by Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach

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Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach are a mother and daughter team who have interviewed and researched numerous multidimensional experiencers, catalogued evidence of the experiences, and extended their research into historical, multicultural backgrounds.

Alice Bryant has had articles published in COLORADO WOMAN DIGEST, UFO MAGAZINE, FYI, and SACRED SITES and has had interviews published in magazines in Australia, Mexico and Iceland. She has co-authored two books: THE MESSAGE OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (Llewellen Publications, St. Paul, Minn., 1989). With her daughter, Linda, she co-authored HEALING SHATTERED REALITY: UNDERSTANDING CONTACTEE TRAUMA (Wildflower Press: P.O. 726, Newberg, Oregon 1991).


She has traveled extensively in all of the United States, Canada, Peru, and Easter Island visiting ancient sacred sites. Helping to bring understanding of exceptional phenomena and what they mean to future generations has become her life's work.

Rev. Linda Seebach earned her B.A. degree in Social Science from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. During twenty-five years of working in social services, she achieved in-depth experience with Vietnam veterans and parolees with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


She early encountered experience of anomalous events of people awakening to their psychic abilities and experiencing other space-time continua. In 1994 she was ordained a Minister in The Universal Church of the Master, a non-denominational Christian Church founded in 1908.

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-- Ingo Swann




Profound evidence exists supporting the concept that human potentials are not confined to third-dimension realities of height, breadth and depth, or of matter, energy, space and time. New scientific models for space-time transcendence are being researched. But human culture is rich regarding multidimensional and hyperspace phenomena experienced by the human psyche which are analogous to some of the new scientific models.


Cultural and experiential evidence is strong indicating that multidimensional types can "travel" between and have conscious visualizations and perceptions of hyperspace dimensions. A technology is possible regarding transmission and access of hyperspace information. This technology could restructure human focus and activity.

The most incredible journeys ever taken have been made within the realms of the human mind. Perhaps for some, these journeys are simply pleasant day dreams, mental travels to the far-away places on earth. But for people who can mentally access other space/time continuums, people called "multidimensionals," their journeys consist of far more than just imaginings.

The implications of multidimensional experiencers for the future of mankind are staggering -- for their mind journeys allow remarkable amounts of very different, advanced technological information to be brought into our third-dimensional realities.
Research has shown that multidimensionals can actually travel into hyperspace and have conscious visualization and perceptions of other time/space dimensions, including accessing information through their own DNA. Often they speak of formulas, mathematical equations and atomic structure in ways quite different from current scientific thought.

Hyperspace is defined as the spatial dimensions beyond time and the reality known as the three dimensional world, defined by height, width, and depth of space. It is also referred to as subspace or multidimensionality.

The third dimension, which humans experience, exists within hyperspace as a subset or one of many dimensions. This reality, according to theoretical physicists, may also be one of many, many parallel universes.

In his book HYPERSPACE [1], Michio Kaku ably demonstrates that the existence of higher dimensions and hyperspace is well grounded in scientific principles.

Today's theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyperspace, introduced the existence of "wormholes" or tunnels between dimensions, alternate universes and, again theoretically, have postulated access to both the past and the future. Most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyperspace by a mechanical, third dimensional means.

But history relates that there has been an abundance of people who, through their minds, have had the potential, sometimes developed into ability, to access higher dimensions. These people have been called prophets, seers, diviners. Even science fiction writers, such as H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, have shown uncanny knowledge of the future in both their inventions and their writings.

Multidimensional experiencers, with their long history, may truly represent a new evolutionary development of the human species, forerunners on the evolutionary path. Although many more multidimensionals will be born beginning in the 1990s, many born in the 1940s are now reaching their full potential. Perhaps the most renowned multidimensional of this century was Albert Einstein. His apparent ability to access regions beyond the third dimension brought in a new physics and opened the door to the development of much of today's technology.

One multidimensional we interviewed explains,

"The message I related to you was given to me by these impulses that are difficult to perceive, as our current condition and language interfere with meaning. As I visualized the need for a new energy source, it was shown visually, interpreted poetically and named in linear fashion for integration into third dimensional use."

