September 10, 2013
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"The U.S. Used Depleted Uranium In Iraq,

Israel Used White Phosphorous In Gaza,

And Nobody Said Anything About 'Red Lines'!"


There's a reason you're only getting snippets about Assad's supposed "chilling warning" of "repercussions" to the U.S. if his country is invaded, it's because he calmly and succinctly exposed Obama and the US government's hypocrisy through and through.

For one, Assad says there's no evidence his regime used chemical weapons, but notes such illegal weapons were used by the U.S. in Iraq and Israel in Gaza.

He says if the U.S. has evidence his government carried out the chemical weapons attacks, then they should present it to the American people to judge, whom he notes are overwhelmingly against Obama's war.

Assad reminds Charlie Rose (American CBS) the last time the U.S. presented "evidence" of WMDs was Colin Powell at the United Nations making the case Iraq had WMDs (and could attack the U.S. with them within 45 minutes"), which we all know now was a fabrication.

He makes so many good points you'd almost think he wasn't another slimy politician, though I had to laugh at one point because he says how the weapons the Syrian government has are legal because "they are the government," whereas the weapons the rebels have are illegal, because they're not the government.


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President Al-Assad's

...interview with Charlie Rose of American CBS

8 September 2013

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