The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

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Changing The Gridlines

In the book Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, in chapter Ley Lines and the Meaning of Adam, Richard Leviton mentions that the Master Grid Engineers were and remain Knights of the Holy Grail. He talks about the human/grid interface and how it is expressed as consciousness technology. He calls it 'spiritual engineering' and relates it to the Second Coming of Christ.

A change in the polarity of the electric current flowing through the Grid communicator at Avebury introduces a new Light/Life/Consciousness spectrum for earth, a literal upgrading of ourselves by electrocuting matter and transfiguration into the 4th Dimension. He claims that nearly 2000 energy centers or time portals 1/4 to 1 mile in diameter exist as centers of light around the world linked by interwoven gold and silver lines, which emanate like cords from their crowns. These are all joined together at master energy centers.

He names earth's planetary chakras, which would be the master energy emanating centers around the globes as situated here:

Straight running lines are of 2 forms - one averaging 5-30 miles connect one portal to another and another kind make an angular light matrix around the planet. Each portal has the capacity to affiliate up to 48 smaller energy centers through a series of spiraling lines. He says potentially there are 83,808 energy centers around the world.

Leviton claims the same agencies, whom he calls "the Elohim" - Adam's parents and 'God's' agents who originally engineered and installed the grid network system in accordance with Hermes' Principles have come back to reactivate it to maintain the health of both human and gaia. He claims that there are many gridlines above the earth with the final one being 2 miles above.

He writes that the 'Solar Logos'( a Theosophical term meaning the god who gives the sun sentience) is a component of the Galactic Logos (the god of the galaxy). This force enters the earth through the primary energy centre of the earth at Avebury and is then distributed throughout the globe as gaia's emotional life blood.

He says we stand on the threshold of transcendence, of attaining in consciousness that 4th dimensional quality called anti-gravity. There is a stellar grid too where stars are connected called the crystal grid. Here restrictions can be transcended and human consciousness can depart the solar system, soaring off in a burst of light into the 4th and 5th dimensions, free from gravity.

Gravity is described as only the weight of mind/body/emotions bounded by the linear time/space fishnet of the grid. So anti-gravity technology is basically a consciousness technology, to enable a transcending mastery of the grid. He says unilaterally, instantaneously, synchronously we will be raised out of gravity trap we're all stuck in into the realm of anti-gravity where we'll advance further.

A change in the polarity of the electric current through the magnetic field motors at Avebury means we will rise into the next dimension to the realm of the gods, and then comprehend our true status in the solar paradigm. We'll be dead too! But we don't want that bad old gravity do we? It's such a hindrance to our ongoing evolution of consciousness!

Leviton claims the soul of the planet is at the Gobi/Lop Nor deserts of Mongolia/N China. It is situated in a quasi-physical, quasi-etheric interdimensional realm, but can be entered physically occasionally by human adepts through various geomantic doorways around the earth. At that level that encounter the Planetary Logos called Sanat Kumara (A theosophical term) who presides over earth's inner life.

This Sanat Kumara supposedly imparts spiritual qualities through the grid matrix. This entity under guidance from the so called 'Elohim' can give adepts a transfiguration of consciousness' from the human plane to one of angelic resonance, presumably they 'ascend' into the next dimension. He writes that the estimated figures of these geomantic tools for consciousness technology once employed by the ancient geomancers of gaia are: 1000 stone chambers, at least 30,000 barrows, 900 stone circles, 300 hillforts and countless thousands of single standing stones.

He says that they are the interface between the earth's indigenous magnetic field and the cord coming out from the main electromagnetic grid which re-arranges and harnesses the magnetized earth field. Various lines reach from the magnetic south pole below Australia to the magnetic north pole in northern Canada but the varying strengths of lines of magnetic force flowing in one direction operating as an electric current, then deviate enroute sometimes detouring horizontally in some places to meet up with the magnetic north.

Resembling wavy lines en route. He further elaborates that a grid engineer can change the specific radio band of this magnetic flow from the solar radio station - he has the potential for freeing the inherent energy of this magnetic field from bondage. He claims that if the direction of the electric current passing from pole to pole is changed to flow in another direction by a motor, the magnetic field will reverse itself.

The primary electric current can be changed to a direct-current or alternating-current. So the magnetic force running from one pole to another can be stopped and made to go any direction or even changed in expression to make a pole reversal as these so called "Elohim" desire. He says possible geomagnetic field and pole reversal even the Second Coming of Christ are all within the function of these motors which are placed on the planet.

Leviton leaves us with a chilling prophecy: Gaia's inner heart at Avebury is scheduled for imminent reactivation. The grid under structural reassessment is also about to be "switched back on" full power, but at a HIGHER vibratory rate. Anti-gravity will happen. The ancient gravitation field holding us down will be transcended to a transfigured Light body high above gaia.

The Elohim etc... will return.

Bruce Cathie said that the gridlines are constructed to transmit gravitational frequencies, which are slightly higher than normal gravity at the earth's surface. The grid aerials which he has discovered the planetary controllers have put around the planet, may have been placed so that the transmitted waves are vertical.

