by Jim Kirwan

October 2008

from Rense Website


  1. The Color Of The Future - October-01-2008

  2. Are We Finally Coming Back To Life? - October-04-2008

  3. Anatomy Of The Murder - October-05-2008

  4. Tomorrow The Coup? - October-06-2008

  5. Seven Days In October - October-10-2008

  6. The Long Disputed War Is Over! - October-12-2008


Return to Martial Law in USA?

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The Color Of The Future

If you liked the last eight years you're going love the future - in fact you will experience explosions of ecstasy - because the entire world will be lying at your feet! Or more likely; unless you are one of the Owners, you will find yourself among the destitute, the hungry and the lost; writhing among millions of the disillusioned and the damned!

The reason for this is that after the selection becomes official there will be no more of this Democratic-Republic stuff; there will only be outbursts of outrageous promises, continuously shattered, and this new reality will be enforced by troops and Homeland Security thugs.

This nightmare hinges on something as fragile as your personal beliefs. This involves "Trust" at the deepest levels of possibility in what any politician or figure-head is promising now; in these last few weeks before the doors of our private prisons are slammed shut:

Against any future possibility of personal freedom!

If we do not now demand that congress stop the creation of this Slush-Fund for the rich and corrupted, then we shall have given over control of our lives to a faceless shadow that will control everything we say or think or do:

which is the definition of 'Slavery.'

The 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division forms the core of Task Force Operations assigned to NORTHCOM and will be the first US troops, just back from Iraq, to break with the posse comitatus provisions of US law, Commencing October 1, 2008. Today the Senate will illegally vote on their version of legislation; as all laws must originate in the US House of Representatives: something Bush referred to yesterday when he claimed that "how legislation gets done does not matter."


Couple this with Speaker Pelosi's declaration of Martial Law in attempting to pass-without-debate the Slush Fund for the Corporatocracy and the self-appointed owners of this government (Rep. Michael Burgess "We are under Martial Law" - video).

Given this, how then does anyone evaluate political leadership?


To attempt to look ahead, for understanding, we need to look back to previous events and conditions and then review the real-time results. Any "promise" made to anyone can only be evaluated based on what is known about similar prior experiences. Before the current onslaught became an everyday event, promises had to be kept if the person or institution that had made the promises wanted to have a future.


That is no longer true in the global-marketplace where corruption, greed and power have come to divide the public from their lives and property, as well as from having any voice in "what shall come to pass!" It is not an accident that the 'color' of the illustration above is the same as the color of money - the question is will this be the color of our future as well!

The public has seen the writing on the wall but the candidates, the government and in particular the congress are demanding that the will of the public be overridden to give their favorite criminals a multi-trillion-dollar giveaway, with immunity from prosecution, for everything that has led directly to this crisis.

Either the government of the US represents a nation that enacts the overwhelming will of its citizens, or we shall have become enslaved to those that have already stolen our country and are now seeking total control over what shall become of our wealth. What is at stake now is what will happen to our right to choose the things that will most directly will affect everything about the way we shall be 'allowed' to live in what will be our future!

Freedom's light is not something that can exist unless it clearly includes the responsibilities that must imbue the entire concept, because otherwise there is only a "Lord of the Flies" society where power alone determines every action.

Either the laws of this land are there to be followed or we have embarked upon a course that can only lead to the total collapse of this criminal-enterprise that we continue to call The United States of America!

One example of these horribly distorted promises, that gives the public a clear idea of what we can expect to come from this crisis, are the unilateral and preemptive wars that we've been aggressively prosecuting since 2001. When you review what is about to voted on again and again in D.C. until the traitors can finally get this passed, please remember this time. Remember all the lies and exaggerations, plus the unbearable costs in blood and treasure that we were promised would NOT happen!

Look at both Afghanistan and Iraq.


Look at the costs that are utterly staggering, compared to what we were told to expect.

(From "The Limits of Power: Andrew Bacevich on the End of American Exceptionalism")


"AMY GOODMAN: Talk about this, the global war on terror.

ANDREW BACEVICH: Well, I mean, the phrase itself is one that really ought to cause people to have their heads snap back a little bit, because President Bush and others around him - Rumsfeld was certainly very clear on this - it's a war, it's global, and how long is it going to go on? Well, they said from the outset it's going to go on for decades. In the Pentagon, there's a phrase that gets used, "generational war," a war that lasts a generation or more.


Well, we need to ask ourselves whether that really makes sense? What are the costs entailed by waging war for a generation? Where does the money come from? What are we not doing because we're spending all this money on war? And in a very human sense, who actually pays the cost? I mean, who serves? Who doesn't serve? Whose social needs are getting met, and whose are not getting met, as a consequence of having open-ended global war be this national priority?

It seems to me that were we to accurately gauge the actually existing threat-and there is a threat. I mean, 9/11 happened. There are people out there who want to kill us. But were we to actually gauge that threat in a realistic way, we would see that open-ended global war is not only unnecessary, but it's probably counterproductive, that there are better ways to go about keeping us secure than to engage in global war."

President Bush exploits that after 9/11. He decides he knows how it wants to be used.


