Ochocientos años antes de Cristo, una civilización extraterrestre dejó en nuestro planeta una cápsula del tiempo; esto es, un recipiente en el cual se introducen objetos de uso cotidiano y documentación con la finalidad de que queden como testimonio para el futuro.

En 1971, la cápsula del tiempo fue hallada y analizada y arrojó algunas sorpresas.


Aunque esto suena a una historia de ciencia ficción, usted puede enterarse de toda la historia y hacer sus propias conclusiones.

La mayor parte de la información expuesta está en ingles, pues no se ha encontrado en Internet mucha información en español.




...Why would a ROBOT need a soul?
from ProjectCamelot Website

A scientist defects from a top-secret lab within the NSA on a quest to save humanity from an impending invasion by a race of robots

intent on obtaining human DNA in order to secure a 'soul'.

Brief synopsis
The eccentric head of a top secret division of the NSA, devoted to recovering and reverse engineering alien technologies, faces the defection of his lead scientist, NERUDA, after discovery of an alien artifact and cave paintings left behind by a race of beings

who call themselves the Wingmakers.

The artifact reveals the impending invasion of Earth by a race of robots intent on obtaining human DNA in order to secure a 'soul'.
Neruda's defection leads him on a quest to discover six other Wingmaker sites, located one on each continent. These sites are thought to contain a solution that will mysteriously trigger a built-in technology to avert discovery of Earth by the robots. In the end, he must confront his mentor in a race against time, whose chosen method of salvation for the planet is a technology based on time travel - a solution that Neruda believes could ultimately result in the destruction of the Earth.


From a galaxy so remote it is unknown to us, a light brighter than a billion suns is guided through the shaft of a wormhole, fading in intensity through the expanding cosmos, but not before some of it – however faintly – reaches earth. Within minutes, during one moonless night in 1996, a few thousand photons from this powerful light landed on the mirror of a telescope

in New Mexico.

A computer at the observatory registered the faint signature of light, but no one could have fathomed that it had triggered something that had been lying dormant in the desert of Chaco Canyon for 1200 years.
In the summer of 1996 two college students innocently stumble upon an otherworldly artifact while hiking in northern New Mexico near an ancient archeological site, called Chaco Canyon. Through a chain of mysterious events, this artifact ends up in the hands of the ACIO, an ultra-secret, unacknowledged department of the National Security Agency responsible for reverse-engineering recovered

extraterrestrial technologies.
The artifact, which becomes known among ACIO operatives as the Compass, is quickly determined to be of extraterrestrial origin, and its purpose is eventually construed to be a homing device. This leads the ACIO to assume it is not an isolated artifact randomly discovered, but rather part of a larger configuration of artifacts – possibly leading to a spacecraft.
An exploratory team from the ACIO is dispatched to the discovery site of the Compass artifact where it is confirmed that the Compass is a homing device, leading the team to an intricately designed structure carved deep inside a canyon wall. A helix-shaped corridor spirals up through the rock with 23 chambers jutting out at ten-meter intervals.

This amazing discovery is initially thought to be an extraterrestrial time capsule left behind by an alien race. Each chamber contains an enigmatic wall painting and an impenetrable technology artifact. In the uppermost chamber, the scientists uncover an optical disc presumably holding the information about the site's creators and their purpose.
After considerable effort to access the optical disc, the ACIO team, led by Jamisson Neruda, finally succeeds, and determines that the creators of the site call themselves WingMakers. Over 8,000 pages of philosophy, poetry, music, genetics, sub-dimensional equations, and cosmology are contained within the disc.

The WingMakers are thought to be representatives of the Central Race, the most ancient race of beings in the universe, and the legendary Creator Gods of life on all of the other galaxies. They are the genetic caretakers of the universe, once thought to be Gods when they interacted with the human race in eons past.
Thousands of years earlier, aware of the earth's distant future, the WingMakers constructed and left behind knowledge repositories upon earth, on each of the seven continents. The New Mexico site was the first of the seven to be discovered. These seven sites are linked together through some mysterious means, and the information contained within the sites is for an uncertain purpose.
The WingMakers story chronicles the hero's journey of Dr. Neruda and one of his associates (Samantha Folten) as they gradually become sympathizers of the WingMakers' purpose and want to make the Ancient Arrow material available to the broader scientific community. The leadership of the ACIO is squarely at odds with making such a disclosure, fearing that the ACIO's agenda and hidden power

will vanish as a result.

Given no other options, and with grave danger to himself,

Neruda defects from the ACIO, taking materials from the Ancient Arrow site with him.
The ACIO, with all of its incredible technology and brilliant minds, makes every effort to capture Neruda, but with the help of a journalist he manages to outwit the grasp of the ACIO and uncover the true purpose of the WingMakers' sites:

To repel an ancient enemy of the WingMakers.

