-  ADN, Primates y el Demiurgo - ¿Es que algo Interfirió con nuestra Estructura Genética?


 -  A Look Into the Origins of Mankind - Does this Explain Evolution's "Missing Link"?


 -  Artificial Life Created by Craig Venter - First Synthetic Cell Created in A Laboratory


 -  Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries of The Universe - Main File

 -  A window into the Abiotic carbon cycle - Acetate and formate in fracture waters in 2.7 Billion Year-old host...


 -  Before the Big Bang, There Was... What?


 -  Cambio de Paradigma Evolutivo - El Hombre No habría Aparecido en África, sino en Eurasia - Nuevo Estudio


 -  Conscious Evolution In Designer Genes - A Manual For Futants


 -  Descubren Vida Microbiana Viviendo en el Exterior de la Estación Espacial Internacional - Impresionante...


 -  DNA, Apes and the Demiurge - Did Something Interfere with our Genetic Structure?


 -  DNA Begins as a Quantum Wave


 -  Earth's Timeline


 - ¿El Génesis o Los 'Genes de Isis'?


 -  El Génesis Prohibido - Los Anunnaki y la Creación


 -  El Hombre Neanderthal y Los Illuminati


 -  Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention


 -  Evidence for Early Life in Earth's oldest Hydrothermal Vent Precipitates

 - 'Follow the Water' - Hydrogeochemical Constraints on Microbial Investigations 2.4 km below Surface at the...


 -  From Helix To Hologram - An Ode on The Human Genome


 - ¿Fuimos Creados por una Civilizaron Superior?

 -  Genesis or The "Genes of Isis"?


 -  Genoma - Main File



 -  Historia del Origen - El Comienzo de la Vida en la Tierra es un Horizonte de Sucesos desde el cual...

 -  Homo Schizo - Human and Cultural Hologenesis



 -  How Life (and Death) Spring from Disorder


 -  Human Evolution Enters an Exciting New Phase



 -  Humans Evolved Somewhere Else in the Galaxy - We Are Aliens on Our Own Planet - Scientist Says


 -  If DNA is Software, Who Wrote the Code?


 -  La Clave del Origen de la Vida puede estar en el 'ARN Primitivo'


 -  Las Células Vivas Son Unidades Electromagnéticas



 -  La Vida en el Universo sería mucho más Antigua que la Tierra


 -  La Vida podría Estar por Todas Partes en el Universo


 -  Life Beyond Earth - An Ocean on Mars. An Earth-like Planet Light Years Away. The Evidence is Mounting...


 -  Living Cells are Electromagnetic Units


 -  Los Jardineros de la Tierra


 -  Los Verdaderos Inicios de La Vida



 -  Lotus Protocol



 -  Mammals Made by Viruses


 -  Microbial Life Found Living on the Exterior of the International Space Station - Say Reports

 -  Microbiome of the Upper Troposphere - Species Composition and Prevalence, Effects of Tropical Storms...


 -  Microbios - Lo Último en Desintegración de Realidades


 -  NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical


 -  Neanderthal Man and The Illuminati



 -  New Genetic Study seriously Challenges Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'


 -  Nuestro Edén Químico - El Origen de la Vida



  Nuestros Origenes Estelares - Main File



 -  Origin Story - The Start of Life on Earth is an Event Horizon we struggle to See Beyond


 -  Our Chemical Eden - The Origin of Life


  Our Stellar Origins - Main File



 -  Oxygen and Stem Cells may have Reshaped Early Complex Animals


 -  Por qué un Equipo de Científicos quiere Cambiar el Concepto de qué es "Vida" - En busca de Extraterrestres


 -  Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project


 -  Pye's Disagreement with Sitchin - Creation of Homo Sapiens (Humans)


