by Alex Collier
Global Wings Conference, August 2002
Transcribed June, 2007 & January 2008

Transcribed by Teri Callaghan
from ExopoliticsJournal Website

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Editorial Note. This is the final installment of Alex Collierís last lecture before his Ďretirementí from the UFO lecture circuit in 2002. It has never been published before. It deals with information given to him by his ĎAndromedaní extraterrestrial contacts concerning Galactic History. All attempts have been made to transcribe this presentation as accurately as possible.

Alex Collier is a 'contactee' with a race of human looking extraterrestrials from the constellation of Andromeda. He first began to experience extraterrestrial contact during his childhood up to his mid-teens. After the experiences stopped over a period of several years, which included military service as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, the contact experiences resumed in 1985.


He met with two Andromedans who became his mentors and took him on board their space vehicles including a large extraterrestrial mother ship where he was exposed to the teachings of the Andromedans over a three month period.


The Andromedans gave him information about cosmic spirituality, life in the universe, and Earthís galactic history.






[AC - Alex Collier]
[Q - audience question]

Hydrogen life beings felt threatened by O2 life forms because O2 life forms have a much faster rhythm. Hydrogen can only travel at near space light speeds. They cannot go beyond that. O2ís can go as fast as 4 times the speed of light. H2ís are much smaller and slower and more numerous because of a higher frequency of suitable bio-spheres.

There is trade between oxygen and hydrogen breathers but very disastrous wars have been fought between these two civilizations in the past. The Andromedan Council is held in the star system of, the constellation of, Andromeda. And it is here at (mi rosh?) This is where the Andromedan Council is held. This is also where the star systems of Zenitae (?) exist. This is where the Andromedan people live.


The Andromedan Council was created to study migration and to try to limit contact between hydrogen and O2 races and hence, to stop conflict between the two great orders of organic life. Communication between the two species at times remains quite difficult.


Thatís how it got started.

Q. [Question about talking with hydrogen life forms and should you talk very slowly]

AC: Yes, you should. And you absolutely want to use the formal, polite language so that nothing you say is misunderstood. You will know that because they will be wearing some kind of an apparatus over their nostrils and those nostrils could be almost anywhere, depending upon the species. If they are wearing a suit or some type of a helmet, then you can assume that it is Hydrogen, or Methane, or Ammonia, because if it is an O2, he will not need that apparatus.

The Andromedans: these are just some brief notes and then we are going to do some questions. They are tough, honorable, courageous fighters. They build massive ships to environmentally resemble worlds: comfortable, solid, endurable craft (these are my own words).


They are model galactic citizens. They are responsible to a fault. They tell you they are going to do something; they will do it, even at great cost to themselves.


They are very active in galactic politics and enjoy considerable influence in galactic institutions. Institutions have been set up, especially with O2 civilizations.


Those institutions are:

  • the Institution of Civilized Warfare

  • Upliftment (they donít use the word ďascensionĒ)

  • Migrations (which is colonization)

  • Traditions.

They are very patient, thoughtful and above all, careful.


They have been responsible for the official stoppage of hostilities in many wars and assisted in the withdrawal of all forces that were in those conflicts.

Upliftment. A lot of people here on Earth in the New Age circles talk about ascension, but nobody really knows what the ascension is. They know that there are higher densities and that all of us are striving to reach a higher frequency in the hopes that we will move into a more evolved society, become more evolved ourselves and become more expanded consciousnesses, because sometimes third density is just too damn hard.


I acknowledge all that. All of that is correct and there is archeological evidence in the galaxy of races that have actually changed their frequency and moved to a higher level. That is a fact, but it is not called ascension.


It is called ďUpliftmentĒ and apparently none of the races that have done this have done it by themselves. They have always had someone help them out of the mess they are in; reach down and basically mentor them to the next level.

Q: Does that mean that they donít have a physical body anymore?

AC: No, they have a physical body; there is physicality in all the dimensions. There it is. You donít just move up to fourth density and fifth density and now you are this little cloud blowing with the breeze; itís not like that at all. It is as solid as this, itís just completely different. The physicality is different.


The physicality is much bigger; it is on a much grander scale. The color spectrum where we live now is 72 different frequencies of color. Fifth density is 123. There are colors, things that I have seen that I canít explain. There is just no way, because there is nothing here to compare it to.