In the year 2011, a synthetic, soulless race of aliens known as the Animus are foreseen by the WingMakers to detect earth.

The WingMakers have stored the requisite knowledge inside the 7 sites to help humanity prevent the forceful Animus invasion. Neruda believes he must uncover this knowledge ahead of the ACIO and share it with the world's scientific community before the ACIO can capture him and hide or destroy the WingMakers' sites.

And most importantly, all of this must be done in time to repel the Animus from earth.
Shortly after his defection, Neruda finds a journalist and makes a full disclosure of the Ancient Arrow Project (The Neruda Interviews). Together, they release the artifacts and selected decoded materials from the Ancient Arrow site over the Internet on November 23, 1998.

The website is called WingMakers.com




 -  Introduction to The WingMakers

Ancient Arrow Project - (New Mexico - USA)

 -  Ancient Arrow Project - The Alliance

 -  Ancient Arrow Project - The Book

 -  Chamber's Enigmatic Wall Paintings

 -  Classified Document No. 072797-12X-LG10 - TTP Committee Members & LG Pleiade -- FYEO


 -  El Proyecto Flecha Antigua

 -  Excerpts from Decoded Chambers - Ancient Arrow Project

 -  The Ancient Arrow Project

Hakomi Project - (Cusco - Peru)

 -  Anatomy of The Individuated Consciousness - Associated Materials of Chamber 3 Hakomi CD

 -  Coherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness - Associated Materials of Hakomi Chambers 4-6

 -  Breaking News from Peru - Found Second Site - English - Español

 -  WingMaker's Hakomi Chamber 3

James - Mahu Nahi

 -  Answers from James - Compiled from 2001 - 2003

 -  Changes to WingMakers Interviews - Comparison of Original and Changed Interviews

 -  Introduction by James - Creator


 -  James - El Soberano Integral - La Entrevista Con James (WingMakers - Project Camelot)

 -  James - The WingMakers Interview - Project Camelot

 -  Living From the Heart


 -  Ordenamiento por Temas de P&R de Los Hacedores de Alas - Edición Revisada

 -  Responses from James - Session 1

 -  Responses from James - Session 2

 -  The Energetic Heart and Its Purpose in Human Destiny

 -  The Lyricus - Main File

 -  Topical Arrangement of WingMakers Q&A - Revised Edition

Additional Information


  A'shayana Deane - Author of The Voyager Books - Video-Interview by Project Camelot Productions


 -  El Corazón Energético - Su Propósito en El Destino Humano


 -  Entrevistas al Dr. Neruda - Main File


 -  Glosario - La Filosofía de Los Hacedores de Alas

 -  Glossary - WingMakers' Philosophy

 -  Initiation Into The Incunabula - The Occult Technology of Power


 -  La Filosofía de Los Hacedores de Alas - The WingMakers


 -  Los Animus, Inteligencia Artificial y Tecnología de Borrón y Cuenta Nueva


 -  Los Hacedores de Alas - WingMakers

 -  Meaning and Mythological Imagery in WingMakers' Paintings - Chamber 1 Painting

 -  Metaphorical Neruda Interview - The WingMakers


 -  More Information About S.A.A.L.M.



 -  Neruda Interviews - Main File

 -  New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, the Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M.


 -  Nuevas Revelaciones sobre la Historia de los Hacedores de Alas (Wingmakers), el Grupo Laberinto y S.A.A.L.M.


 -  The Animus, Artificial Intelligence, and Blank Slate Technology

 -  The Energetic Heart - Its Purpose in Human Destiny

 -  The WingMakers - Experiments in Time


 -  Transmisiones de La Primera Fuente - The WingMakers

 -  Vision of Mantustia

 -  WingMakers - Changes to WingMakers Website

  Book- Treatises  

 -  Voyagers, Vol. I - The Sleeping Abductees - by Ashayana Deane

 -  Voyagers, Vol. II - The Secrets of Amenti - by Ashayana Deane


 -  Ancient Arrow Site in The Chaco Canyon Area - Video Animation

 -  Animations of Hakomi Chamber Nº 3

 -  Introduction to WingMakers and Lyricus

 -  Music from Wing Makers Chambers 11 & 12

 -  Slides Introduction to The WingMakers

 -  WingMakers Ancient Arrow Project

 -  WingMakers Visual Glossary

  Related Reports  

 -  Summer and The Anunnaki - Main File


 -  Zeta Reticuli Interaction With Earth - Main File




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