Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition.

Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or transhuman) existence in this life.

Transhumanism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences

and technologies.






 -  A Biosynthetic Dual-Core Cell Computer - CRISPR used to built them Inside Human Cells


 - ¿Alguien Quiere Ser Androide? - El Cerebro Puede Sobrevivir a La Muerte del Cuerpo


 -  Beyond IoT and 5G - Internet of Bodies or IoB


 -  Biological Immortality and You


 -  'Bond Villain' Schwab and his WEF are Pushing the Internet of Bodies


 -  Cerebros y Mentes Digitales - A La Vuelta de La Esquina


 -  Chemtrails, Transmutación Genética y Transhumanidad


 -  Convergencia Biodigital - Un explosivo Documento revela la Verdadera Agenda




 -  Cyborg America - Inside the Strange New World of Basement Body Hackers


 -  Cyborg Brain/Machine Interface is Now Reality



 -  DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - Main File


 -  David Icke and Chemtrails, Nanoparticles and the Gender Agenda


 -  David Icke and the Road to Transhumanism


 -  Depopulation of A Planet - Thinning Out The Useless Eaters - An Unspoken NWO Agenda


 -  El Chip implantado en el Cerebro que hará del Humano una "Máquina" casi Perfecta


 -  El Movimiento Singularidad, la Inmortalidad y Quitando el 'Fantasma' de La Máquina


 -  Elon Musk's 'Neural Lace' to 'Achieve Symbiosis with Machines'


 -  El Programa ‘Inmortalidad 2045' del Transhumanismo Amenaza La Integridad de La Humanidad


 -  El Reino de Las Máquinas - La Separación de los Mundos 1


 -  El Transhumanismo - La Trampa para la Conciencia


 -  El Transhumanismo - Un Materialismo Gnóstico que quiere Implementar un Plan para Evacuar el Cuerpo y la...


 -  Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips


 -  Ethical Issues in Human Enhancement


 -  Futurist Claims Technology Causing Humans to 'Evolve' Into a New Species


 -  Gemelos Siameses - Tecnocracia y Transhumanismo


 -  Gene Therapy and the Trans-Human Agenda - Cure Disease or Alter Humans


 -  'Genetically Modified Micro Humans' to be 'Farmed' for Drug Testing by 2017 - Mad Science


 -  Google versus Muerte - ¿El Combate del Siglo?


 -  Hacking The Human Brain Furthers The Advent of Super Soldiers


 -  How 'Smart Dust' Could Spy on Your Brain


 -  Human Body Version 2.0


 -  Humans Fully Outsourced to Robots by 2045?


 -  Immortality Hype - Humans to Download "Souls" onto Microchips


 -  Immortality' Transhumanism Program 2045 Threatens Humanity's Integrity


 -  Intelligent Neural Dust Embedded in The Brain Could Be The Ultimate Brain-Computer Interface


 -  Is The Transhumanist Movement a Threat to Our Survival?


 -  Kurzweil and Google Working Together to Develop Technology for Immortality


 -  La Agenda de Vacunación - Transhumanismo Implícito



 -  La Fantasía del Transhumanismo es un Fracaso para la Humanidad


 -  La Inmortalidad Digital


 -  'La Muerte de la Muerte' - Revoluciona las Ideas sobre la Vida


 -  La 'Singularidad de la Piel' está Cerca


 -  La Trampa del Transhumanismo - Porqué el Hackeo Biológico Encadena la Conciencia al Mundo Material


 -  Literal Smart Dust Opens Brain-Computer Pathway to "Spy on Your Brain"


 -  Merely Human? That's So Yesterday



 -  Merging Man and Machine - Singularity vs. Humanity



 -  Mind-Blowing Benefits of Merging Human Brains and Computers - Hitler Would Have Loved The Singularity


 -  Nano-Bots, Mind Control and Trans-Humanism - The Future of Consciousness?


 -  Neo-Humanity - Transhumanism Will Merge Man With Machine

 -  Neural Dust - An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution for Chronic BrainMachine Interfaces


 -  Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal 'Synthetic Organisms' - Molecular Kill-Switch Included


 -  Por La Senda del Transhumanismo


 -  Propaganda sobre la Inmortalidad - Los Seres Humanos descargarán las 'Almas' en Microchips


 -  Revelación de los Objetivos Transhumanistas de la Elite


 -  Russian Scientist Says ‘Immortality' Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045


 -  Scientists are mixing Human Body Parts with Robots and Monkeys


 -  Scientist Says Immortality Only 20 Years Away



 -  Self-Spreading Vaccines would Deliver All of Humanity into the Hands of Transhumans


 -  Signs of a Transhuman Future - The New Technologies that Will Change Human Civilization as We Know It


 -  Space Fence - Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas


 -  Superhuman Powers and Life Extension Technologies will Allow Us to Become Like God - Transhumanists


 -  'Super Soldier' - Genetically Modified Humans Won't Need Food, Sleep


 -  Teilhard de Chardin and Transhumanism



 -  Tecnologías Trans-Humanas - Anticuerpos Plásticos, Impresión de Órganos


 -  The Coming Technological Singularity - How to Survive in The Post-Human Era


 - ¿Te Gustaría Ser como 'Dios'? - Transhumanismo


 -  The Anatomy of Cyborg Man - Overcoming the Mechanistic Mind


 -  The Ethics of Transhumanism and The Return of Eugenics


 -  The Evolution of The Humanoid Robot


 -  The 'Great Reset' will Lead to a "Fusion of Our Physical, Digital and Biological Identity" - Klaus Schwab


 -  The Human Avatar Programs by NASA & DARPA


 -  The Looming Future of GMO Technology - Transhumanism, Biocrops, and More

 -  The Machine Kingdom



 -  The Next Best Version of Me - How to Live Forever


 -  The Rise of the Cyborgian Consumer

 -  The Singularity - Main File


 -  The Singularity Movement, Immortality, and Removing the Ghost in The Machine

 -  The Skingularity is Near

 -  The Transhumanism Fantasy is a Failure for Humanity

 -  The Transhumanism Trap - Why Biohacking Chains Consciousness to the Material World


 -  The Vaccination Agenda - Implicit Transhumanism


 -  Top Transhumanism CEO Says Artificial Intelligence Singularity Will Go ‘Very Badly For Humans'


 -  TransEvolution - The Age of Human Deconstruction


 -  Transhuman 101 - Moderna Declares COVID Vaccine to Be an 'Operating System'


 -  Transhuman 101 - Moderna Dichiara che il Vaccino COVID è un 'Sistema Operativo

 -  (Trans)humanism and Biopolitics


 -  Transhumanism Advances With The Creation of GM Babies

 -  Transhumanism - From MK-Ultra to Google


 -  Transhumanism - Is a Future Where Men Have Merged With Machines Inevitable?


 -  Transhumanismo - Desde el MK-Ultra hasta Google



 -  Transhumanismo - La Agenda Antihumana del Culto a la 'Singularidad'

 -  Transhumanism - The Anti-Human Agenda of the 'Singularity' Cult

 -  Transhumanism - The Consciousness Trap

 -  Transhumanism - The New Face of Eugenics


 -  Transhumanist Bankers Plan Robotic Future


 -  Transhumans - Frozen Heads, New Blood, Computer Brains

 -  Trans-Human Technologies - Plastic Antibodies, Organ Printing


 -  Una Historia del Pensamiento Transhumanista

 -  U.S. Spy Agency Predicts a Very Transhuman Future by 2030

 -  U.S. Super Soldiers of The Future Will Be Genetically Modified Transhumans Capable of Superhuman...

 -  What is Transhumanism, or, What Does It Mean to Be Human?

 -  Why the Future Doesn't Need Us


 -  Will new COVID Vaccine make You 'Transhuman'?

  Additional Information  

 -  3D Printer Produces Synthetic 'Tissue'


 -  A CRISPR/Cas9-​based Central Processing Unit to Program complex logic Computations in Human Cells


 -  Addiction Vaccines - Scientists Use Human Experimentation to Advance Transhumanist Agenda


 -  AI (Artificial Intelligence) Revolution 101 - Our Last Invention, Greatest Nightmare or Pathway to Utopia?

 -  An Elite Consortium Building World's First Super Brain


 -  An Interview with Zoltan Istvan, Leader of the Transhumanist Party and 2016 Presidential Contender


 -  Are We Being Conditioned to Accept Transhumanism as 'Evolution'?

 -  A Tissue-Like Printed Material


 -  Automation Nightmare - Philosopher Warns We are Creating a World Without Consciousness


 -  Avanzamos hacia una Conmoción de la Especie Humana


 -  CDC Calls Morgellons' Nanoworms a Delusion - Protects DARPA


 -  Could Humans One Day Live to 500? That's what a Group of Eccentric Billionaires Believe


 -  DARPA Combines Human Brains and 120-Megapixel Cameras to Create The Ultimate Military Threat...


 -  DARPA do Genetically Engineer Humans by Adding a 47th Chromosome


 -  DARPA's New Biotech Division Wants to Create a Transhuman Future


 -  Dawn of The Singularity - Superheroes of Science to Rescue Humanity from Itself?


