by David Icke

08 October 2010

from DavidIcke Website


This time swine flu vaccine is ‘hiding’ in the seasonal flu ‘shot’ - beware

The lies and manipulation used to sell the swine flu agenda have been exposed at every turn, from falsifying the figures to the Big Pharma operatives driving the vaccination policies of the World Health Organization and national governments.

But times are changing and despite their deceit, in fact often because of it when that deceit was exposed, the people were not playing dumb.


Only a fraction of the H1N1 vaccine ended up making war with the human immune system as the public rejected the hype and refused to stand in line with their sleeves rolled up.

This left governments with vast amounts of the vaccine unused and vast amounts of taxpayers’ money was transferred from the public to Big Pharma - multi-billions of dollars - to ‘fight’ the ‘pandemic’ that never was.


It must have been a major shock for the Control System to realize how the rules of its game had changed. Ever-gathering numbers of people were not going quietly anymore.

So now they are back for another go, but this time they are using the softly, softly, tippy-toe approach by simply adding the swine flu vaccine to the seasonal flu ‘shots’ in the hope that they can gain access to our bodies while we are not paying attention.

Don’t make a fuss and maybe they won’t notice.

The new approach, which follows a recommendation by the Rothschild-Rockefeller World 'Health' Organization, is based on the same principle that they use in hiding freedom-busting laws in among the fine detail of other legislation.


Instead of isolating the swine flu vaccine where it can be easily identified in its own right, they have created a flu vaccine cocktail in which the swine flu component is only a part.