by James

from TheWingMakers Website


The Chamber 3 music (now playing) from the Hakomi site is designed to stimulate your practice of adventure and embolden you to stretch, and perhaps revitalize, your habits of experimentation as you interact with life.

Life provides each individual with an amazing array of mystifying messages. You are encouraged to “be yourself” and yet at the same time, you are coerced and trained – however subtly – to conform to the structure and norms of society. You are taught the secular knowledge of humanity’s past, but you remain uninformed of the spiritual purpose of humanity’s near-term future. These are but two examples of how the individual is influenced to become obedient to the social order of the day.

Within this natural tension of competing influences, mixed messages, and social edicts is the angst of the individual caught in the vice of do this, but do not do that. This imposed conformity dulls the impulse to experiment with life, and this lack of experimentation further entrains the individual into compliance with a prescribed wisdom path of limited scope.

There is a voice within you that speaks truth to power irrespective of consequence. This voice, in the language of the WingMakers, is the Remnant Imprint of the Sovereign Integral. It is actually a voice within each of you that is, to varying degrees, audible to the human mind if not the human ear.

It is this voice that is connected to the part of you that is all of you. In the WingMakers Glossary the following definition exists for this aspect of your being:

The human instrument is the genetic compound of three separate, but related structures: the physical composition (body), the emotional predispositions (emotional template), and the mental configuration (mind-thought generator). These three aspects of the human instrument are inexplicably bound together through the intricate and utterly unique interface of the genetic code and life experience.

Within the human instrument, and acting as its animator of creative goodness, is the Remnant Imprint of the Sovereign Integral. The Remnant Imprint is the muse or inspirational formation of the human instrument insofar as the individual is concerned. It is the voice of deep character that arouses the most potent and noble instincts and creative stirrings of the human being: creating acts of goodness that touch the human soul in oneself and others.

It is a difficult abstraction for time-bound humans to understand, but the Sovereign Integral consciousness is the fusion of the entity consciousness in the worlds of time-space. All expressions and experiences of the human instrument, collectively, are deposited within the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness, and it is precisely this that imprints upon the human instrument of the individual.

For some who have traveled across the material universe in various times, places, and physical bodies, the Remnant Imprint is more influential and expressive. For those who are relatively new to the Universe of TimeSpace, the Remnant Imprint lacks persistent influence and is easily overcome by the seduction of power, fear, and greed – the machinery of survival.

Within every human instrument is the imprint of the Sovereign Integral, and it is referred to as a ‘remnant’ only because it exists in the dimension of time and space. In reality it is the cast of energy bestowed by the Sovereign Integral to the human instrument. It is precisely this energy that generates ideas and inspirations, making it possible for the voice of all that you are to surface into the worlds of time and space in which you are only a particle of your total being.

The Remnant Imprint is often confused with the Higher Self, or human soul. The distinction, subtle as it may seem, is vital to understand. There are many discrete but ultimately integrated states of consciousness that animate, express through, and observe the human instrument. The energy of the Remnant Imprint is generated from the Sovereign Integral consciousness, filtered through the Wholeness Navigator and imprinted upon the mind, emotions, and physical body.

This energy, because of its origination from the Sovereign Integral, imbues the human instrument with a multiplicity of ideas, ideals, and approaches to being. It is not hindered by convention or social structure. It is not diminished by intimidation. It is forthright in its effort to instill the innate rights of sovereignty through the expression of its responsible and informed voice. It calibrates the ascension path of a mortal soul carrier against the acts of creative goodness, independent of the obstacles, ridicules, and customary ornaments of culture.

The Remnant Imprint is an important part of the overall architecture (click image right) of the individuated consciousness, which each of us, living within the worlds of time and space, possess. In total, there are six fundamental and integrated systems that comprise the individuated consciousness. In addition to the Remnant Imprint, the other components of this architecture are:

Human Instrument consists of the 24 primary systems and four major elements: body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. It is the soul carrier in the worlds of the time and space.

Phantom Core is written about in the Lyricus Discourse 3. Here is a short excerpt:

Even in the quiet moments of your life when you are staring through a window or reading a book, there is a great universe of experience that is perceived by this phantom core, and every miniature detail is faithfully recorded and transmitted to the soul.

The phantom core is the super consciousness of the human instrument. It is separate from the soul, and is considered the soul’s emissary to the natural world in which the human instrument must interact.

It is through this awareness that soul experiences the natural world of limitation and separation, drawing in the experiences that help it to build appreciation for the Grand Multiverse that is the garment of First Source.

Human Soul (entity consciousness) is, in the simplest of terms, a fragment of the Universal Spirit Consciousness of First Source. As reported in the Glossary, it is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence (spirit). It is an immortal, living, coherent consciousness that is a replica of the energy of its Creator with the individual consciousness of a unique personality.

Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the entity and all of its various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a conscious wholeness. The Sovereign Integral is the core identity of the individual. It is the convergence of the experiential worlds of time and space with the innate knowledge of First Source divested within the individual at the time of its birth. It is the gathering of all created experiences and all instinctive knowledge.

Wholeness Navigator guides the human instrument to perceive fragmentary existence as a passageway into wholeness and unity. The Wholeness Navigator pursues wholeness and integration. It is the heart of the entity consciousness, shepherding the human instrument and the human soul to unify and operate as a single, sovereign being interconnected with all other beings. The Wholeness Navigator is the gravitational force that forms the purposeful clustering of Sovereign Integrals, reigning in sovereignty from the existential grasp of self-sufficiency.

The anatomy of the individuated consciousness (click image left) is composed of these six primary energy systems, and within this structure or architecture, only the human body – the tip of the iceberg – is visible to the human eye. Each of these energy systems possesses a sensory awareness that is tuned to self-recognition much as the human body’s eye-brain system is tuned to see the physical body. For example, the Wholeness Navigator has senses that are tuned to see, hear, think, and feel itself, and because of this, it identifies with itself as the central element within the individuated consciousness or personality. This is known as perceptual locus.

In most instances, the fundamental systems that comprise the individuated consciousness are not aware of one another in any significant way and operate independently, as if in their own worlds. In other cases, there is an awareness, however dimly held, that consciousness consists of more than what is immediately visible within the spectrum of available perception. In rare instances there is both an awareness and understanding of this ensemble structure and its overarching purpose, and this is the evolutionary direction of the human species.

Music is a vibratory experience that can be “tuned” to affect the entire individuated consciousness structure. Musical vibrations can be organized to touch the components of the individuated consciousness in a coordinated manner that orchestrates the elements of the individuated consciousness (as described above) to become increasingly aware of one another. In other words, music vibrations can kindle and nurture the elements of the individuate consciousness to become a more coordinated ensemble, causing them to align around a common purpose.

Chamber 3 of the Hakomi Project is designed to stimulate each of the elements of the individuated consciousness, but its emphasis is in developing the voice of the Remnant Imprint. The reason for this is that the Remnant Imprint can be likened to a precursor or antecedent to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness in terms of the worlds of time and space.

It is the Remnant Imprint that is capable of creating and sustaining a wisdom path that is based on the life principles of the Sovereign Integral. If you click on the diagram that pertains to the Architecture of the Individuated Consciousness, you will see the disproportion between the human personality and the immensity of the individuated consciousness. The human personality is where the individual lives during its waking life. It is also where virtually all media – television, music, film is designed to interface with the individual.

The individuated consciousness is the template upon which our Creator casts each of us. We are an individuated consciousness comprised of the essential components and functions therein whether we recognize and acknowledge this fact or not. When the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul occurs, the magnificent architecture that each of us possesses will still remain largely hidden.

The music of Chamber 3 is not intended exclusively for the human personality, but rather, the individuated consciousness. This is why Chamber 3 is composed in the manner that it is – a journey that winds its way through a mosaic of sounds, patterns, keys, rhythms, chants, vocalizations, and words. It is also why some may feel at first – uncomfortable with this music because it speaks to elements of their energy-being that have become contented with the reality of being unobserved.

It is vital that the individual know the magnitude of their structure, and how the human personality can become more aware of the “component parts” of its consciousness and how they function. The reason for this is simple: in the conceptual understanding of your vastness is contained the seed that expands your sense of adventure and experimentation.

To be clear, this is not the same experimentation and adventure that one might associate with trying new foods or experimenting with a new manner of dress. This has a particular focus on the motivations to expand and regularly alter or refresh your understanding of the broader dynamics that shape your world – both as an individual and as a species.

For example, research has shown that the average person, by the time they become an adult, has seen 200,000 acts of violence as portrayed through media. These exposures to violence support the aggressive tendencies inherent in the human instrument’s survival instincts. This aggression manifests on all scales of human endeavor, it is not limited to the interactions of one individual to another, indeed, it manifests as international discord as well.

The particle within the individuated consciousness called the human personality is constantly being conditioned by society. Intentionally or not, if this element of your identity becomes your exclusive perceptual locus, you will tend to respond to life according to the embedded program of your human personality – your instincts.

There is also an embedded program within the individuated consciousness, and this program – as it pertains to the worlds of time and space – is primarily expressed through the Remnant Imprint of the Sovereign Integral.

Individuals who declare themselves an individuated consciousness, not merely a human personality, are immediately more connected to the voice of the Remnant Imprint. This simple act can rekindle the embedded program within the individuated consciousness and spark a new wisdom path. There is an unimaginable shortage of media that speaks to this aspect of the human consciousness and supports this program to emerge and express itself. This is, in part, the purpose behind the music of Chamber 3.

From my world to yours,