by Lance Schuttler
November-December 2016

from TheMindUnleashed Website

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Part I

November 16, 2016




The cabal is being flipped upside down.


Times are continuing to shift in a big way and humanity's rise over the darkness that has plagued our planet for a very long time is gathering momentum by the day.


Remember, the elite's modus operandi is to crush any form of hope or belief that things can or will get better. Truth prevails though and we are seeing the old world order crumble.


2017 is sure to be an exciting year.


Continue to dream big...


  1. June 23, 2016:


    Britain votes to leave the European Union.


    While some are choosing to see this as an extremist act whose focus was on securing the border from immigrants, there is a much bigger picture to that event.


    While it must be said that the immigration issue is in the minds of some who were pro-BREXIT (and thus needs to be humanely and compassionately addressed), the bigger issue was that Britain reclaimed it's sovereignty back from the imperialistic banking and political cabal.


    As it has been reported in The Telegraph, a mainstream media outlet in the UK, the CIA and the U.S. State Department have been heavily involved in the creation of the European Union from the very beginning.


    As Professor Alan Sked said in the article: Voters in Britain's referendum need to understand that the European Union was about building a federal superstate from day one.



  2. July 22, 2016:


    Wikileaks releases over 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Convention and shows the deep collusion between the Clinton Campaign and the DNC itself.


    These revelations ultimately helped force the resignations of the top 4 positions within the DNC.



  3. October 08, 2016:


    Shortly after Wikileaks began dumping the PodestaFiles, emails were revealed that John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, was receiving emails about UFO/ET disclosure as well as free energy technology, whose emails came from former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell.


    These are highly significant in the fact that it is admitted by Mitchell that such technologies do exist and that even the Vatican knows of them.


    Once these technologies are known about on an even wider scale, the lies and corruption of the oil industry will fall apart and humanity can then reclaim it's freedom.



  4. October 10, 2016: 


    Turkey defies the banking cabal and signs the Turkish Stream gas pipeline deal with Russia. Because Russia is in opposition to the cabal, or NWO, as some would prefer, this is a massive financial and geopolitical game-changer.



  5. October 20, 2016: 


    The Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte visits China with 200 Filipino businessmen to mend ties with China.


    He also announces his separation from the U.S. (which is a blow to the cabal) and seeks an alliance with not only China, but Russia too.


    The BRICS Alliance continues to grow.



  6. October 30, 2016: 


    Iceland's Prime Minister, steps down as the activist, anti-establishment party, known as The Pirate Party, comes in second in national elections and jumps it's number of parliament seats from 3 to 10.


    As more people around the world herald the call for true freedom, political parties reflecting such ideals will continue to prevail. The Pirate Party is in over 40 countries around the world currently, and the movement continues to grow.



  7. November 04, 2016: 


    Wikileaks emails reveal the Podesta brothers were invited to a "spirit cooking dinner" and involved eating sperm and menstrual blood.


    While some surely laughed this off, keep in mind that former FBI special agent Ted Gunderson spent several years investigating and exposing this information to the public, before being murdered.


    We must also keep in mind that former BBC star Jimmy Savile was revealed to being involved in a massive, elite-ridden pedophile ring. The pedophilia and ritualistic claims against many of the elites is well known around the world and is a very serious issue.


    The fact that even a small bit of this came out in the Wikileaks revelations is significant and a sign of the times. So much more is coming.



  8. November 08, 2016: 


    It was revealed by Neil Keenan that several globalists/cabalists, including,

    • Mark Carney of the Bank of England

    • Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve

    • the Rothschilds

    • Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak,

    ...and others were involved in a deal to steal 1 million metric tons of Gold from the global collateral accounts.


    As of this writing, the deal has been stopped and it very beneficial to humanity. While this story might not make much sense to many readers, understand that the global collateral accounts are the cabal's biggest financial secret on this planet.


    It is the reason JFK was killed and it also relates to 9/11.



  9. November 13, 2016: 


    The European countries of Moldova and Bulgaria elect new presidents, both of whom are pro-Russia. This is yet another major setback for the globalists plans of creating a superstate out of Europe.


    Watch for even more countries to begin aligning with Russia.



  10. November 15, 2016: 


    More than 200 rallies around the U.S. take place to protest the North Dakota pipeline that is being attempted to form. The world is continuing to awaken and sees the lunacy of oil and gas for energy.


    Clean solutions already exist.








Part II
December 10, 2016







"Desperation is a stinky odor..."

What we are seeing is a very desperate banking and political cabal on the run. They are no longer jogging, but are now in a full out sprint in attempt to flee from the truth.


But the truth has caught up and the world is awakening quicker each day.