Multidimensionals know that they see, feel and experience dimensions in addition to, and very different from, the every-day third-dimensional world. Advanced concepts often come to multidimensionals in the form of a universal communication system, carried by light frequencies, seen as visions, symbols, colors, numbers, or heard through unusual and not yet understood sound mechanisms.

Once properly understood, nurtured and cultivated, multidimensionals have much to offer humanity. They are the forerunners of a new world.

But being on the frontier often has pitfalls.

Their experiences are often difficult to verbalize for there is little common ground with third dimensional reality. The translation of these experiences is one of the most difficult challenges encountered. Yet, those multidimensionals who could interpret their findings, such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, were considered the geniuses who changed the world.

Once multidimensionals understand that they are, indeed, accessing information which exists outside known reality, the second, and perhaps largest, challenge comes in mastering their abilities. Hyperspace is so incredibly vast that there is no limit to the number of space/time continuums that can be accessed.


A multidimensional might access, say, the fifth or higher dimensions, or, they could travel inside the very atoms of the third-dimensional reality. The complexities of knowing their exact location within hyperspace are overcome with training and diligent effort. The position in hyperspace dictates both what will be encountered and how it should be interpreted.

Many multidimensionals see other beings, intelligences in hyperspace, and worlds different from Earth - as well as seeing symbols, equations, machines, colors. Due to the high strangeness of hyperspace, each will interpret what they see in terms of their own past experiences and knowledge. The dimensions are teeming with life forms of all descriptions, from balls of light to very concrete civilizations.

Carl Jung, in his work on interpretation of dreams identified the symbolic archetypes of the collective unconscious which frequently appear in the dream world. Time-space has not yet had this type of study. While the mind can comprehend known objects and familiar landscapes, it cannot easily comprehend something that is totally unknown. When multidimensionals see something that is previously unknown to them, they must expand their concepts to integrate the new information and also be able to correlate this new knowledge to the third dimension.

Because so much is unknown regarding the phenomena encountered in hyperspace, it is advisable, regardless of religious persuasion, for people to utilize an affirmation when accessing the higher realms. An affirmation is used as a means of protection for the individual, to attract the right vibrational frequencies and repel the wrong ones. Setting up the right vibrational frequency is important.

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, utilized an excellent affirmation in which he stated that he was more than his physical body, and asked for guidance from higher beings. Until much more is known about the inhabitants of hyperspace, it is not wise to be open to any and all energies which could be encountered.

In addition to learning how to locate themselves in hyperspace and to interpret what they are experiencing, multidimensionals integrate these aspects with their third-dimensional selves. Many multidimensionals are extremely advanced when they are born. Others lives normal, almost ordinary, lives in their early years, until one or more events open the doors within their minds, and they are whisked, totally unprepared, through the dimensional doorway.


They have entered the next step in their ability to access hyperspace. People who are born with the awareness of hyperspace capabilities have a much easier time with integration of the experience than those who come into awareness later in life.

Changing mental focus between dimensions can occur rapidly and is often the result of outside stimuli - a harmonic resonance which can trigger the change of focus, and which can also act as a guide. This harmonic resonance may come in the form of any number of things (a sound, a word, a flash of light, a sentence, or an event) which acts as the opening key to a specific range of knowledge in hyperspace.

The shift of mental focus between dimensions and into hyperspace can be random and specific words or key phrases seem to delineate given areas. Large amounts of information can result when a multidimensional is directed in a definite way to a given area.


The harmonic resonance, or activating mechanism, serves the same function as a query into a computer. Although there may be unlimited data available, the query sets the parameters for specific information concerning a given topic. These activating mechanisms (or "triggers") can come at any time from anywhere - such as from emotions, written material, TV, other people, etc.

Tones are one of the most common mechanisms for causing or enabling a person to switch dimensions. Monroe, for example, was a pioneer in exploring the effects of tones on the human brain and hyperspace experiencing. He discovered that the brain will respond or resonate by producing similar electrical signals when certain types of sound frequencies are heard.

