by Zen Gardner

July 20, 2012

from ZenGardner Website

“Now turn in your guns, America.

The UN mandate we’ve agreed to says so.”


They’ve been egging on for this for ages and the time has come with this new United Nations cave in.


Believe me, there are millions of American patriots who have no intention of abiding by this idiocy. When only the unjust have arms, we have problems. History says so.

I don’t believe in violence, nor do most common sensed folks. However, we live in a world of usurpers. Weird power-crazed idiots who want to control everyone. Universe knows what drives them, but they’re real.


And we are their objective.

Abject control is the goal.



Know Your Enemy

Just look at their historical logic. There’s one simplistic ideology involved.


They cannot have spontaneous anything. It freaks them out. Therefore natural anything makes them crazy. It’s a pathological issue for them. Maybe a sort of racial issue as well - they’re from another inter-dimensional race!

Racists pushing the racist agenda? Nothing surprising, they’ll pull anything. Hypocrisy equals bold faced lying - so what’s new?

I don’t know. We’re bound inside of layers of reality, and we’re working our way through them. One thing I know, we’re being diddled….seriously.

These controllers are doing a number on humanity and need to be called out for it.




Our Current Status

You can’t look at the news objectively without realizing something serious is at play.

Between the coming Olympic disaster set up and the American pressure cooker, something’s has to give.

Besides the insane militarization of London, can the US continually push such draconian measures on a slowly awakening American populace? You decide. I don’t think so. It’s serious stuff. Last time the international power structure needed a “pearl harbor” type situation they created one with 9/11.

And it worked.

You are going to sit and wait for the next one, like an entranced idiot?

Most will...




How To Sell the Last Stage

Well, ultimately, what I wanted to say is this.


These bastards need something sizeable to push through all this crap they’ve been lambasting us with the last several years. As drastically Orwellian as it has been, besides stealing everyone’s money, they’ve pushed through measures for unquestioned incarceration, unlimited wiretapping and information gathering, and such complete totalitarian control it’s beyond comprehension.

All while so-called patriots watch on, some in protest and smoldering anger, but most in numbed disbelief.

When the slam down comes, I’m not sure how many will recognize it, as efficiently as the 9/11 scam went. I only hope it will backfire in some strange way as to wake up a huge strata of the unaware, and bring more stability to their protest against tyranny.

Anyway, my shot at this strange thing called “our current world”. Take it for what you want.

Be aware, be very aware...

P.S.: In case you’re wondering, this was written Thursday before the Colorado incident and I posted and went to bed. I was as amazed as you when I saw the news this morning. No surprise really, with this gun control agreement waiting for approval. Now watch them go to town over this incident and milk it to death... literally.