by Zen Gardner
December 1, 2013

from ZenGardner Website

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Itís said,

"Illusion must first be destroyed, in order to build a firm foundation of truth."

The learned definition of freedom is all important.


What Americans consider their proud foundation of liberty is a Freemasonic ploy set up to fail, with enough perks, freedoms and stimulants to keep them producing like a house aí fire for over 200 years.

Empowering dynamics soon kicked in including many oblivious people doing what they thought was best. But still, itís been a nation under a massive delusion.

Just look at the violent history of that country. Born and bred in war after war as if itís a virtue to be proud of. Itís a young, two century old war machine dutifully feeding off the people and resources of the world for directed reasons it knows not of. A very serious weapon indeed. With no awareness of their true mission.

Sure, Americans have (had) homes and plenty of Ozzie and Harriet promises of middle class heaven while the plan marched on. But they were duped. They were all duped.

And facing that, is the beginning of awareness.






War, Wars and More Wars

Just count the current military installations the US now has. Itís almost beyond comprehension.


Their military presence is in over 1000 locations worldwide and counting, so-called "policing" the world. How this happened over time is yet another indictment against the sleeping American, sad to say.

This one apparent fact is damning enough.

Here is just ONE part of the world they are "protecting for democracy."





Domination, of course.


The ship is being steered by psychopaths and theyíll use anything and anybody to get their way. Amerika is clearly an extension of the same self-righteous fascist control mechanism used over centuries, from Babylon to Egypt to Rome and on into Europe.


The staged German WW2 event only set the current Amerikan world takeover stage, with the so-called "freedom loving" west decrying such past "fascist" activities while at the same time continuing them under new astronomically insidious guises.

This gets into the historical records but this is all clear to any open minded researcher. That wars are staged and financed on both sides is a mainstay realization when you truly delve into the facts behind wars. The slaughter of millions of innocents is merely part of the play for these vicious, vampiric types.

We are simply fodder in their plans.

Amerika has simply been a holding tank of willing accomplices, ready to defend the pretend freedoms they were sold from the get go. Oh, they were real in their own context, and still are to a limited extent, but all within a carefully contained, ready-to-be demolished construct.

Much like 9/11. Very much...


The country is now being imploded now that itís served its purpose. Even their very false symbol of freedom must be destroyed.

Obviously not all Amerikans are accomplices. But those who ride along in a military truck they themselves keep repairing and bolstering, while it wantonly annihilates anything in its path, are not just bystanders. Sorry.


Americans self-righteously hold other nationalities in account for supporting fascist, oppressive regimes.

Itís time to hold up the mirror.





The Military Industrial Death Culture

Death, domination and destruction are the MO (modus operandi) of the powers that be.


To control and manipulate efficiently they need continual wars with,

  • "outsiders"

  • "threats"

  • "those who oppose freedom"...

Their type of exploitative freedom of course.


With the backing of a duped populace.

  • Itís worked time and again. And itís alive and well in todayís totalitarian takeover. Total control at any cost.

  • Itís a strikingly frank look at the US and its complicit allies, with many like the UK and Israel goading them on.

In fact, much of true Amerikan leadership comes from places like,

This is all done in concert to the dancing tune of a One World Organism, a controlling body that will dissolve any and all sensibilities of sovereignty or cultural definitions.

Hence the engineered, concurrent social breakdown to prepare the way.

Thatís been the plan all along. Families dissolve, governments and institutions of all types socialize into centralized authorities, while any substantive differences are mixed into a morass of non-individuality.

Such is the current state of affairs.





This is a very brief treatise on a huge subject, but Amerika must continue to be called out.


The presumed good guy is the bad guy. Everything is backwards. The terrorists are the invading armies. The US and Israel and their axis of complicit allies are the epitome of this. Country after country is falling into complete chaos and disrepair in the name of liberation.

When will the insanity not just be stopped, but called out for what it clearly is?

I rest my case...