I want to do 15 minutes of questions and then I am going to turn it over to Mr. [Mike] Russ.

Q: I want to ask about the Dogons and that whole Sirian thing, where the Dogon tribe in Africa say they communicated with the Sirians.

AC: They had maps before we even knew that Sirius existed. I am not aware of that at all, that they have an actual fishtail, no.

Q: You mentioned the Upliftment. Do we know who or if we are being helped with the Upliftment.

AC: I think that is a definite possibility. Vasais said to me once before he crossed over that our specific terran race was one of the most promising human species that they had seen in a very long time. Despite all of the other crap, we were one of the most promising. However, Iím giving you my own opinion now, based on what I know, I donít know this as fact.


But, if the Andromedan Council does what they are planning to do next year and try to remove all regressive extra-terrestrial presences off the planet and the moon, if they do in fact do that, Morenay has said that they are planning to just sit up in space, we will all see them, and just watch us for two to four years in our time. What they want to do, is they want to see how we are going to react with each other when we are not being manipulated.


Will we, in fact, come together? The point that I made this morning, was there was a period of 300 years where there was actually no extra-terrestrial intervention and what happened? We dusted off the monarchies of Europe and we created the United State of America. The United States of America, Ladies and Gentlemen, was never supposed to happen. It was an accident. It was never supposed to happen.


The Royal Families of Europe who are connected to the extra-terrestrial lineages were never supposed to loose control, never. And once America opened up Pandoraís Box, a lot of people followed. Because we had all been sick of the tyranny, and we still are.

Q: Is there anything you want to say about shape-shifting, the Royalty, Draconians, that sort of thing?

AC: I had this conversation earlier as well, with a member of our audience. Shape-shifters: does technology exist where someone can create a holograph around themselves? Yes, the technology does exist. Is that technology presently being used on Earth? The answer to that is no. Can a person, a regressive entity take over a human body? The answer to that is absolutely yes.


And the process is actually very simple. They abduct someone, they bring him to death very slowly, and the moment his last breath, his essence, leaves the body, they replace it with another. Several moments later, that body will rise off the table, it will be the same physical body, but inside, it has a completely different agenda, because now it is a different soul.


That technology does exist.

Q: Would you call that a walk-in?

AC: Yes, I would.

Q: Would they have the memory of the original body?

AC: Yes, they do. But my understanding is that there is anywhere from three to seven months where there is a transition period. And generally, when it happens to a major figure, they will be out of the limelight or be very rarely seen, because they are still adjusting. LetĎs talk about that some more. The word is: I saw him turn into a reptilian, I actually saw the reptilian. Thatís probably very true.


That doesnít mean that they are actually reptilian and they are using technology to look like human beings. It is a human body. But you have to remember something. Reptilians are not used to the extremes of emotions; they donít have emotions like we do. In fact many of the human races out there donít have the extreme of emotions that we do. So what happens is that if there is a situation where the body gets excited, because it is a human body, that is what is does. It is this huge antenna.


When is gets excited the reptilian soul inside doesnít know how to act, so he probably either gets frightened, or he gets alarmed. And when he does that, because they are extremely powerful souls you see a projection of themselves in their auric field, you will see it, because they are not used to the emotions. They donít know how to handle it and that is part of the transition period.


Thatís what I have been told.

Q: Can an original reptilian have sex with a human being?

AC: Yeah, but no offspring will come of it. If there is offspring it is because there was a genetic manipulation.

Q: Why would they do it then?

AC: I actually donít know that it actually has been done, but it can and they do have a phallic.

Q: I have run into that with some people.

AC: Could be. Maybe they have been watching humans do it, they see the heightened emotion and passion, the rush that we get at that moment, and they are trying to experience it themselves.

Q: They seem to be attracted to different races on Earth, why, are they different combinations of this 22 or what?

AC: Yes, they are.

Q: Do you know what aliens are what?

AC: We know some of them. I am not prepared to talk about that tonight, but we will do it really, really soon. I promise within probably 4 weeks, it will be up on the website. Iím extremely motivated to create a scorecard, so everybody knows who everybody is; especially if this thing is coming down. We need to know, or at least the information needs to be available.


Those who want to know will find it.

Q: You donít have to answer this, but are the Caucasians all from one stream, or are we a mixture as well?