 -  De Los Chemtrails a La PseudoVida - La Agenda Oscura de La Biología Sintética


 -  Did Ancient Biotech Create "Nephilim"? Will Modern Science Bring Them Again?


 -  Education of the Future? Scientists Figure Out How to UPLOAD Knowledge to the Brain


 -  El Contra-Imperio - Mundialización y Cibernética


 -  El Hábitat Artificial Para la Humanidad - Éste No Es el Fin del Camino


 -  El Internet de Todo - Aniquilando el Tiempo y el Espacio


 -  El Plan para un Sistema Global de Esclavitud


 -  El Primer Trasplante de Cabeza de la Historia - ¿Revolución Científica o Pura Fantasía?


 -  El Ser Humano está Entregando su Poder Divino a las Máquinas


 -  Era of Smart Oceans With Autonomous Robots


 -  Escuchen, escuchen...! Científicos Crean Orejas de Apariencia Humana con Impresora 3D


 - ¿Estaremos siendo Condicionados a Aceptar el Transhumanismo como 'Evolución'?

 -  Existential Risk Prevention as The Most Important Task for Humanity


 -  Expertos Advierten a Panel de Naciones Unidas sobre Peligros de la Súper Inteligencia Artificial


 -  Experts Warn United Nations Panel on the Dangers of Artificial Super Intelligence


 -  Exponiendo a la Inteligencia Artificial, Sentiente Extraplanetaria, Depredadora y Patógena


 -  Exposing Sentient, Off-planet Predatory, Pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence


 -  Fluoride and The Future - Population Level Cognitive Enhancement


 -  Genetically Engineering Humans


 -  Genetic Engineering - 'Spider Goats' Create One of the Strongest Known Substances


 - ¿Ha Empezado a Involucionar el Ser Humano?


 -  Hand-Made Humans May Hold The Key to 'Saving The World'


 -  Hardware and Software Combining to Replicate the Human Brain


 -  Hear, hear!... Scientists Create Human-Like Ears with 3D Printing


 -  How Neuroscientists Are Hacking Into Brain Waves to Open New Frontiers


 -  How will We Live in the Year 2065? - Cities, Cyborgs and Social Science


 -  Human Engineering and Climate Change


 -  Humanity at Crossroads - Technology Explosion or A Return to The Middle Ages


 -  Human Modification - Spider Goat Silk to Make ‘Bulletproof Human Skin'


 -  Hydrogel Biosensor - Implantable Nanotech to be used in 'COVID Vaccines'?


 - "I Am Legend" and The Depopulation Agenda



 -  Impresora 3D Produce 'Tejido' Sintético


 -  Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans by 2100 - Experts Say


 -  La Despoblación de Un Planeta - Reduciendo la Cantidad de Comelones Inútiles - Una Agenda No...


 -  La Dictadura del Futuro - Los Magnates Invierten sus Fortunas en Alcanzar la Vida Eterna


 -  La Religión del Dataísmo y el Posible Fin del Homo Sapiens


 -  La Humanidad en Encrucijada - Explosión Tecnológica o Un Retorno a la Edad Media


 -  Las Vacunas contra el Covid-19 Modifican el Genoma Humano


 -  Los Nuevos Conquistadores - Una División Tecnológica Amenaza Nuestra Supervivencia


 -  Los Seres Humanos 'Hechos Manualmente' Pueden Ser la Clave Para Salvar Al Mundo


 -  Nanotechnology, Terraforming, Transhumanism, and You...


 -  Nanotecnología, Terraformación, Transhumanismo y Usted...


 -  'Neural Dust' will Connect Humans and Machines


 -  Neuromorphic Chips Could Help Reverse-Engineer The Human Brain


 -  New HAL Exoskeleton - Brain-Controlled Full Body Suit to Be Used in Fukushima Cleanup


 -  No Después sino Distinto - Notas para un Debate sobre Ciencia Moderna y Postmoderna


 -  One Million Robots - Our Replacements Have Arrived 



 - 'Operation Coronavirus' is working Hand-in-Hand with the 'Nanotech Agenda'


 -  Oxford Professor Calls for Drugging Water Supply


 -  Oxford Professor says Genetically Altering Unborn Babies Personalities a Moral Obligation


 -  Researcher links Artificial Intelligence, Geoengineering, Smart Dust and Morgellons to ET's

 -  Reversing the Life Cycle - Medusae Transforming into Polyps and Cell Transdifferentiation in Turritopsis...


 -  Scientists Are Convinced Mind Transfer Is the Key to Immortality'


 -  Scientists to Add Spider Genes to Human Genome to Create 'Bulletproof Skin'


 -  Silicon Valley Fascinated with Overcoming Death


 -  Skynet Rising - Google Acquires 512-qubit Quantum Computer - NSA Surveillance to Be Turned Over to...