 -  Radioactivity may fuel Life Deep Underground and Inside other Worlds


 -  Rupert Sheldrake - Los Campos Morfogeneticos - Main File


 -  Scientists Just Found Fossils Containing the Oldest Evidence of Life on Earth


 -  Some Reasons Human Beings May Not Be Mammals

 -  The Contribution of Water Radiolysis to Marine Sedimentary Life


 -  The Mystery of Homo Sapiens


 -  The New Physics needed to Probe the Origins of Life



 -  The Origin of Life and the Suppression of Truth



 -  The Origin of Life


 -  The 'Sudden' Appearance of Cro-Magnon


 -  The Surprising Origins of Life's Complexity


 -  Tholins - The Red Goo critical to Life in the Universe


 - ¿Un Mensaje 'Divino' Cifrado en nuestro ADN?


 -  What is Life? - Bio-Physical Perspectives


 -  What is Life? - Its Vast Diversity defies Easy Definition


Additional Information


 -  A Major Mystery in Newly Created Life-Form


 -  Análisis de los Cuerpos - Nadie puede Demostrar Físicamente que los Cuerpos se Desplacen


 -  An Ancient and Occult Genetic Code


 -  Anatomía Multidimensional Humana


 -  Ancient Mysteries and Human Origins


 -  Anthropic Arrogance


 -  Antiguos Misterios y Orígenes Humanos



 -  Archaeological Cover-ups - A Plot to Control History?



 -  Are We Really All Made of Stars?



 -  Artificial Life made in Lab can Grow and Divide like Natural Bacteria


 -  Atlantis Grid, DNA, Energy, Wormwood - Dinosaurs Lived With Man

 -  Australopithecus Africanus - The Man-Ape of South Africa


 -  Biological Immortality and You


 -  Biological Immortality - TOP SECRET UFO SENSITIVE AREA - Intelligence Briefing


 -  Biologists Discover Electric Bacteria that Eat Pure Electrons rather than Sugar - Redefining the Tenacity...


 -  Biophotons and The Universal Light Code


 -  Biophotons - The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light


 -  Biophotons - The Lights in Our Cells


 -  Breath of The Earth Research Reveals Life's Origin



 -  Carl Sagan tenía Razón - Los Astrónomos Confirman que Estamos Hechos de Polvo de Estrellas


 -  Científicos Confirman Similitudes Estructurales entre Células Humanas y Estrellas de Neutrones


 -  Científicos descubren accidentalmente Nuevas Especies Animales en la Antártida


 -  Climate Change led to 'Unexpected Anatomical Changes' - Fossil of Extinct Human Species reveals...


 -  Cómo el Cráter del Asteroide que Acabó con los Dinosaurios se Convirtió Rápidamente en Cuna de Vida


 -  Confirmed - We Really are 'Star Stuff'


 -  Cosmología Evolutiva y Evolución Biológica


 -  Cosmologist Paul Davies proposes Theory that Building Blocks of Life may not be Chemicals but Inform...


 -  Could Earth have a 'Shadow' Biosphere?


 -  Creation Myths from Many Cultures


 -  Cultivation of an Obligate Fe(II)-Oxidizing Lithoautotrophic Bacterium Using Electrodes

 -  Defining Lyfe in the Universe - From Three Privileged Functions to Four Pillars


 -  Descubren una Biosfera Subterránea del Doble del Tamaño de los Océanos de la Tierra


 -  Descubrimientos de Fósiles desafían Ideas acerca del Inicio de la Tierra

 -  Design and Synthesis of a Minimal Bacterial Genome


 -  Did Early Humans Hibernate


 -  Discovery of The Biofield - A Different Type of Magnetism?


