October 10, 2013
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Obama's $100 million BRAIN project, which has been promoted as essential to unlocking the secrets behind degenerative brain conditions and kick starting job growth, has been temporarily sidelined due to the government shutdown.


However, a much larger European Union project has now officially commenced.

The Human Brain Project is slated for well north of 1 billion dollars in funding as it gathers steam until its projected testing date of 2016.


It is important to note that the Brain Waves project was a mission of UK's elite think tank The Royal Society launched in 2010 to set up the philosophical, legal and intellectual research behind the move to map the human brain.


Combined with black budget military funding, there seems to be no shortage of money for this "final frontier" despite what might be happening on the surface in America.

As you'll see in the official Human Brain Project video below, there is little left to the imagination of how our world could be transformed. You'll also meet some of the individuals leading this project and get a feeling for whether or not you would trust your brain in their hands.

Beyond the mere mapping of the brain, The Human Brain Project seeks to replicate the human brain via supercomputer.


According to neuroscientist Henry Markram, this will be an epic undertaking that will require a vast increase upwards of 100,000 times more computing power than what is currently available.


Here is the HBP Vision statement:

The goal of the Human Brain Project is to build a completely new information computing technology infrastructure for neuroscience and for brain-related research in medicine and computing, catalysing a global collaborative effort to understand the human brain and its diseases and ultimately to emulate its computational capabilities.

One could easily conclude that whatever discoveries are found (or they believe they have found - especially in terms of "disorders") will result in global collaborative efforts to identify and treat the new catalog of supposed brain anomalies.


It will be an attempt to "redefine disease" under the banner of Medical Informatics - the fusion of medicine and computer science. It admittedly will employ the use of public information databases and new algorithms for data collection and management (min. 18:20).

As you will see, this merely scratches the surface for what can be expected to take place following the achievements of this technocratic "consortium" as they move toward a transhumanist future of robots, cyborgs, advanced artificial intelligence, and direct brain uploads.


It's what Sten Grillner, a neurophysiology professor from Stockholm, says is the mission to create a "Google brain."