by James

from WingMakers Website




Music is a language that directly communicates what cannot be said with words. When you encounter rhythm, melody, timbre, tone, harmony – the components of music – your first instinct is to surrender to their language. You crossover into the mysterious world of their creative presence where a bridge can be built and integration between these two worlds can be formed.

The human instrument absorbs the sounds present in music and can, if the music is properly tuned, form a sympathetic resonance with the music. Similar to two tuning forks that resonate on the same frequency when only one is struck, the human instrument can be a resonant system in which its cellular and atomic structure is entrained by the music – or more specifically – the vibratory frequencies contained in the harmonics of the music.

The atomic structure of the human instrument is a vibrating harmonic system. The nuclei vibrate, and the electrons in their orbits vibrate in resonance to their nuclei, but to what does the nuclei resonate with? What is the primal vibration that establishes the vibratory expression of a human instrument? And can this vibration change and adapt – in a sense migrate to new levels of vibration that are more aligned and supportive to the spiritual purpose in which the human soul chose to incarnate?

Modern humanity has been deluded by sound and music – in effect, sung to sleep. The material world of sonic vibration has ensnared the human instrument, keeping the primal vibration of the human soul suppressed and diminished. This condition creates a heightened sense of separation, which in turn creates an unspecified, broad-spectrum anxiety that is difficult to identify, and, consequently, to resolve.

It is to this vibration of separation and anxiety that most humans submit, and as resonant systems, unwittingly nourish and promote. But the truth is that life is encapsulated spirit, and all life is part of a unified creative presence that lives underneath the material world like a waterway of motion lives beneath the solid, opaque ice of a river.

Using this analogy, music can break through the ice and enable the individual to thrust their hands into the water and feel this motion – this current of universal life that surges undeniably just below the surface of the material world. This is the re-connective experience that heals the sense of separation so powerfully woven into the human condition. The music of Hakomi Chambers 4-6 (now playing) is intended to restore and support this sense of reconnection.

Within the esoteric fields of study, it has long been known that sound is the most effective way to move beyond separation and rekindle the sense of integration between the heart-mind-body-soul system. Music, properly tuned and orchestrated, is like a needle and thread that stitches these component parts of the human entity together not in permanent union, but in manageable alignment and coherence.

It is this alignment and coherence that enables your spiritual work to surface and bloom, and sound is the bridge that connects the “archipelago” of the heart-mind-body-soul system, uniting them as a singular “geography” or system in service to the native, original purpose of the individuated consciousness. (See Fig. 1 below.)

This does not mean that you necessarily become a healer or a teacher of spiritual works. The original purpose of the human instrument and soul – as a unified team – is to harmonize consciousness from the density of material survival to the highest vibration of love. This harmonization is not ruled by human definitions of good and evil or right and wrong. It is exclusively about bringing disparate vibrations into harmony and building coherence between the two poles of survival and divine love.

Spirit becomes matter through the vibration of sound, and similarly, matter becomes spirit through the harmonics of sound. It is a reciprocal energy transfer – one in which science is only now beginning to understand. Since prehistoric times, humans have known that music modifies the environment and our relationship to time and space, but now science is revealing that music also modifies our cellular structure, energy centers (chakras), and the coherence between our total selfhood (heart-mind-body-soul system).

In the study of wave phenomenon known as the science of cymatics, sound waves produce an effect on inert matter, structuring it into geometric, even archetypal forms. This same cause and effect relationship of sound waves on matter is what produces the effect at the atomic and cellular levels of the human instrument. However, it is more than mere physical impressions of the sound waves. There are harmonics within the sound that extend into higher and lower frequencies than the audible range of the human ear, but nonetheless impact on the vibrational structure of the human instrument’s DNA, mind-brain structure, and central nervous system.

The vibratory structure of the human instrument, which includes the body, emotions, and mind structures, is an object lesson in non-aligned frequencies. The vibrations of one organ are different than another – say the stomach when compared to the heart. The vibration of the higher mind is different than the emotions; the crown chakra different than the vibration of the pituitary gland. The human instrument is a vast collection of vibratory systems, each operating in service to a functional outcome that serves the material needs of the human instrument to survive in the physical world and evolve towards the spiritual worlds of First Source. These competing vibrational currents create the condition of floating intentionality – which results in the diffusion of the intention and will of the individual.