And, of course, for the first time in our history, when we go to war, instead of a president turning to the Congress and turning to the country and say,

"We're going to have to change the way we do business, because we're at war," President Bush actually says, "Go to Disney World. Go shopping. Go back to doing what you have been doing for the last ten years, and I'll take care of everything."


And I have to say, the great majority of the American people - I don't think listeners of your show - but the great majority of the American people basically did what Bush said and tuned the war out and allowed the burden to fall on a very small percentage of the population, which I find, frankly, morally objectionable."

And there is also the interview with Bill Moyers (Bacevich: The Limits of Power).

The public must demand that this charade be stopped dead; and the American public's views must be used to create a totally new piece of legislation that meets the concerns of the public. This must be done by-the-book so that the rules concerning how legislation comes to a vote are not violated!

Either the government of the US represents a nation that enacts the overwhelming will of its citizens, or we shall have become enslaved to those that have already stolen our country and are now seeking total control over what shall become of our wealth.


What is at stake now is what will happen to our right to choose the things that will most directly affect everything about the way we shall be 'allowed' to live in what will be our future!


If this hijacking of the public's treasury and our common sense is allowed to stand then the Color of our Future will definitely be eternal darkness!

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Are We Finally Coming Back To Life?

For the last nearly eight years. the net has bristled with vehemence and fire, as writers from all directions have tried to find that mysteriously missing link between "people" and what is being done to them.

"Where's the Rage!" And maybe more important, "Where's the Outrage"!

These angry but valid questions have lingered over each and every new obscenity as this political kaleidoscope of the New World Order has continued to slice and splice the universe into ever darker slivers of our broken world.

Finally, it begins to appear that the public has begun to find its 'RAGE' in the current and pending nightmare now focused on the passage or failure of the "legislation-that-isn't" regarding the SLUSH-FUND that was initially a BAILOUT, but has now been officially designated "The Rescue Plan."

First, we had the Dictator's three page directive informing us in true fascist terminology that this will happen, no questions will be tolerated, and no oversight will be permitted moreover this "legislation" would be passed without being read because it was too important to waste time reading this new License-To-Steal, in whatever way the government, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury had already decided to redistribute the actual wealth of the nation - yet again!


This project FAILED because members of the House of Representatives for the very first time in the last eight years actually listened to the rage coming from their constituents.

Then, in the shock of the aftermath, government decided to again depart from the constitution and allow the Senate to initiate legislation: which violates the proscribed necessity for all legislation to originate in the House of Representatives, because they are actually supposed to represent the Citizens.


The Senate is our version of The House of Lords, and has no direct interest in what might be good for the people or the nation but no matter Bush overrode all that outdated stuff from the Constitution and cut another deal with the leaders of the Senate to create a new piece of legislation for the House to vote on.


This time the original 3 pages had grown to what is now a 1,400 page document (read Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008)!

No one in his or her right mind can read and understand one-thousand, four hundred pages of legalese, in a single day: in order to cast a yes or no vote upon what's inside this new pile of garbage.

No serious legislation ought to involve more than one-hundred pages of anything. Therefore this "legislation" ought to have been divided into fourteen separate bills; but of course this is an emergency, just as the Patriot Act and the Declaration of War on Iraq were "emergencies" that not only both turned out to be nothing of the kind - but were in actually based on nothing but huge lies and massive amounts of the public's treasure being stolen to produce end-results that were unnecessary, illegal and unconstitutional!


This "emergency" was created by the same people that have so generously offered themselves to us again, this time as our saviors, in this time of CRISIS.

This is not a crisis; it is a national and international CATASTROPHE and it is filled with more lies and deceptions than usual, beginning with the idea that the public MUST get behind this and contact their congressional reps. The public did get behind this one, without being told to, and they were and probably still are OPPOSED to this nightmare that promises to only get bigger!


Today, if the "Leaders" have their way, the US House of Representatives will override the demands of over 70 percent of their constituents and will vote "YEAH" on this criminal theft of what has now grown to $850 Billion that we don't actually have for any purpose. If this happens OUTRAGE will return to the American psyche, and shortly thereafter probably to the streets and offices of this once proud land.

If this does not happen, and IF the House of Representatives does vote according to the voices of their constituents: then finally the real criminals will each and all have to answer for this colossal FAILURE.


From Bush to Paulson, from Pelosi to Bernanke: All of the congressional leadership, the entire White House, the Treasury Department, the Securities & Exchange Commission-the whole corrupt government of the United States will have to answer for this one: because all of this faux capitalism will begin to collapse around them.

The country will have a rough time, but it will survive, because we shall be shedding the skin of that two-headed snake that has for too long completely dominated the entire country.


I prefer this outcome to the headline today in the NY Times: Economy Shed 159,000 Jobs in September.

Jobs Report Underlines Economic Decline


"The government is out with more bad economic news (The Employment Situation: September 2008) this morning: The job market began to deteriorate even before the financial crisis reached a more serious stage two weeks ago.

Employers cut 159,000 jobs in September, more than twice as many as in August or July, the Labor Department reported. It was the biggest monthly decline since 2003, when the economy was still losing jobs in the wake of the 2001 recession.

Forecasters had been expecting a loss of about 100,000 jobs in September.

