Chapter 12

In 1997,1 developed and tested new remote-viewing protocols that could be used for sociological and political analysis. SRV is used to observe physical things. But something entirely different was needed to remote view a society and its government. I was not interested in merely describing the buildings that house a government, but the government itself.


For example, I wanted to be able to use remote viewing to perceive whether a society is democratic or authoritarian, the relationship between a populace and its leadership, the organization of groups within the society, and so on. The new protocols that I developed are called the SRV Social and Political Protocols (or SPP), and they are described in Appendix 3.

This chapter presents a remote-viewing session in which I use the Social and Political Protocols to describe a known human society. I performed this session completely blind to the nature of the target (Type 3 data). The target is verifiable, and I conducted some blind analysis after the session was completed during which I correctly identified the target from a list of five possible targets, four of which were decoys.


This chapter (as well as some subsequent chapters) uses a few terms which are not fully explained until Appendix 3. Some readers may want to read this appendix at this time. However, many readers should find most of this chapter accessible regardless.


If there is any difficulty understanding a term or a phrase, you might wish to look up that item in Appendix 3.

11 December1997

2:53 p.m. Atlanta, Georgia

Protocols: SPP, Type 3

Target coordinates: 2468/4952


In Phase I, the first ideogram addresses the macro target, which is the wide-angle perspective of the relevant society. The ideogram describes physical beings, and a culture that contains subdivisions.

The second ideogram identifies a sub-macro culture. This smaller group is hierarchical in its structure, tightly knit in its internal organization, and highly focused, even single-minded, in its approach to its activities.

The third ideogram identifies an additional sub-macro culture. But this group is loosely organized with a common cultural theme. It is a diffuse culture with a central authority. Common ties between group members are what holds this culture together. Thus, the dominant glue of the society is cultural enforcement, not bureaucratic or police enforcement.

The fourth ideogram again identifies the macro target. I perceive the larger group and the fragmentation within that group. The groups within the larger target macro are loosely organized, with the apparent involvement of a governmental bureaucracy to maintain the organization.


Overview of the Target Macro

From within Phase 2TM, I perceive that the target has a large population size with only one physical genetic strain. There is a single concentration of authority of medium strength within the society. The quality of that authority is both diffuse and multilayered. The culture itself is moderately diverse, yet with a common theme.

From a political perspective, there is one dominant ideology that is widespread throughout the society. Interestingly however, the strength of this ideology is weak. The political orientation of the society is similar or uniform throughout. There is a significant amount of group fragmentation as well.

The term institutionalization refers to the level of habitual behavior among the members of a society. For example, when people vote for the same political party in every election, it is said that their level of institutionalization is high.


For this target, the level of overall institutionalization of behavior is regular, yet weak. While this indicates that people behave the same way over time, suggesting a lack of behavioral diversity within the culture, the potential exists for this highly patterned behavior to change in the future, possibly dramatically.


On the other hand, the institutionalization of behavior for the dominant group in the society is highly rigid and very regular. Thus, the dominant group is different in this regard than the general populace.

This society is predominantly focused on the physical rather than subspace level. The psychology of the subspace side is detached from that of the physical side, which implies that the physical side has lost any real understanding of its subspace counterpart.

The macro-society tries to strongly control the sub-macro groups. The sub-macro groups resist that control to some extent, as they attempt to stay at arm's length from the coercion of the macro-society.

The significant leader of the macro-society is male. Conducting a deep mind probe of this leader, I perceive that the ideas dominant in this person's mind are those of control, persuasion, and manipulation. This person plays groups against one another in an effort to maintain control. He generates confusion and divisions using strategies that are overlapping. This is the old strategy of divide and conquer. The leader maintains control through group separation, not homogeneous cooperation. He interacts with various interest groups and does not allow any one group to dominate.

I then execute a consciousness map for the target macro. Again, this procedure allows a viewer to perceive basic aspects of a larger group's collective psychology. On the physical side, the rules of enforced social organization dominate the psychology of the group. Interactions between individuals and groups follow a set pattern aimed at eliminating deviant behavior.


On the subspace level, the dominant emotions are those of excitement combined with angst. Indeed, there is somewhat of a competition among subspace beings to participate in this culture (by being born into it). For these subspace beings, this culture is a valued point of soul entry into the physical world.

To summarize the Phase 2TM results, the society feels diverse and loosely organized, following patterned behavior that is the primary factor in maintaining social coherence and conformity. It is not the police that maintain social adherence to the macro-organization, but a history of patterned behavior, and perhaps a coherent ideology that is supportive of that macro-behavior. In Phase 3TM, I draw a schematic representation of the society that includes a central dominant group (G1) and four peripheral groups (G2-G5).


G1: The Dominant Group

I began Phase 4GB by focusing on the dominant group (G1). The population size of this group is the largest relative to all other groups. There is only one genetic strain. The concentration of authority within this group is high, with a uniform authority distribution.


The culture is very homogeneous. The ideology, or theme of ideas that dominates and differentiates the society, is historical and political. It is both widespread and strong. There is little or no group fragmentation within the dominant group. The institutionalization of behavior within this dominant group is high and, indeed, this is a defining characteristic. The level of this institutionalization of behavior is much higher than that of the larger society's average.

The activity of this dominant group is almost entirely focused on the physical level. Its use of telepathy is very limited. The subspace psychology of this group desires a relationship with the physical side. But the physical mentality has totally forgotten virtually the entire subspace realm.

The collective psychological relationship between this dominant group and the larger society is one of control. This group is slow to change. The larger society recognizes this group's dominance and offers no effective challenge to the status quo.

The significant leader of this dominant group is a political leader who recognizes the importance of the sub-macro groups

more than is commonly recognized by other members of the dominant group. This leader does not operate without constraints. He does not have total power, and he can be effectively challenged. He needs to use all of his formidable skills of manipulation in order to maintain control of the dominant group.


Shifting to a typical non-leader member of the dominant group, I perceive from the mind of this person a sense of weakness and lack of control. The idea is an internal sense that the larger society is out of control. This individual has cultural ties to the larger group, and a similar ethnicity. This is not a tight bonding, but there is no ambiguity about membership in the larger group either.

From a consciousness map of this dominant group, I perceive a sense of patriotism that is both superficial and of mild strength. There is organization for the sake of organization within the society. There is no vision of contemporary significance that guides the society. From the subspace side, this dominant group has some kind of preferred position. There are subspace individuals that are active in supporting or being involved with this group for selfish reasons.


G2: A Peripheral Group

Continuing the group breakdown in Phase 4GB, I focus on only one of the peripheral subgroups in the society. Its total population is small relative to the dominant group. There is only one basic genetic strain, although there is some mild ethnic variation within this group. The concentration of authority within this group ranges from medium to high. This is a simple homogeneous culture.

