by Mark Further
December 05, 2012
from MarkFurther Website

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Time has cycles - it’s inherent within the system.


The concept of linear time proceeding in a straight line from past to future as it goes through the “now” is ludicrous. Rather throughout space-time there are vibrations, frequencies, patterns, and waves cycling back and forth - somewhat similar to a vast ocean moving through a multidimensional field.

Within the consonance of the space-times oceans of existence, there are ebbs, flows, high times and low times. And, if you know how to travel across space-time, you can visit anywhere and, logically, any and all of it’s secrets are readily available.

The Earth has been lived upon for a very long time - much longer than the 4 to 5 billion-year-old fairytale currently propagated by useful idiots (Phd’s working either consciously or unwittingly for the cabal).


Regarding the cycles of space-time many traditions agree that humanity currently resides in an incredibly weakened state (the dark times). What this means by implication is that there have been space-times when humanity was in a much more aware and more powerful state.

Imagine you are a much more powerful and aware version of yourself existing sometime in the “past” and you knew that an upcoming future self of yours would be degraded in powers and abilities to such an extent that that descendant would be barely discernible from an unaware beast.

  • What would you do?

  • Nothing?

  • Or would you do what you could to first, forestall the degradation, and next, make readily accessible reams of real knowledge that would be waiting for the faintest recollection of your degraded self?

The logical and obvious answer is you would make loving attempts to help future versions of yourself across the dark valleys.


But how would you do that? How would you communicate to a future version of yourself that has no access to telepathy, who’s feelings are almost completely shut down, who’s mind is so scattered and probably manipulated that to even have a unique, much less a creative thought, would be a once-in-a-lifetime miracle?


Luckily there are still faint clues from our history to help us discern the answers.




Reportedly, from numerous sources, the Atlanteans were masters at the use of crystals to both store and project energy.


Some of those crystal still exist today, the most famous being the ancient crystal skulls. These skulls are obvious repositories of knowledge and yet no one knows how to access their secrets.


In fact about all we can do is sit with skulls, admire them, touch them, tell stories about them, and then put them up on an altar.

Our situation with the crystal skulls now is about the same as if you traveled back in Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine to 1500 years ago, gave a tribal native a compact disk with an encyclopedic set of knowledge on it and told the native the CD had great information on it.


Of course when you left, the native would have no idea what to do so he would sit with the CD, admire it, touch it and put it up on an altar. Perhaps even one day a week all the natives in the village would gather around to sing praises to, and hear stories about the CD sitting there high above them.

As deluded and confused as we are, we can still decipher some of the secrets of the crystal and the implications.


But first, we have to put Atlantis in the proper historical perspective.


Atlantis, while a great and advanced civilization, did arise and exist in a time of devolution. Admittedly, their civilization and awareness was much higher than ours today, but still it was severely limited compared to the heights of what had been possible in the distant past.

As pointed out by John Anthony West in his fine DVD series, the Egyptians themselves say at their earliest times they were ruled by gods, followed by a number of “Followers of Horus”, followed by “Pharaohs”.


The entire Egyptian civilization is a fine example of devolution, with its most primitive artifacts being the most amazing and inexplicable.


Atlantis was around probably before Egypt, as was Lemuria. Still, these mythical civilizations were not the height of our awareness or abilities. Atlantis obviously used technologies to accomplish its goals, and this was simply not necessary at earlier, more evolved, times.

But by examining what Atlantis did, we can gather valuable clues about where to look for our assistance from the Ancients.


The Atlanteans used crystals, so they must have somehow known or been guided to use naturally-occurring minerals. The crystals have a lattice, and using the relationships between the crystal atoms and resulting structures, perhaps even the imperfections, knowledge was embedded into the crystal.

This is all very plausible. In the summer of 2012 it was reported that scientists have begun to successfully store photon (light) information in crystals.


Their millionth-of-a-second “success” is still a far cry from the permanent storage of massive amounts of information that was achieved by the Atlanteans, but at least now even the most skeptical must admit that crystals can store information.

While that Atlantean crystal technology may seem miraculous, there are some disadvantages.

  • First, in order to get access to the knowledge you must have a specific crystal (or perhaps crystal type)

  • Second, each crystal because of its makeup, has certain limitations on storage and data types

These limitations meant that knowledge would not necessarily be available to all at every time and place.

So an earlier, more advanced civilization of higher beings would not use crystals to transmit their information across vast reaches of spacetime - but,

  • What then?

  • What is more ubiquitous than crystals?

  • What is more fluid than minerals?

  • What is everywhere and in everything in our three-dimensional universe so everyone would have access?

The answer is in front our faces and inside of us - and that answer is, “Water”.




Water is everywhere - in oceans, rivers, streams, creeks, in the air, in the sun, in rocks, on and in planets, and throughout deepest space. Water is a lot more than just something you have to drink once in a while or use when you take a shower. Or, at least it can be.


