by Bernie Suarez
December 24, 2013
from TruthAndArtTV Website




Here in America people are beginning to visualize what it will be like to overcome the mass political oppression we are now all under at the hands of a small group of global control freak elites who also control the money.


Yes, Americans are trying to imagine how the scenario will play out.


Some still refuse to believe that this can happen in our lifetime. They just canít imagine the bad guys having the tables turned on them. Some consider it fantasy thinking, unrealistic pipe dreams, or plain naÔve to think this will ever happen.


Perhaps those voices are right so I propose we assume nothing and instead admit we are dreaming or should we say, letís just imagine what it would be like in the event humanityís mass consciousness decides it doesnít want to live in slavery forever.

My story would begin in a large American city setting sometime in the not too distant future; the local mainstream media now consists of mixed elements of controlled opposition (looking out for the interests of the mega-sized companies and their government business counterparts, who many refer to as the globalists), and pro-freedom journalists looking to make a difference.


Those looking to stay out of trouble with the control system seek to maintain the great voices of control while those who love freedom quietly wait for that big story that will put them in the history books.


Others nervously watch along as world events unfold on a daily bases.

The control system had been seeking to continue censoring any news that made the implementation of their control system more difficult. Reporters, writers, and journalists everywhere, had begun realizing that the entire game is about control and information censoring and now many were seeking to quietly break away from the journalistic matrix that had been created for them.

Meanwhile unhappy Americans had finally come to grips with their own struggles. Many were now poised to do whatever it takes to trigger change. They had now realized the truth of their pain had reached a level that was no longer possible to ignore.


Americans had failed to realize that similar revolutions had been going on around the world for many years while most Americans were kept busy with entertainment. This new unrest had brought back memories of the Occupy Wall Street revolution only this revolution was more intense and more meaningful.

The federal government continued its routine control of news items.


The censorship of subject matters made it impossible for journalists to cover certain stories for fear of government retribution. The pressure to comply had now become the do or die decision for journalists and reporters who were hoping to make a difference and those looking to fan the flames of freedom. With larger and more potentially historic stories on the table, reporters started making personal decisions to cover and disseminate stories that were outside the spectrum of what they were told to cover.


The legend of the brave hearted and courageous freedom fighters had emerged. Realizing that heroes of today fight with their brain, their intelligence, their skills, and combine that with their courage, the heroes of today emerged.


They began to realize that the paradigm had truly began to shift.


We were once a species that relied on might and force, then we relied on guns then weapons of mass destruction, fear, and intimidation to bully each other around, but now we were a species that was able to solve all of its problems by thinking together, working together, getting along with one another, and realizing that this final battle for humanity will be decided by how we synchronize our brain waves together.

The control system used psychological tactics to create their control over humanity. They learned how to manipulate the other humans with visual, audio, and other physiological stimuli, but the species eventually used its own intellectual abilities to solve its own problem.


The solution? Information and sharing information to expose what was wrong and how to fix it.


That revelation compelled many to want to become independent journalists realizing that we were in the middle of a prophetic world war scenario that would determine the future of humanity.


The instrument needed by humanity? Journalist information soldiers! More and more people acting as journalist and sharing and reporting information critical to the advancement of humanity.


The concept of news was now being defined as that which positively advances the state of humanity.


This mindset (of sharing important information) turned out to hold one of the keys to the overall solution. The solution, it would turn out, was hidden inside the human genome and behavioral blueprint. The human blueprint held many of the mysteries and answers to life. It would explain how diverse we are and how capable we are of doing not only evil things but of also restoring that which is broken or destroyed.


We discovered that as a whole we have the healing force in us that allows us to create brand new solutions to almost any problem that comes our way. We are now seeing why it is that humanity lives on and survives historic event after event and continues to find solutions for all of its challenges.

This solution (of becoming journalists and information sharing vessels) pushed the door open at multiple levels within the control system itself to offer a change in consciousness from within the very control system.


This turned out to be possible because many good people with a conscience and with incredible skills, intelligence, organization, and discipline were the ones who were in place helping to operate the control system to begin with.

So as the list of arrests began accumulating it seemed to have a magical effect on humanity.


Why would the announcement of an arrest of a high ranking corporate officer make a journalist excited? Maybe because with every arrest came a dream perhaps a hope that each arrest represented the beginning of the end of the worst era in American history.


With every indictment, arrest, and every court decision that swung in favor of justice, humanity started feeling that weird adrenalin of historic proportion that told us better days were coming.


Guarding carefully against a false or premature freedom honeymoon celebration, many freedom fighting intellectuals and activists reminded the masses of the evils that were still occurring. This refusal to celebrate too soon turned out to be one of the most important elements that allowed those fighting for freedom to ultimately prevail on many levels even if not on all levels.

The oppression of America had now been going on long enough that every American you met had a personal story related to what would now be known forever as the second American Revolution of the 21st century.


Yes, it took many Americans decades to realize what it was. Many had already died. Everyone now had a story to tell about someone they knew who was a revolutionary who got started by simply sharing information.


Thanks to the Internet age and a few courageous people, the revolution moved faster than planned and humanity was saved for the moment.


Yes many will remember names like,

...and many other individuals who contributed something to this battle for freedom.


The list of heroes became very long, everyone seemed to know someone who belonged on the never-ending freedom hero list.

This is where humanity needed to be to realize that it was humanity itself that was allowing the control system to succeed. Humanity was told from the beginning that this was a system of control that operated by consent of the governed.


The tipping point came and went, the long awaited mass arrest was more like a gradual arrest as many of the war criminals of old, being so old either turned themselves in, were forcefully arrested or died off.


Yes, the younger global elite organization was able to see an alternate way of moving forward in a way that does not guarantee defeat and mass ending to most of humanity as their forefathers had planned.


Facing the grim reality of exterminating so much of humanity proved impossible and much more difficult on the conscience than their forefathers thought. Some called it the progress of humanity, others called it justice as the story broke about a certain known politicianís decision to not receive life support.


The news broke on mainstream media news. The man who it was believed singlehandedly pioneered numerous crimes and war crimes with the approval of his inner circle.


The symbolism of mass arrest was now somehow etched in this image being shown around the world.


The first coverage of the story comes from alternative media, now considered by most the new unofficial mainstream media, before itís picked up reluctantly by the larger networks who had traditionally been considered the mainstream media.


To this day many had attributed the long debated inner conflict within the CIA structure which had led to mass breakdown of CIA control programs, for the final deflation of what had been the traditional mainstream media networks.


The CIAís inability to recreate itself and effectively implement new mass mind control strategies within the usual media platforms proved their demise. Perhaps it was Snowdenís fault for creating the trend that made it appear too fashionable for agents to abandon their oath of secrecy and obedience.


Was the CIA conspiracy planned by Snowden and others or a byproduct of the awakening of humanity?


Some insisted that part of the problem for the control system was their repeated use of the same script when pulling off false flag events. Eventually they used the script too many times and many had blamed the CIA and FBI for this sloppiness which led to the general public being able to predict every single event in real-time thus severely weakening their control.


The truth about this would be discussed and debated for many years to come.

Meanwhile a man somewhere in a hospital bed lies watching the news on TV, terminally ill from poison imposed on him by the control system, he drops his head back in deep thought. 'Oh my god, this is the day Iíve been waiting for.'


He takes a deep breath and gazes out to the window where a blue sky can be seen without any white lines in the sky as far as the eye can see. He takes another deep breath, smiles in content and is later not seen to move again.


A call can be heard for a nurse. The moment had passed.


All that was left was the dead man lying next to his American flag.