The ideology of this group is belief oriented. This ideology is pervasive within the group, and its strength ranges from medium to high. This group is in a state of constant struggle. Some group fragmentation occurs within this sub-macro unit. The institutionalization of behavior for this group is both high and enforced in some fashion. While the group's activity is predominantly focused on the physical realm, its use of telepathy is somewhat greater than that of the dominant group.

A significant psychological difference between this group and the dominant group is that the subspace side of this sub-macro group has a sense of purpose and, indeed, a mission. But the physical mentality of this group does not recognize its subspace counterpart any more than the dominant group.

There is tension between this group and the larger society. This group has a place within the larger society, but it must defend its position constantly On the other hand, the macro-society recognizes the place of this sub-macro group, and it grudgingly accepts the f act of its existence and strength.

The leader of this subgroup has an intense emotionality. He has a strong relationship with his group. Group members generally recognize his privileged position of authority, and they believe that this authority is conveyed from a higher source, as with a belief system.

Shifting to a typical non-leader member of this sub-macro group, this person has a strong sense of group identification. This person's concern for the success of his group is very high, and he has almost tunnel vision with regard to his support of his group's needs. This person has a weak recognition of the macro-society's needs. Success of the group is more important than that of the macro-society. The dependence of the group on the larger society is only marginally recognized.

Executing a consciousness map for this sub-macro group, I perceive on the physical level that the defense of the group's concerns and agenda is paramount. Interestingly the subspace psychology is also very supportive of this physical level agenda.

To summarize the Phase 4GB data for this sub-macro group, I perceive that this group is securely located within the macro-society. It defends its interest both on the membership and leadership levels. It is committed to support the macro-society, but only as a function of its own ability to thrive within that larger arena. Collectively, the group recognizes some indebtedness to the macro-society, but this is not deeply felt. The group's identity and its highly patterned behavior is predominantly historically based.


The Target Society's Developmental Trajectory

Moving to Phase 5, I explore the macro-society's developmental trajectory. In the beginning of that trajectory, there is a significant starting point that is culturally defined. At some point in this society's history arose new ideas that precipitated a different sense of culture and communal identification. Shifting to the end of the developmental trajectory, I perceive what could best be described as a "termination point" for the definition of the macro-society.


The social structure is held together by institutionalization at this point, but not by the force of the original ideas that formed the genesis of this culture. Between the beginning and the end of this developmental trajectory, I perceive general continuity. However the initial precipitating ideas that were relevant in the beginning of this trajectory wear thin near the end, and the decay seems gradual.

Prior to the beginning of this trajectory, there appears to be considerable turmoil, struggle, and conflict, most likely violent. There is the breakdown of a previous social structure. At the end of this trajectory there is also conflict, but it is not violent, or at least not very violent. There is a challenge to the historically dominant authority structures that results in the overthrow of these structures.


Blind Analysis

Following the completion of my session, I was given the following list of essential cues for five targets. As is typical of blind analysis, I needed to order this list, giving highest priority to those targets that most closely fit the session data.

North American Convention of Baptists (current time) Roanoke Colony (one year after establishment) Oxford University Faculty and Students (circa 1900) North Korean Society (current time) The Holiday Inn Staff (current time).

During my analysis of the data, I found very little support for the Holiday Inn target. I was familiar with the hotel since The Farsight Institute maintained its offices there for a year. While there are some divisions within the staff in the hotel, these divisions are predominantly language and ethnic based, which is contrary to the nature of the data that I obtained in my session. I also rejected the Oxford University target because the sense of social control by a dominant leader and group that I perceived during the session does not correspond well to the academic atmosphere of a university.


The Roanoke and Baptist targets were better supported by my data, since they both contained a single ethnic type. But the Roanoke Colony was too small, and my data suggested a connection between the physical and subspace realms that was too poor to support a convention of Baptists, who spent much of their time praying. The North Korean Society target seemed to fit the data perfectly, however.

In North Korea there is a single dominant political leader and party. The leader has just recently solidified his control over the political infrastructure that he inherited from his deceased father. Political insiders have noted that this leader spent a considerable period of time consolidating his hold on power, and that he seems adept at manipulating the power struggles within his society to his benefit.


North Korea is also experiencing extreme environmental and economic conditions at the current time. There is a high degree of malnutrition, and even starvation, on a mass scale. The central authorities within the country are not being challenged severely. There is only one ethnic group, and the commonality that connects all North Koreans is cultural. A close examination of the remainder of my data suggested a very close match with the North Korean target, and I was informed that the target for the session was in fact North Korean Society (current time).


The complete essential cue for this target is "The social and political systems of North Korea (current time)." This example demonstrates that social scientific data can be obtained using remote viewing. These data also give us some insight into a possible future for North Korean society. My interpretation of the Phase 5 data (the society's developmental trajectory) would lead us to expect a change in the current government at some point in the future.


This change may indeed be radical. It seems as if the society is going to enter a period of direct challenges to the dominant authority structures. This may mean the end of the current communist system in North Korea. On the other hand, it could also be that the current set of leaders as well as the system of government will be forced to change significantly but not necessarily to a revolutionary degree.

Remote viewing is not limited to physical descriptions of people and places. Our task as students of this new science is to explore and invent innovative ways of communicating information between our physical and subspace minds. These new ways will allow us to extend our current capabilities to obtain useful information. But they will also structure our own education as we increasingly understand this universe of mystery

Readers who want to see additional SRV sessions of verifiable targets are encouraged to visit the website of The Farsight Institute. The website has actual handwritten SRV sessions freely available to the public, and even recordings of monitored SRV sessions as they took place.

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Chapter 13

We've learned that remote viewing is not limited to perceptions of only human phenomena. What blinds us from continuous awareness of everything other than our own existence is the genetics of our human bodies that limit our perceptual abilities. Remote viewing helps alleviate this limitation.

In a situation without perceptual limitations, there is absolutely nothing stopping a remote viewer from targeting nonhumans who do not live on this planet. Once you become accustomed to remote viewing, you also become accustomed to the unusual nature of the information that can be obtained. It it not wise to disregard some information as esoteric or unverifiable just because one does not yet have physical corroborating data.


Indeed, remote viewing using verifiable targets is practiced in order to develop the skills necessary to obtain information from targets about which little or nothing is known. Once such remote viewing data is obtained, the problem then shifts to doing whatever is necessary in order to obtain complementing physical evidence.

In a previous book, Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth, I presented remote viewing data that strongly support the idea that a number of extraterrestrial cultures are interacting with Earth at the current time. This chapter contains a brief summary of these basic findings. Any possible errors in the interpretation of my remote viewing data are my own, of course. But others have seen what I have seen.

At The Farsight Institute, we have had many viewers target extraterrestrials under a variety of solo, single blind, and double-blind conditions (that is, data types 3, 4, and 5). The quality and quantity of corroborating data are such that I have decided that the scenarios involving Martians, Greys, and others are most likely real.

