by Jon Rappoport
September 4, 2013

from JonRappoport Website


In no particular order:

  • One:

    Give the appearance of unifying the country behind the President, who “did his job the right way,” by going to Congress for approval. This elevates Obama's 'ratings' and, by inference, suggests that his other programs should be accorded more merit. A wartime president always gains more support.


  • Two:

    Give the people an adrenaline rush. The effect should never be underestimated. Cleanses the pores, cleans the slate, and relieves frustration by proxy, temporarily… if you have very little access to your cerebral functions.


  • Three:

    In this case, winning Congressional approval reinstates the illusion, for a few moments, that we are a Constitutional Republic, with a government dedicated to justice.


  • Four:

    Help fulfill the long-planned US-Israeli agenda of destabilizing Syria and causing it to partition into warring and chaotic ethnic factions.


  • Five:

    Stop the construction of a natural gas pipeline across Syria, which would boost Iran’s economy by sending Iranian gas to Europe. Iran’s economy must be torpedoed.


  • Six:

    Send a message throughout the Middle East that the US is all-powerful and the dollar must remain the reserve currency in all oil transactions.


  • Seven:

    Feed the US military-industrial complex, which demands wars.


  • Eight:

    Aid the long-term goal of Globalism/Free Trade, which involves putting the entire Middle East into irresolvable debt and suffering… and then coming in with outside elite bankster financing, to rebuild the entire region and own it, lock, stock, and barrel.


  • Nine:

    Distract Americans from a number of scandals, including:

    • Benghazi

    • Fast&Furious

    • IRS non-profit division crimes

    • NSA spying

    • the continuing failed war in Afghanistan

    • a tanking domestic economy with more and more people living below the poverty line

None of these reasons has anything to do with,

“punishing Assad for using chemical weapons.”

In any case, that whole scenario has been thrown into extreme doubt.


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