Introduction by James

from WingMakers Website


Over the past two years, the WingMakers’ website has elicited a variety of reactions, perhaps none so persistent as to the enigma of its creator, and why I seek anonymity.


I invite you to examine the materials contained within this website, less concerned with who created the materials and why, and more focused on how to apply them in your personal life, provided they resonate with your inmost self.

If you read my responses to the questions posed by members of the WingMakers’ discussion forum and various students, you will gain insight into my purpose, and if you read carefully, you will understand why these materials exist as they do. In this short introduction, I will try to provide additional insight into these materials and their purpose.

Within the last century, contemporary belief systems have rightly placed their focus on love, and more specifically, love that is divine, unconditional and freely shared among all people regardless of their place in the social order. The greatest teachers of humanity have professed this same sentiment, but love remains one of the most misunderstood concepts of humanity.

Love is a fundamental action that, in itself, is not sufficient to bring a species into alignment with the purpose and objectives of First Source or God. While love serves a vital function in coalescing humanity and healing its self-inflicted wounds, it is the knowledge and rightful application of new sciences that will reveal the human soul to the mind of humanity. And it is this revelation that will bring humanity - as a collective species - into conscious alignment with the purpose of First Source.

The WingMakers incarnate as humans from time-to-time in order to bring its teachings directly to humanity. The WingMakers have been known by many different names throughout the history of humankind, but always they have been involved in bringing spiritual culture and science to the developing mind of humanity. The purpose of this endeavor is to spark or catalyze the discovery of the human soul – not through the subjective lens of metaphysics or religion, but through the irrefutable application of scientific principle.

These collected works are aspects of this process. I am a translator of these works that originate from a different spatial or dimensional level known as a Tributary Zone. These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is a term we use to describe the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. It is an event that humanity is steadily nearing, and its arrival is estimated to be near the time 2080. These materials, and others like them, will be catalysts for those incarnating souls who are part of the Grand Portal discovery.

I can appreciate that this may seem like science fiction to many of you, but it is nonetheless an impending reality, and marks a profound shift in the fundamental social structures of humanity. The discovery of the Grand Portal is literally a portal into a new multi-dimensional universe that demonstrates that humanity is not an isolated “patch” of life, but rather part of an amazingly diverse assemblage of life forms that span multiple universes and dimensions.

It is not unlike when oceanographers first began to survey the ocean’s depths and discovered new species of life where it was thought impossible for life to exist. According to our estimates, a similar phenomenon – but at a much more profound level – will occur in about 80 years as science and soul collide, and the reality of a near-infinite variety of life forms beyond the physical dimension is discovered and shared with all of humanity.

The belief systems upon earth will undergo calamitous change following the discovery of the Grand Portal as the new sciences - above all, particle physics and molecular biology – begin to dramatically restructure the social institutions of religion, government, education, and culture. This is the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past 11,000 years.

I am here to help in this discovery. If you apply these materials in your own life, you are as well.

From my world to yours,