 -  Diseño y Principio Antrópico del Universo


 -  DNA's Hyper Communication - The "Living Internet" Inside of Us

 -  Drimolen cranium DNH 155 documents Microevolution in an Early Hominin Species

 -  Early Trace of Life from 3.95 Billion Years Sedimentary Rocks in Labrador, Canada


 -  El Cuatro - Estudio de los Números y Decodificación Actualizada


 -  El Mundo Artificial en Que Vivimos



 -  El Pozo más Hondo jamás Perforado por el ser Humano para ver las Profundidades de la Tierra


 -  El Seis - Estudio de los Números y Decodificación Actualizada


 -  El Siete - Estudio de los Números y Decodificación Actualizada


 -  Embryonic Holography - An Application of the Holographic Concept of Reality


 -  Encuentran Similitudes Entre las Estrellas de Neutrones y el Citoplasma Celular


 -  ET and God - Could Earthly Religions Survive the Discovery of Life Elsewhere in the Universe?

 -  Evidence for a Limit to Human Lifespan


 -  Evolution Heresies - Herejias en La Evolucion


 -  Evolution Runs Faster on Short Timescales


 -  Extraña y Antigua Roca Espacial Antártica revela un Misterio de la Vida


 -  First Life Forms to Pass on Artificial DNA Engineered by U.S. Scientists


 -  Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth's Start


 -  Genetic Engineering to Clash with Evolution

 -  Genetic Requirements for Cell Division in a Genomically Minimal Cell


 -  Giant Living Power Cables Let Bacteria Respire


 -  Gli Umani sono Fatti di Particelle provenienti da Lontane Galassie - Siamo Visitatori Extragalattici della Via Lattea


 -  God and Creation - from 'The Only Planet of Choice'


 -  Habilidades Extraterrestres Para Modificar el ADN a Través Una "Internet Biológica" - Proyecto Ruso del...


 -  Herejias en la Ciencia


 -  Herejías en la Evolución - Evolution Heresies


 -  Hibernation in hominins from Atapuerca, Spain half a million years ago


 -  Hiper Comunicación del ADN - El Internet Vivo Dentro de Nosotros


 -  Historia de La Humanidad y Civilizaciones Antiguas - Main File


 -  Holografía Embriónica - Una Aplicación del Concepto Holográfico de la Realidad


 -  Human Devolution



 -  Human Genome Project



 -  Humanity's History and Ancient Civilizations - Main File


 -  Human Multidimensional Anatomy


 -  Human Multidimensional Potential - An Introduction



 -  Humans are Made of Particles from Distant Galaxies - We are Extragalactic Visitors in the Milky Way


 -  Intelligent Design in Tiny Creatures - Small Wonders...


 -  Introducción a La Biología Sintética


 -  Introduction to Synthetic Biology


 -  Investigación del Aliento de La Tierra Revela Orígenes de La Vida


 -  Is The Transhumanist Movement a Threat to Our Survival?


 -  La Edad de la Transición y del Cientificismo Fraudulento


 -  La Edad de Oro y Nuestro Imaginario


 -  La Entropía del "Uno"


 -  La Hibernación Humana se vuelve Plausible


 -  La Historia de la Creación de la Humanidad


 -  La Historia Oculta de La Raza Humana - Klaus Dona - Arqueólogo Espiritual


 -  La Promesa de Un Planeta Solitario - La Shista - Una Llamada a Co-Emergencia


 -  La Storia Occulta della Razza Umana - Klaus Dona - Archeologo Spirituale


 -  La Teoría del Universo Biocéntrico - La Vida Crea el Tiempo, el Espacio y el Propio Cosmos


 -  Le Origini degli Esseri Umani secondo i Testi Sumeri


 -  Life in An Idiomaterial Bicausal Universe - A New Advanced Physics and Life On Earth on The 21st...


 -  Life in Deep Earth Totals 15 to 23 Billion Tonnes of Carbon - Hundreds of Times More than Humans


 -  Life in The Universe - Main File



 -  Life in The Universe - Stephen Hawking



 -  Life's Big Leaps - Critical Moments in Evolution


 -  Los Cambios Geneticos - Main File


 -  Los Extraterrestres y Dios - ¿Podrían las Religiones Terrestres Sobrevivir al Descubrimiento de la Vida...