Alternate or special states of awareness - sleep, tranquility, etc. - can be produced by hearing a certain sound pattern. A tone is heard with which the brain will resonate, and a corresponding state will ensue. Monroe discovered that both sides of the brain could be brought into synchronization by the introduction of two tones, one in each ear. He termed this Hemi/sync. [2]

Spontaneous, or random forms of remote viewing will probably occur in certain multidimensionals. People with natural remote viewing abilities can go to specific locations, but the information they receive is at times random. Multidimensionals often need to interpret what they are seeing and the meaning of the information they obtain, otherwise the information may remain random, incomplete or garbled.

This differs from Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) methods which are very clearly defined and strictly adhered to, requiring CRVers to have a high degree of discipline. Dr. H. E. Putoff, Ingo Swann, and others, while working at Stanford Research Institute, researched and developed Controlled Remote Viewing as a model which produced high increases in accuracy and could be taught.

There is no interpretation in CRV. Information obtained by CRV can be corroborated by duplication of results by different viewers and information gained by "on site" inspection. Remote viewing always focuses on obtaining information concerning a specific place, event or person and CRV was not designed for viewing things which cannot be independently verified, such as the existence of certain discarnate beings.

Those multidimensionals who can incorporate the discipline of Controlled Remote Viewing can benefit greatly from this particular type of remote viewing which takes a year or more of intensive training.

For multidimensionals, validation of their information is one of the greatest rewards, for validation is one of their most intense needs. To be a multidimensional is to have very powerful inner resources. But their resources are placed in an awkward and confusing situation when nurturing and subsequent validation is withheld, denied or not possible. They tend to spend hours in telephone conversations with people who are experts in a given field in order to obtain validation of the material they are obtaining in hyperspace.

It is vital to understanding that there are many, many multidimensionals in the world and that this is a human capability. Society has been very reluctant to validate the existence of "paranormal" abilities on any level. Until the world accepted his theories of highly advanced physics, Einstein was considered "mentally deranged" by his scientific peers.

The social reluctance to validate multidimensional phenomena has resulted in little knowledge regarding common hyperspace experiencing. The knowledge vacuum has also left many of the phenomena unidentified and unknown.

Research regarding human potential conducted (to mention but a few) at Stanford Research Institute, the Monroe Institute, and in many parapsychological research centers, has confirmed that humans possess enormous super-capabilities of all kinds. Because the human-capability spectrum is so enormous, many of these super-capabilities have not yet begun to be identified, studied or explored.

Multidimensionals have many well-developed psychic abilities, but not all psychics have developed hyperspace skills. Multidimensional experiencers differ from people who receive telepathic or mechanically forwarded information from various sources. They access, by direct experiencing, philosophical and technical information, mathematics, and advanced concepts within all the known sciences.

Gifted psychics are very highly evolved people who are beginning to come into the next stage of evolution, that of multidimensionality with greater awareness.

Multidimensional children are often born into families who do not, in any measure, understand or appreciate their abilities.
As a result, the young are confused and often rebellious. They are disoriented because they are aware of a world that present society insists does not exist. As indicated by many accounts, they are put on tranquilizers, or even stronger medication through conventional medical treatment to quiet, among other things, the "inner voice" they insist they hear.

The knowledge and talents of each child differs. They tend to speak in terms of mathematics, angles, equations, geometric forms, biological and atomic structures. They have a grasp of very technical knowledge, especially energy to matter to energy technology. Their abilities often conflict with third-dimensional education systems - and because of this, they sometimes abandon their multidimensionality.


They are of the future, doing futuristic work.

As they get older and begin to understand their nature, there are natural methods which enable multidimensionals to ground and control themselves. Grounding and control are vital tools for integration of the multiple realties.

Often multidimensional children have a heightened interest in people of other cultures, the environment, nature and wildlife, space and the universe. They have an advanced sense of the working and order of things, a precocious knowledge generally only obtained in higher education, if available there at all. As they mature, they are filled with a knowledge that comes forth without any visible external source of input. Parents and peers may not understand the source of this information, and that is part of what sets them apart and makes them feel so strange.

