by John Kettler
November 7, 2012

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UFO War - Winding Down & Winding Us Up, Too


UFO War Zone No Longer? - The Pacific Ocean

Image Credit: NOAA via Wikimedia Commons


UFO War. Following roughly six weeks of actions by the still very highly classified naval Coalition Forces (from the U.S., China, Republic of China/Taiwan, Japan and South Korea), formations in the Pacific have begun to disband.


This action follows an apparently highly successful and historic nuclear attack against a Blob base so deep it was under the seabed 30,000 feet down. The attack took place at 4 a.m. local time (1400 UTC) 300 nautical miles east of Indonesia.

The Battle of New Orleans took place after the peace treaty was signed in Europe, but before word of the signing could reach the States. Much the same was true here as well.


The annihilating nuclear strike took place after the Liberation Forces' decision to get the Blobs and their ilk out of here, but before it could be implemented.

Area 51's S4' three unwanted, lab wrecking, mind destroying captured Blobs, E'Caob'co (pronounced "eh kayob ko") "house guests" vanished, and great was the joy of everyone there. So great was the gratitude that the Liberation Forces, who handled the Blobs' retrieval, received special relayed thanks.


That was before it was discovered the Liberation Forces hadn't picked up the Blobs after all. They'd somehow escaped, were wrecking S4, and wreaking havoc everywhere they went, what with their hydrochloric acid skin exudations and exhalations.


But is that what really happened?




UFO War, Cognitive Dissonance & The Exopolitics Of Control

With the UFO War now at a close, following the nuclear strike and no further activity observed for days - anywhere - things were looking up.


The three former inmates at Area 51′s S4 were soon to be off to the Universities of Evolution, for study by the scientists there. This was the price of getting most of the rest of their kind, and three other related species, off the planet and back to their home worlds.


This was done by four specially built ships provided by the Liberation Forces, but mentally piloted by the Blobs themselves, for they are a space-faring race.

As best the Liberation Forces could determine, the Blobs and their ilk, who are all extremely valuable and useful where they belong, had no business being here in the first place.


They were placed here by a then tortured past criminally insane Creator Being named Merishna specifically to destroy Earth.


The Blobs' true function, though, is akin to earthworms, catfish and other such creatures, for they are tremendous recyclers. They consume the soil and what's in it, then break it down into beneficial constituent components used by people, flora and fauna alike.


Happily, Merishna underwent tremendous healing and rehabilitation. She worked unrelentingly to undo this and even worse things she diabolically engineered in her transcendently awful past. She has since been absorbed into a greater state of being and purpose.

Things were looking up. The nuclear strike had ended the UFO War, S4 was rebuilding, and the Blobs and similar were gone, save for ~10,000 who were going to leave us strictly alone. These had, for unknown reasons, elected to stay, rather than return to their home worlds. In the course of all this, the Liberation Forces found that the invisible OOD (Officer Of the Deck) and enlisted personnel devourer from the 4th Dimension was a symbiont of the Blobs.


The nature of that connection has yet to be learned, but one real shock was that the Blobs, previously thought to be visible and of this dimension, turn out to have the same invisibility and dimension jumping abilities.


Speculation is this wasn't observed because they were so traumatized by their shoot-down, capture and incarceration they simply couldn't then.

"So," you ask, "If the Liberation Forces picked up the captured Blobs, then how did they escape, demolish much of S4, then vanish?"

The answer lies in the exopolitics of Reptoid control.


Under no circumstance could the people at S4 be permitted to realize there were Liberation Forces and that it was the Liberation Forces who'd removed their nightmare prisoners.

The brilliant deception cum commando operation was carried out via beaming in from a 7th Dimension Reptoid ship.


The 7th Dimension holds the basis of Reptoid control over Earth. The time between the removal of the S4 prisoner Blobs and the insertion of these replacement Blobs had a traumatic effect at S4, on my highly sensitive contacts, on me and caused major confusion Topside.


It got so bad that one Ground Contingent and I had to have a crash conference with several senior commanders of the Liberation Forces. We were directly told the evacuated Blobs were with one of the commanders, so what was spreading ruination at S4? A day later, in our time, we knew.

You think you're safe. You can breathe again and return to your daily routine - however "out there" that might be.


Suddenly, the place goes nuts! The Blobs are not only not gone, but loose and wrecking every place they go, to include the flight line where their failed efforts to hijack a ship cause major damage to it.


After turning the place upside down and destroying untold quantities of precision equipment in state of the art labs, the Blobs vanish. A thorough search later discovers an acid dissolved hole through the hangar door leading to the Nevada desert and freedom. But where did they go? No one knew, and everyone aware of the situation was worried.


Adding to the confusion, searchers found a tower mounted 500 gallon water tank was no longer on its tower. Following a 20 mile radius surface search and a 100 mile radius air search, the leaking tank, minus Blobs, was found 10 miles away.

The Blob commandos left in the same way they arrived.


They were beamed out by a Reptoid ship and returned to the 7th dimension. In their wake, they left untold destruction of sanity, severe damage to S4 and the real object of the raid, the shattering of the emerging belief among the people there that they did have help; that the Liberation Forces were real.


The real plan was to destroy hope and regain dominance over the increasingly restive personnel at S4.




UFO War - Whither The Reptoids?

Though the Reptoids haven't been seen in the now wrapping up UFO War since destroying an expensive frigate and all of her highly trained complement, some have begun to claim this proves Tolec was right and that I've been peddling misinformation at best and lying through my teeth at worst.


The Liberation Forces are adamant the Reptoids still have around 40 underwater bases. They are very hard to detect, being elaborately cloaked. The Reptoids, though, are their own worst enemies.


The Liberation Forces expect them to make a fatal mistake born of their hubris, a mistake which will make their underwater bases vulnerable to destruction.


That particular account has yet to be paid, and we will and shall exact full price. Back at the start of World War II for the U.S., the war cry was "Remember Pearl Harbor!"


The trouble with this UFO War is that the whole thing, thus our losses, was and remains so classified we don't know what ship is gone and whom to mourn.


A truly tragic state of affairs!




UFO War - My Questions To The Critics And Haters

If I'm either misinformed or actively disinforming (promoting an NWO fake invasion), then why am I under concerted and vicious attack since announcing the nuclear strike?


These attacks are so bad they make even the worst I was subjected to before, both here and on Facebook, hardly seem worthy of comment.


If I'm peddling naked lies, then why are key people at the CIA, the Pentagon and the DIA reading everything I put out here, some by choice, others by order?


The hemorrhage of the most sensitive data is driving people nuts trying to find its origins, but others find this information priceless and are prepared to move against those who seek to crush me and this site.


Try as it might, the government has not been able to contain the nuclear strike story. It's all over the Internet.