I am fully aware that the proposition that extraterrestrials exist on Earth appears ludicrous to many people. But we have an interesting dilemma. These remote viewing sessions must be explained. We cannot simply dismiss countless replications. We either have to explain a psychic mechanism that could produce such results repeatedly, or entertain the proposition that we are living in a collective state of denial regarding life that appears to have evolved millions of years ago even in our own solar system. So examine the remote viewing data carefully. Then readers should ask themselves what they think is the truth.

According to some of the basic findings, there was once an ancient Martian civilization that was destroyed by a natural disaster involving a comet or asteroid. A highly advanced group of extraterrestrials whom we now call the Greys arrived on that planet with the approval of a loosely organized galactic organization (the "Galactic Federation") soon after the disaster and rescued the surviving Martians.


Due to the Greys' technological capabilities (their ships travel across time as well as space), they were able to bring many Martian survivors to our current time period. The Martians were established in temporary underground colonies on Mars and given a limited level of technology that allowed them to sustain their now relatively small population. They also have the capability to fly brief interplanetary trips to Earth.

Mars is essentially a dead world except for these refugees. The goal of these Martians is to transfer all of their surviving population to Earth. Through remote viewing, one underground facility was located in New México, apparently under a mountain named Santa Fe Baldy. This facility seems to be used as a center for operations while Martian controlled ships deliver supplies to surface villages on Earth containing groups of Martian emigrants.

The Greys also have an interesting history.


They come from a home world not in our solar system. They destroyed their own world due to rampant and selfish abuse of their environment, and were forced to move their civilization underground. They then began a long process of manipulating their genetic code to allow them to adapt to their new conditions. They developed large eyes that require very little light to see.


They allowed their bodies to shrink to the point that they no longer could experience live birth, requiring their offspring to be "born" using artificial containers (that is, fetuses grown in canisters). Finally, the Greys manipulated the genetic code for their physical minds. Fearful of their past, they rid themselves of volatile emotions. They could no longer feel anger, hate, or fear. Unfortunately they also lost the ability to feel positive surface level emotions such as love and compassion.

But the journey of the Greys into emotional neutrality was not without benefits. This species made a collective decision to advance spiritually. They explored both physical space and subspace, searching for meaning to their existence. Ultimately, they turned their attention toward God, not a fuzzy God that is the object of pleading prayers, but a real God with a consciousness and, indeed, a personality. They sought to understand the physics of God as well. To my understanding, there was no question about God or spirituality that they were afraid to ask.

During their evolutionary journey toward God, they met some powerful personalities that impressed them greatly. They realized that they needed to experience certain things in order for their own evolution to mature. They were caught in a dead-end road, and they needed new physical resources in order to advance further.

Returning to their former genes was never an option for the Greys. They held a deep fear of their past. If their former genetics led them to an existence in which they selfishly destroyed their own planet, what guarantee could be made that they would not do so again? The Greys wanted a different route to the future, a route that required outside help.

Apparently after serving the Galactic Federation as members in good standing for a long time, the Greys applied for permission to travel to Earth and obtain human genetic material to create a new race for their souls to inhabit. My data suggest that they have carefully followed a policy of asking permission of human souls before physical birth with regard to their participation in the Greys' genetic activities. With permission (on the soul level) granted, the Greys have been visiting many humans (often at night) for the purposes of working with human biology to create a new race of Greys, a race that would again be able to experience live birth and to feel emotions (primarily positive ones).

This is where Cosmic Voyage left off.


In retrospect, my earlier book turned out to be an essentially accurate but naive journey into the realm of cosmic explorations using these new tools of consciousness. After finishing Cosmic Voyage, I was left with the impression that the universe was filled with good ETs, and humans needed to be chastised for not recognizing the world of wonder that waited so patiently above us.


Only after many months did I realize how incomplete this story was. Now as I look up into the skies from my backyard, I see not a heavenly paradise, but a galaxy of conflict, growth, and mystery. What I have come to learn is that there are indeed good ETs who want the best for humanity But there is a struggle going on at the current time, and there are enemies to a human destiny that fights to Be.

There is a war in space and beyond. This war has just now reached our borders. What is at stake is not the awakening of a foolish humanity that wants to keep its head buried in the sand, but a future for our children that is free from fear, imprisonment, and possibly genetic slavery or even genocide. We are entering a new stage in a long battle in which we must fight for the survival of our species. We are now living in an age that requires courage above all things. If fortune favors the bold, so must be our destiny.

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Chapter 14

While conducting research at The Farsight Institute in 1996 and 1997, I came across some information that suggested that the space probe launched by Russia named Mars-96, may have been deliberately destroyed. Officially, the probe malfunctioned soon after launch and was destroyed when it fell back into the Earth's atmosphere.


We tried some experiments at the Institute with many of our advanced remote viewers in order to determine the cause of the probe's destruction. Oddly, we found that none of them could lock on to the target. Indeed, some of our viewers reported feeling blocked by some outside force during their sessions.


This experience occurred repeatedly, and nothing we could do seemed to allow our viewers to perceive this target. Around the same time we also attempted to target a group of reptilian ETs that we had been hearing about from a variety of different sources. As with the Mars-96 targets, the viewers had unusual experiences, and many of them felt as if they were being blocked in some fashion from perceiving the target. Indeed, some viewers stated that someone or some group was aware of them, and that an active attempt to interfere with the remote viewing had occurred. Interestingly, many viewers reported headaches both during and immediately after viewing these targets. Some viewers wrote on their sessions that they felt they were being attacked.

Nothing like this had ever happened before. We had always been able to target whatever we wanted. We marveled at the idea that anyone could interfere with what we perceived to be our God given right to poke our nose into anything we desired.
Soon afterward, the suggestion was made that we develop a technique that would use outside help to eliminate the interference.


The only beings that I thought might be willing to help were those in the Galactic Federation on whom I had previously reported in Cosmic Voyage. We were probably the only group of humans trying to communicate with these ETs, and they might be willing to assign someone to be our official contact person if we asked them. We could attempt going through the consciousness of this being to the target, leaving it up to the ET to clear the path. Having no other alternatives, we decided to give the idea a try.

The remote viewing sessions began by initially targeting the Galactic Federation contact person. The viewer then would enter the mind of this person and exit at the correct target location. More advanced forms of this procedure have been used for some of the sessions reported in this book, in which the navigation through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation contact person is accomplished in the target cue, to which the conscious mind of the viewer is blind.

To my great surprise, nearly all of the viewers performed very well with the new targeting method, regardless of the type of target attempted. With regard to the Mars-96 probe, the viewers perceived a space probe that was disabled and that fell back into the atmosphere of a planet. However, some viewers also perceived that the event that disabled the space probe was not an accident. These particular sessions did not have a great deal of detail regarding this event, but it seemed possible that some outside ET group was involved. Many viewers did perceive that this outside ET group was associated with the color orange.