When multidimensional children start talking, it is sometimes evident that they have memories they cannot make others understand. One such child born in 1993, began speaking at a very early age. However, the language she used was not the language of her parents. Her unknown language had definite form, recognizable sound patterns, and it was very clear she understood that what she was saying had meaning. By age three she was still slow to form sentences in English, her mother's native language, and mixed in words with her earlier unknown language.

Multidimensional children often will express themselves in wonderfully colorful and interesting ways. Andrew Thomas Weaver, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the age of six and a half, wrote and illustrated a book so remarkable his parents printed it in 1994.


"When Asteroid Andrew dreamed at night, he transformed into a photon-blue interplanetary explorer, named FREEFALL. FREEFALL'S aeroballistic hyperbolic navigation guided him to the planet ECHO in the Galileo Galaxy." [3]

Tomorrow's children will need more public awareness of who they are and what their purpose will be, for there will be many more of these extraordinary individuals coming into the world. Tomorrow's children will need societies' understanding and support of their very special gifts and talents.

Some multidimensionals have stated that they would rather live a quiet life secluded in the country than to go through the agony of multidimensional experiences. It is difficult for others to understand how anyone could make that kind of decision. But there is a high percentage of multidimensionals who want this.

They do not want to be hassled, do not want to go through the struggle and the agony of the experiences in a social environment which does not accept them in the first place. Because of their lack of intellectual understanding of what they experience, many turn to the self medication of alcohol in order to numb the sensations, both mental and physical.

Others utilize drugs to justify or "normalize" the experience. If others are experiencing something of the same thing, then the feeling of being different or abnormal is lessened -- i.e. everyone "trips" on drugs. There is often misdiagnosis by the mental health profession. This is especially true of multidimensional children whose parents, teachers and peers do not understand them at all.

On the other hand, multidimensionals who do not shut down their experiences and perceptions go to higher dimensions and seem to be able to tap resources of knowledge that would normally be identified only with genius -- such as understanding the finer structure of everything around them, whether it be human, biological, nuclear, atomic, or energy.

In general, our extended research seems to indicate that a statistical increase of multidimensional and hyperspace experience types is taking place. However, this increase is difficult to determine because our sample is limited (as all samples are) and because past assessments of this kind are absent. Many multidimensionals we have interviewed seem to be aware that an increase of this kind of awareness is taking place - and also that the current influx of multidimensionals is part of a greater plan to help correct the many ills now afflicting planet earth.


A new breed of highly sophisticated scientists, incorporating a spiritual awareness and fully utilizing the potential of the human mind, is the greatest hope of salvation from nuclear holocaust or complete environmental collapse - and possibly of future problems unknown today.

In essence, multidimensionals represent:

  • A revolutionary paradigm shift in what constitutes "reality"

  • An evolutionary leap for humanity

  • An opening of doors to advanced human mind potential

  • An unlimited potential for new, pure energy, technology

Most importantly, multidimensionals are living examples of the ultimate paradigm shift from materialism to mentalism because they have consciously converted material, third dimensional, controlled and limited, information transmission systems to unlimited, cosmic information transmission systems.

What multidimensionals are NOT is NON-human beings. They are fully human in all regards, but have accessed levels of awareness in themselves others are discouraged from discovering and experiencing. In other words, they are prototypes of larger human potential. They are examples of the old adage, "Anything is possible, if you know how." The multidimensionals know and share the "how" of tapping in to cosmic information transmission systems.

Although challenged by many scientists, the "100th monkey" syndrome was documented and theoretically established when simultaneous, spontaneous behavioral changes in monkeys occurred across distinct island chains after the 100th monkey "learned" the initial behavior.

In his book YOUR NOSTADRAMUS FACTOR, Ingo Swann indicated:

"In short, so the theory goes, if a hundred monkeys learn something, all monkeys will soon acquire this knowing even in the absence of any sensory contacts with the learned monkeys. [An] Unknown form of 'learned transmission' is thought to exist, which would explain all this. Such learning transmission is presumable PSYCHIC, since it is some nonsensory quality.


