, although we might think them primitive. Meanwhile, by now “they” would be hyper-intelligent, a nearly all-knowing community of mind cycling within or beyond dark states nearly instantaneously.


We could, conceivably, have borrowed from them to even exist in the first place. In such a scenario, we would only be beginning to understand their precedent.

Again, our zero moment when the universe came into being isn’t a typical alien’s idea, at all. Aliens point to mathematically balanced conservation of energy like that discussed by humans, but aliens frame it in terms of negative and alternate cycles, not linear waveform. More importantly, aliens talk about and strive to be part of all mind that ever was, is, or ever will be. That corresponds to a human idea of God but is different.

The best alien understanding is scientific and all-inclusive with a complex, inter-dimensioned multi-character - the many dimensions of all existence. And just where are those extra dimensions of mind and spirit? In every aspect of existence, everywhere. Unlike humans who tend to wax authoritatively and recite dogma, i.e. do this and that, or else, aliens walk you toward a more deeply scientific understanding in a larger sense.


The (western) human version of religion tends to be passive, externalized and is thus used by “authorities” to tell others what to do.


It’s rather slave-like, isn’t it?

The typical alien understanding is better. Everyone must think and behave accordingly because mind and consciousness are ultimately collective, overall. The alien version requires that you be actively responsible for shared understandings, actively included in them, not just an outsider appealing to “God” to give me this or that, or allow me such. To aliens, no single book is adequate to embody it all - better to read the whole library.

We can say with certainty that no gray, Verdant or any other advanced alien believes in a masculine god.


Why not? Because there’s no gender in the sum total of universal consciousness. Gender is peculiar to an individual's body, and some aliens aren't even sexual. Some clone or reproduce otherwise. Some aliens are feminine and would be offended by an attempt to portray universal mind as masculine.


So it isn’t done.

Meanwhile, abductees report that some aliens view us as an uncorrected species, a population that's scientifically backward and easy to take advantage of. Given the human tendency to think that alien intervention is a God-sent revelation, some aliens have long known they can manipulate us by staging technologically simple phenomena framed in religious terms.


This poses a problem for human governments because an attempt to expose the facts of alien intervention may, in some way, have to touch on the history of religious phenomena. Failure to do so leaves the door open for alien manipulation of religious prejudice, which might allow IFSP aliens to propagate conflict here in order to take advantage of us.

Believe it or not, William Cooper, Michael Wolf, Bob Lazar and other sources reported that the gray alignment claims to have had a role in the lives of three human prophets.

If true, that poses an obstacle to public disclosure about aliens because if human governments announce the presence of aliens, that might invite the IFSP to step in and exaggerate its role in three related religions (presumably Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Summers’ books warn about a similar scenario.

We’re vulnerable when governments deny that aliens exist because that retards normal scientific inquiry. The situation is complicated by economic disparities, plus the fact that 3.4 billion humans affiliate with the three above-noted religions. Although only a few hundred million believers would be naïve enough to be swayed by such aliens, there are potentially destructive strains among that fraction.


The problem isn’t their religion, of course. It’s the manipulation of religion by corrupt authority.

Various extraterrestrials, including IFSP aliens, have challenged humans to think rather than simply accept what others tell us. Aliens see life as a process of active, thoughtful discovery, a lifelong inquiry. They know that more advanced aliens exist, as does community of mind. It challenges them to think. Thoughtful inquiry leads to fantastic possibilities and successively more evolved kinds of being. So, good aliens see a need to purify themselves, in a sense, in order to expand and deepen their awareness.

When we discuss alien thought we encounter limitations. No matter what we think at a given time, we’re always learning more. So, in a sense, a book like this is always being re-written.


It will never be complete.         


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