by Elizabeth Whitney
March 07, 2013

from RealitySandwich Website

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A few weeks ago, a whole lot of hoopla went down about the end of the Mayan Calendar.


Most of it was disinformation by the media who insisted on referring to it as a prediction for the end-of-the-world. No one with any real understanding of the Mayan culture said anything of the kind. The media being who and what it is, there was little effort made to clarify what was meant by the calibration of an end point in the type of calendar the Mayans kept.

It was not the end of the world. It was the end of a world age.


A world age is a vast season of consciousness made manifest on the physical plane. The Mayans, very advanced beings, created a physical culture to teach the consciousness of time, the essence of which is that time is consciousness. We have now entered the world age in which we will learn and live that reality.

The previous world age was a cycle that had an entirely different consciousness and served an entirely different purpose. It lasted 5125 years and encompassed all of what we call civilization. It has been referred to as the "cycle of history."


You could also characterize it as the cycle in which we separated from nature. It literally began with the distortion of the calendar from its primordial role as a social form that harmonized human activity with the synchronic order of all creation into a tool to control humanity via government, warfare, taxes, debt and police.


The holy days - holidays - of the ancient matriarchal societies of the previous world age were tied to natural events such as seasons, celestial comings and goings and - very much to the point - the rhythms of the female body.

All of us are now living through the morphing of one age to another, from one dominant thought form into another.


We are recovering from the intense experience of a dark vs. light drama as the age of history played itself out in the struggle to find redeeming glimpses of harmony in an increasingly distorted world. This is still the world that greets us daily as "news": hideous examples of humanity living out a psychotic suicide mission of disharmony on all fronts.


Technically, none of that is news because it belongs to the world age that is over. Nevertheless, a habit-bound and reactive media keeps serving it up.

World ages don't end crisply. They end like a car running out of gas, in fits and starts.


You keep pumping on the accelerator pedal out of habit but the car is rolling to a stop. When the tide turns, there is an initial period of chaos as the water that was pulled one way reorganizes itself to respond to being pulled in the opposite way. What fueled the previous world age, thoughts that were programmed in via a time-equals-money macro-program (the twelve-month erratic calendar), no longer fuels the new world age - but the sputtering car has a little momentum left.

Meanwhile there are signs of the radical changes that are coming to be the fuel of the new world age, and these signs are the real news.


We have the structures of the old age collapsing.


Watch them go.

Too many have too little and too few have too much and the inevitable outcome of that disharmony is bedlam. (Bedlam is a word that derives from the name of a London hospital for the insane.)

On the fringes of awareness, new systems are being birthed. We're seeing the arising of consciousness movements with political agendas that are founded in values of the heart, not pitting one group of us against the other. We are seeing that survival is a whole planet issue, not a pecking order privilege. We are likely to see movements arising outside the political formula attached to the last world age.


Maybe they will be more like Burning Man and less like burning down the house.


We are seeing the power of celebration, meditation and synchronized dance forms to bring about the renewal of hope and aspiration. The long-suppressed feminine energy once embodied in the authority of natural time is returning, as is the 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time.

This is the period of incubation, of the seed murmuring under the soil, of the brewing of new energies and the testing of new ideas in a friendlier climate.


Sensitive people are agreeing that things have changed and noticing the subtle power of projecting internal personal harmony into social situations. The appetite for the archetypal nurturing values of the feminine is undeniable. We're tired of war and violence as tools of resolving anything.


It's better to reach out and take away the pain than inflict more pain.

Gradually the awakening of the new consciousness will take form on the physical plane. The human race will heal the earth in the world age we have now entered. All our genius of invention will be harnessed in the undoing of the damage that has been inflicted on the physical earth and the simple act of overturning our priorities will initiate a new creative explosion of healing and restoring. In this we will not be alone.


The harmonization of all beings with the synchronic order of the universe is the invitation that will open our awareness to the vast field of cosmic intelligence that surrounds us.

Welcome to The New Age...