The reptilian target was equally interesting. In this case, the viewers clearly perceived a group of reptilians. The "Reptilians" were acutely aware of our remote viewing efforts, and they were very disturbed that we somehow managed to perceive them. Many of our viewers had mild headaches during the sessions, and nearly all of them perceived that the Reptilians were extremely surprised when we "popped in."

In the remote viewing session presented in this chapter, I was given a target relating to the Mars-96 Russian space probe. The advanced form of cuing is used in which I was blind to the use of the anti-blocking procedures.


The essential cue and qualifiers are as follows:

TARGET 2935/7923
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contac Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe. In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the physical cause of the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe
• the object that is left in space following the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe, as well as the purpose of this object, if the placement of this object in space is causally connected to the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe, and if the object exists
• the technology that is used to destroy the Mars-96 Russian space probe, if it is purposefully destroyed by technology

Note that this target cue is somewhat open-ended. Some cues have to be open-ended when the basic descriptive parameters of the target are not yet known. The cue is designed to let the subspace mind determine the most important aspect of the physical cause of the destruction of the Mars-96 probe. For example, the cue does not state that the viewer must perceive the piece of metal that may have broken apart when the probe first experienced difficulty.


The cue also does not state that the viewer will perceive the heat that incinerated the probe as it reentered the atmosphere. The cue leaves it up to the subspace mind to locate and to determine the information that we need to know in order to explain the physical destruction of the probe.


It does, however, permit a focus on any technology that may have been associated with the destruction of the probe, as well as any possibility that some object may have been left in space by the probe that may be causally connected to the probe's destruction.

28 April! 1998
1:20 p.m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 2935/7923


I initially focus on a medium build male nonhuman being that has an orange skin tone, and I deduct a Reptilian. I also perceive a different being who is short and has a pale or gray skin tone. This second being is wearing a body suit, and I deduct that he is a member of the Greys.


I also perceive a subspace being who is surrounded by a circular shape that is emitting light. Finally I perceive a structure that contains multiple levels, as well as many beings. I draw a large picture of the exterior of the structure in my Phase 3 sketch.

In Phase 4, I perceive that there is an enormous subspace component to this target. Indeed, the physical and subspace sides of this target feel about equal in their representation. I perceive many subjects that resemble Grey ETs. I also perceive light coming from a large circular object or globe in subspace, and I deduct the Galactic Federation Headquarters.

I move slowly toward the globe object, and I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into some type of dimensional shift. The global object is acting much like a center of gravity, subspace gravity, like a black hole, but white. It feels like a place that I have been before.

I move to the location in or on the globe object from which I am to observe what is important to the target. I now feel like I am in the Galactic Federation Headquarters structure. I am in a large chamber. There is a light everywhere, and there are subjects in this chamber. I move to the optimal location inside this chamber for satisfying the informational needs of the target cue. There is a subject here, and he is seated and facing me. I perceive that I am supposed to move into the mind of this subject, and I do so.

I emerge at a new target location. There is land and vegetation here. This place feels more physical than the globe object, but not as much as the Earth. On the subspace side of this location, I perceive chaos and turbulence. There is a war going on. There is a battle, with shooting, guns, the works, and ferocious fighting. This is a no survivors type of war. There is confusion, anger, and fear. The emotions of the entire place are mixed up, upset. This feels predominantly like a subspace battle. The physical side of this location seems calmer than the subspace side. Yet some fighting clearly is spilling over the physical/subspace divide.

What is happening now is the culmination of something that began long ago. This is an event of huge magnitude. The emotions seem to reflect two sides to this conflict. There is a defending side and an aggressor side. While the heavier physical realm seems to be away from the center of the conflict, subjects on that side are nonetheless watching the struggle that is going on with great interest. It is hard to underestimate the enormity of the subspace battle and struggle.

The aggressor side has many spaceships. This side is planning its activities thoroughly. There is premeditated coordination and ruthless execution. I execute a collective deep mind probe on the aggressor side. They are driven by ideas, but are very afraid of something. They are afraid of something in themselves, and they are striking out to stop it by destroying something that will force some type of acceptance of who or what they are. Fear is the dominant emotion driving the aggressor side.

Cuing on the purpose of the activity by the aggressor side, I perceive that there is no acceptable alternative other than to fight, to conquer, to destroy and to force conformity It does not feel like these subjects have thought through their actions very well.

Shifting my focus to the defending side, I perceive that they are more passive. They do not want this conflict. The defending side feels that they are morally or ethically correct. They are resolute in their determination to fight and to defend themselves.

I then cue on what is motivating the aggressor side to attack. The defending side has something, or they have taken something. The defending side has something that the aggressor side wants. It is a prize, like a "jewel" in the minds of many. I deduct the Earth.

It is an entire civilization, a planet. The fight is over the control of an entire world. It is as if the defending side has obtained some type of agreement, possibly fairly and the aggressor side lost out and is now attacking to destroy.

I move to the planet that is the focus of the conflict. The planet feels more physical than subspace. It has blue water, and from space it looks beautiful. The place looks and feels a lot like Earth. I am viewing this place now as a beautiful and prized jewel of an ecosystem. It is a world with a rich and lush ecosystem. This place has tremendous biodiversity It is rich in terms of its environment and its resources, both biological and physical.

I move to the aspect of this world that is most valued by the warring parties. I perceive subjects that feel very human. They are a resource, almost a commodity. They are a gene pool.

What is at stake is the ability to exploit a gene pool that has extreme value to the warring parties. To the warring parties, access to this gene pool is seen as an extremely important advantage. It is as if the aggressor side would feel deprived of something it needs, something that would give it a strategic disadvantage not to have. The aggressor side feels that fighting is the only way to ensure what it perceives to be its own right to evolve.

The aggressor side does not feel that it would be guaranteed access to this gene pool if it went along as a cooperative player with other groups. These subjects have somewhat of a "self-esteem" problem. They feel like they are the "odd man out."


I perceive that they have had some problems cooperating with others in the past.


This is why we sometimes leave cues open-ended. From this session it seems clear that there is a war going on, which in turn seems to be the ultimate cause of the physical destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe. There are many questions yet unanswered with regard to this target. It appears possible that some of the war related technology was used to destroy the Mars-96 probe. Yet we do not yet know the group responsible for this event. From the initial data, the conflict seems to be between the Greys and the Reptilian ETs. Yet it is not yet clear who are the aggressors and who are the defenders.