The new number was especially worrisome because the government conducted its survey during the week of Sept. 8, before the credit crisis took a new turn for the worse on Sept. 17."

This, by design, is and has been a global problem for the whole of the last ten years, while the criminal-elites have been trying desperately to finalize their Coup to steal the planet.


But a funny thing happened on their way to world domination: the very basic premise upon which their whole sick idea was based, has come back to bite them where they live!

' When all laws are routinely violated - then piracy flourishes! The plus side of this is that this clearly illustrates what happens when virtually everyone has finally accepted the fact that there is no longer any "law" that can control anything when it comes to war or politics: Therefore violence takes its rightful place on all fronts - which will doom the planet to the basic situation that turns once powerful nations into islands of chaos and destruction where only the Lords of the Flies shall reign supreme.

This was planned by various parts of the shadow-governments probably of several "nations," but nations no longer matter, because only Corporate States have weight enough now to alter the equations of who shall get what and when. To date their sole 'claim to power' has been their willingness to break every law and murder anyone in their way.


But they have over-reached and finally the victims "get it"! And since billions of us have been trying to live under what we thought were unifying laws; these obscenities have finally forced people everywhere to face the truth - and in this case that truth will lead to blood and possibly to chaos in so many other arena's but at least these "players" and their true intentions will have finally been clearly delineated.'

It's fascinating to say the least-that the one thing they counted on to insure their supremacy over everyone else can turn out to be the one thing that virtually guarantees that OUTRAGE that is necessary to a return to sanity, in a thoroughly compromised world of greed and butchery on a global scale.

Regardless of what happens today in the vote or non-vote: for or against the hopelessly flawed convolutions of government-speak in the US House of Representatives:

"America" it appears, has finally begun to awaken.

From now on those that have so freely voted against those that put them in their jobs as "representatives" shall themselves have to worry about a real BACKLASH that is both personal and determined by millions of their constituents'.

GAME-OVER bring on the clean-up of this cancerous parasite that has tried to steal our lives, our dreams and now our money along with our national identity! This ought to be something that no American's can ever forget; regardless of how the "mighty" will continue to try to force their will upon us all! Resistance it turns out - is NOT futile.

NOTE: Within minutes of submitting this article, word came that the legislation passed the US House of Representatives. Now we'll see what actually transpires
and whether or not "We are Finally Coming Back to Life."


Simultaneously, in a message that arrived immediately after the notification of the passage I received just this single word: "NORTHCOM"



  • Not One Dime Mike Whitney -

  • How to Fix the Wall Street Mess Michael Moore -

  • One Nation Under Capitalism: It's Time for a Crucifixion -

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Anatomy Of The Murder


It is usually said that when anything major dies, it will happen not with a bang, but with a whimper. Yesterday's TREASON was no exception because with that "vote" we formally ended the tempting promise of 'Freedom & Opportunity' in this place that was once called the United States of America!

In reviewing the Obituary's of this murder it is clear that the entire episode was planned, and except for the unexpected single moment, in the last eight years of non-stop wars amid the shadow world of criminal intrigues: There was just that once, when the congress actually resisted the machine and 'represented' their constituents' demands-before this mega-plan continued on without a hitch! Now this American-tragedy can finally begin to explore the myriad of dark and dirty secrets that have been "yearning to breathe free," since long before anyone here was born.

US troops have been assigned within our borders to control this population while we all sit by and watch wide-screen-revised re-runs of the Savings & Loan giveaway, coupled with ENRON and the Accounting Scandals; compounded by the war-crimes and crimes- against-humanity that have proven to be so profitable to all the corporate and political forces that 'really matter!'

But there is a major difference because this time: All of the above will be amplified a hundred thousand fold! "This time" there will be no 'return to stability.' Yesterday's vote tore open the awesome Gates of Hell itself. And now today, thanks to blatant Treason and to cowardice and fear, we begin our one-way passage beneath an ancient inscription that tends to say it all!

The "Thinker" presides over this collapse while we can only cringe and tremble!

"Lay Down All Hope You That Go In By Me"

Many are wondering just exactly what happened yesterday.


For those still unclear, here is what they did which is being described by Benito Mussolini, everybody's favorite fascist!

"Following a pattern it had set in earlier bailouts of smaller banks, the government set up a holding company, which it financed together with the central bank. This company acquired all the corporate shares held in the portfolios of the banks at the higher historical, not current prices. Thus, the government not only provided liquidity to the banking system, but it also absorbed part of its losses.


It also became the largest shareholder in a number of firms. Many of the industrial firms thus acquired were themselves on the verge of failing and benefited not just from the rescue of their banks but also from the direct infusion of public money"

The cost of the entire bailout was a staggering 10 percent of GDP - the comparable amount in the United States today would be about $1 trillion.

This little maneuver completed the arduous task of the redistribution of wealth that has been ferociously under-way since Reagan's Raiders ruled the Tarnished House and threatened the world with his global fantasies of wealth and power!

The US has always had a layered society beneath some very inspiring concepts and hallowed phrases: The Declaration of Independence, the words on the base of the Statue of Liberty, the Constitution, and thousands of other documents are only words on paper now in a world that values guns and raw power over all laws and agreements that were negotiated to improve life.