 -  Los Orígenes de los Seres Humanos según los Textos Sumerios


 -  Meet the Electric Life Forms that Live on Pure Energy


 -  Micro-Organisms... They "Built" Us - Avatar The Movie, Morgellons and The Global Warming Controversy


 -  Modern Human Variation - An Introduction to An Introduction to Contemporary Human Biological Diversity


 -  NASA Finds Shrimp Dinner on Ice Beneath Antarctica


 -  Natural Light From Organisms - What, If Anything, Can It Tell Us?


 -  New Theory on the Origins of the Universe and Humankind Surfaces - Big Bang Theory Challenged


 -  On the Origin of Life - Science Uprising helps Break a Poisonous Spell


 -  On the States of Physical Space


 -  Plant/Human Symbiosis and The Fall of Humanity


 -  Porqué el Darwinismo está Equivocado, Muy Equivocado...


 -  Principio Antrópico - Fragmento Historia del Tiempo



 -  Project Aquarius and the Story of Dr. Dan Burisch



 - ¿Qué Es El Envejecimiento? - de 'Los Dioses del Nuevo Milenio'


 - ¿Quien Eres Tu?


 -  Rapid Recovery of Life at Ground Zero of the end-Cretaceous Mass Extinction


 -  Razas Raiz Humanas



 -  Reservoir Deep Under Ontario Holds Billion-Year-Old Water


 -  Rethinking The Nature of Life


 -  Reversing the Life Cycle - Medusae Transforming into Polyps and Cell Transdifferentiation in Turritopsis...


 -  Root Races



 -  Russian Human Genome Project Discovers Extraterrestrial Abilities to Modify DNA Through a "Biological...


 -  Scientists Create 1st Living Organism from Artificial DNA


 -  Scientists Create Embryos Containing Both Human and Animal DNA


 -  Scientists Create First Living Organism that Transmits Added Letters in DNA 'Alphabet'


 -  Scientists Create Synthetic Life in Lab



 -  Scientists Glimpse Why Life Can't Happen Without Water


 -  Scientists Witness Birth of New Species in the Lab


 -  Search for The Mind of 'God'



 -  Simbiosis Planta/Humano y La Caída de La Humanidad


 -  Sobre el Origen de la Vida - La Sublevación Científica ayuda a Romper un 'Hechizo Venenoso'


 -  Somos aún Más Neandertales de lo que Creíamos


 -  Somos Hijos de Estrellas Lejanas


 -  Star Birth and Simulation


 -  Symptoms of Pathological Skepticism


 -  The 3-D Slave Race and the Hijacking of Human Consciousness


 -  The Age of Transition and Scientism Fraud



 -  The Biocentric Universe Theory - Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself


 -  The Books of Adam and Eve - Main File


 -  The Cygnus Mystery - Main File


 -  The Evolution of Adaptive Immune Systems


 -  The Evolving Story of Our Evolving Earth - For the Foundation for The Future Workshop on How Evolution...


 -  The Fallen Goddess Scenario

 -  The General Theory of Biological Regulation - The Universal Law in Bioscience and Medicine


 -  The Golden Age, Psychopathy and The Sixth Extinction


 -  The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It?


 -  The 'Great Filter Theory' Suggests Humans have Already Conquered the Threat of Extinction

 -  The "Hard Problem" of Life


 -  The Hidden History of The Human Race - Klaus Dona - Spiritual Archeologist


 -  The Higgs Field, the Universe and the Experience of Life and Death


 -  The Hunt for Life below Antarctic Ice


 -  The Incredibly Strange Story of Intelligent Design


 -  The Last Letter from Dr. Dan B.C. Burisch



 -  The Obligatory "Missing Link" Story...


 -  The Origin of The Genetic Code


 -  The Origins of Human Beings according to ancient Sumerian Texts


 -  Theory of Evolution in No Way Explains Origins of Life - Huge Contradictions in 'Scientific' Thinking...