From this session, we do not know why the Mars-96 space probe got caught up in this struggle between two warring groups. Apparently the battle is occurring nearly entirely in subspace, and humans are totally ignorant of the conflict. I can only assume that the Mars-96 probe would have assisted one side of this conflict in some fashion, and that the other side needed to destroy it. It seems as if both sides are taking pains to keep the conflict hidden from Earth humans.


Moreover, both sides seem to be working in a clandestine fashion along a variety of dimensions relating to Earth. This session raises more questions than it answers, but it does answer one important question. My interpretation of these data suggests that the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe was no accident. It was a casualty of war, a war that may eventually have great consequences to life on Earth.

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Chapter 15

The next session answers the question raised in the last chapter of who destroyed the Mars-96 Russian space probe. The essential cue and qualifiers are as follows:

TARGET 2947/8924
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the subjects responsible for the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe (at the time of the physical destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the ET group directly or indirectly responsible for the destruction of the space probe, if such a group is responsible for this destruction
• any humans or human organizations that passively or actively participate in the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe, if such humans or human organizations exist
• the primary thoughts of subjects responsible for the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe, if such subjects exist

Note that the target cue is again somewhat open-ended. If those responsible for the destruction of the probe were drunken technicians who did not launch the probe correctly, then such information would be acceptable to the cue. However, if the probe was destroyed intentionally by humans or ETs, the cue would allow for the perception of this information as well.


Especially note that the target cue does not say anything about where to view the subjects. If the subjects are ETs involved in a subspace battle, as suggested in the previous chapter, then the session will go there. The cue was written to allow the subspace mind to determine which information would be appropriate.

7 May 1998
2:40 p.m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 2947/8924

I am perceiving a sponge like artificial structure. It reminds me of the catacombs of ancient Rome, although I am not certain whether it is a physical or subspace structure. I also perceive a nonhuman subject who has orange and green tones to his skin. I deduct a Reptilian. This subject's skin has a patterned texture.

There are also high levels of energetics at the target site. I detect splashing, waves, and something wet. I also perceive strong upward energetics, and I sketch something that looks like a mushroom cloud. I deduct an atomic bomb.

Moving on to Phase 2,1 hear voices and winds, and I perceive something splashing. The tastes are salty and the smells are of fish. Something is tall and towering as well as wide and curving at the site. I perceive fast and expansive, even explosive, energetics. In Phase 3,1 draw a large sketch of what appears to be an explosive mushroom cloud.

In Phase 4, I again perceive something circular and rising with explosive energetics. There is bright yellow light. I perceive the sense from subspace of the need to evacuate an area. It is like subspace life has been cleared out of the area, and a vacuum of life remains. Something in subspace is scattered. The event is as destructive as it is surprising. It is a large-scale event. It leaves subjects numb and in shock. I sense the concept of eradication. It is like the people are gone. They have been removed, killed, or wiped out.

The feeling is one of having pests removed. There is tremendous yellow, hot energy, and I clearly perceive a sense of innocence among the subjects who have suffered here. It is like the subjects who once lived here did not know what was coming. There was deception and ignorance. I perceive structures and streets, and I deduct New York City. (Note: This is a deduction, not data.) This feels like an empty city.

I move to the location that would be optimal for me to understand what happens to cause this scene. I perceive an object that is hard and metallic. I get the concept of a terrorist whose emotions are filled with revenge and anger. I draw a sketch of something that looks like either a bomb or rocket. There is the concept of a terrorist weapon. From the subspace side I perceive wariness.

There is a physical subject, a male. He is wearing khaki clothes, and he has a paramilitary appearance. He is foreign, in the sense of not being an American. This person has a poor understanding of life. He has been indoctrinated and is not thinking analytically or independently. His plan is to cause disruption.

I move to the next most important aspect of this target, and I perceive air and sky. There is a patterned set of objects moving horizontally near the horizon. I am currently positioned in the air about a mile up, near some white clouds. Moving close to the objects, I perceive that they are flying quickly, and I deduct UFOs. I move into the most significant moving object and find it to be metallic and hollow.


There are subjects seated inside the object. I get the sense that I am not supposed to focus on the mentality of the subjects, but rather to observe their activity. They are moving things—like levers—with their hands. Everything is happening very quickly inside this object.

I move to the location that would be optimal for me to understand why I am perceiving this scene for the current target. I am now in a confined area with one subject. He seems to have a beard, and he is holding some device. I am in a hollow metallic structure that feels like it is made of a light material. The subject is alone, and I sense that he is flying, and perhaps he is hiding, or even hiding something other than himself.

I move to the center of the target and again perceive a large explosion with a mushroom cloud. I quickly shift to the next most important aspect of the target and find a male subject. There are tremendous levels of orchestrated activity in subspace. Someone is "calling in the reserves." There has been a calamity, and I feel the general sense is one of shame. This did not need to happen. The male physical subject is a terrorist.

I move 2,000 feet above the location of the explosion at a time 10 minutes before the explosion. There is a congested physical city. The time seems to be in the afternoon. There is smoke and smog, as well as city noises of all types. The emotions of the people in this city are life and work related, a normal emotional mix.

I move to the primary event for this target. I am now very high in the atmosphere over the surface of a planet. I can perceive the horizon. It is dark. This does not look like Earth. The colors are too purple and black. In the subspace realm, subjects are watching a fight. There is a war, a tremendous struggle in progress.

I move to the center of the struggle. There appear to be Greys here. These are early Greys. They are involved in some kind of fight that uses advanced technology. I cue on the purpose of the struggle. It is not well thought out. Much of what is happening is reactive and due to a lack of communication.


Moving to the location that would best help me understand the connection or relation between the various major themes of this session, I find a subject who is a terrorist. I perceive that the terrorism is reactive and not well thought out. This is a common experience among many species, perhaps most—or even all— species. There is a need to move past this juggernaut in social evolution. For things to improve, it is necessary to move beyond this point of tension in linear evolution.




This session has to be considered together with that in the previous chapter. Both sessions contain data suggesting that a state of war exists between two large groups. This war appears to exist in a location that is dimensionally different from our own. It is a subspace confrontation.

I perceived the Greys in both sessions, but they did not appear to be the aggressor side of the conflict. The Reptilian ETs were also perceived in both sessions, and the flavor of the data seem to suggest that the Reptilians are the aggressors in this war. The Greys seem to be defensive, even moralistic, in both sessions.

The Reptilians may have collaborated with a few humans in an overall aggressive strategy that included the destruction of the Mars-96 Russian space probe. I can only speculate as to why the Reptilians would be interested in destroying the probe. The answer may be in the nature of Mars itself. Based on remote viewing data presented in Cosmic Voyage, recall that the physical ruins of the ancient Martian civilization still exist on the surface of that planet.


Moreover, survivors of that ancient civilization still struggle to survive on their nearly dead planet and in hidden retreats here on Earth. Perhaps the Reptilians have an interest in keeping humanity in the dark with regard to extraterrestrial life. They may have an agenda that would be seriously compromised should information about their activities, and the activities of other extraterrestrials, become well known. This is speculation.