Underneath the pomp and bunting, the truth has always been this interminable street fight in the dead of metaphorical night. This has been going on forever in the back-alleys and the unseen pages of that unspoken history which defines the facts of how we came to be here in the first place.

This is how we have divided our world now: look carefully at the 'beautiful' crowd that actually panders to the ugliest that we have accepted as "leaders" to take us all toward ever-greater gain and profits.


The military men are reminiscent of General Betray-us: that esteemed military paragon of ours who got his chest- full-of- medals without ever seeing combat: because he was a general who only fought with paper and in cocktail parties, prior to being tapped to lead in the latest of our criminally-invasive wars. (see below video).


Bob Dylan - Political World




This "nation" was born in the blood of the native population that we displaced, and it continued with the bloodiest war we ever fought: the US Civil War that lingers still, in many places that have escaped our national focus. From that blood-stained start we went on to conquer and to colonize at will; throughout the hemisphere at first, but then we fell victim to the forces that now control the whole broken empire that we helped create, with a savage greed and an insatiable lust for ultimate power-but that's just the barely mentioned history.

What really happened here of note, was a vast redesign of an entire population that seems not to have been equaled in the past! It is here where Americans have broken their ties with other human- beings; and it is here that we shall be condemned by history for having chosen
The Century of the Self over all other aspects of daily life.

The considerations for private money in this piece of filth that passed yesterday, pretty much says it all! How many working people have managed to squirrel way a quarter of a million dollars?


"Real- jobs" are falling from our reach like autumn leaves in a Tornado; never to return because the Economic-Spring that could have fixed this; has been officially banished in an orgy of free money for the owners and their private contractors!

What this crime has not killed outright will be finished off by inflation and by the instituted fear and panic that has already to begin to bite off chunks of what used to be part of any 'Main-street' life. This nation has been at war now for seven years and there has been no "victory," despite the fact that we were told this would all be quick and cheap!


Meanwhile more and more nations continue to be targeted by these same incompetent forces that initiated these unending wars. Yet despite the fact that these criminal enterprises have literally drained the country and the economy-the public remains oblivious!

Nations, just like people are judged by what they 'DO' not what they promise and we have lied so often that no one can take our word for anything today. We have become a place without portfolio; a 'state' without a rudder or a purpose beyond the personal acquisition of stolen goods and other people's property that is stolen by force in the name of Freedom & Democracy!


All of which makes us over-ripe for this Economic 911 Attack upon all our financial and political structures. (Shock & Awe: Bi-Partisan Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11)

Our "greatest ally" in everything has been a disgusting little place that's run by obsessively paranoid-criminals, hell-bent on taking everything from anyone that does not subscribe to their concept of inherent "special status." Yet no people can ever be placed above all else simply by the accident of birth!

Our current crop of politicians are more concerned with the health and wealth of the Zionist state than they are for the Americans that pay their salaries, and fight the wars that the Zionist State decides are a "THREAT" to the survival of their evil conclave in the Middle-East!


Yet Americans do not seem to care how many Israeli-Americans there are in this government, not to mention how perverted our own policies have become, just to pacify Israel over our real and serious national security interests that remain unmet!

Throughout all the gore and slaughter that we've committed in Iraq alone (over two million murdered, two million more displaced, and yet another two million damaged or ruined) and yet American's seem to remain unmoved. We have made enemies for the next fifty years of so many people throughout the world, and now because we are terrified and intimidated we have surrendered what we were apparently trying to enhance: our own wealth and prosperity, not-to- mention the real-world safety of America and Americans in general!

Congratulations America you have lost the one battle that you never saw coming, and it turns out to be the final curtain that has made itself immune from oversight or corrections-but it doesn't seem to matter-if too many of us fail to even care!

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Tomorrow The Coup?


Tomorrow, October 7, will mark the end of our first week into the Coup that officially began on the first day of this month (October 2008).


This coup actually slipped out from behind the curtain way back in September of 2002 when Congress officially gave this 'License to Kill' to the president of the United States!

Open letter to Congress September 2002


"Since this man came to office the congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.

In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law."

What has happened since has shattered any and all ideas of what the United States may have once been, as well as what options might remain, "going forward;" because under the terms of this Coup "illegality" has been made legal. What this has done is to include the citizens of the United States in those 'states or nations' (above) that could be seen as enemies of this Coup!

Naomi Wolf has a thirty minute video (see below video), just out today, that summarizes much of what has happened, as well as what we can do to begin to turn all this around.


She says in part:

'Military law suspends civilian law, so we must get our local city councils to reject the Homeland Security money that is being offered to train local police to make war against US citizens Homeland Security is funneling money to communities in advance, to pay off the lawsuits that will come from the actions of these coup agents. (This happened in both cities where recent conventions were held).


This was made possible by the 2007 Defense Authorization Act which made it legal for the president to direct troops to make war against American citizens.'


Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America



It was one thing for soldiers to disobey illegal orders in his wars, but this action makes the illegal orders of this president 'legal'!

'Those in government that are complicit in this Coup must be held responsible and their leaders arrested. There are District Attorney's (Vincent Bugliosi & others) that want to do this now.'


