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Of all the courageous warriors for truth to whom we pay tribute on these pages, Svali is an exception. Her name is a pseudonym, and it is not known whether she is dead or in hiding. But her testimony is so shocking, and of such critical importance, that in our view it is utterly clear that we must honor her here.

Svali is, or was, an American woman born into an Illuminati bloodline.


When she was twelve years old, she was taken to the Vatican for a ceremony she was told would be very important. What she witnessed - an actual child sacrifice (the child was 3 or 4 years old, and appeared to be compliant) on an obsidian slab over a large pentagram in a basement catacomb - is told in her extraordinary interview with Greg Szymanski.


Everyone visiting our site must hear this:


All Illuminati children are heavily conditioned to be obedient, patient, self-controlled, and totally loyal to the "family".


Some are groomed for the military or politics; others are prepared for business - or even 'businesses' such as prostitution. Marriages are arranged, one reason being to strengthen ties between different bloodlines.


All the members of the families have respectable fronts as "normal" people to the degree that no-one who is not in the group would ever suspect the duality of their character and of their life. Meetings often occur at night. In these meetings children are "trained" using drugs, hypnosis, and shock-reward conditioning.


They can, in Svali's words, all handle and fire a weapon with deadly accuracy by the age of 8.

Higher levels of politics are heavily Illuminati occupied and controlled, in all western countries. In the United States, the population is about 1% Illuminati or Illuminati assets. Do the math: that's about 3 million people. You may even know some of them, and have never suspected.

Svali is also an exception in that very few Illuminati members ever leave.


The conditioning is just too great... and to leave means abandoning spouse, parents, children, house, money, everything. Very few people make the break. Svali reports that she was only able to leave after it dawned on her that, because she was telling lies to the Illuminati children as an Illuminati "trainer" (her role or job in the "family"), she must have been lied to herself when she was young.


She converted to Christianity ('real' Christianity: she described various Christian churches as heavily Illuminati controlled) and this gave her the strength to leave. She gave one major radio interview, and had a website ( which has now been taken down.


She wrote prolifically for a while, but has not been heard from since 2006.

The simplest summary of the entire Illuminati agenda and net of control is probably Henry Makow's 2002 article here. It is reproduced in "Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy"