by Dan Winter

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"breakdown of the psyche, illusions of grandeur, acute feelings of depression and separation from the íunenlightenedí world, non-identity without full cognizance of source, a desire to exit the current incarnation, and yet not be fully oriented to direct transition of incarnational flow"


with acknowledgement to Simoen and Maia and to Thoth
who wrote in Theta States (warning of risks associated with)
Mono Atomic Gold Powder/Manna

from John K.:

I believe that you and Dan would be quite interested in Mr. Ickeís View on Lawrence Gardner. But most importantly - Especially for Dan is this link: The Biggest Secret - Interview 1

Before I came across the supporting information, I had always been Suspicious about the current Push for Everybody to take the White Powder.

I wonder if you have ever seen the movie Dark Angel; typical American Action sorta movie.. These extra-terrestial Giants With Fair hair, Tall and Dark looking characters come down from space with the specific reason of collecting Human Endocrinal Secretions, They have these devices on their wrists which shoot out and Inject their Victims with a white milky Serum, then another tube comes out and Sucks the Endocrinal Secretions from the Pineal Gland...

Because they canít produce their own... NATURALLY. Well Metaphorically speaking this may be what is happening..

Sir L.G has always talked about the art of Extracting the Telomorase Enzyme and other Secretions (Secrets.) from Human organisms, (Young Woman just after puberty have the highest concentration of this Star-Fire in their Ovaries.) He has always played down and De-mystified the whole Vampiros Fear and Forever Praising The Draco (Dragon) and their role as the Saviours of the people, I am yet to hear him give people any self-empowering Information on the power to Control or Empower them-selves and I have Spoken to him and Heard him talk on many occasions.

If people are increasing their Secretions without the Psyche or Control To direct them, It will superconduct/ Magnify their Fear, They will be destroyed or Milked from their Astral Demons from Lower Astral Dimensions, The Physical contact is un-necessary, Our Current Day Science has proved that the 4th Dimension is Non-Local. Just seas of Energyís. (The Red Lion by Maria Szepes is a very interesting book.)

Who we are (Individuality.) and where we Sit (Cosmic Oneness - Unity of all things...) can help to protect ourselves.




hi Dan,

"have found your latest articles VERY interesting (ref-to genehome and americaís spiritual destiny) things are really cuming to a head.....even more sooo I and others I know have recently seen what may be an equivalent to the "contrails" been sprayed from unmarked (military) aircraft. This is in north coast, NSW Australia.

Anyway, nasty infection and flu like things seem even more prevalent than normal. The article on the DNA hacking viral and fungal infections makes me suspect that the lo end ETís have been collecting our DNA thru abduction, covert medical experiments etc... they want to be able to do what we can without heavy metal technology... Not only do they want our DNA for themselves, they want to fuck it up for us so that we lose these abilities...... genetic food, dead water, dead air and now contrail released? biological agents to hack up our DNA!

I have found the Beck Zappa and colloidal silver one of the best ways to counter these pathogenic invaders. I have been thinking of making colloidal gold, Would this have any similar effects to monoatomic gold? Also do you have any info on the illuminati ritual supposedly being held in the Great Pyramid over the eclipse?

thanks for your inspiration" Vincent

Answer from Dan Winter:

to Vincent:

short term electrostatic seeding of auric & dna implosion by external means such as:

- gold powder/ormes/spice/manna
- gold colloid
- microhydrin (gold symmetry at ANU level inside dodeca clathrate water cage)

can be useful but present hazard of addictive disempowerment to glands learning to pump magnetism internally eventually leading to borg status (chloridian turning anikin to darth vader)

solution is any ecstatic/bliss activity where glands become convinced they self generated the necessary electrical inertia. (symmetry map to ekg implosion / ísepher yetsiraí / sufi dance...) which is the essence of critical mass in general ( and psychological exercises for gold usage at: (below)

3D íHeart of Gold" symmetry animation HERE


dan winter

Interesting that Marty Wuttke reports that alcohol addicts lose their addictions with clinical permanence when they learn the flexibility to get a nice harmonic cascade balance alpha and theta harmonics in their brain waves. It worked so good in addiction programs that Medicare had to stop paying for the biofeedback that did it. (Appears the feds have interest only in maintaining the vicious circle of addiction, cf Marty Wuttke, Clayton, GA.)