"Critics say this all bunk, but the facts remain. With a wide expanse of ocean separating them, monkeys learned something in a way that no standard or prevailing explanation can account for. It is rather well known that humans possess psychic states that influence those around them. And there is also a phenomenon of people separated by vast distances 'having the same idea at the same time.'" [4]

Swann further observes that,

"...the hundredth monkey syndrome appears operative in negative as well as positive respects. If a lot of us forget or ignore one of our powers, eventually the rest of us, by 'dis-learning transmissions,' may do so also." [5]

Multidimensionals CONSCIOUSLY receive information as energy frequency information transmissions. By so doing, they provide information pertaining to higher (or cosmic) knowledge transmission systems -- as opposed to materialistic, third-dimensional, hardware requiring transmission systems containing and perpetuating only third-dimensional information and knowledge.

Multidimensionals have shown that "cosmic" light, including sunlight, is the ultimate cosmic information transmission system. Earth has always received cosmic information transmissions. Humans have always received cosmic energy knowledge transmissions, but have repressed this knowledge from conscious awareness, relegating cosmic information input to deeply buried mind dynamics of the subconscious.

Successful multidimensionals have simply eradicated the barriers between conscious and subconscious inputs. They have opened pathways between the two mind centers and expanded their 5 to 15 per cent conscious awareness factor by an untold amount.

Human minds (conscious awareness) have been stuck or blocked into a "dis-learning" mindset which has short-circuited the potential of human mind functioning. Successful multidimensionals make adjustments necessary to unlock the mindset, and, once free from that state of non-awareness, can access higher dimensions. Their abilities to do this formulate a knowledge transmission system characterized by different mind frequencies.

Another mind-dynamic associated with the 100th monkey syndrome concerns qualitative phenomena as contrasted to only quantitative phenomena.

Perhaps it was not that 100 monkeys projected a particular learning transmission frequency. One clear frequency, accompanied in concert by supporting frequencies with the same information loads, would be capable of being received across great distances and synchronizing the thought patterns of others, bringing the learning transmission to conscious action.

Conversely, accomplished multidimensionals, emanating learning transmission frequencies could effect individuals they come into contact with, and, in concert, could reach millions, who, acting in the learning transmission themselves, could also access the dimensional pathways.

Individual conscious awareness of mind blocks incorporated with a conscious internal search for the learning transmission - rather than the dis-learning transmissions - are keys that allow the mind to expand.

The importance of breaking free of the third-dimensional mind blocks is, very simply, that humans have radically altered the planet's environment without radically altering themselves on a conscious mental level.

The result is a quest for material comfort and the irrational utilization of earth's resources in this pursuit, and it has already caused irreparable damage.

If humanity continues in perpetuating the current destructive mindsets, the earth CANNOT continue to support human life.
The blocked mindsets do not allow this knowledge of earth's inability to support burgeoning human life to become readily apparent - due to an inherent belief system that "life will always continue this way."

According to statistics published by the National Audubon Society and the Overpopulation Committee International, the human population was about 2.5 billion during the 1950s, and which was near the top end of earth's healthy carrying capacity. World population will exceed 10 billion by 2010 and reach 15 to 25 billion somewhere between 2020 and 2040, an increase of over 75 per cent beyond earth healthy and safe carrying capacity. [6]

Whether multidimensional or not, those who have escaped the mind blocks can see the rapidly approaching end of material resources. Humans are decimating those resources at an astronomical rate. When earth's resources are exhausted, all that will be left is the damage.

The obvious question now becomes:

"How does a multidimensional vantage point contribute solutions to the many environmental and human ills (disease, starvation, war)?"

It must be comprehended that the environmental and human predicaments are a product of blocked mindsets which cause the lack of knowledge of MATTER FIRST BEING PURE ENERGY; of the human mind effects on pure energy; a mis-utilization of pure energy; and ignorance of the effects of the energy created when the energy of matter is changed.