'Before the Revolutionary War, George the Third, the English King sent mercenary troops to occupy and police American streets; doing the same thing that Bush just created by authorizing three to four thousand troops to police the actions of American citizens, (in America).'

'We must stand against tyranny and oppression, because our right to freedom is a universal right:

"When a tyrant looms, the structures of tyranny loom," and we have to do everything to oppose that tyranny!

You are not "entitled" to speak freely; you are obliged to speak freely! You have to act as an American and Speak Freely! We must see this Coup for what it is and rise up against it.' (see video Interview Naomi Wolf Give Me Liberty)

When the War on Terror began, the first casualty was the designed loss of our inner-freedoms. This is what was really attacked on 9-11, and it is something that has continued to lose ground ever since that black day.

'We were free because of our practice of the rule of law.'

Now that Rule of Law has been perverted and on many occasions shattered; we must rise up now and take back 'the laws' that were part of our former Republic.

Naomi Wolf continues:

"America has no established god" and this is so important because these people are (now) seizing power in the name of Theocracy. They are using (religious) faith as a mobilizing tool, Sarah Palin would extend this. (The tax-exempt status of the churches needs to be re-examined, because that status is granted only if those churches are not political)


The founders wanted to insure that ours was a country of religious freedom, where people were free in their conscience (to decide for themselves about their beliefs), because they knew what happens when religious minorities are prosecuted by the state.' So, (according to the first Amendment), Americaestablishes 'No god.'

'The idea of America is that freedom is a universal human right so we must divest ourselves from this empire and become a Republic once again.'

All of this begins psychologically (as a thought-form) that we must take into our hearts-and each of us is called upon to stand up for freedom!'

'The good news is that historically when millions of people have risen up in time, they can together move aggressively to arrest those responsible and most of the Cabal. You have to get warrants, get their computers, and you have to declare what has taken place. Once these people are charged they will back-off and begin to turn on one-another.


The time to act is now!'

Robert Fisk on the US Warrior's Creed




However there is another entire dimension to this takeover, which is the very public yet still very secret, seizure of financial and monetary powers of the nation and by extension the world. In case you missed it we have surrendered our control over the purse strings of this country to a bunch of self-interested and self- appointed members of the Cabal.


Without control over the printing of our own money, which we lost with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank: we are little more than vassals to the owners of the twelve privately owned Central Banks.


To that criminal act we must now add the surrender of control over how this fiat money of ours shall be spent-by whom and for what-without knowing how much this will cost, or even IF this process will even begin to solve the problems created by the same people that are now administering the law that was passed last Friday!

To probe these various financial and fascistic shadows behind this latest outrage, Naomi Klein has an extensive interview today on Democracy Now (below video).

"NAOMI KLEIN: When Milton Friedman turned ninety, the Bush White House held a birthday party for him to honor him, to honor his legacy, in 2002, and everyone made speeches, including George Bush, but there was a really good speech that was given by Donald Rumsfeld. I have it on my website.


My favorite quote in that speech from Rumsfeld is this:

he said, "Milton is the embodiment of the truth that ideas have consequences."

So, what I want to argue here is that, among other things, the economic chaos that we're seeing right now on Wall Street and on Main Street and in Washington stems from many factors, of course, but among them are the ideas of Milton Friedman and many of his colleagues and students from this school. Ideas have consequences." (see below video)


Naomi Klein on Democracy Now!



This Coup that is only six days old is a very through entrapment by traitors that was designed to so completely crush America and Americans in order to prevent us from ever taking back this nation. This is so important to them; because they know that America is the one nation that actually had the capacity to shut them down and lock-them-up.

Last night on 60 minutes, the real cause behind the most recent collapse was also unveiled, in a story called "Wall Street's Shadow Market".


This is the story of a $60 TRILLION dollar fiasco that sought to make gold-plated investments our of those totally bogus mortgages; which the Slush-Fund was passed to bailout. This failure is described as 'A full blown financial storm' in the 60 minutes story: but how far do you think $850 Billion will go toward solving the reality of a $60 Trillion dollar problem! (Wall Street's Shadow Market).

This Coup was created to take-back everything that Americans once stopped the ancestors of this Coup from obtaining, back in 1933, when FDR stopped them from profiting by the first version of this obscenity!


If we could take back the power of printing and controlling our own money (like every other self-respecting nation has tried to do): then most of this could never have happened in the first place.


We need to come out from under our beds and get this together people or we really will be nothing but slaves to these tyrants and traitors that dreamed this nightmare into existence - on the backs of every one of us - who is not one of them!


It's way past-time, but if we get serious it might still not be too late!

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Seven Days In October

These are the Seven Days in October that will change the World!

Cheney-Bush, Bernanke, Pelosi & Paulson have successfully destroyed 'trust' and have replaced this universal value with 'fear,' compounded by public paranoia over the chaos they've created; in an uncertain world where there are no longer any laws that govern governments or money-changers!

The public is paying for this charade with trillions of dollars that was their money until this depression was created to bleed us; in direct and opposite proportion, to the trillions in bailouts that have gone, or will soon go, into the private pockets of the money-changers at the top.