AC: We are a mixture, we all are. We are all a Heinz 57. With a moderate to good temperament when we are left alone and not provoked.

Q: There is some suggestion that we will take the planet back.

AC: It is going to be handed to us, but what we do with it after that will be entirely our responsibility. We will be handed back the planet, I know for a fact that discussions of a download of all of humanity has and is being talked about, where everybody is given exactly the same data of who we are, where we are from, who these beings were and how we have been manipulated.


They are going to basically say, ok, here is the truth, and I donít know how many people are going to be able to handle it. If that happens, they have talked about it. I know that there will be some contact of some sort after the extraction occurs. Then they are going to withdraw and they are going to watch us. Now, we will be totally self-responsible for this.


Depending on what it is that we do with each other and with our own eco-sphere, bio-sphere, if we are not responsible, they are not going to help us.

Q: That was the galactic debate.

AC: Yes, it is exactly the galactic debate and that is the compromise they came to. They donít honor themselves, they donít honor each other, they donít honor their home, what is their value. That is exactly what was presented. They have been manipulated from the get-go.

Q: What if it is a few people that take the responsibility, but not the majority?

AC: Thatís why I am kind of hoping that they are going to do the download. Because everybody will know and all of us will be starting on page one. It would be a huge help.

Q: Did you say this is going to happen next year?

AC: The date that they gave me was August 12, 2003. The reason they have given me that date, that specific day, and I didnít know about this until a couple years ago, why that date, wasÖ. remember the Philadelphia Experiment and they sent the Eldridge through time and they ripped a hole in time?


They created a portal that was never supposed to be there. Some of the regressive races that are here and have been in other places in the galaxy were sucked in through that time hole and they are literally out of their own time.


And the idea is to round them up and literally say, OK, we are either going to take care of you here and now or you are going to be allowed to go back through that hole, because it opens on that day.

Q: Is it 60 years?

AC: Yes, so when that hole opens they are going to have the opportunity to back to their time to where they belong. The hope is that they will do it and the thought is that they actually will do it. Once that hole closes there are apparently galactic races that have been recruited from outside our galaxy who know how to fix it. And they are already here, apparently, and as soon as that hole closes they are going to seal it forever so that it never opens again.


It didnít cause problems just for us; it caused problems for everybody because it created a bridge between two different times.

Q: What will we experience on that day?

AC: Thatís a great question. (laughter) Thatís a really, really great question and I have absolutely no idea. All I can tell you is that unless I hear otherwise I will be taking that day off of work. If it has been postponed, I will go to work. If I havenít heard any change in the schedule, I will not be going to work that day.

Q: Is there any correlation between this event and the approaching of Planet X?

AC: That is a great question too. Planet X: two years ago, and I am on the record as putting this on the website, a portion of the Nibiruan Family, the Enki line, approached the Andromedan Council and asked for permission to enter our solar system to retrieve mining equipment and other materials that they had left behind when they left here. There was a considerable amount of debate.


The Andromedan civilization itself was staunchly against it because the Nibiruans are not known for keeping their word. However, the Andromedan Council itself ruled OK. We will allow them in. And they are in fact coming. What is coming is not a planet; it is an intelligently guided planetary size craft. It can maneuver, it can change direction, it can come and go anywhere it wants.


It is not in an orbit, like we have been taught.

Q: So it canít hurt us.

AC: It can hurt us, if it comes too close to us. Its field will cause a lot of problems here.

Q: Is it as big as they say?

AC: Sure. The Andromedans have told me of races that have mother craft from the Andromedan Galaxy that are twice the size of Jupiter that house over a billion beings on it. Thatís amazing; I canít imagine being stuck with the same people. Let me finish the Nibiru thing. They are coming, whatís going to happen, I have no idea. I can honestly tell you this, though; the Andromedans expect them not to keep their word, to just pick up their mining materials. Much of that mining material is in the rings of Saturn for the record.

Exactly what is a regressive? How do they know who is a regressive extra-terrestrial or hybrid? The Andromedans monitor; when they send in their teams to start studying a planet, a race, for induction, for mentoring, what they do is they monitor their chains of thoughts. And it is by their chains of thought that they can tell who is evolved, whoís regressive, whoís benevolent, whoís empathetic, etc, etc, by the chains of thoughts.


They have technology that literally is more than a picture of a brain wave. Itís like a photocopier. It literally takes a brainwave and takes a picture of an intent and of a thought. And if they see a chain of thought that is very regressive, they are marked and they know exactly where they are and who they are on this planet. They know exactly. And they are not the only ones; there are other races that are part of the Council. There are 38 different races in our solar system and just outside of it right now.


And they are all sharing data and they are just waiting to find out what is going to happen here.

Q: Like Hitler would be considered a regressive?

AC: He would be considered a regressive, but is he a walk-in? If he is not a walk-in, he stays; we will have to deal with him. If he is a walk-in he is out of here, because he is not the birth soul. Are we all clear on that?

Q: What about the Illuminati?

AC: Many of them are walk-ins. But there is one family and I have been told not to say, because it would get me in a lot of trouble. But I am going to tell you the circumstances. There is one family where the children are birthed of a line and when the child reaches three years of age the exchange takes place.


This same family is basically used as a carrier. They are not the actual genetic lineage, but they have been propped up to be 'the genetic lineage.' Do you follow what I am saying? They have been propped up to be the actual lineage because that is the lineage that this particular race has chosen to walk into.

Q: For breeding purposes?

AC: Yes, for breeding purposes, thank you. I didnít want to come right out and say it because it gives me the creeps.

Q: Some Illuminati will be removed and some will not be removed?

AC: The walk-ins will be removed; the actual alien genetic beings will be removed. If they are actually true terrans and they are just sonsí a bitches, we are stuck with them because that is our race. The fact that they have a mental psychosis is not a problem that the Andromedan Council wants to deal with. We need to deal with that.


We need to take responsibility for our own race. And again is goes back to the traditions. The actions of an individual are a reflection on the clan and the species. And that is what they live by. There is going to be a big learning curve for us if this all goes down the way it might go down.


I honestly donít know.

Q: Is there some kind of mark so they know who is regressive?

AC: What kind of a mark? They donít need a mark, they have their brain waves, they have their chains of thought. What they do is they plug it in. They have their own type of satellite machinery and they plug in this brain wave frequency. And their computers which are incredible monitor every move they make. And they are recording every thought and every action that they make. And they are recording every thought and every action that they make.


And they will answer for it.

Q: Do you think that those that are in this room and other rooms similar that you are talking to that the reason for it is that we will possibly be there to help with the transition?

AC: I would think so. People are not going to know how to process the downloads. Like your devout Jewish people, your devout Christians, they are going to have a really hard time transitioning with this information, because all of their belief systems are going to implode. And they are going to need to process this and it is going to be one hell of an interesting experience for all of us.


Organized religion will be gone, it will be gone in a heartbeat.

Q: Some people listening to you are going to think you are a lunatic.

AC: I have been told that, but fortunately my wife and my children donít think so and thatís really all that matters. They are going to see extra-terrestrials, they are going to see very large space craft, they are going to see hundreds and hundreds of miles, maybe thousands of miles of mother-ships in the sky.


Are they going to look at me and say, ďI donít really see thatĒ? And then who is in denial here?

I think that there is a move to really educate people and I think that there are elements within world government that are benevolent, that are really trying to solve a very difficult problem, that are trying to help. I think that is why the Disclosure Project has been allowed to get off the ground, because for those of us that have been studying this information that is the smoking gun.


That whole thing is about the speakers, itís about the guys telling their stories, itís not about Stephen Greer. I want to make that crystal clear. I think Stephen has done everybody a great service but it is not about him. It is about the guys on the tape that are putting it on the line.

My wife and I talk about this stuff at dinner. We have had Mike [Russ] over to the house several times. We talk about it and the frustration for us is how do we get this information out there? Itís hard. All I can do is offer it.


I canít make a living at this, thatís for sure.




Q: Because we believe we have taken the initiative would it be possible that the Andromedans may want to also include us as spokespeople?

AC: I have been talking to them for 15 years about adding more people to the list (laughter). My understanding is that many people in the next several years are going to be contacted.


But depending on the extra-terrestrial lineage that is dominant in your physicality it will be that clan or that star system race that will contact you. That is how it is done, itís all about the lineage. Out there, and it is here, it really is.

This has been a pleasure for me. I get a lot of this off my chest and my head (maybe the hair will grow back now!)


I just want to say thank you.

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