by Gilad Atzmon
Currently in Shanghai
October 11, 2009

from Gilad Website

Imprisoned by the most dangerous Zionist guards
People out there are divided whether it was a right decision to award Obama with a Nobel prize for peace. In fact, almost everyone around me is outraged, what 'peace' they ask, what about Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Palestine? We are tired of promises they insist.


The Nobel Prize committee on its part 'highlighted Obama's effort to support international bodies, build ties with the Muslim world, act in favor of nuclear disproliferation and fight Climate change'.


Those who are unimpressed with Obama stress that the above is just 'empty rhetoric', nothing but 'hot air'.

"We want to see action, we demand facts on the ground".

While Obama's critics raise some valid points, they for some reason seem to fail to grasp the distinction between 'Obama the Brand' and 'Obama the President'. The 'Brand' stands for hope and humanism.

It tends to say the right things on the right occasions. It is ethically aware. It employs reason occasionally and it even manages to talk sense often enough. 'Obama the Brand' is, no doubt, a refreshing event in the Western political arena.

'Obama the President' is a different story altogether:

  • It struggles

  • It fails to deliver

  • It fails to keep promises

  • It says things and does the opposite

'Obama the President' is a politician and politicians are conditionally untrustworthy.

The failure of Obama to merge the 'Brand' and the 'President' into a continuous ethical reality is indeed a colossal tragedy. But it is not Just Obama's tragedy, it is actually our own disaster. As much as the 'Brand' manages to spread some cheering humanist and universal statements, the 'President' is actually imprisoned by some of the most dangerous Zionist guards.


'Obama the President' has a big open bill to pay to the people who gave him the keys to his current white dwelling. In other words he has many Zionists to appease and another bunch of rabid Sayanim* that have managed to invade his office.


* Sayanim = Jewish tribal operators who happen to work for Mossad or serve Israeli and Zionist interests.


To a certain extent, Obama's failure to establish an adequate continuum between the 'brand' and the 'president' is due to the unfeasibility of a continuum between humanism and Zionism.

Unfortunately, within the Western liberal discourse there is no obvious political means to confront the Zionist lobbies, and its infiltrators within the American administrations or any other Western democracy. Catastrophically enough, there is no practical or political means to stop the Wolfowitzes from taking us into another illegal genocidal war.


Like in America, no one in British politics or media is courageous enough to elaborate on the close ties between Blair's cabinet and his party's leading fund raisers at the time when Britain was taken into a Zionist illegal war in Iraq. The West in general and the English Speaking Empire in particular have lost their survival instinct. It would be right to argue that within the post WWII Liberal discourse we lack the political apparatus to defend ourselves from the infiltration of Zionist foreign interests.


By the time we are convinced that we have managed to silence one Wolfowitz, five Emanuel Rahms pop out in the background.

This is exactly where the Nobel Peace Prize comes into play.

Rather than waiting for Obama to launch another Zionist war, rather than letting him nuke Iran just to make the Jewish state a 'safer place', they, the Nobel Prize committee have hopefully pulled him in: they gave him their biggest trophy in a very early stage of his presidential term.


They basically bounded him to his 'Brand' i.e. hope, humanism, harmony and reconciliation.


They told him,

"listen to us Mr. President, here is your trophy, once you accept it you may have to say NO to your Ziocons at home, for people with a peace medal cannot launch wars."

Obama may have to find some other policies to pursue peace rather than killing muslims.


Time will tell whether the Nobel Committee gamble justified itself. For the mean time we may have to agree that the Nobel Committee offered Obama an opportunity to bond the 'Brand' and the 'President' into a unified, dignified and ethical stand. Let's hope that he takes the challenge.

As far as the Nobel Committee is concerned, this is probably the most clever thing to do. The committee should have thought about it a long time ago. Rather than waiting for too long, they should have awarded Blair and Bush in the immediate beginning of their terms. This could have saved the lives of millions of Iraqis and Afghans.


They should also have considered awarding Shimon Peres with a Nobel Prize already in the 1950's, this may have prevented him from building the Dimona nuclear reactor and later transforming it into a leading Zio-terminator.


Henry Kissinger? Very much the same, they should have award him the peace medal on his Brit Milah (circumcision) ceremony when he was just 8 days old. This could have saved the lives of millions.

Nobel Prize for Peace should be used as a preventative means.

Rather than wasting it on tedious humanists and boring peace lovers who do nothing but making the world nicer, we should better employ it in a preventative method. In current world affairs it should be used as an induced commitment to peace so we can avert the risk of Zionist wars.

If I read it correctly, the Nobel Peace Prize is there to help 'Obama the Brand' withstand the pressure posed on 'Obama the President' by his Ziocon ring.

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