It will be further examined in the sessions yet to come.

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Chapter 16

Who are these Reptilian extraterrestrials who are fighting this subspace war?


Before beginning this project, I had hardly any information about the Reptilians. Given no leads that would suggest concrete targets on or near Earth, the best way to proceed is with an open cue that simply targets the Reptilian ETs. In this way we leave it up to a viewer's subspace mind to locate the information that will be most helpful in the current context.


The essential cue and qualifiers are as follows:

TARGET 3095/2934
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view the Reptilian ET species that is currently operating on or near Earth (at the time of tasking).


In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• the physical environment of the subjects' living conditions
• the age and gender variations among the subjects
• the emotional state of the subjects
• the dominant groups among the subjects, including any governmental organizations
• the primary thoughts of the collective consciousness of the subjects
• the level of technology available to the subjects

Note that the target cue is open-ended. It does not say anything about the location of the subjects. It says only to view them at the current time. If this species truly is involved in a subspace battle, then that may be what I will perceive.


On the other hand, if I am wrong about the battle, or if my understanding of the situation is incomplete and I need to view something else to change or to enhance the picture, then the subspace mind will locate my perceptions elsewhere.

8 May 1998
3:04 p.m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 3095/2934

In my initial approach to the target I perceive a subspace being surrounded by yellow and white light. I perceive that this being wishes me to enter his consciousness, and I do so. I immediately emerge at a new location. There are multiple artificial structures here. The colors are dark green and orange. The smells are sooty and smoky and I sketch what appears to be a city landscape. I focus on a single structure and find that it is crumbling.


I again perceive the smells of smoke and the sense of soot. I also perceive the concept of fighting. With my next ideogram I perceive a subject. The subject is in pain. He is burning and writhing. I also sense that the location is foreign. My next ideogram suggests dark, dirty, and sooty air that is filled with smoke and putrid smells.


My Phase 3 sketch is of a mushroom cloud exploding over a burning city.

In Phase 4,1 again perceive a black, sooty and dirty environment. Everywhere there is pain, names, writhing subjects, and burning flesh. I perceive the flesh burning right off a subject's bones. The fire is incinerating them. They are crying out as their flesh continues to char. Everything is black here. Cinders are everywhere. There are sounds of crying everywhere, some loud and some soft. There are babies crying too.

I sense heroism here, amidst this defeat, but it is futile. Heroism cannot change the outcome. Only death lives here. This is a city, or what used to be a city. It is now a holocaust. This is what I would expect a city to look like after an atom bomb blast.

There are legions of beings in subspace.


Subspace workers are collecting the souls of the dead. They are trying to help, but basically they are just getting these souls out of the situation. This is an evacuation. Everything is in a state of collapse. The subspace workers are letting it go, abandoning this place forever. Whatever was here has met its final end. This feels like a surrender. Whoever these beings are, they are giving up and getting out.

My senses are again assaulted by the reality of this holocaust. The charring, the pain, the smoke, are all I see.

I move to the next most important aspect of this target. I am in a purely subspace location now. There is the sense of regrouping here. There is a meeting, and a small group of subspace beings are gathering. I sense the number of subjects to be around 12. When I probe the physical column of the Phase 4 matrix, there is the backdrop of the char red environment. But when I probe the subspace column, I return immediately to the meeting.


I briefly experiment with probing the physical and subspace columns as I become familiar with this binary split, and as I do so, I become aware that the subspace side is the important part of the session.

I perceive a central male subject. This is a council of some form, and this is one of their formal meetings. The group reminds me of a governing body like a town council, and I have the guided deduction of the Galactic Federation. I perceive that I should enter the mind of the central subject, and I do so.

I emerge at a new location. I am in space, and a planet is in front of me. It looks like Earth. It has blue oceans and apparently clean air. I sense that this is Earth, an Earth that beings in subspace see as a gem. I also sense that I am receiving information from the central subspace subject while I watch the Earth. I move around the surface of the planet. There is life here, buildings, bustling people.

I am supposed to perceive this location from the perspective of a subspace being. This place is alive, a place to visit that is filled with adventure, varied experiences, and a wide range of personalities. It is like a kitchen where things are made or prepared. It is a place of deep value in some way that I do not fully under stand.

I move to the next most important aspect of this target, and I again perceive the group of subspace beings in their meeting. I execute a collective deep mind probe on all the beings in the meeting. From their thoughts I perceive that there needs to be an effort on the human side. Subspace cannot force the events on the physical side to go one way or the other. There must be action on the physical side. Nothing can be done except to teach. Teaching by example is the way to influence the physical.

I sense one other important thing that I need to perceive in this session. I move to the optimal location. There is a male physical subject. I am being drawn into his mind. From the perspective of his consciousness I am supposed to describe the nearby environment.

There is a structure on land near water. This place feels like a blend between physical and subspace. It is like both realms are together, transparent to each other. Everything, the life, the consciousness, even the land is one. There is harmony here.

I cue on the question of where this place is. It is in the future, our future. This is a place where people are trying to go. It is a goal, though temporary This future point is attracting the attention of the current time frame. It might best be described as a lighthouse that is shining a beacon to those who struggle in stormy seas.


As with many remote viewing sessions, the range of these data appears to address realms beyond the constraints of the essential cue. The first part of the session clearly corroborates and enhances the previously presented data that suggest that the Reptilians are indeed involved in a major military confrontation. They seem to have suffered many casualties.
It is not easy for me to interpret some of the data. If the subspace council meeting is associated with the Galactic Federation (which is my suspicion), then the second part of the session acts as an interpretive guide to the first part.


That is, the scenes from the nuclear like holocaust depict some of the current experiences of the Reptilian species. The second part of the session tells us either that the Reptilians view the Earth as their own Shangri-La, a prize worth fighting for, or, alternatively, that humanity on Earth at some future time is trying to influence our current behavior to evolve in their own more harmonious direction. If the second scenario is correct, then we can either act in a way that leads to the nightmare of the Reptilian conflicts, or to a future in which we live in peace and harmony with the greater subspace realm.

I lean toward the latter interpretation. I suspect that the Galactic Federation felt that they were permitted the discretion to offer a stark contrast. I now have no doubt that the Reptilians are fighting a war in which they are either causing or experiencing heavy casualties. They also seem to be the aggressor side in this conflict.

Yet I still do not understand why these beings find Earth so attractive. What do they want from this planet? What do they want from us? How do we humans fit into this conflict, and how can we head in a direction of safer shores?

Some of these questions are answered in the next session.

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Chapter 17

  • If there are Reptilian ETs on and near Earth, what are they doing here?

  • What are their activities, their operations, their agenda?