Now we have Thoth commenting that balancing brain harmonics into the theta range was a specific key piece of the Egyptian initiatory rituals. What we learned of the addicts is confirmed in spiritual initiation: addiction was a substitute for ecstatic process. The goal to achieve theta alpha balance was a waveguide to ecstasy. Remember, ecstatic is a name for the CHARGE of "ECK" (book: "Waves of Eck"), in STASIS or stillness.

We presented in two other papers, the model which suggests that ecstasy is achieved specifically as a wave alignment which looks like a caduceus. What it does is to create a "spin path to the zero point". This way the very high frequency and spin dense waves of "the matrix" or "nexus" or "zero point" (the word GOD also fits nicely here), can be connected in an orderly spin path down into the wave lengths our awareness normally bumps into without fasting and cave living.

Another way to look at it, is the collective unconscious resides in the info compression which your PC calls fractal. It is the only compression which makes information so infinitely shareable that passing the files around becomes literally free of energy cost. Fractal data is packed when your heart learns the skill to arrange itís long wave sound and voltage in PHI related donuts or fields (Lo-Phi or Love for short). This embedding algorhythmn is the inviting and fractally attractive skill we call "learning compassion". Importantly, the recursive, self-aware nature of this wave turning inside out through center by fractal implosion is the leverage to bend spin by being and creating center. Laymenís terms for leverage to bend spin would be: "BEING GOD". Physics, desperate to avoid emotion, uses words like quantum operator, wormhole, fractal attractor, and prime mover. (Since before "Sentics" and my work, there was no wave mechanics for emotion. Pity, since emotion turns out to be quite clearly the most interesting and potent wave mechanic around.)

In effect, the skill to arrange waves in 3D PHI nests (pents, dodecs etc.), is the only wave spin gets permission to implode. This is because as we have explained many times elsewhere, only adding and multiplying wave interference, gets spin BETWEEN wavelengths, and thus down the ladder of geometry into implosion. Otherwise, the spin becomes self canceling, and no pressure or awareness density can convene. Or, in the Language of Blazing Tattles... where there is flame, WAVES HAVE AGREED! PHI or the Golden Mean is the essence of wave agreement and love. In this sense, romantically, implosion is our best connection technology. However.......

The subject of this paper is the hazards associated with inventions which use this knowledge of the geometry of implosion. Not that this knowledge of how to implode is not wonderful. It is of course the solution to getting electricity from gravity, we are writing the equations. (PHI optimized scalar waves are the magnetic monopole to link gravity Einstein missed, and the solution to his inability to visualize the infinite implosion of black holes and time distortion.) It is also the solution to ecstasy and addiction. Deepak Chopraís lab seems to have bought our presentation, itís merely a separate checkbook needed to buy the lab. And of course, implosion technology is the solution to global rapture. So of course, everyone is now on the bandwagon, designing TECHNOLOGY for ecstasy. (We have professors and inventors converging here like a fractal attractor, all most welcome.) And this is good, rushing in where angels fear to tread got us bombs, and progress. So we rush.

We should proceed, but letís be self aware. At the door to the ritual meeting tent, the elder says: well come in and enjoy to look at the central flame with all of us, just please leave at the door before you enter, any imagination that you would ever again care to have a secret thought. Some hesitate at the door, and say perhaps I should prepare, others rush in.

The physics of implosion technology is that by connecting harmonic pressure nodes between all wavelengths, it effectly breaks down all barriers. This is good to the extent that some symmetry is shareable between all systems. This is bad if there are some systems which just havenít achieved the symmetry discipline to become shareable. In psychological terms, this is called, preparing to die.

The psychodynamic of still point access, and awareness doorway through death is exactly the same physics. Get enough coherence and spin density, then awareness will extend like an eyeball through a pipe, through the light speed barrier. But massive coherence is ONLY possible (as we have discovered in EKG and EEG work), when the harmonics are recursive, or self-embedded, or PHI based, or self-aware. This is because large numbers of harmonics cannot exist in the same focus in ratios based on TWO, only in ratios based on PHI.

Massive PHI coherence is the only door through the speed of light, and therefore time (as simple relative spin), since it is the only way to launch a HARMONIC CASCADE THAT BY PROPER CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE BETWEEN ELEMENTS OF BRAID CAN BE LAUNCHED UP THE HARMONIC LADDER COHERENTLY ENOUGH TO GET FASTER THAN LIGHT. In practical terms, this means that only DNA braided recursively by LOVE in the EKG makes it through death, the nexus, the still point, rapture.. etc.

