by Mark Sircus
December 16, 2014
from DrSircus Website






They lie and cannot stop for that is all a corporate controlled press knows how to do.


They lie,

This year saw a record number of journalist killed or thrown in jail.


It is difficult to write and publish the truth in a world hell-bent on turning to the dark side of life. It's easier to print the deception in images like the one above but even then the public just has no way of responding to the truth.


Time Magazine published this week, 'Lie of the Year from PolitiFact' saying,

"PolitiFact has named the panicked response to Ebola as the 2014 Lie of the Year.


The website, which fact-checks the statements of public figures, noted 16 erroneous claims made for Ebola last year, which together produced "a dangerous and incorrect narrative.


Those included,

  • Fox News analyst George Will's false assertion that Ebola could spread through a sneeze or cough

  • Senator Rand Paul's description of the disease as 'incredibly contagious,' 'very transmissible' and 'easy to catch'

  • Congressman Phil Gingrey's warning that migrants could carry Ebola across the U.S.'s southern border"







The lies of global warming are getting louder as it gets colder as the sun goes to sleep.

"As 2014 draws to a close, two recent developments show that global temperatures are rising at an alarming rate. The world, it seems, is on a runaway train - and yet, we have more reason to feel hopeful than we did a year ago.


West Antarctica ice-sheet loss accelerating. Ice loss from West Antarctica has been increasing nearly three times faster in the past decade than during the previous one - and much more quickly than scientists predicted."

They say 'mountains of ice' are melting as mountains of ice are created at both poles.


They lied about 9/11 and they lied about Fukushima and the danger of radiation and they lie about medicine and perhaps the biggest lie is that the government serves the public's interest when they are owned by corporate interests.


Another stupendous lie is about America and democracy and its constitution that has been completely destroyed by H.R. 4681, the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 - one,

"that for the first time statutorily authorizes spying on U.S. citizens without legal process."

Michael Noonan writes,

"The clichéd definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


There is no room for sanity in the United States, anymore, and the public is sleepwalking through it all. Arguably, this has been carefully orchestrated by the elites over the past century, as in 100 years and not just in the past decade or so.


Capitalism is dead in the US, and has been for decades. Ironically, China and Russia are far more capitalistic.


Once the elites took over the money supply, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, there was a concerted effort to take over all media and start a propaganda scheme that is far superior than any other country in effective population control."

Washington, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have lost their moral bearings and people now have only themselves to turn to.


An ethic of, "If they can do it, so can I," is spreading,

"as people realize that fabric of American society has been shredded and replaced by a free-for-all mentality whereby everyone must fend for oneself in order to survive," wrote the The Daily Bell five years ago.

Ayn Rand wrote,

"When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - you may know that your society is doomed."


Intel's Andy Grove, a man to pay serious attention to, was already being blunt in 2006 about current realities in the United States and is quoted as saying, in Newsweek,

"America… [is going] down the tubes and the worst part is nobody knows it. They're all in denial, patting themselves on the back, as the Titanic heads for the iceberg full speed ahead."

We have never faced anything like what we are facing today.


Most of us have planned our lives in terms of a world that is quickly disappearing and we have not set new sails based on the prevailing winds that will blow across our future bows. The potential for an economic implosion and subsequent world recession, depression or outright collapse is huge and could surpass the biggest financial crash in history.


As the price of oil drops and the dollar rises what has been hidden under the rug is becoming visible.


The Chinese and the Russians are selling U.S. Treasuries and that is just one sign that the greatest bubble in human history is about to pop. Bonds, derivatives, and the entire edifice of debt is at risk.


What Americans have failed to understand and see is that their federal government will have no problem at all in turning on their own citizens and in fact have already done so for decades as evident in the terrible war on drugs, the fluoridation of the water supplies and the FDA sustaining the use of and declaring mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam safe to use even for pregnant women and young children.


The same government that dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese and goes to war against many peoples in the world is just as capable of doing the same (witness the destruction of the World Trade Towers as a false flag attack) to its own citizens.