by Michael Forrester

October 10, 2011

from PreventDisease Website


Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.


French sociologist Emile Durkheim first used the term collective consciousness to label shared beliefs and moral attitudes that bind people together within a particular society.


In a fragmented world populated with myriad beliefs and ethnic groups collective consciousness is more akin to a mosaic puzzle than to a coherent social fabric - a micro-concept. However, the coming integration of human interactions across the planet within a shared consciousness will be a macro-concept.


Governments basically mirror collective consciousness and because of that, they will soon disappear.

Those things we don't like in a government are the very things we need to see in our collective mirror. Although most elections are not democratically held, it is still the people's consciousness which determines who gets elected. Those who are against a particular candidate may actually contribute to him or her becoming elected. They then make themselves the victims when the chosen leader fails them.

The victims who don't stand in their own power and assume self-responsibility for what happens to them, but blame others instead, require a government or institutions to drive them even deeper into victimhood. Until, of course, there is saturation point, when the pendulum must swing back. You can only awaken when you are asleep first.


The last hours of slumber that the masses are currently experiencing, are reflected by the government's policies.


Those policies that appear to be favorable to the people are disguised attempts to keep them further enslaved. Medicare and health care for all, for example, is not a kind gesture or humanistic service to help the people, but a legalized way to feed the masses with more and more poisonous drugs, to hand out crutches, and to keep them quiet, asleep.

The collective consciousness and karmic lessons to be learned by the masses allow, play their control games.


The president of a country is the least powerful figure, more like a puppet in the puppet theatre. The innocent children think the puppet moves and talk like they do, but the puppet is not capable of doing or saying anything that isn't controlled by its master. To become reelected the president has to please the majority of the masses, and those who control the money and power behind the scene.

The earth itself and its inhabitants are currently ascending from it's primal systems based on third dimensional governments and reptilian mindsets to conscious co-creation where singularity at the core of our universe will emanate constant "enlightened universal consciousness."


Government systems cannot be part of this ascension process where the earth is currently completing its change from third to fourth dimensions.

The ultimate and imminent collapse of these old systems of societal life, brought about by the masses and the government will create a new form of life on the planet, controlled by natural law. The man-made rules and regulations that are used to govern the people are necessary only as long as the people don't know how to live in accordance with the natural laws of life, for lack of self love.


This trend is shifting fast and the turbulence that is gripping mankind is all part of it. Humankind is waking up, and there is nothing that can stop it now. Love will replace control as the dominating power of life on earth.

The importance of the Collective Consciousness will be attributable to the following:

  • No Government Control - The Internet is point-to-point communication. No government can control all points.

  • No Language Barriers - Advances in software afford almost simultaneous translation across multiple platforms.

  • No Friction - Business models based upon lack of information will fail.

  • No Spin - Multiple access points means less opportunity for special interests to control people by spinning information.

  • Infinite Collaboration - Think it, design it, share it, fail and start again at high speed.

  • Commonality - People discover that they really are not that different after all, which aligns interests.

Traditional government will soon fragment. The existing government as we know it will change rapidly.


Today's government paradigms worked for getting things done for the last century with methodologies that cannot operate with the upgraded thought processes of collective consciousness. The people of earth have decided it's time for a shift and governments will have to either adapt or be left behind as archaic and outdated controls. If they do adapt it will be government 2.0 for the people.


But the greatest probability is that people will simply govern themselves.