 -  Some Examples of Brain Controlled Technology in Action


 -  Some Reasons Why Google Wants to Build the Perfect Human


 -  Spider Silk - Air Force Radar Chaff Farmed from The Milk of Transgenic Goats - Infrared Sensors/Infrared...


 -  Stanford Creates Biological Transistors, The Final Step Towards Computers Inside Living Cells


 -  Synthetic Police Are Coming - DARPA Engineering Autonomous Robots


 -  Team of Experts Say Humanity Faces Extinction



 -  The Artificial Habitat for Mankind - This Isn't the End of the Road


 -  The Coming Techno Apocalypse


 -  The Georgia Guidestones - Main File



 -  The Great "Global Crisis of Maturity" and The New World Order


 -  The Hidden National Institutes of Health (NIH) Webpage - Duplication/Trisomy of Q42 11 Q42 12


 -  The Internet of Everything - Annihilating Time and Space


 -  The Many Evil Faces of Morgellons


 -  The Man Who's Building a Computer Made of Brains


 -  The Many Goals of Mind Control - Interim Report



 -  The New Conquistadores - A Technological Divide Threatens Our Survival

 -  The Singularity is Near - When Humans Transcend Biology


 -  The US Government is Bankrolling The 'Engineering' of Humans


 -  The War on Human DNA


 -  Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Modulates Neuronal Activity and Learning in Pilot Training

 -  Transhumanist Bankers Plan Robotic Future


 -  Una Compañía Afirma que Trasplantes Cerebrales podrían Resucitar a los Muertos en el 2045


 -  Una Película de Terror

 -  United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future Where Man is Obsolete


 -  Un Material Impreso Similar a un Tejido


 -  Un Millón de Robots - Nuestros Reemplazos han Llegado


 -  Vaccination Agenda - An Implicit Transhumanism/Dehumanism


 -  Varios Gigantes Tecnológicos se Unen para Impulsar la Inteligencia Artificial - Histórico y Terrorífico


 -  Welcome to The Programmable World


 -  When Capitalism Meets Civic Tech


 -  Your Body is The Next Frontier in Cybercrime



 -  Exploring Biodigital Convergence - What happens when Biology and Digital technology Merge?- by P.H.C.

 -  God and Golem Inc. - by Norbert Wiener

 -  The Age of Spiritual Machines - by Ray Kurzweil

 -  The Skingularity is Near - The Next Human, the Perfect Rainbow Light Body and the... - by William Henry

 -  World Brain - by H.G. Wells


 -  Bionics, Transhumanism, and The End of Evolution

 -  CFR Discusses a Future with "Humans 2.0" and "Autonomous Robots"

 -  Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails - Climate Researcher Dane Wigington on GeoEngineering

 -  Creating Life - The Ultimate Engineering Challenge


 -  Defeating 5G as a Mass 'DEW' - A Directed Energy Weapon


 -  De los Chemtrails a La PseudoVida - La Agenda Oscura de La BIOLOGÍA SINTÉTICA


 -  Dra. Carrie Madej - Vacuna COVID-19, Transhumanismo y el Ser Humano Versión 2.0

 -  Dr. Carrie Madej - COVID-19 Vaccine, Transhumanism and Human Ver. 2.0

 -  Elite Undeniably Engaged in Poisoning The Masses - Slow Kill Holocaust


 -  Futuros Humanos a la Carta en China


 -  Great Awakening vs. Global Reset - How Full Disclosure trumps Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence

 -  Human 2.0 is Almost Here



 -  Humanos Híbridos - La Conquista del Cerebro


 -  Life After People - History Channel



 -  Llegan Los Humanos Transgénicos


 -  Obsolete - Mini Documentary (2016)


 -  Obsoletos - El Ser Humano podría Ser Innecesario en un Futuro Dominado por Robots

 -  Redesigning Life - Playing God



 -  Revolucion en La Ciencia - Los Transhumanos y El Perfeccionamiento Humano

 -  The Age of Transitions - Transhumanism


 -  The Merging of Humanity and Machines - Transcendent Man

 -  The Transhumanist Agenda - Human Robotization and Nano Implant Technologies

 -  Trance-Formation - Transhumanism, Genetic Modification of all Life, Nano-Technology, HAARP...

 -  Trance-Formation - Transhumanismo, Modificaciones Geneticas, Nano-Tecnologia, HAARP, Geoing...

 -  Transhumanism - The Age of Transitions


 -  Transhumanism - The War on Human Nature

 -  WARNING ALERT - New NWO Mass Depopulation Agenda - Google Georgia Guidestones Eugenics...

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