Welcome to Democracy Now!


What about this latest news?

As Stocks Plummet Across the Globe, Bush to Host Emergency Finance Meeting at White House


MICHAEL HUDSON: Well, what upsets the Europeans and the foreigners is that the US plan has done nothing at all about the debt crisis itself. It's bailed out the creditors, but not a penny of the actual debts, the subprime mortgage debts, are addressed. Without any of the media knowing, the Federal Reserve over the last few months has given $850 billion of cash for trash already.


This is what the $700 billion discussion in Congress was supposed to be about, but the Fed, without anyone knowing, has already been exchanging these securities. And the securities essentially have been swapped by the US bankers to their pals and not done anything at all to write down the actual subprime debts. There's a big attempt to blame the victim now.


And if you add up all of the subprime bad loans and defaults, that's altogether $1 trillion. So far, the government has given away $6 trillion already to Wall Street. That's much more than any of the subprime debt. And the volume of derivative trade has been estimated at $450 trillion, an unbelievable amount. So nobody has any idea about how much money is at stake.

And what really triggered a lot of this was the way in which Lehman went bankrupt. The day-and this has not been discussed either in America, but it's all over the European press. The day before Lehman went bankrupt, it basically looted all of its foreign offices. For instance, in England, it emptied out the English account of a few billion dollars, leaving the English employees only with the money they-the little cards they had to use in the vending machines.


No salaries were paid.


The London office was closed down immediately. And the next day, Lehman used the money that it took from London to pay its closest associates to redeem the derivative trades that it had done. So the English bankers came out and said, in England, we have an ethic: it's lend to the person, not against the asset. And they've come to the conclusion that the American bankers-well, we won't say "crooks," but let's say they're cronies who deal among themselves and are willing to screw the foreigner.

And this has created such mistrust abroad that Europeans and Asians and OPEC country investors are simply pulling their money out of the US, because they don't have a clue as to the solvency of the banks. We're seeing the end result of the Alan Greenspan deregulatory revolution, where he said markets are all self-regulating. Right now, you're seeing the markets self-regulate themselves. And the result is a wipeout of the American pyramiding."

Government keeps saying that this is only financial, and that our industries and businesses are still sound-that is a blatant lie!


This could not be happening here if the US had a manufacturing or an industrial base of any kind. But our once formidable American commercial infrastructure has been outsourced, with the full approval and encouragement of this government; causing massive loses in American jobs for those American workers that have now been thrown on the trash-heaps of history.

Any 'Republic' that no longer has a system of checks & balances or anything remotely resembling 'oversight' of what they create to run the nation, is no longer a country-it is only a fascist police-state in waiting!

"Senator Chris Dodd, the banking committee chair has no plans to subject the new Bailout Czar, Neel Kashkari to conformation hearings. Kashkari is the thirty-five year old Treasury official, tapped by Henry Paulson, to oversee the more than 700 billion-dollar bailout. Like Paulson, Kashkari is a former employee of Goldman-Sachs. Kashkari graduated from business school six years ago."

Given this fact, it is now clear that we can forget about the political campaigns because whoever "wins" that farce will not even come close to having the kind of power that this 35 year old insider will be able to have, when he begins handing out "450 Trillion dollars" to the money-changers at the expense of every one of us!


There's a huge difference between the $850 Billion they told us about and the $450 Trillion that is the actual amount of the problem! That's more money than any economy could ever envision, much less ever have: and yet that's the payoff that this Depression was designed to create!

And Senator Dodd does not think that we even ought to have a hearing to see if this Goldman-Sachs insider is even qualified for anything, much less this job that will clearly make the US presidency into the standing joke that it already is!

Americans at all levels of this nightmare are hurting badly, some far more than others.


The meltdown has cut into 401K's, into investments, retirement funds, savings accounts, mutual funds, and stock option plans not to mention the number of homes and jobs that will be lost in this massive war against the people of the United States, and by extension the world. Hundreds of Trillions will be doled out before this is done, but not one cent will be given to real people to protect them in any way from what has already destroyed over twenty percent of the retirement savings that had to be earned over many decades!

According to CBS News this morning,

"we have lost $8 Trillion so far this year, and the markets have fallen 40% from where they were just one year ago today."

This Depression is not remotely near the end, as the automotive and airlines and the insurance shortfalls will also be demanding bailouts notwithstanding the fact that the subprime mortgages have still not even been addressed. What happened to Impeachment or anything to do with challenging these people on anything they've done!


This is happening - because we have remained silent and obedient throughout the last eight years of this completely criminal regime, in the face of war-crimes by the hundreds, and outrages that defy all the human sensibilities on which the community of nations was built.

So much money being paid out-all in secret of course-and nothing to help real people survive the coming depression. Once more the global money-changers are being bailed-out with no thought at all to saving the very people that are being forced to pay off these eternal bandits that have declared "All out War" upon the global economy and the global- population who will suffer or die because of this new outrage!

This situation screams for resolutions: yet all we get are platitudes amid the chaos of failing markets, and no one in authority is even remotely in any danger of even getting fired! If 'resolutions' fail then the only choice left to the real people of this world will be a global demand for Revolution, along with total control over all bankers and politicians of any stripe-forever!