  • Are they interested in the animal life, the human life, the physical resources of the planet, all of the above, part of the above, or what?

Since we have few specifics on which to base a cue, the open-ended approach is optimal in this situation. The session for this chapter probes the activities of the Reptilians, as well as some psychological matters.

The essential cue and qualifiers are as follows:

TARGET 7394/3908
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute, to remote view current activities on or near Earth of the Reptilian ETs in which humans are involved (at the time of tasking). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• a location that optimally reveals the most information regarding the Reptilian ET activities involving humans
• the psychological and emotional state of the humans ¡interacting with the Reptilian ETs
• the psychological and emotional state of the Reptilian ETs during their interactions with humans
• the purpose of the Reptilian ETs' activities involving humans


6 May 1998
11:28 a.m.
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 7394/3908

I decode my first ideogram as a hard manmade hollow structure with an irregular oval topology. My second and third ideograms represent a mountain. The fourth ideogram is of a subject. There are orange and green colors, and I deduct a Reptilian. My final ideogram again represents a humanoid subject. The colors are beige, green, and orange, and I deduct a young Reptilian/human hybrid being. In Phase 2,1 hear voices, and in Phase 3 I sketch what appears to be a mountain with an underground structure within it.

In Phase 4,1 focus on the interior of the structure. I deduct a facility, and it has the flavor of a cavity inside of something. I am inside the structure and it is very dark. The room that I am in is either square or rectangular in shape. There are squarish objects on the floor the size of moving boxes. There are many other things and objects in the room, and I deduct a storage room. In the subspace realm I perceive the emotion of disapproval and being wary. This feels like a central place of operations, and I have the guided deduction of a Reptilian base.

The emotionals of this location do not feel human, nor do they feel like Grey emotions. They are different, and they feel somewhat new for me. I shift to a time in which there is activity in this room, and I perceive dim light and subjects who are working. The subjects feel like scientists. They are moving carefully and slowly while they are doing something. The skin of these subjects has a surface to it that is harder in some spots than others. There is a pattern or texture on the surface as well. They are wearing clothes that are unusual in some way; the clothes may be one-piece or skin tight.

I again note that the subspace realm conveys a sense of being wary about this place. I cue on the purpose of the activity at this location and I perceive it to be task oriented around a specific assignment. These subjects are not spending idle time.

I move to the next most central aspect of the target, and I perceive light and fast energetics. There are humanoid subjects watching experiments of some type. The subjects have more human emotions. Though they seem human, something is not right. It is as though they are half human. The lower part of their faces seems flesh toned and more humanlike, but the upper part of their faces are different, patterned, textured. These beings seem like young adults, and I deduct hybrids.

It feels like these new subjects are graduating from some kind of training, like college, and they are beginning new courses. They feel special and comfortable in their surrounding. I deduct "a chosen race." There is not much light in the room, and I get the sense that these subjects need and enjoy more light. But the light is somewhat dim because of the presence of others.

I move to the next most important aspect of the target, and I find myself outside looking at land, sky, and rocks that lie on rough and steep slopes. The air is clear and crisp. It is windy, but the weather is nice. The sun is out. I move 1,000 feet up from my current location and I find myself looking down at mountains and trees. These are low mountains. They remind me of Santa Fe Baldy but they feel different somehow, like farther west.

I then execute a movement exercise where I slowly shift from my current location to the interior of the first structure that I described earlier in the session (sliding—see Appendix 2). I find myself passing through air, then rock, seemingly traveling for a while. I am now in that intended location, and I note that I moved downward and diagonally, followed by horizontal movement to arrive at my new location.


From a remote viewing perspective, this session went very well. The cue was designed to have me "drop in" to an appropriate location and simply observe what is going on at the current time. The cue was not designed to seek out any particular type of activity.

It seems as if mountains are ideal locations to hide underground bases. In Cosmic Voyage, I report about a group of Martians who have a base in the United States underneath a mountain in New México (Santa Fe Baldy). Secret human military bases are found under mountains as well, such as the Cheyenne mountain missile tracking facility of NORAD.


From the data of the current session, the Reptilian ETs appear also to have at least one facility hidden under a mountain. Mountain locations are ideal for the ETs as well as for human military personnel. They are rough terrain which cannot accommodate normal civilian traffic. It is not easy to farm, or to build cities or shopping malls on a mountain. Hidden bases under mountains have only to deal with occasional backpackers and other outdoors adventurists.

In the underground Reptilian facility that I observe in the current session, there are at least two types of subjects. The first type is the normal Reptilian ETs themselves. They apparently enjoy environments with dim lighting. The second type of subject seems to be a genetic hybrid, a cross between humans and Reptilians. These hybrid subjects are located in the same area as the purely Reptilian beings, and have some characteristics that are clearly more human than Reptilian. They enjoy brighter light in their surroundings, and they have some human facial features as well. Their consciousness also feels more human, although not totally so.

It is of interest to note that the hybrid subjects whom I observe in this session are fairly young, although they are not children. If the subjects are raised on Earth in this and other underground or hidden facilities, that would indicate that the Reptilians have been operating in our vicinity for a good number of years.

It is still unclear as to why the Reptilians are so concerned about secrecy relating to their activities. They are not the only group with underground facilities. Why is it that they desire to block our remote viewing probes of their activities? The Greys also have been experimenting with hybrid genetics, but the Greys do not now block humans from remote viewing them (although this was not always the case). Clearly we will need to know more about the activities of the Reptilians.


Too many critical questions remain unanswered.

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Chapter 18

Based on the previous chapters on the Reptilian ET species, the following are apparently the case:

(1) the Reptilian ET species exists

(2) it is currently involved in a significant military confrontation with another group, possibly the Greys

(3) Earth and humans have been indirectly caught up in this military confrontation

(4) the Reptilians have at least one underground facility on Earth in which both they and a Reptilian/human hybrid species work together

(5) the Reptilians have some future plan for Earth and humans, although we do not yet know any specifics for this plan

For us to obtain a more complete picture of this situation, we need to identify and understand the center of operations for the Reptilians.

  • Where is their primary base, their command center for all of their activities on and near Earth?

  • What is the nature of the operations conducted at this command center?

  • Why do humans not yet know anything about this command center?

These are the questions that are addressed in the remote viewing session for this chapter.

The essential cue and qualifiers for this chapter's target are as follows:

TARGET 4231/9902
Protocols used for this target: Enhanced SRV
The viewer perceives through the consciousness of the Galactic Federation Contact Person for The Farsight Institute to remote view the command center for the Reptilian ET activities occurring on Earth (at the time of tasking). In addition to the relevant aspects of the general target as defined by the essential cue, the viewer perceives and describes the following target aspects:

• a description of the general layout and structure of the command center
• a description of the location of the command center
• the activities that take place in the command center
• the psychological, emotional, and intellectual aspects of those who work in the command center, as would be obtainable from a collective deep mind probe of those subjects
• the purpose of the command center


6 May 1998
Atlanta, Georgia
Protocols: Enhanced SRV, Type 2
Target coordinates: 4231/9902

The session begins with a perception of a subspace being surrounded by light. The next impression is of a circular or curved artificial metallic structure. I note that the structure is surrounded by the color black with numerous pinpoint white dots, and I deduct a star field.


