by Patrick Wood
September 9, 2010

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Obama’s slick 2010 Labor Day speech that promised an additional Federal stimulus for a sick economy, was a ringer. Here's why - buried in the $50 billion infrastructure stimulus promise is the following statement:

“It sets up an Infrastructure Bank to leverage federal dollars and focus on the smartest investments.”

Infrastructure Bank? Smartest investments?

Obama would have you think that this was his brainchild, but it is not. It will, however, effectively centralize another key area of our economy, namely infrastructure, into a government run enterprise that mostly benefits the private capital of the global elite, and in particular, members of the Trilateral Commission.

For a historical perspective, we need to look back to August 2007 during the Bush administration when S.1926 was introduced (National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2007) by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Chuck Hagel (R-NE).

The failed bill provided for an independent government entity (think FDIC, for instance) with a five-member board appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

In 2009, the Obama Administration promoted similar legislation introduced into the House as H.R.2521 by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) to,

"facilitate efficient investments and financing of infrastructure projects and new job creation through the establishment of a National Infrastructure Development Bank, and for other purposes."

The Administration was so certain that this would pass (it has not) that the 2010 budget included appropriations for a National Infrastructure Bank. (See Investing for Success, Brookings Institution, p.11)

Dodd himself called S.1926 a,

“unique and powerful public-private partnership” that would offer a “fresh solution to the challenge of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.”

It was originally to be funded by a $60 billion bond issue which would be then leveraged with private capital. Obama’s new twist is to forget the bond and just give $50 billion of taxpayer money directly to kick - start the NIB.

A public-private partnership in this context is reminiscent of the World Bank's Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure program (PPPI) whose objective,

"is to provide capacity building to help client governments create the proper environment to develop successful and sustainable PPPs, as well as to provide technical assistance to client countries in issues related to PPP program design, development, and implementation."

However, the World Bank explains their agenda more fully:

"The program initially focuses on core infrastructure sectors - energy, water, transport, and telecommunications - and will progressively cover the main social sectors such as education, health and housing."

This may suggest the intended meaning of "other purposes" mentioned above in H.R.2421. Obama made no mention of NIB revenue bonds that would be used to pay back loans with by tolls, fees, etc.


Most importantly, all infrastructure spending/lending/appropriations would circumvent Congress forever more. In fact, the whole affair would be off-agency, meaning that the accounting for it would not show up in the national budget, but would potentially create a huge contingent liability for taxpayers down the road.

So, who were the policy wonks behind the NIB and S.1926 in 2007? (You know it wasn’t Dodd or Hagel!)

Fortunately, the press release on Dodd’s own website gives full credit:

“Last year, Senators Dodd and Hagel signed on to a set of ‘Guiding Principles for Strengthening America’s Infrastructure’ developed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Commission on Public Infrastructure,” said CSIS President and CEO John Hamre.

“These principles were established to recommend changes to rebuild America’s decaying infrastructure. CSIS is proud to have helped stimulate this important initiative.

Proud, indeed!

This traitorous and globalist think tank was originally established by a founding member of the Trilateral Commission, David Abshire.


The current CSIS board is stacked with notorious Trilateral Commission members like,

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski

  • William Brock

  • Harold Brown

  • Richard Armitage

  • Carla Hills (architect of NAFTA)

  • Henry Kissinger

  • Joseph Nye

  • James Schlesinger

  • Brent Scowcroft

This supposedly "bi-partisan" S.1926 was subsequently co-sponsored by twelve other senators including Hillary Clinton and, you guessed it, then-Senator Barrack Hussein Obama.


This is one more piece of evidence that both Clinton and Obama operate solidly within the Trilateral orbit.

There is no argument that the U.S. infrastructure is a shambles. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that it would take $1.6 trillion to fix it. The final tab will be much higher.

Of course, neither the Feds nor the states have that kind of money but the Trilateral Commission has repeatedly proven its ability to sucker the taxpayers into paying for the Commission's global trade schemes… in this case, the final implementation of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) trade routes throughout the U.S.

As reported in my detailed 2005 report, Toward a North American Union, NAFTA was created in the first place exclusively by members of the Trilateral Commission:

In recent years, NAFTA's infrastructure grid has been developed and plotted by an organization known as the North America Corridor Coalition, Inc. (NASCO).

The recently updated NASCO web site shows a plethora of infrastructure plans (below image) that are tightly integrated with the implementation of NAFTA, which will undoubtedly be brought into play through the new National Infrastructure Bank.

Citizen revolts in Texas and Oklahoma in 2007-2008 were successful at smacking down the infamous Trans-Texas NAFTA Super-Corridor along I-35.


This likely will not happen again.

Such pesky citizens and their state governments will be rendered irrelevant with decisions being made at the national level by a private board that will operate behind closed doors with little or no public input or recourse.


The Brookings Institution explains it this way:

"Multi-jurisdictional projects are neglected in the current federal investment process in surface transportation, due to the insufficient institutional coordination among state and local governments that are the main decision makers in transportation.


The NIB would provide a mechanism to catalyze local and state government cooperation and could result in higher rates of return compared to the localized infrastructure projects."

(ibid, Brookings Institution)

Thus, where local and state government cooperation is lacking, the NIB would "catalyze" projects and make them happen in spite of such "insufficient institutional coordination".

In short, the NIB scheme sets up the American taxpayer for yet another pillage and plunder operation at the hands of
the Trilateral Commission and their global elite cronies. When projects fail, taxpayers will pay for that as well.

S.1926 did not pass in 2008 and H.R. 2521 did not pass in 2009, but now that Obama has put it at the top of his agenda, it will likely pass before December 31, 2010.


Or… Obama could simply create it by fiat through an Executive Order!

How much more Trilateral abuse can the taxpayer's Treasury endure before the whole economic system in the U.S. just collapses from exhaustion? No one can say for sure, but it seems awfully close to this writer!

Unfortunately, mid-term elections will do absolutely nothing to reduce the influence of this nefarious and unelected group that quietly hijacked the U.S. Executive Branch as far back as 1976 with the election of James Earl Carter and Walter Mondale, both of whom were early members of the Trilateral Commission.


That and every administration since then has been stocked full of Commission members, all eager to promote Trilateral-style globalism and demote U.S. sovereignty and prosperity. 

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