If this sounds impossible or implausible then please just think about this completely other proposal, from Benjamin Fulford:

"With a brand new financial system built from scratch, it would be possible to end world poverty and stop environmental destruction within a month. The reason is simple, we have been blinded from reality by a hypnotic pyramid scheme known as the world financial system. The financial system is nothing more than the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future.


In other words, it is fundamentally nothing more than mass psychology. Thus, if humanity changed their collective psychology about how to run the planet, it could decide, within a few days, to care for the poor and stop destroying nature. It is simply a matter of making the collective decision to do so. That is all."

And of course there's a lot more to it than just the above paragraph... (see How to Rebuild Finances and Save the Planet).

If this Depression is not averted, then we must act, because there's a total lack of responsibility in the continued fleecing of the public and of everything we have all worked for all our lives!


This must not be allowed to reach its designed conclusion not that is if we are planning to have a future of any kind, for our selves or for any of our descendants!

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The Long Disputed War Is Over!

Take a deep breath and try to wrap your mind around this thought. The Coup has finally happened and 'We Lost'!

This idea is not nearly as radical as it sounds in fact it is the only thing that can explain the chaos of the last seven days, as well as the non-solutions that have been proposed by those who appointed themselves to solve this international problem. This article will not only attempt to demystify many of the most confusing components that have made this closing act of the takeover so dangerous to all of us-but in conclusion I've added some of the everyday things that we can all do to change the outcome for all of us.

First the public needs to understand how we came to be in this intolerable situation, where all of what we need to continue to live has been captured, by the same forces that we thought we were beginning to resist.

Amid the chaos of the World Markets that continue to fall, several key facts have finally been revealed.


The first is that the world's governments have largely blocked public opinion from participation in any of their solutions, as they try to publicly- short-cut their way through societies in order to undo what they themselves created: to break the log-jam that has frozen all access to credit around the world. This is an international problem, but for the sake of simplicity we ought to focus on what has happened in America, for now.

This problem is multi-dimensional, because "authority" needs to take actions now that will resuscitate what they themselves have been laboring to publicly murder for the last few decades. What did they murder? The politicians that represent the money-changers have repeatedly attacked, maimed, raped and have killed-many-times-over; the entire concept of "The Public's Trust."


Somehow, because of the global meltdown, these same privatized criminal interests now need to bring 'that public's trust' back to life. To do this they must continue to circumvent the many government laws and procedures that were designed to keep exactly this from happening!

But their real problem is that these creatures have finally had to emerge from the shadows, and it turns out that none of them were elected to anything. Rather they have been loyal slaves to the privatized world that has been preaching de-regulation with the kind of fervor only a lunatic could embrace. However since the United States has been operating in a permanent State of National Emergency, virtually since Bush stole his first election - this effort at privatized control was not a huge leap.

The very real danger to the Cabal lies in their actions that will have to be taken over this weekend and beyond actions that will run the risk of letting public in on the truth, which is that their loyalties are not to the people or the government but to the individual and private organizations whose profits are and have always been-their only motivation!

The Coup waged this war upon the global population and they have won that war, outright!


The proof of this lies in the fact that all the government's rules, regulations and laws have been thrown out - permanently. That is why we can never go back to the innocence of those times "BEFORE" these vultures came to power. We must get past the idea that we can recreate what was, and "return" to a nation of laws and men & women who will "do the right thing," just because it needs to be done!


New ways must be found to triumph over the criminals that now threaten everything we hold dear!

The irony here lies in the fact that after spending seven or eight decades murdering the public's 'trust' & 'transparency,' in order to further all their privatized schemes: Now they must somehow revive that rotting-corpse and recreate the illusion of trust once more: just to finish stealing what they came to take.
Unless the Cabal can do this.


Then they run the very real risk of exposing themselves to global criminality on a universal scale.

Look carefully at the collection of privateers that have been trotted out as spokespeople for this mess. Mostly these creatures were self-appointed, or fraudulently "selected," but none of them owe anything to the "public" they say they are there to serve! Bernanke, The FED Chairman, serves the privately owned central banks of the world.


These institutions have been stealing us blind since the FED was created, because for every dollar they print (supposedly for us) we must pay interest to the owners of the FED. That is the money that we all pay in Income Taxes - which goes directly to the owners of the FED, (as interest) and does not fund anything beyond that payoff. All the other taxes fees and charges that are levied upon us were created - in order to run the nation.


The income tax is just the price we pay to the money-changers for the use of what ought to be our own money! (see below video).


America: From Freedom to Fascism




Then look deeper into Goldman-Sachs, and the career of Paulson who is the current Secretary of the US Treasury, who has now added one of his own to be the BAILOUT-CZAR.


This neophyte criminal has only been out of business school for six years, yet he has been selected without the need to face a congressional committee review of his qualifications to distribute a sum of money that is unimaginably obscene.


That would be the $450 Trillion that Neel Kashkari will be giving back to the money-changers in every conceivable way that such a sum could eve even be contemplated.