 -  The Wisdom of Your Cells


 -  This Is Your Ancestor - Human Origins/Human Evolution


 -  Three Biochemists Win Chemistry Nobel for Directing Evolution


 -  Titan's Largest Crater might be the 'Perfect Cradle for Life'


 -  Una Nueva Física Avanzada y la Vida en la Tierra en El Siglo XXI


 -  Una Nueva Sub-Raza en Australia


 -  Vida en El Universo - Main File



 -  Volviendo a Pensar Sobre La Naturaleza de La Vida


 -  We Are Now Able to Edit DNA - But What Are the Implications?


 -  What is Ageing? - The Science of Longevity - from 'Gods of The New Millennium'


 - "Who Are You?"


 -  Why Did the Genetic Code of All Life on Earth Suddenly Stop Evolving?


 -  Why Earth's Cracked Crust may be Essential for Life 

 -  Why Should Mitochondria define Species?


Anthropology - Possible Man' 'Evolution' on Planet Earth


 -  63,000-Year-Old Modern Human Skull Found in Laos


 -  An African American Paternal Lineage Adds an Extremely Ancient Root to the Human Y Chromosome...


 -  Ancient Hi Tech Evidence - The Modern Past - Main File


 -  Antes de 'La Caída' - Evidencia de Una Edad de Oro



 -  Apeman waves Goodbye to Darwinian Gradualism


 -  Cómo China estaría 'Reescribiendo' el Libro sobre los Orígenes de los 'Seres Humanos'


 -  Cómo Distorsiona nuestro Pensamiento la Incoherente "Teoría de la Evolución"


 - ¿Cómo (la Mayoría) de los Humanos Perdieron la Cola? - Peces hasta Tetrápodos, Simios y Homo Sapiens

 -  Complete Primate Skeleton from the Middle Eocene of Messel in Germany - Morphology and Paleobiology


 - ¿Cuán Antiguos Somos?


 -  Darwinism - A Dying Dogma - Main File


 -  Descubren que Nuestros Antepasados se Cruzaron con una Especie Desconocida

 -  Did our Species Evolve in Subdivided Populations across Africa, and Why does it Matter?


 -  Die Herkunft der Europäer - Genetik und Archäologie wird von Wissenschaftlern kombiniert, um 50.000...


 -  Earliest South Asian Human Discovered


 -  El Hombre Antes de Adán en Bretaña


 -  El Origen del Hombre no es Uno, sino Muchos Distintos


 -  El Origen de Los Europeos - Combinando Genética y Arqueología, los Científicos Sacan una Historia de...


 -  El Pasado Moderno - Antiguas Evidencias de Alta Tecnología - Main File

 -  Evolution - A Modern Fairy Tale

 -  Evolutionary History and Adaptation from High-Coverage Whole-Genome Sequences of Diverse African...

 -  Genetic Evidence for Archaic Admixture in Africa

 -  Genomic Analysis of Andamanese Provides Insights into Ancient Human Migration into Asia and Adaptation

 -  Geologic Evidence for Age of Deposits at Hueyatlaco Archeological Site, Valsequillo, Mexico


 -  Giant Viruses Rewrite History of Life on Earth


 -  How Old Are We?


 -  Huellas de 5,7 Millones de Años desafían la Teoría Evolutiva Humana


 -  Huellas de Laetoli, Tanzania - Pistas de Humanos hace 3,6 Millones de Años


 -  Hueyatlaco - Anatomía de Una Anomalía


 -  Hueyatlaco - Anatomy of an Anomaly


 -  Human Blood Types and Human Evolution



 -  Is A New And General Theory of Evolution Emerging?


 -  Laetoli's Lost Tracks - 3D Generated Mean Shape and Missing Footprints

 -  Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution



 -  Mystery Human Species Emerges from Denisovan Genome

 - "Parking-garage" Structures in Nuclear Astrophysics and Cellular Biophysics

 -  Possible Hominin Footprints from the Late Miocene (c. 5.7 Ma) of Crete?