    Everything which exists was first an idea (pure energy). Then material matter (formed energy) was acquired, with the (energy formed idea of) money, work, time and effort. The creation was then "made" by assembling the matter in a certain structure, with the structure being "the end product", without regard to the potential of the transformed energy, except as more matter (i.e. profit or consumer goods). The third-dimensional dynamic is matter to matter, not energy to matter to energy.



    Humans constantly create energy forms in their minds by means of their thoughts. Mind blocks misinform that these thoughts are self-contained within the mind and "go nowhere". This constitutes the greatest fallacy of the mind blocks. It has been proven over and over again in all the scientific disciplines from nuclear physics to astronauts sending messages from the Moon to earth that thoughts have a definite physical impact on and over matter.



    Because of the belief system that thoughts "go nowhere", the prevailing thought forms of a negative nature are negatively impacting all of Earth. Negative thought output adversely effects all life forms because of information exchange frequencies of which most humans remain unaware, but are constantly producing.



    Massive experiments and testing of weapons has occurred world wide. Scientists DO NOT KNOW the long-term effects these experiments and tests will have on the planet and all life forms. These tests continue - despite vast amounts of scientific documentation and research on the detrimental effects of nuclear radiation, electromagnetic pollution and the admitted depletion of the ozone layer.


    The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) on the northern slopes of Alaska includes experiments in ionosphere heating of hitherto unknown magnitude and the bouncing of dangerous electromagnetic waves off the ionosphere to earth. [7]

The mindset of materialism - which has been the one-dimensional method of information transmission causing so much destruction - can be reversed.

Access to a technology not locked into third-dimensional realities, a technology not blocked by third-dimensional mindsets, could restructure human focus and activity and work to restore earth environment.

Consider the following two charts representing multidimensionality and non-multidimensionality (3-D dimensionality only).



Access to........> Unlimited........> Clear........> Clear........> Future
pure access to vision action positive
information higher of on results:
transmissions. order energy energy Positive
information. to to utilization
matter matter of energy
to to to matter
energy. energy. to energy.


Generated......> Limited...........> Vision.......> Status Quo.> Short term
3-D access of what action focus
material controlled control of depletion
information by deems fit matter of existing
system. blocked to fulfill to matter.
mindsets. self matter. Negative
Mind lock interest. environment
"Secrets" Denial of human
kept. existence impact.
pure energy
and thought


By having unlimited information ACCESS, successful or developed multidimensionals can view energy working and can also trace the energy paths from source to end results. Thus they can determine positive or negative outcomes of material creation and the procession of the energy-matter change dynamic.

For example, among the many multidimensionals we have interviewed was a man named Rory who described in several ways the procession of the energy-matter-change dynamic he experienced in healing.

"For example," he indicated, "when working with a horse with a damaged leg, I mentally saw a triangle from the back through the hip area -, through the right leg - going down - with circles at the top and the bottom of the triangle.


"There was puffy flesh around the circles, with three different shades of colors, green, light blue, off-white.

"When I am focusing my healing energy, as the healing takes place, the colors change, turn a different color and it is done.

"I have never associated a particular disease with a particular shape, because there never was any exactness. You have a broken bone, another person has a broken bone, I would see two completely different shapes, colors. Never any similarity. Never exactly the same shape and color.

"But the spontaneous healing takes place when the energy is mentally applied.

"Each healer visualizes differently, the energy transfer dynamic is the same. Energy to matter to energy (wellness)."

This is not futuristic science fiction, as Rory and other multidimensionals have demonstrated.

It is the reality available by breaking free from the mind blocks, by being able to access mental energy technology and then applying that technology in third-dimensional physical space.

Mental energy concepts and multidimensional potentials are every human's innate birthright. To activate that birthright, it must be dug from the graveyard of his own deeply buried, third-dimensional mind blocks.

The multidimensionals have opened the gateways. By their examples, they have set up the information transmission frequency on the highways of the mind - the highways which can lead to freedom from a destructive mind blocks toward a much higher quality of life for all.



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