Gravity is grossly distorted within the confines of a vortex area. In Santa Cruz California and Oregon vortex areas light gives strangely distorted visual effects and weights will not hang vertically. A person can even walk up a wall. There are said to be 6 of these gravity distortion areas. He suggests that aerials could have been placed at far as 36 nautical miles underground. If so then a small displacement would cause gravity distortion which would be oval in shape.

The anomalies pass through a 90 day cycle. He concludes that the world grid is harmoniously attuned to the great-year cycle of 25,815 years ( the amount of time it takes for the earth to be pointing to the pole star by precession of the equinoxes) . He divided the number of days in a great-year as found from grid values, by the number of days in one cycle of the gravity anomalies.

He found it possible that the geometric cycle traced through space every 90 days does have a connection with variations in the gravity effect using harmonics.

Many things tie in with Nazi scientific activity after the war and we find that Nazis are linked with:

They are still in Antarctica and now number 2 million according to Branton.

As Pine Gap is run by the CIA, a Nazi organization and it is connected by a time portal to Area 51 and to the Antarctica base, let's look more closely at what technology is available to do what. It has been written that Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island, New York was also run by former Philadelphia Experiment technician Dr John von Neuman in the book by Peter Moon - The Montauk Project.

Brookhaven has been said to be responsible for creating crop circles by satellite. Some say masers are used on satellites. Could it be that they are rerouting the timelines holding the present 'reality' together by altering the flow of time that the grid/leylines uses to hold this present reality together?

The energy of the gridlines flows from one vortex to another around the planet. It is said that many timelines converge at Montauk in New York. Could they be changing the reality we are presently expressing to one where the Nazis won the war? Al Bielek says that many time lines are available, containing different scenarios.

The German Dr von Neumann according to Al Bielek, along with 3 scientists from the future, changed the present timeline in 1963 to avoid a midpoint collision of the forward and backward ripples of time that occurred from the time rift opening at both 1943 and 1983.

These would have smashed together and done a lot of damage to this world, had not technology taken us off this 'destiny'. Is something planned again for 2,003, where time can be manipulated again apparently every 20 years?

Looking at may different seemingly unconnected areas we find a common goal of world domination of the consciousness of mankind, flowing through the gridlines, by mind control technology and occult ceremonies, where different forces are brought into the consciousness of all.

The preparations for an impending disaster and evidence of a fleet of invading hostile reptoids arriving to claim back this planet as their own has been found in other literature and will be covered further on.

There are a series of articles on Steve Branton says: Then there are the allegations of the existence of NEMESIS, a huge frozen planet about the size of Jupiter which actually was a potential star which did not have quite enough mass to ignite.

The Dracos have supposedly been using Nemesis for centuries, as a cryogenic freezing zone to store away reptilian warriors in suspended animation for future use. It is actually the closest neighbor to our system, and out in the direction of Orion. However it can only be detected by secret government IRIS [infra-red] satellites because the planet is only slightly above the absolute zero temperature of space.

It has supposedly been seen coming towards us at a slow rate, indicating that is may be a binary companion to our own star Sol. Nearly ALL of the asteroids that have been detected in our solar system as having carried out course-changes and suspected as having been used as operational bases for alien abduction scenarios, NEARLY ALL OF THESE according to the late Phil Schnieder [aka "Creston"] originate from Nemesis... which seems to be jointly used by the reptilian forces of Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, and Sirius-B.

It has been said that Pine gap is a UFO guidance system because UFOs have been seen flying in a straight line to or from the facility.

According to Branton the deepest levels of the US government has an on-going 'covert space program' utilizing advanced aerospace and propulsion technologies. The clandestine and illegal funding for this has been kept secret with deadly force.

He says George Andrews suspects that 'Starfleet International' consists of human-military personnel only, while the 'United Federated Planets' may somehow tie-in with the non-human entities' such as the 'Serpent Race' or the 'Greys'.

UFP may involve interaction with the 'Federated' human cultures. There may be evidence that certain 'Constituted Government' officials (who are loyal to the American-Constitutional 'Republic') have secret 'alliances' with the 'Nordics'; whereas the 'Secret Government' collaborators who are loyal to the Bavarian-Roman 'Empire' tend to collaborate with the saurian Grays.


In Chapter 11 of the book Secrets of the Mojave by Branton and also in Cosmic Patriot Files by Commander X it is written that in 1990 researcher Val Valerian (ex US Military Intelligence) released a document with a list of several military personnel, who are in a covert space program called "Starfleet International" and "United Federated Planets".

These astronauts constantly travel back and forth through space from ultra secret bases on or below the earth, moon or Mars. UFO researcher George Andrews forwarded information to Val Valerian that a friend in a large city had woken about 3 am with an irrational urge to go to an all night Photostat place. A Navy officer was just leaving and threw some papers in the trash, which she retrieved.

On them was a list of 46 names of an interplanetary crew, which included females. Some names were repeated throughout e.g. Ferguson, Caskey, Taylor, Burrall, Stevens and Miller. 11 names were traced to the US military. More than half the 46 names were listed on the clan Sinclair data base. This data base of 'Grail family' names includes McDonald, Stewart, Stuart, Cameron, Campbell, Bruce and other Scottish clans.

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