I also deduct the idea of a mother ship.

My next Phase 1 impressions are of a subspace subject, followed by a closer view of the artificial structure, and I deduct a space station. My Phase 3 sketch closely resembles a donut-shaped artificial structure in space near two planetary objects.

In Phase 4,1 note the reflective and circular nature of the artificial object. Subspace beings have an observing interest in this target. The target seems associated with a plan followed by some groups. There is something large and circular in my field of view. It is like an orb or a planet. There is also a smaller circular object in the center of my field of view. The smaller object is highly reflective, bright, shiny. I am in space. It is cold and black.

I am also perceiving some humanoid subjects in a different location who are concentrating on something. They are planning something, or perhaps they are involved in a plan of some type. There is a room in the structure with technology. I am in the room now. There is technology all around, and I am deducting something related to the Mars-96 Russian space probe. I sense that the subjects are concentrating on something "out there."

There are two locations within this target that are connected by activity or interest. I focus on the first place, and I perceive subjects within a land based structure. It is a facility involved in controlling something. There is complex technology here, and I deduct a control room. I draw a sketch of the facility. My sketch resembles a tall, angular structure with both dish and straight antenna on or nearby the structure. Shifting my awareness to the second place, I perceive a structure in space that is curved, reflective, and spinning. It is a fast-moving object surrounded by a black void.

Moving to the next most important aspect of this target, I perceive nonhuman subjects, and I deduct Reptilians. The structure is circular and multilevel. There is a room in the structure that is somewhat plain with angled surfaces.

There is one subject in the room. He appears to be looking at me and aware of me. There seems to be a sense of disapproval of me, of what I am doing, or of how I am doing it. I execute a deep mind probe of the subject. He is resistant to the probe. He seems to be mentally "kicking" or fighting back, as if I am an invader. I search for the cause of the resistance, and I perceive the emotion of anger and the concepts of violation, control, secrecy, and security. I deduct the idea of a security oath, and I perceive the fear of superiors.

Still within the deep mind probe, I search for that which is being hidden from me. My awareness immediately shifts back to space. There is a distant structure, a highly advanced ET ship. It is hidden in some way, as though cloaked. I move my awareness to the ship, and I find it to be curved and stationery, but slowly spinning. It has lights on its exterior.

I move my awareness into the structure and perceive an advanced vehicle. I perceive the concept of something secretive. This is a ship, and there are subjects inside. I also perceive the mixed concepts of fear and resignation.

Some type of security alarm seems to have been activated. Everyone in the ship is standing still or moving very slowly. There is the sense that they cannot get me to leave, nor can they stop me from watching. But if they do nothing, I will perceive no activity and thus learn little.

I cue on the most important aspects that I am supposed to see related to this scene and the target cue. I immediately perceive a small cylindrical object surrounded by other shining metallic objects. It seems dangerous, like it will explode. It is associated with the concepts of "hidden," "secretive," "bomb," "explosive." I cue on the purpose of the object. It creates a small explosion.


It makes a popping sound. It causes something to malfunction. Somehow the small object is induced to pop or explode, creating a malfunction. The device is altered or manipulated from a far distance. It appears to be from the ET ship. The ETs cause a weakening of the object in one location, and then the object pops.

I move to the location that will optimally reveal the reason for exploring this object. I am in space. There are stars all around. There is a very small object in the middle of an area of what appears to be small parts and pieces, debris. The small object is circular. It is functioning perfectly. It is hidden in the debris. It is set up so that no one will know or suspect it for anything but trash. But it works.

Moving closer to the small object, I perceive that it is angular, compact, highly advanced, and it is associated with something that is fraudulent. It has lights, computer circuitry and a power source. It is a fraudulent thing somehow. It is a trick, "fool's gold." I cue on the purpose of the small object. It is a moderate strength prototype/testing device—a weapon of some kind. But it is not useful against its intended target.

I move to a location where I can perceive the meaning of the intended target. In this new location, there are ET ships that are flying quickly I now perceive that the small object is a "Star Wars" type of weapon, similar to that once publicly valued by the Pentagon and briefly supported in principle by the Reagan administration.


But it does not work well.


Following my own interpretation of these data, there is a Reptilian command center in space near Earth. It seems to be located somewhere between the Earth and the orbit of the Moon. This command center is cloaked in some fashion, invisible to normal human eyesight. It is probably also invisible to electronic surveillance of most types known to humans.

The Reptilians are apparently highly interested in maintaining the secrecy of their operations. They are now totally aware that we are capable of remote viewing their facilities and their activities, and they are adapting their behavior in a defensive fashion. Apparently they can do little but stand still when we remote view them.

This session pulls together a variety of seemingly separate themes. Apparently, there are humans somewhere who work out of a facility that can monitor some of the Reptilian activities. The Reptilians are involved in weapons manufacture. I think it is safe to assume that the Reptilians have the ability to manufacture effective weaponry against other ET ships. Thus, I interpret these data to suggest that the Reptilians are teaching some select humans to build prototypical weaponry. I suggest that these prototypes are designed to shoot down ships aligned with the Galactic Federation, particularly Grey ships.

The Reptilians are not really giving the humans effective technology. They are most likely seducing a small group of humans into thinking that they are obtaining useful weapons technology from the Reptilians. It is highly unlikely that the Reptilians would give humans truly effective weaponry Only a fool would fail to recognize that humans would then have the capability of using this technology against the Reptilians themselves at a future date. Rather, what is going on here is a war of deception and intrigue.

I also suspect that some of the data in this session may relate to the Mars-96 Russian space probe. It is possible that my subspace mind linked the activities of the Reptilian control center with the destruction of Mars-96. Some of the data for this session suggest that a weapon has been hidden within a cloud of debris, and that the Reptilians used some small device to destroy something by making it seem as if there was a malfunction. These ideas fit both the known information relating to the Mars-96 probe as well as the remote viewing information.

This seems like a probable scenario that explains the mechanism by which the probe was destroyed, as well as at least one of the reasons for its destruction. From within the cloud of debris that once was a functioning space probe headed toward Mars emerges an advanced weapon, and a few military people are seduced into thinking that this weapon can help humanity win a war that the Reptilians themselves cannot win on the battlefield.


The remainder of the world would continue to assume that the weapon is simply a piece of debris from a destroyed probe, while the most secret elements of human military forces would be free to use the new weapon to take shots at passing ET ships.


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