by bajt

July 2000

from CrystalVision Mailing List



The below are my study-notes from Anna Hayes'

Voyagers Volumes I + II.

The study-notes are brief and are an outline

of Anna's books.








 -  1. Sleeping Abductees



 -  2. Secrets of Amenti



 -  3. More Recent Info from Anna Hayes



 -  4. ORAPHIM and the Indigo Children



 -  5. Restoring Unity Consciousness



 -  6. Pleiadians


 -  7. The Three Primary Agendas and The Vision of the Diamond Sun DNA


 -  8. The Structure of our Universe - An Introduction to the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix





 -  La Estructura de Nuestro Universo - Una Introducción a la Matriz del Tiempo de 15 Dimensiones