 -  Researchers Able to Make Building Block of DNA Through Simple Chemicals


 -  Revolucionario Estudio realizado por Científicos Chilenos adelanta el Origen del Hombre


 -  Scientists Find 2 Million-Year-Old Human Fossils


 -  Sex With Early Mystery Species of Humans Seen in DNA - University of Washington Researcher Says


 -  Skulls Found in Africa and in Europe Challenge Theories of Human Origins


 -  Studio Rivoluzionario realizzato da Scienziati Cileni fa Anticipare l'Origine dell'Uomo


 -  The Family Tree That Rewrote Human History - Researchers Stunned to Find DNA Submitted to Online...


 -  The Human Family Tree - 10 Adams and 18 Eves



 -  The Origin of The Europeans - Combining Genetics and Archaeology, Scientists Rough Out Continent's...


 -  Three New Discoveries in a month Shakes our African Origins


 -  Tipos de Sangre Humana y la Evolución Humana


 -  Why this Ancient Skeleton is still making Scientists 'Question Human Origins'





 -  Analisi delle Antiche Ande


 -  Ancient Andes Analyzed

 -  A Paleogenomic Reconstruction of the Deep Population History of the Andes


 -  Científicos Encuentran Genes Extraterrestres en ADN Humano - ¿Existen Civilizaciones de Seres...


 -  Creation Myths of Civilizations



 -  Europeans Did Not Inherit Pale Skins from Neanderthals


 -  Evolving Civilizations


 -  Long Futures and Type IV Civilizations



 -  Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA - Do Civilizations of Advanced Hum...


 -  The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations - How Advanced Could They Possibly Be?





 -  Xenology - An Introduction to The Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence... - by R.A. Freitas Jr.


Panspermia - Intelligent Design / Diseño Inteligente



 -  Asombrosa Foto de Organismo Extra-Terrestre es Prueba de Vida Alienígena - Afirma Científico


 -  Astrobiologists Discover Fossils in Meteorite Fragments, Confirming Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe

 -  Cause of Cambrian Explosion - Terrestrial or Cosmic?


 -  Cometary Panspermia Explains The Red Rain of Kerala


 -  Descubren en el Espacio Intergaláctico 'Etanolamina' que es una Molécula Clave para la Vida


 -  Descubren un Microorganismo que se Alimenta de Meteoritos y luego 'Baila' en su Superficie

 -  Directed Panspermia


 -  Discovery in Space of Ethanolamine - The simplest Phospholipid head group


 -  Extraterrestrial Fossils Found in Meteorite According to Scientific Team

 -  Fossil Diatoms in A New Carbonaceous Meteorite


 -  Hallan por Primera Vez en un Asteroide compuestos Orgánicos esenciales para la Vida

 -  Hemolithin - A Meteoritic Protein containing Iron and Lithium


 -  Intelligent Design



 -  La Increíblemente Extraña Historia del Diseño Inteligente


 -  Life is Common in the Universe - New Analysis of Meteorites Suggests

 -  Life Itself - Its Origin and Nature



 -  Morgellons - The Alien Bugs



 -  NASA Scientist Claims Conclusive Proof of Extraterrestrial Life


 -  New Scientific Study Claims Extraterrestrial Fossil Found in Sri Lanka Meteor

 -  Organic Matter in Extraterrestrial Water-bearing Salt Crystals

 -  Out of Space - Advanced Panspermia


 -  Panspermia



 -  Panspermia and Theories of Guided Evolution - Challenges to Darwinism

 -  Panspermia Asks New Questions


 -  Panspermia Revisited



 -  Scientists Claim to have Found the 'First Known Extraterrestrial Protein' in a Meteorite

 -  Search for Past Life on Mars - Possible Relic Biogenic Activity in Martian Meteorite ALH84001


 -  Several Scientists publish Paper suggesting Octopuses arrived as "Extraterrestrial Imports" to Earth