As reported by Russian scientists in the DVD entitled, “Water, the available life force of water acquired from a remote rain forest jungle was 40,000 times more than ordinary tap water.

Most interesting of all is that water, when it is in and flowing through nature, acquires structure. In other words the water molecules swirling freely about through natural concourses create fluid structures where individual molecules may move in and out, but the structures are retained.


These structures are destroyed as water is captured and forced to travel disjointed routes through pipes to our homes or while being chemically treated (and then recycled).

The Ancients knew that water can form structures and they also knew that harmony was a prerequisite before those crystals would form. Realizing that everything was entangled, they stood beyond space-time and infused water crystals with massive amounts of information and energy waiting until the moment when our hearts would be sufficiently open to form and “read” the structures.


This then provided the Ancients with a way to inform the most harmonious among us, while leaving those with destructive intent, impotent.

They chose water crystals because water exists in the three-dimensional world and therefore the water can act as a catalyst and bring about massive physical changes, in addition to providing information. In other words, the structured water is specifically geared to enhance and rejuvenate our lives.


I have an inkling that the most beautiful, powerful, informative, and awe-inspiring water crystal is the continually-renewing, three-dimensional “Flower of Life”. Of course ancient information was (and is) also stored in other vehicles within our existence, but those await a purity that we can now only aspire to.

Assuming ancient knowledge and power is in the water, how can we access that knowledge? Not only in the water that we drink, but the water that we breathe? It’s staggering to ponder that with each breath we could have access to vast libraries of information that we can now, barely imagine.


So how do we get a library card to this repository?

First we need to realize that vitalized water when it is infused with living loving spirit, does actually create gorgeous structures. This has been vividly demonstrated by Masaru Emoto’s many photographs.


The information we seek is within the structures that are created, not the individual molecules of water.


Next, we need to realize that these gorgeous water structures only arise in serene, harmonious environments that are filled with love. Destructive thoughts and unnatural disjointed environments destroy the structures. And finally, we have to realize that we are the library card, so that’s where we have to start.

So we need to purify ourselves. The easiest way to start is to drink pure water.


As for me, I distill my tap water and then run it through a Vitalizer for 9 or 18 minutes. Then I stir that water with a Stirwand for 20 to 30 seconds before I store it in an unglazed clay pot. But you could probably achieve all that and even more if you had the awareness to hold your glass of water for a few seconds and really bless it with full love and gratitude before you drink.


The key is awareness and an open grateful heart as you bless the water. I do like the idea of exposing water to sunshine, but not in glass containers as glass has no coherent structure and may interfere with the transference of all the beneficial sun rays.

The next step to purify ourselves is to eat only enlivening foods that vitalize us. If you eat a meal and then all you can do is sit exhausted in front of the televison as you experience indigestion and gas, then you are on a course of self destruction. Eat foods that feel good as you eat and after you eat. And talking about television - turn it off and throw it away (or, at most, use it only to watch funny, informative, enlightening, or soothing DVDs).

Another vital physical practice is to sit quietly and infuse the water inside of you (we are, after all, mostly water) with structure through harmonious intent.


There are many ways of doing this and I would encourage each reader to find their own practices. Just know that it is all so simple and it is your birthright - become the pure sparkling fountain effusing the fragrance of love and let the water within you dance and swirl with joy.

Next, we work with our minds. And the key to that is in the famous saying,

“You are not defiled by what you put into your mouth, but by what comes out of it.”

We all have lousy thoughts, but you can control to some extent what you choose to think about and you can certainly choose what you say and how you act.

If a miserable thought pops up, you can invite it to leave. That becomes easier to do when you realize that almost all those thoughts swimming in your head are not yours. They are actually being beamed in through a technology that almost no one is aware of.


The purpose of this interference is to keep us in disarray and prevent the forming of beautiful water crystals inside of us.


Fortunately, the cabal interference technology is only effective if we own the lousy repetitive thoughts and assume we are the source. If however, you realize that the lousy thoughts were beamed in, then it becomes easy to laugh them off and dismiss them as a crude attempt to keep you down and under their thumb.

Of course controlling miserable thoughts as they pop up is not enough.


We have to open our hearts and do what we know is right in each new moment. This is imperative as it brings harmony between our intentions and our actions. And, we all have made and will continue to make mistakes.


That is simply our inheritance from arising and living in a cultural sewer of confusion and manipulated pain.


Keep trying your best to meet each new moment as an integral virtuous person intent on serving the good, and you’ll do fine. And, do make sure to forgive yourself if you come up short, as you strive to do ever better.

Finally, in the present moment; with a clear, happy, expectant mind, an open heart, and a serene body; our library card is validated and we can enter the Library of Water and begin the next leg of our journey back home.


The Ancients made it all so very easy and simple for the open-hearted.

The method is, "Breathe - Ask - and Know".