A Brief History of

the Evil Draconians
from a 1993 reading

This Awareness indicates that this of course is not limited only to those known as the Greys, but also there are certain among the Reptoids or reptilian types who have certain spiritual qualities, who are highly evolved mentally and emotionally, moreso than others.

This Awareness indicates that the vast majority of these entities have expressed through the ages contempt for humans and expressions of violence toward humanity and toward others throughout the galaxy.

It is for this reason that the Draconian sector of the galaxy has long been viewed with abhorrence and fear. There are few who dare go into these areas. Even the word Draconian, meaning from Draco, or the Dragon sector, has, down through history, caused entities to recoil from its energies.

This Awareness indicates the "Book of Revelation," in speaking of the dragon, is referring to those forces or energies from Draco; that the constellation of Draco originally was called "Dragon" and was shortened so that the word could better fit on the maps. It became abbreviated to Drago, and later changed to Draco.

This Awareness indicates that legends from early human history refer to these reptilian types with a kind of abhorrence, seeing the Reptoid equated with evil. This presumption or expression may have been extreme in these early writings, but it did reflect the attitudes of the people who were in contact with these entities.

This Awareness indicates that there were, of course, in some areas and some sections of the earth, those who may have developed a kind of worship for these lizard people, but if so, it was based more on a fear of reprisal than on actual love for these entities.


This Awareness indicates that most records of such societies in which the lizard type people are held in high esteem have been lost through history and there is little remaining to suggest much of a culture holding these entities in high esteem or devotion.

This Awareness indicates that the records of early history of this planet are very sparse. Only by collecting items from archaeological digs and careful analysis is it possible to find even remote references to these entities, and these do not give a clear and obvious information.

The works of people such as Zechariah Sitchin in collecting and compiling information and putting together the information with hand-me-down documentation from different cultures puts together much of the puzzle relating to man's early origin on the planet and the connection between the various extraterrestrial species that were present at the time.

Too Many Movies & Channels Err About Aliens

This Awareness indicates that should be understood that while there are always exceptions in any species, that even for example, the lion may be tame and may be friendly to humans, the vast majority of lions encountered may be quite dangerous and it is better to err in warning entities to avoid contact with lions than to encourage them.

It is better to err in warning entities about the alien Greys and Reptoids in the sense of their threat to humans than to encourage them.

Humans are already given too much encouragement by some of the movies and channels who have long hoped, pretended and fictionalized friendly aliens coming to earth. The aliens encourage this type of attitude toward themselves. They would like to see entities devoted to them, and worshipping them as Gods, and as higher beings, for the entities then have easier access in controlling humans if humans trust them, and yield to them in a devoted way, much as a dog faithful to his master, and will permit himself to be used in scientific experiments so long as the master feeds him and pets him occasionally.

This Awareness indicates that many of these Greys experimenting on humans think of them as scientists think of the animals they are experimenting with in laboratories.

This Awareness indicates that it is better for the dog to be paranoid of the human than to be too trusting, especially if the humans involved are into scientific experiments with the dog. It is likewise better for the human to be paranoid of the aliens than to be too trusting, particularly when aliens are abducting humans and putting them through experiments.

40 Million Are Implanted by Aliens in U.S.

This Awareness indicates that approximately 40 million people have been implanted by aliens in United States alone.


This Awareness indicates that in Clark County, just south of here, aliens have been recently abducting humans, including children, running them through the process of implants at a rate of up to 80 per day, five days per week.

This Awareness indicates this is an enormous operation. It goes on in many different places, periodically moving from one sector of the country to another, often several places at the same time, and over the years accounting for approximately 40 million people being implanted.

This Awareness indicates that these implants may have the purpose of tracking individuals or for controlling individuals or for causing individuals to act in certain ways when the implants are triggered.

Aliens Tend to Avoid the More Intelligent Human

The concern is that the humans are not being informed participants; they are being forced participants into this abduction implant operation.


This Awareness wishes entities to understand that you are not likely to be implanted or abducted if your intelligence is more highly complex than the average person because the aliens do not like to deal with highly intelligent people in general, although they quite recently abducted some intelligent people for experimental purposes to determine how they can best control these entities in a future scenario.

This Awareness indicates that for the most part they prefer abducting entities who are more easily controlled mentally and who can be persuaded to see them as deities or as God's angels, which many entities accept readily.


This Awareness indicates that such entities are easier to control. The complex entity, the entity whose mind is skeptical, whose mind is questioning, whose mind thinks more complex concepts is not as easy to persuade and therefore, these entities try to avoid such entities.

What Aliens Look for in People to Abduct

The aliens, in seeking to locate a potential abductee, may fly over an area using a ray that reads the vibrations of an entity to determine whether this entity would be compliant to their domination, or whether the entity would object to their domination and this can have an influence on whether the entity is accepted or rejected for abduction.

This Awareness indicates of course there are also other factors such as whether the entity in previous lifetimes has had some contract with them, or is in agreement with being abducted from a subconscious level.

Most agreements with aliens are on a subconscious level and reach back into previous lifetime agreements.


This Awareness indicates that entities who wrap themselves or their loved ones in White Light are not normally targets for abduction but just the fact that an entity claims Christianity does not exclude them from being abducted.

"Pray to the Lord and Ask for Protection!"

If the entity, however in claiming Christianity or a spiritual doctrine, actually is convincing to the aliens, and holds that doctrine in high esteem, the aliens tend to back off and allow the entity freedom.

This Awareness indicates an example being a 5-year-old boy recently abducted by aliens, given an implant who was told by his mother that if they come again: "Pray to the Lord and ask for protection!"

This Awareness indicates the aliens coming to this entity, found him, and he began to pray the Lord's Prayer. They asked him to stop. He told them: "You said you were Christians, so why don't we pray to Christ together?" The aliens then agreed and the boy began praying the Lord's Prayer again. The aliens began mumbling along with him, but quickly stopped, then asked him to stop.

The boy again stated: "But we are praying to God. We are praying the Lord's Prayer. As Christians, this is good for us. We should pray together!" And he began again for the third time, the Lord's Prayer.

During this third prayer, the aliens simply faded away and left.


This Awareness indicates that this occurred in the area of Clark County, and the entity discovered the power of his own prayer.


This Awareness indicates that likewise, there have been others who claimed to be Christians, but who did not demonstrate this clearly to the aliens and were therefore not considered as not being true to their God.

The aliens, of course, are not in the same framework and do not hold Christianity as a valid religion, but they do see when an entity has a strong faith that cannot be shaken, and they want entities who can be bent to worship them so that they can be more easily controlled. This is in reference to the Zeta Reticuli Grey types.


This Awareness indicates that these entities being singled out, because they are the most notorious for abduction and implanting of humans at this time.

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