"There's a huge difference between the $850 Billion they told us about and the $450 Trillion that is the actual amount of this problem! That's more money than any economy could ever envision, much less ever have: and yet that's the payoff that this Depression was designed to create!"

Control over this amount of money represents a power so vast that it actually dwarfs the "powers" of the presidency or the dictator of the USA.


Yet Senator Dodd has vetoed any congressional hearing on this outrageous choice for "BAILOUT- CZAR." If you failed to "get it" before this appointment; then just a few minutes of your time might assist you in grasping what is really going on at the highest levels of the Coup that now runs this country, lock, stock and barrel!

In another twist of facts, there is another popular myth that has permeated the so-called presidential campaigns.


It goes something like this:

'America must be energy independent from the terrorists that we are forced to buy our oil from.'

Sounds terrifying yes? Well, the policy under which we are forced to buy that oil came directly from the desk of Snarl'n Dick Cheney: the man that hijacked America's National Energy Policy, back in the beginning of the first GWB-tyranny which they call "the first term."


These "terrorists" turn out to be Saudi Arabia, one of Cheney's major supporters, and a couple of other nations that are also not overtly "terror" driven.

The oil we buy actually comes from American, British, Dutch, and other national oil interests, that have not been declared "terrorists" by the Bandits in the Bush administration. These companies were however chosen back in 2001 to share in this rape of the planet's oil (and water) supplies, which is why we are still at war inside Iraq, because we have yet to sign the oil-agreements that we went there to obtain.

You want proof: look at the profits of the international oil cartels and their individual member companies - then tell me that they are not the real terrorists when it comes to extorting obscene profits for every gallon of gasoline or oil that you must buy?


This is a classic case of having used the poisoned wrapper of "terrorism" to conceal a thoroughly illegal and secret set of privatized-insider-contracts that were directly given to all of Cheney's friends in the Oil cartels that control the world.


The lies being told about this situation may make great campaign slogans: But those slogans, along with the entirety of both political campaigns, are nothing but very convenient lies to scare the public into making a choice without a difference!

The exceptions to this crime are in Venezuela, and some of the other central and South American states that are now reevaluating their sale of oil to the USA - which is why we reactivated the US 4th Fleet to intimidate those nations, and to stop them from becoming truly independent from "US national security interests."


There is a similar move afoot in South America that has established their own Central Bank, (The Southern Bank) to counter the efforts of The World Bank and the IMF, both of whom have been instrumental in the financial enslavement of that entire hemisphere, virtually since they were created after WWII.

This basic shift in the ownership and control of the planet is a major loss to real people everywhere; especially given that this latest episode involves the meltdown of huge amounts of personal and corporate assets that most people cannot afford to lose. That was our money and it is still within our grasp to stop this carnival side show that has all the earmarks of those traveling salesmen that we used to call Grifters.


But nothing will happen to turn this around until the public begins to grasp the extent of this global hijacking!

On the Plus-Side: the extremes which this crisis has produced have inadvertently shown the pubic some of the many ways that they we can effectively begin to hurt these creatures where they live-in their oh-so-sacred treasure-troves of profit!

We can cut down everywhere, on everything that is non-essential. When we must purchase something do it at a local store, boycott every corporate chain without exception, and do whatever you can to keep your purchases within the local economy. When traveling, try walking or take a bike, if distance is involved use public transportation.


This is already what has brought down the price of gasoline. You might have noticed that there is no effect on the prices at the pump that can be related to the price of a barrel of oil. The oil companies have a lot of double-talk that they use to explain this: but the fact is whenever people voluntarily use less gasoline the price at the pumps will come down.


This is not some crackpot suggestion it has already been at work, and prices have come down, because people do NOT have the money "to burn" that they once thought they did.

Another thing that is easy and productive is that people need to begin to talk "to" and "with" each other.


Get to know those around you at home and at work, or just wherever you happen to be. Turn off that i-pod now and then and look around, the changes in the world today might actually surprise you! People are by nature social-animals, and the reason that so much of what these privateers have done to us, has worked so well against us all, has been because, we do not talk to or with each other any more!


We could fix this with just a little effort; but again you might be surprised by what you can discover about others, as well as about what has happened to this nation and the world.

When Hitler was about to be captured he was inside his bunker, some generals approached him and asked him to "save the German people" "the innocent victims of war."


The Fuhrer shot back:

"In war there are no innocent people, and besides no one put a gun to the heads of those people, (the German citizens) they were not forced to follow me now let them pay for their mistakes!"

The same could be said today of us. In fact Naomi Wolf discovered this parallel which led her to write a book about the whole German nightmare, in the beginning, back in the 1930's before the world became a spectator to what became the bloodbath of that century! (see The Fascist Blueprint It can happen here).

  • What shall be said about "The Americans" when and if there is a history that survives us?

  • Will we have learned from that sophisticated German citizenry, before their war became obscene - or will we emulate the "good Germans" and go down with this new crop of Dictators and Privateers that want to do to the world much more than Hitler was able to do to those he targeted?

We still have choices, but we are running out of time.

"The Long Disputed War" may be over, but they must now metaphorically go house to house, and they cannot clinch this "victory" unless we fail to resist this tyranny in whatever ways that each of us might be qualified to do this!

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