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The Nature of Nibiru

Val: Here's another question that was submitted to me:

"You mentioned that the Lemurians and Atlanteans were extraterrestrials and you also mentioned Nibiru. Tell us about Nibiru and its role and relationship to us in this solar system."

Alex: This is what I have been told about who those connected with Nibiru are. A very long time ago, colonies on Sirius B and the Orion Group were having trouble with each other. In order to bring peace, there was a marriage between two members of each group.


The woman came from the Orion Group, where the hierarchy includes a queen - the matriarchal paradigm. The male was from Sirius B. Both members were considered royalty of their respective line. When these two came together in marriage, their offspring had the genetics from both lines.


Because of these genetics, the new race that was created was given the name "Nibiru", which I am told by Morenae in the Orion tongue means "divided amongst two". This is who they literally are - a cross between those from Sirius B and a race from the Orion system. They formed a new "tribe" which has continued to flourish for at least hundreds of thousands of years. So, they are a tribe that has become a race.

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Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Val: In terms of everything that is going on right now, here on January 12, 1997, and all the scenarios, possibilities, probabilities, potentials, the Andromedans hanging out in the solar system, the political situation the way it is, the Hale-Bopp complex on its way, what is your gut intuitive feeling about the progression of upcoming events. I mean, we probably have dozens of scenarios at this point, in addition to the various probabilities those from the Andromedan system have presented. What about the next 12 months?

Alex: I do. I think that the end result is that everyone on the planet, especially here in the United States, will be re-evaluating the idea of self-sufficiency. I really see that people will finally realize that we have to learn to live together and help each other. Now, how do I see us getting there? I think that what is going to be happening very very soon is that there will be severe racial problems in this country.

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Control Factions to Synthesize "Racial Problems" to Distract Population

Val: And these "racial problems" will be deliberately instigated by factions within the government of the United States in order to produce instability, in order to encourage the population to give up freedom for control.

Alex: Absolutely, because the idea of "racial problems" will mask all their other transgressions and screw-ups, basically.

Val: All the drug dealing, etc.

Alex: Of course. You can blame it on somebody else or just create a scenario that gets everybody's attention away from what is really going on behind the scenes. They are very good at this. I think that is going to happen. I also see a very severe "correction" in the stock market, and I know that they have predicted food shortages, but I think they were off by a year. I think its going to be this summer in 1997. I really do. What I really feel at the same time, Val, is that a lot of people are going to be dealing with betrayal.

Val: In terms of realizing how factions within the government have betrayed the nation for so many years?

Alex: Yes. I think that the people are going to realize that they have really placed their faith in the wrong place for a long time, and I think the people are going to be overwhelmed with how to get out of it and fix it. You know, when you add into this the paradigms of extraterrestrials and the truth about most of the world's religions being archaic dogmatic systems created by a priesthood...

Val: It's one hell of a wakeup call.

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The Year of the Turning Point: 1998

Alex: Yes. It's going to be wild. I think by this time in 1998, January 1998, we are either going to be coming together as a group of people, or we are going to be preparing for civil war, and I just don't know which way it is going to go yet.

Val: Is there a possibility that an internal civil war would be prevented by an outside party?

Alex: I don't think so.

Val: Since the hierarchy on this planet is ultimately controlled by reptilian factions, would all the efforts toward increasing racial tensions be geared and controlled in order to make the prospect of Draconia takeover easier?

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Prejudice and Racist Perspectives Learned from Extraterrestrial Source

Alex: Well, we're pretty much in chaos already without needing any additional help getting there. Most people I know are living in chaos. They have no idea what they are doing or who they are. They think they're the person on their "drivers license", so I think that I think that the planet is already in the space of severe vulnerability, but here's the thing.


Let's take that same scenario. If you yourself wanted to conquer a race, or you wanted to prove to other races out there that humans are not worth bothering with, you would stir up the pot as much as you could and get the population to war against itself. Let's face it, prejudice is an extraterrestrial perspective.

Val: Do you mean that literally?

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Attempt To Use Our Own Free Will Against Our Interests

Alex: They said that we on earth have learned the concept of prejudice from the Orion Group who were here. When they were here, we watched how they treated other races and groups. So, we have just propagated that.


The bottom line is, if they do create severe racial tension on this may hear about it on the news or read it in the newspaper, and this is just an example, but in order for you to go out and actually harm another soul, you have to consciously make that decision.


I think what they are going to try to do is use our free will against us. In other words, they are going to try and convince us that this is what we need to do, and instead of people separating themselves from that idea, they are going to buy into it and try to manipulate the situation so it will appear to other benevolent groups that might want to help us that we are not worth helping.

Val: But, I would think that the Andromedans and other peaceful groups would know that the regressives would try this tactic...

Alex: Well, they probably will know it. I know they know that, but the fact of the matter is, if we move down that path and we don't ask for help, they will not intervene.

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Opening the "Can of Worms": Analysis of Concept of "Request for Help"

Val: Well, the idea of "asking for help" opens up an entirely new can of worms.

Alex: Well, I know.

Val: Personally, I don't see it happening, because I don't see enough of whomever getting it together to make a difference. I think the fact that our race has been betrayed by others both inside and outside our race is known by the Andromedans and other beneficent races.


And, the Andromedans and other races in the Andromedan Council know that this planet has been manipulated psychologically, chemically, biologically and otherwise to the point where the common neurological functioning of the human brain in the general population is so dysfunctional that a common consensus is not possible with a large number of people at this time in a direction of spiritual intent that would allow assistance to manifest itself.


Now, there is no possible way the Andromedans or anyone else out there could not know how deliberately messed up the human brain has become and how the possibility of general intent has been thwarted. My question is, in knowing that, why would they then say, "we'll come and help you if you ask us," when they fully know that we cannot do that as a population?

Alex: Well, I don't know that they know we can't ask.

Val: They know our whole history holographically about all the things that have been going on here with the perversion of the human neurology and the historical interference with the capabilities of the population in terms of intent. For example, the process of water fluoridation interferes with the hippocampus, which in turn interferes with the ability to challenge tyranny.


This is why the Germans and the Soviets used fluorides, and it is why the U.S. is one of the most heavily fluoridated countries on the planet. Now, the Andromedans know that this is going on, and that's just the tip of the neurological iceberg. So, in knowing that, they would still say, "we'll help you if you ask us?" I find this interesting, and somebody has to ask this question. There must be a missing piece here somewhere in something they are not saying.

Alex: Well, I don't know what it is.

Val: The whole question is just a logical question to me.

Alex: I can't defend them, and I don't know any more than that. This has been their message.

Val: I'm not even asking for a defense of the Andromedan perspective. I'm exploring the logic of the situation and how you feel about the possibility that somewhere in there they must know about all of this, that the only option left for them, if they in fact do want to help, is direct intervention, knowing full well that a manipulated population cannot collectively ask for assistance.

Alex: Well, here's the thing, and this is my own opinion...

Val: That's what I'm asking for...

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Andromedan Council Will Intervene: Collective Intent is Still Vital

Alex: Ok. Here's the thing. My gut instinct is, from all of the interest they have had and the time that they have spent trying to figure out who we are, is that they will directly intervene, but they are not going to come right out and tell us that they are. They need at least some of us to take responsibility in the asking. Do you follow what I'm saying?

Val: Yes.

Alex: For example, if you were in trouble and you knew that I was going to come and help you, no matter what happened...

Val: There might be a tendency to sit on your butt and do nothing.

Alex: Right. Would you change your behavior any?

Val: Probably.

Alex: Well, most people on this planet wouldn't. How many people know that the CIA is involved in drug trafficking, for example.

Val: The number of people who are eclectic enough to really understand what is going on here on this planet is very small, far below the morphogenetic field threshold that would magnify intent to an acceptable level.


Nevertheless, if the general betrayal of those in power becomes magnified to a large enough extent, then the consciousness of the general population would be magnified to some extent, but the trick is to get the population not to turn on itself. That's the trick, and I would like to know how we're going to pull that off. Now, correct me if I'm in error, but I am hearing you say that the Andromedan Council is going to intervene...

Alex: Actually, Val, they already have to some extent.

Val: And they will continue to do so.

Alex: Yes.

Val: What you then said is that the Andromedans would like to perceive at least an effort on our part, to form some general intent in the direction of requesting assistance, over and above the fact that they are in essence providing assistance anyway. In terms of "asking for assistance", is it a thing like standing in the back yard and looking up and the sky and saying "Andromedans, please help us"?


There is a saying that "when you pray you talk to God, but when God talks back you're considered schizophrenic". It was comedian Lilly Tomlin who said that. I guess at this juncture, the question would be, if this is what the Andromedan Council would like to see, some sort of minimal demonstration of intent, how would that intent best be assured of manifestation considering what we have to play with here?

Alex: They would need to see that intent expressed in the form of mutual respect for each other.

Val: So, in other words if they perceive, on whatever sensory format they're using, that a certain percentage of people are getting their inter-relational act together, then they will assume that in fact it is equal to the intent of the entire planet to move in that direction?

Alex: Yes.

Val: Could it already be at that point now, or almost to that point?

Alex: Yes. I believe it is almost to that point. It is why they are here now in the first place. But, they are not telling me the degree to which the intent has reached this point. But, I believe its almost there. I think it was Vissaeus who said, "It is imperative to have mutual respect for a healed planet." They use words so carefully. The word "imperative" tells me that it is an absolute.

Val: I am addressing these questions now in this way and in this manner because everyone who has read all this material and listened to your exposition of the Andromedan perspective, as well as parallel paradigms, have these kind of questions raging in their minds. Somebody has to ask them, and that's why I have.

Alex: That's fine. I'm Ok with it.

Val: The question of the logic of what appear to be all-knowing people asking for people to ask for help who cannot ask for help might not have occurred to some people, but it occurred to me, and I felt it needed asking - and an answer.

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Concept of the "Rapture" Psychologically Dysfunctional

Alex: There was a time back in 1986, just before I left Malibu, where I was having a talk with the Andromedans about religions, and I remember specifically that Vissaeus was very curious about religions. I was on that particular day picking on Christianity a little bit, and I had told him that there were a lot of people on Earth waiting to be "raptured".


He didn't understand what the word meant, and I explained that it meant the process of being caught up and taken to heaven. I remember that he looked at me, and asked, "where is this heaven supposed to be?", and I said, "it's a place where there are angels, and God is sitting on the throne", you know, the classical definition of what heaven is supposed to be like, and he just looked at me and asked, "many are waiting for this to occur?".


I said, "yes". He then said, "this is extremely dysfunctional."

Val: He always has a way with words...

Alex: For all I know, he may have taken that little bit of information back to the Council and.... well, they have some protocols that have to be met.

Val: What are you getting at, exactly?

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Hypothetical Events Changing Planetary Consciousness

Alex: Maybe the intervention that is occurring is being done in such a way that it satisfies all of the concerns of those in the Andromedan Council, also giving us the highest probability of coming to self-awareness as quickly as possible on our own.

Val: Would you care to give a hypothetical example or scenario, based on what you just said?

Alex: Let's say that Neil Armstrong went on national television and revealed that there were other races on the moon when the Apollo astronauts went there, hypothetically, and that they gave us a message not to come back to the moon, and they we were to stay on our world that they created for us.


Remember, this is a hypothetical example. Now, that would shift the consciousness on this planet so much that it could never be returned to its former state. What that would do is that it would launch us as a planetary population into a totally different direction. We would look at religions differently, archeology differently...

Val: So, in the same spirit of hypothesis, based on what is really going on now, and your gut feeling, could you hypothesize a scenario relative to a hypothetical planetary realization and its subsequent planetary effect?

Alex: Are you asking me what events do I see that could happen that would trigger this?

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The Most Probable Order of Transformative Events to Come

Val: Let me rephrase the question. Combining your gut feeling and what you know, in terms of the highest known probabilities, what type of planetary transforming events of that hypothetical nature are most likely to occur, considering current events and trends?


Now, as a guide, you had before given a listing of events that had a high probability of realization during the next ten years. You may have given some thought to those probabilities, based on your own knowingness, and come up with a prioritized list of what may be likely to occur before other things on that list that may have the same effect as the hypothetical analogy you talked about with the Neil Armstrong scenario.

Alex: Ok. These are some of the things that I feel that are absolutely going to happen, according to my gut instinct, very very soon. At the top of the list is the acknowledgement of life outside of our planet in the solar system.

Val: It would be a really large stretch between a public announcement of bacteria on Mars and that type of realization. Your feeling must be based on the idea that something else is going to happen beyond any kind of media announcement.

Alex: Yes.

Val: Would this "something" be related to Hale-Bopp?

Alex: Yes. Hale-Bopp and other things.

Val: Other things?

Alex: Other sightings. That's at the top of my list. The second highest probability is the proof of dimension, that there is "life after death" and that the soul does not cease to exist.

Val: What might prompt this realization?

Alex: That, I don't know. But, it is within my gut instinct. The next would be the introduction of "free energy".

Val: This is already happening as we speak, to some degree.

Alex: Yes. These guys are literally being forced to have to do this.

Val: To do what?

Alex: To move things along. They can't keep us in petroleum products because its destroying the environment.

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Transnational Corporations Now Stuck In Their Own Mess

(After Losing Planetary Hideouts)

Val: Why should the transnational corporations start caring about that now?

Alex: Because they still need us.

Val: As "consumers".

Alex: Yes. If you kill everyone but yourself, what game is left?

Val: But this is presuming they have a long-term plan. Surely they know that this long-term plan or anything they could come up with is going to be punctuated by things that would in fact destroy the entire transnational corporate economic structure.

Alex: Well, here's the thing, Val. They had a plan. My understanding is that the plan was to colonize the moon and then go to Mars and start a new society and civilization.

Val: This is a plan that was arrived at by the World War II Germans.

Alex: Correct, based on information that they were given by Gizeh intelligence.

Val: Who are..

Alex: The group comprised of rogue Sirians and Pleiadians. Now, they spent a lot of time and a lot of years, and a lot of energy, putting that plan together.

Val: I remember when the Apollo program was well under way, and Von Braun and the rest of the ex-Nazi rocket scientists were involved. One of Von Braun's dreams was to go to Mars. After they went to the moon and discovered what was there, suddenly the official public program was shut down, the Apollo program was canned, the Nazis were put out to pasture, and the public was convinced to think that planetary exploration was abandoned in deference to solving social problems on earth.


Or, that's what the public was persuaded to think. Meanwhile, the covert program of planetary exploration, in league with some alien extraterrestrial groups, proceeded. That's the way I understand it to have happened.

Alex: Right. They built structures and complexes on the moon and on Mars, and the program continued up until February/March 1989. At that point, it became evident that everything they had done was for nothing, because they were attacked by the Orion group, who came into our solar system and destroyed the earth bases on Mars.

Val: And all of these occurred at the end of the 12-year Bush-Reagan administration.

Alex: Of course, it was during this period where Reagan addressed the UN.

Val: Yes, with the speech about "what if we were attacked by a force from space".

Alex: Right. So now, what they realized is that they have allowed the corporate octopus to destroy the environment, but now as of 1989 they're stuck and they've got to come back here and live in the "shit" that they helped create. They can't escape to some other planet now. Now, they have no choice but to start to fix some of the problems here.

Val: But, now they've got a larger problem looming in front of them. It's their worst nightmare. The thing that they tried to do to us is being done to them. How ironic. Meanwhile, the bulk of the population has been just sitting here and has never realized that all of this has been going on.

Alex: Exactly. I'm sure they thank God for keeps people fat, dumb and stupid.

Val: I just bought an interesting book called "Four arguments for the elimination of television". It's a pretty thick book.

Alex: I bet they're all strong arguments.

Val: Yes, they certainly are.

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Vissaeus: Creating A New Reality and Different Way of Life

Alex: Well, they're not going to eliminate it. It's not going to happen. There are a couple more things I wanted to cover here. I was having a conversation once with Vissaeus once about the idea of creating a new reality and a different way of life here. These are some of the thoughts he gave me:

"Create another domain of knowing, communicating and being. In other words, the domain of calling forth or generating your intent needs to be more distinct. Your physics, as you call it, is a good example of this 'calling forth'.


There have been men on your planet who have called for new domains of thinking that never existed. They invented it, and they didn't fantasize about it. They didn't pretend. They literally created a new context for what you now call physics. Your humanity is strong with these kind of examples. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are. I would like to give you an example. Your (concept of) human rights.


It isn't so long ago that there was no such concept on your planet. It didn't exist. Your terrans did not have any rights. Only their kings and priest had their rights. But most of you terrans did not have any rights. So, you and other terrans created 'human rights' from nothing.


You created the domain that created the 'human rights' and then you called it forth. You created language for it. You communicated it. And this communication that you gave had power, because it was full of intent. It has the power not only to represent and to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being.


This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves and transform the quality of your lives on your Earth."

Val: That's helpful.

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Andromedan View of the "Astral Plane"

Alex: There is something else I wanted to share with you. When I first started talking with him in 1985, there were a lot of questions that I had regarding the astral plane, or "ghosts" and things like that. So, this is dealing with what most metaphysicians would understand as the "astral plane", and those who inhabit it:

"Their reality is one of collapsed consciousness and personal belief systems. They cannot any longer expand in consciousness. They believe they cannot awaken until they are worthy...

Val: This is interesting, because it dovetails a lot with what Robert Monroe had to say in his book Far Journeys.

"And this worthiness comes only from within, and it must be experienced in their own laws. They are stuck in consciousness. We would suggest to them, if they were to ask for assistance, that it be important to burn away all the religious images, otherwise truth becomes very filtered and squeezed, and you only get a little piece of that truth, and not all of it."

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Andromedan View of "Truth" on Earth At This Time

"Truth, on your planet, is a filtered experience understood only through your personal belief systems or concepts. We have discovered that everyone on your world has a different truth, and there have been cultures-of-truth in every society or civilization.


It has kept a continuum of light here on your planet. The truth is not told to everyone because everyone, we feel, is not ready to hear it. There are some who have, and would take your truths and but them in a box, and then keep their lives detached from it.


The problems is that much of your mankind is taking these truths personally instead of seeing it as an objective truth or reality. They would take this truth and make it very egotistical in order to glorify themselves and others, and as we perceive, and through our own experience, a truth is not meant for that at all.


They would then create a religion or some kind of dogma again, something which they could remain detached from, yet glorify in the eyes of others. And a truth has nothing to do with your earth religions. The secret, wondrous nature of Spirit has nothing to do with your religions.


You are all multi-dimensional. Think that way. In order to think that way, your Terns should turn the way you understand and perceive yourselves and life inside-out, and make all of your belief systems abstract, not personal.


Because of your personal attachments, you have cut yourselves off from universal knowledge. You have to have an objective mind to gain true knowledge. You have all cultivated the attitude of a subjective self.


The Is-nests does not live inside of all of you, and if you won't conceive of or believe in your own divinity, how are you going to make the leap into the next levels? How are you going to attract and magnetize true, unconditional respect and love, to you, without thinking in this way.


If you do not participate, you will only be a spectator. You will not watch or participate in the plan for growth and evolution in our galaxy, and not truly experience it yourself."

Val: Could you define a non-personal belief system in terms of what was just said?

Alex: A belief system not based on personal experience. What I have learned is that personal experience is really the only true basis for knowledge that I have.

Val: So he's saying that belief systems, if they exist at all outside personal experience, should be considered to be only abstract in their nature.

Alex: Yes, that's right.

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More on Civilizations in Various Star Systems

Val: Changing areas of discussion, could you give me more information in terms of star civilizations that you have not yet released to the public in general, on the basis that no one has yet asked this specific question.

Alex: There are planets in specific star systems that I know. There is a small star called Centaur where there is plant, insect, animal and human beings that exist in a setting that would be considered to be equivalent to our Middle Ages. Another star is Krugerko. The planets in this particular system are full of minerals. There is silver, platinum, as well as plutonium. In the system of 61 Cygnae, there is planet and animal life, but no colonies as of yet.

Val: What about the beings on Sirius A?

Alex: There is a race of beings on Sirius A, the humans there, are called the Katayy. They are considered benevolent. There is also animal, mammal and aquatic life on the planet. Many of the human races there are red-skinned.


Their ancestry is some of the first Lyraens that escaped with the women and children during the war. In their oceans they have whales, octopus and sharks. They are a race that is artistic. They have music and are connected to nature. They are builders and not very political. Their governments are based on "spiritual technology", which uses sound and color.

Val: And Sirius B?

Alex: The cultures around Sirius B have a very controlling vibration. Some of the humans are red, beige and black-skinned. The planets around Sirius B are very arid and are generally occupied by reptilian and aquatic-type beings. Palm trees originate from the Sirius B system. The society is more obsessed with political thought patterns instead of spiritual attributes.

Val: And Sirius C?

Alex: It is now just being terra-formed, so there are as yet only very small colonies there.

Val: Has Morenae ever talked about the planet that the U.S. military has conquered after using Montauk technology to transport themselves there?

Alex: He did, and I have that, but I haven't been able to find that in my notes yet. As soon as I find that I will get that data to you. Ok, around the star system of Procyon (right -
Digital Art) there are planets occupied by 23 billion human beings in five solar systems. That's all I have now. I'm still going through my notes.

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The Nature of Andromedan Music

Val: What about Andromedan musical composition and the nature of their music?

Alex: What they do is as they are traveling, they will record solar systems holographically, or the planets individually, and they take the holographic sound patterns relating to them and blend them with other sounds of other planets, suns or galaxies. They create their music from this.

Val: It is literally music of the spheres.

Alex: Literally, and I have to tell you Val, there is absolutely nothing like it. It's like the most incredible orchestra you could ever imagine, but it makes your soul vibrate, it really does. It's so profound.

End of Interview (1997)


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