(Timing of Aliens Landing May be Slightly Off)
from a 1994 reading


B.B. of Honeydew, California, has a question. He writes:

"Last week on Art Bell (radio program), he read from Pope John 23rd, his diary, which had been kept secret by the Vatican all these years since 1960. He talks of visitations of Mary and Jesus showing him future scenarios and toward the end of the century, odd looking beings would come down and assist us to purify and clean up the earth and neutralize the poisons, etc. Would Awareness please comment?" he asks.

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness suggests that the information presented by the show host appears to be based on information that he received that appears to be valid. The questioner wishes this Awareness to comment on the Pope's vision of the future, and as to what it means or whether the Pope was seeing things correctly.

This Awareness indicates that it appears the Pope was seeing a vision of extraterrestrials, Greys in particular, and that some kind of agreement would be forthcoming whereby these entities and their technologies could be used to help clean up the planet. It appears that the Pleiadians are more likely to be the ones who help clean the planet, or the Arcturans. The Arcturans appear to be even more likely to be of assistance.


This Awareness indicates that it does appear, however, that some agreement with the Greys will be forthcoming, were they become more cooperative with humans and may break free of the controls placed over them by the Reptoids. In the event this happens, the Pope's vision could be accurate.

This Awareness does not see this as happening as quickly as indicated: that this would not likely occur before the year 2000, but this Awareness indicates there are potentials for considerable changes to occur in the next 24 months which may alter this perception. There are changes occurring and many things that should have occurred prior to this have not occurred, and the Pope's vision may be slightly off in the timing factor.


Does an entity who becomes Pope, who is usually a mainstream human being like everybody else; when he becomes Pope and has visions such as this, is this because of his office and the belief that the entity is a messenger from God, or is this because so many Catholics in the world focus on this entity and give him energy to make this possible?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates it appears to be because there are so many Catholics in the world who send information to him, making him aware of things that most people are not aware of, and being aware of the presence of Zeta Reticuli and Orion types on earth, he could easily conjecture that before the century change, these entities would make themselves known, and he could well surmise that their presence here was to help mankind, and would then presume that this would be in terms of helping to cleanse the planet, since that is one of the greatest problems facing mankind.

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