  1. November 20, 2016:


    Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte continues to defy the cabal by aligning with Eastern nations like China and Russia and moving away from U.S. relations, which have resulted primarily in control over the Philippines by the U.S. cabal.



  2. November 20, 2016:


    A growing movement in the UK is calling for the Royal Monarchy to be abolished. We are all equal and no longer need rulers.



  3. November 20, 2016:


    Norwegian police arrest over 20 and are investigating even more in the nation's largest crackdown on pedophilia. Included in those arrested were well known politicians and lawyers.


    The worldwide pedophile ring is being dismantled and exposed.



  4. November 23, 2016:


    Dutch politician, and favorite to become the next Prime Minister of The Netherlands in March 2017, Geert Wilders issued an incredibly powerful statement, calling out the global elite/cabal.


    • "A worldwide movement is emerging that puts an end to the politically correct doctrines of the elites and the media that are subordinate to them.


      That has been proven by BREXIT. That has been proven by the US elections. That is about to be proven in Austria and Italy. That will be proven next year in France, Germany, and The Netherlands.


      The course of things is about to take a different turn. Citizens no longer tolerate it. And I tell you, the battle of the elite against the people will be won by the people.


      Here, too, you will not be able to stop this, but rather accelerate it. We will win, the Dutch people will win, and it will be remembered well who was on the right side of history.


      Common sense will prevail over politically correct arrogance.


      The voice of freedom cannot be imprisoned; it rings like a bell. Everywhere, ever more people are saying what they think. They demand politicians who take them seriously, who listen to them, who speak on their behalf. 


      It is a genuine democratic revolt.


      The wind of change and renewal blows everywhere." 



  5. November 29, 2016:


    Egypt defies the U.S. cabal and backs Syria and Russia to eliminate ISIL from Syria, Iraq and Libya. The ISIL lies spread by the cabal are quickly fading.



  6. December 04, 2016:


    Russian President Vladimir Putin calls out the new world order by issuing a statement that took many by surprise.


    • "I believe that it is not a secret, everyone can see, that many of our partners prefer to refer to the principles of international law, because the balance of power is gradually being restored in our world.


      But this is inevitable. Attempts to create a unipolar world have not succeeded. We are living in a different dimension." 


    In other words, the unipolar world attempts (one world order, new world order) have failed.



  7. December 04, 2016:


    The Army Corps of Engineers have officially denied the route for the Dakota Access pipeline.


    Thought it has since been reported that Dakota Access will continue it's drilling and it's attempt to put pipe under the river, it is a positive step forward. In addition to this, over two thousand military veterans came to support the water protectors offered an apology to the Sioux leaders for what the U.S. Military has done over the years.


    Deep healing is taking place everywhere.



  8. December 05, 2016:


    Over twenty UK footballers have come forward alleging sexual abuse by high profile coaches and businessmen in the past three weeks.


    A special hotline setup in the UK dedicated specifically for sexual abuse of footballers received over 860 calls in the first week. Additionally, the Madeleine McCann case has been reopened due to an "important new lead" discovered by Scotland Yard police.


    Again, the worldwide pedophile ring ran by the elite is being uncovered and exposed. So much more is yet to come regarding this topic.


    Perhaps there is something more to the "Pizzagate" story than just a conspiracy "theory," as labeled by the mainstream media. Whatever the truth is, it will be known.



  9. December 09, 2016:


    The situation in Aleppo, Syria is coming to a close as ISIL fighters are now enclosed by Syrian and Russian forces. Russia has stated that the fighting there could be over by the end of 2016, just a few weeks ago.


    Civilians are now being evacuated and humanitarian relief is taking place in parts of Aleppo that have formerly been in control of ISIL since 2012. Again, ISIL is being defeated by Assad and Putin, much to the dismay of the cabal who backed the creation of ISIL.


    With surrender as an option, one can only wonder if certain ISIL fighters will begin talking and revealing certain information that the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia specifically, do not want publicly known.


    Massive revelations could be coming. Intend and pray for surrender and truth-telling to come from ISIL fighters.



  10. December 10, 2016:


    The U.S. House and Senate both pass the bill known as H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. Or simply, the "fake news, Russian propaganda bill."


    Though this is not something positive for free speech and freedom in general for our world, it is perhaps the most obvious sign of desperation by the political and banking cabal.


    When over 200 websites have been targeted for questioning the narrative put out by the "Establishment," then you know that truth telling is winning. The cabal knows they are losing the information battle.


    They know the truth is spreading.


    Regardless of how this plays out in the days ahead, remember, that it will backfire.


As stated in several other articles before, continue to dream big my friends. We are seeing the downfall of the Elite that have controlled this planet for a very, very long time.


Continue to spread truth and light.


True freedom is upon us...