 -  Staggering Picture of Extra-Terrestrial Organism is Proof of Alien Life - Scientists Claim


 -  The Case of the "Intelligent Designer"


 -  The Milky Way could be Spreading Life from Star to Star

 -  The Polonnaruwa Meteorite - Oxygen Isotope, Crystalline And Biological Composition


 -  The Red Rain of Kerala - Main File


 -  There's Gold in your Brain - We now know Where it Came From


 -  Viruses, ET and the 'Octopus from Space' - The Return of Panspermia


 -  When Aliens Visit







 -  Panspermia - Origin of Life






 -  Books of The Earth Chronicles Series



 -  DNA and The Origins of Knowledge - Cosmic Serpent - by J. Narby


 -  El Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Un Concepto Completamente Nuevo y... - por Kyle Griffith


 -  El Desarrollo De La Luz - por Rodney Collin



 -  El Genesis Revisado - por Zecharia Sitchin


 -  Extraterrestres -  El Secreto Mejor Guardado

 -  Forbidden Archeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race


 -  Genesis Revisited - from 'The Earth Chronicles' books series - by Zecharia Sitchin


 -  Gods Of The New Millennium - The Shattering Truth of Human Origin - by Alan Alford


 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - por Kyle Griffith


 -  Hidden History of The Human Race - by M. Cremo


 -  La Rebelión de Los Brujos - por Louis Pauwels y Jaques Bergier

 -  Left In The Dark - by Graham Gynn and Tony Wright

 -  Life Itself - Its Origin and Nature - by Francis Crick



 -  Los Dioses del Nuevo Milenio - La Asombrosa Verdad de Los Orígenes Humanos - por Alan Alford

 -  Mythos and Cosmogony - Origins of the Solar System - by Tess Clark

 -  The Celestial Ship of The North - by E. Valentia Straiton


 -  The Field - The Quest for The Secret Force of The Universe - by Lynne McTaggart

 -  The Forbidden Universe - by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince


 -  The Invisible College - War in Heaven - A Completely New And Revolutionary Conception... - by K.Griffith

 -  The Naked Ape - by Desmond Morris


 -  The Quest for a Universal Theory of Life - by Carol E. Cleland


 -  The World's Secret History - by L. Knight-Jadczyk





 -  Aliens - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  An Evening With Lloyd Pye - On Starchild and Anunnaki Genetic Engineering

 -  Antropología Humana Anunnaki - Lloyd Pye


 -  Astrobiology and The Origins of Life


 -  Coelacanth - The Fish That Time Forgot


 -  Creating Life - The Ultimate Engineering Challenge


 -  Descubriendo el Misterio de La Vida


 -  First Animal to Survive in Space


 -  Génesis - La Aparición de La Vida en La Tierra


 -  Hallan Dos Sorprendentes Formas de Vida Bajo el Hielo de La Antártica

 -  Historia Oculta de La Humanidad


 -  Human Origins - Michael Tellinger Interview


 -  Humanity History? - Michael Tellinger Interview


 -  Investigando La Evolución - La Explosión Cambriana


 -  Klaus Dona - Spiritual Archeologist


 -  Klaus Dona - The Hidden History of the Human Race


 -  La Ilusión de Dios  - The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

 -  MicroCosmos


 -  New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed - Forbidden Archaeology

 -  Origen de La Humanidad y Extraterrestres


 -  Origin and Evolution of Life - Greatest Discoveries


 -  Origin of Life - Life Came From Other Planets


 -  Registros Sumerios


 -  Secret Space - Ancient Texts Can Tell Another Story...


 -  Stone Age Apocalypse - Human Evolution


 -  Synthetic Biology - The Potential and The problems of Re-Engineering Life - Prof. Jamie Davies

 -  The Greatest Show on Earth - Richard Dawkins


 -  The Mysterious Origins of Man - Forbidden Archeology

 -  Unlocking The Mysteries of Life


 -  What Genesis Got Wrong


 -  Wonders of The Universe



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