by Jim Kirwan
May 10, 2014

from Rense Website





In Homs, Syria,

but meant for the world at large.



People the world over have been stunned into silence by what we have done to the planet just since 9-11.


However, this goes back much, much further to everything that was done under Clinton and G.H.W. Bush as well. Because that's when the Gates of Hell were opened and when we officially began to unleash this permanent reign of terror upon the world.

The concept itself began with our wars against the native population in which more than 50 million natives died, over the course of 400 years of this scorched earth policy.


The slaves in the states shared the same time frame but because each slave was worth real money the numbers that died were smaller. The crimes against them were horrific just the same.

By the time that G.W.H. Bush arrived in the oval office, having come directly from the CIA, he still had many loose-ends to finish.


After he locked up Noriega in the Dry Tortugas, in Florida and after he began the Iraq war against Saddam in 1991, which were meant to destroy all evidence of his war-crimes, plus his drug-running and weapons trafficking.


Bush 41 set the stage for Clinton who allowed the slaughter in Rwanda, followed by Bosnia-Herzegovina which is not even close to being rehabilitated.

Then came Bush 43, illegally by appointment in December of 2000 by the U.S. Supreme Court followed, by 911 and the rejuvenation of the first War on Iraq that was never concluded.


By 2003 junior declared the continuation of the War on Iraq, supposedly for Weapons of Mass Destruction which was never a factor, in that conflict, because all those WMD's that were sold to Saddam by Rumsfeld had been either moved or destroyed by 2003.


Yet when the administration finally admitted that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction the war continued uninterrupted, despite the fact that the reason for that war had never been a factor.

By the time of the wars labeled as "The Arab Spring" which were just cover for a number of regime-changes throughout the Middle-east and financed by George Soros; the current Scorched Earth Policy went into immediate effect, throughout the Middle East.

Promises were made about Freedom & Democracy to nations that had previously had neither.


While these illegal wars were continuing the United States underwent a total conversion to a corporate Stazi-State that wiped out the U.S. Constitution and turned the US over to the criminal-Israeli regime which had been covertly directing US policy for decades before they went public under G.W. Bush.

Amerikans get their "news" from the tube. That source has been criminally controlled since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

Here's what CNN was supposed to report on worldwide and was supposed to look like today. This report comes from RT and is just one of several daily worldwide reports issued every day.


They are thorough and they present a totally different view from any US media assigned to cover the world today:





When the world looks at our brutality and the blood-thirsty wars, all we can see are the results, worldwide that have left virtually every country we've touched in ruins.


Drinkable water, viable electricity and any other "services" have been decimated, millions of refugees are created and millions upon millions of people get slaughtered in every country we "attack" supposedly to prevent terrorism.


Instead of "Terrorists" we slaughter "Insurgents" to the point that we have now labeled most of the U.S. population as "insurgent enemies of the State". The State here is a private-corporate fascist Stazi-State that remains virtually at war upon the rest of the world (see "Insurgents "R" Us").

Now with the ongoing war inside Ukraine, all of that "war" is being waged by US mercenary forces, combined with Nazis-forces, NATO and United Nations military forces that are about to swing into action against Russia for "creating" the violence inside Ukraine.


But as you can see from the RT report above, there are consequences for each and every sanction that we continue to place on Russia, as 'the instigator' of all of the violence in the region. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is perhaps worse that the minute to minute news of the world is the fact that apparently Amerika remains totally unaware of what we actually leave behind in our blood-drenched wake. The nations we attacked had excellent technologists, teachers, medical services, and first rate educational services ­ Iraq was light years ahead of the United States before we began bombing it.


The same was true of Libya and Syria, but Amerikans never bothered to find out the facts behind any of the blood-baths we initiated in the name of Freedom & Democracy.

If we go back to what we began with our wars upon the native population here it's easy to see where Israel got its template for their treatment of the Palestinians, which amounts to 66 years of a totally Scorched Earth policy.

Our supposed allies are the military arms of fascist global-bankers who are still trying to wring their blood-stained profits from the left-over ruins from our mutually used Scorched Earth Polices worldwide.

Where is the public in all of this? We have supposedly changed politicians, several times in order to get different policies here in the States. But not only does nothing change, our policies continue to get much, much worse.


For instance, Obama promised to close Gitmo in his first year in office. Yesterday he got approval for over 69 million to build another Gitmo on the same site in Cuba.


It currently costs over $900,000 to care for each prisoner in the current facility…


"House committee earmarks $69M for new secret prison at Guantanamo

08 May 2014


Some members of Congress want to build a new secret prison for the alleged 9/11 mastermind [George W. Bush/Dick Cheney?] and other former CIA captives at Guantanamo, a project once proposed by the U.S. Southern Command but then dropped because of a lack of support from the Obama administration.


Republicans at the House Armed Services Committee inserted 69 million for the new 'high-value detainee complex' in its spending bill Wednesday night that earmarked a total of 93 million for new construction at the prison camps in Cuba.


At Guantanamo, the military calls the complex Camp 7 and says it's built on a clandestine location at the 45-square-mile Navy base and run by a secret U.S. Army unit called Task Force Platinum."


The United States cannot feed its own people.


Our infrastructure is in ruins. Our people live in literal terror from our own police, yet nothing at all is done to fix anything that matters. The police have become the true enemy of the people inside the USA (see "Call the Police at your own Peril").


What makes this portrait of Amerika so ugly is that no one who 'matters' ever questions anything this government does. Israel runs wild over the US government and does whatever they want anywhere while we pay for everything they do. This is what will soon be left to those of us that don't get any help to end this barbaric slaughter.


That's because if we don't learn to come together soon, then we will die alone and there will be nothing romantic about any of this…





The criminality inside the private-corporate states that run the Stazi-State is legendary and is totally above and beyond any of the so-called laws they cite for the crimes they commit by the hundreds every day.


American taxpayers are funding the destruction of the entire world, while they continue to watch their games and immerse themselves in toys and habits that have nothing to do with any of the global-crimes we commit world-wide; each and every hour day and night.


There are some suggestions below about how we could almost easily change everything if the people were to actually realize what's really going on… (see "Nullify U.S. Inc.").

Stop watching the poisoned Tube and start going to real news sources if you want any information about what is driving this world today; because that is the only way out of this nightmare.


I heard from someone in England today who mentioned that conditions in the space where most of the satellites are, is beginning to look like a massive field of fleas.


She mentioned that all of that will very soon be hit by some of those CME's that most pay absolutely no attention to at all. This will appear as if the universe will be shaking off a huge infection of fleas throughout our star system.


When that happens it will be the end of globally-corrupted communications, satellite tracking, aircraft, sophisticated weaponry of all types, spying, the internet, all our cell-phones and most of everything that has conned us into believing that we're living in a technological age.


Overnight we could soon be in the Stone Age, because of what's already been done to everything including our atmosphere. The only good news in any of that is that HAARP would end, along with Chemtrails and at least the weather could return to being just the weather…


Think about it ­ please....