Because the vibratory structure of the human instrument is unaligned and asymmetrical, it is a collection of vibrations operating in a multiplicity of resonant systems. There are root sounds that are primal and, because of their primal stature, causal. These root sounds are inaudible, but nevertheless provide an orchestrating frequency that brings a degree of coherence to the human instrument.

Mantras, particularly as they were applied in the esoteric schools of sound and light, were designed to strengthen the root frequencies or source vibration that establishes the unifying vibration of each human instrument. It is this unifying Source Vibration that generally defines the descending form in which the human instrument manifests in the physical domain, as well as the ascension path upon which it evolves.

The Source Vibration of the individual is intermixed with the world of forms as the human instrument manifests. This is the “vibratory soup” of the external world that impacts on, and influences, the human instrument. This vibratory soup, particularly as it pertains to technology, acts to diminish the Source Vibration in the space of human consciousness. This Source Vibration is analogous to what is – in esoteric schools – referred to as the soul’s heartbeat.

Figure 2 below, depicts this overall relationship between the inward connectivity of the individuated consciousness to First Source (God), and its interface with the external world of form and vibratory density. Spiritual sound helps to create an Interface Zone between the human instrument and the vibratory soup of the world of forms. This Interface Zone supports the human instrument’s mission and purpose, preventing its vibratory contamination as a vessel for the human soul and an outlet of First Source’s expression of Sound and Light, or what is sometimes referred to as Para Vach.

Para Vach is the primordial, causal Sound and Light that transcends both manifestation and non-manifestation. It is the Breath of First Source beyond the cosmos that creates, vitalizes, and sets in motion the vibratory substance of matter. It transcends the manifestation of light and sound even as it exists in its most pure and luminous state.

There are references in virtually all religious texts, as well as physics and cosmology that describe – however obliquely – the Para Vach.

  • in the Bible it is the Word made flesh

  • it is the Nada of the Upanishads

  • the Kalma-I-ilahi or inner sound of the Koran

  • the HU of the Sufi

  • the music of the spheres in Pythagorean philosophy

  • it is Fohat in Buddhism

  • the Kwan-Yin-Tien in Chinese mysticism.

Regardless of its name or precise definition, it is the fundamental cause of all sound and light within the Grand Universe, which in turn is the fundamental cause of all manifestation.

It is this connection that is embedded within each of us. It is our source of the pure vibration that we live upon as endless beings. In the book, Liminal Cosmogony, it is stated as follows:

From the Hidden Father originate the Light and Sound harmonics – the universal codes of unity – that are distilled into his Brilliant Children in the worlds of form.

However, it is the worlds of form that can defile and contaminate this connection and subtle vibration, hence the Interface Zone is an essential concept to understand.

Harmony is the ruling principle of the Interface Zone, and musicproperly tuned – can help to create, direct, and uphold this sense of harmony. If the Interface Zone is rightfully managed, it will provide a buffer between the human soul and the worlds of form that bear down upon it. This is a result of the density of vibration within the worlds of form that inadvertently, and, in some instances, purposely, diminish the vibratory state of the human soul’s vessel – the human instrument – to the vibratory rate of matter.

Sacred music, chants, mantras, and harmonic vibrations are the countervailing effect of this vibratory density, and it is the most potent way in which to direct and uphold the inherent harmony of the Interface Zone that surrounds each of us. In a meditative state, the sound of one’s voice chanting a mantra or the sacred name of First Source is very powerful, particularly if one is actively visualizing and imagining a harmonious Interface Zone.

There are melody lines embedded within the music of Hakomi Chambers 4-6 that can be internalized and used as a harmonic “broom” to sweep the denser vibrations that may have accumulated within your Interface Zone. This procedure does not require a good voice, and indeed, can be more potent if given expression within your consciousness instead of through your vocal chords and mouth.

There will be a Lyricus discourse released in the next month that will provide more background depth and practical applications related to the Interface Zone and its role in supporting and facilitating the evolutionary consciousness.

From my world to yours,