Schauberger caught the spin going down implosion, and made electricity from mineral water vortex. The Alteans got atmosphere nestled about Mars and Earth, by tuning planetary magnetic implosion (gravity), by using stone dolmens as lens for magnetism to make fractals of planet grids. If we hadnít forgot that geomantic technique, we might still have a chance to keep our atmosphere today! (Too much gravity: no biology, too little: no atmosphere. The tightrope is danced with dolmenic grid engineering.)

Now here is where we get to the hazards part. Gold only occurs on planets where the magnetic lines are fractal enough to birth gold veins. This is because gold is the most fractal of atomic elements. Fractal magnetism is the birthplace of gold, just like gold then made soluble in the blood, creates fractal "tunneling". Those hastily selling stock in a company to make gold powder manna, the immortality "bullet", do need advice.

True enough, ultimately if we do not live on magnetically fractal (geomantic) land (where magnetic lines look like rose petals nested), and if we do not eat fractal (or spin dense) food, THEN WE ARE LITERALLY DEAD. (In the specific sense that life is recursion, and evil is live, el-into-eye-of phi, spelled backwards.) So yes, obviously if your choice is irradiated chemical brocolli with spin dead pasta and carcinogenic oil, OR fractal GOLD POWDER MANNA, you say, hereís my check, Iíll take the pill. GOLD is fractal, I heard if you eat the fractal wormhole, you live forever.

Where is the fine print here.

Reading fine print, means, accessing spin in and out of fractal compression. (Certainly what the alphabet was designed to teach, ref: each letter is infinitely fractal and recursive and a spin path in and out of a fractal rose, from every symmetry perspective consumed. See Animations.)

Interestingly, as we look at the hazards of eating the gold as a fractal, we will at the same time be looking at the hazards of:

- Phi base sounds implosion technology
- Phi based biofeedback
- premature kundalini

you get the flavor.

The physics are easy to understand, you get toward the centroid of massive magnetic fractal worms, if you try to touch without an orderly spin path in to that zero point, your finger will get burned. (Even if the story of the surgeonís finger burned touching the hearts firing center, is only a fairy tale, I still like it.) In order to take advantage of the spin which lightning offered to protein in primal soup, only those ready to enter a new axis of symmetryís best recursion survived into DNA, the rest (the vast majority), flew apart.

Sounds like our headline quote again here: fractionation of the personality. Supposing you take a computer bus line, and accelerate the megahertz orders of magnitude, without first checking the discipline of the master oscillator, and the switching sharing rate of the nearby memories. It is pretty easy to take a low baud rate machine and turn it into trash if you crank up the speed without attention to how well organized is the internal sharing architecture. The architecture which permits best sharing, is always the most compressed. Compression is never perfect until the symmetry is PHI.

SO.... if you take too much wormhole tunneling in the blood induced by gold powder, you do suddenly hear all your ancestors at once whispering to you out of what is now THEIR DNA. The problem, is YOU HAVEN'T YET LEARNED HOW TO DO ALL THAT SHARING AT ONE TIME.

Yes, this compression problem is also at the same time the universeís most interesting file sharing problem. Now, if we were to call in a networking consultant, he would tell us that in order for four billion people to share a file all at one time, everyone would have to agree on every change made. This seems tricky.

What would be a sharing routine which would allow all of us to agree on every change made to our central file? We canít even agree on which ET is really behind our government, Andromeda or Orion. (Look how long it took the feds to understand the Grays were NOT allies...)

How shall we resolve this squabble over the sharing of genetic memories in our cubbyhole in the galactic petrie dish? If we do good, maybe the angels will promote our children. If not, for which galaxy shall we serve as manure?

Here is the essential issue. How do you recognize a truly shareable thought, so that you can hold it like a candle flame to immortality? You were wandering down the alley of your life, and one time in a billion, you do indeed trip over a shareable thought. At that moment generally you feel a definite tingle. (I do.) What happens is a wormhole forms, and your light speed got another douse (dose) of lightning. Enough of this, and sure enough, there you are never having to die, because your filing cabinet never needs the unshareable filtered out again. When you can string pure shareable (Pure principle) thoughts together, one after the other like an eternal golden braid, then suddenly, you are eyeball to eyeball with GOD and VERY immortal. Pure principle, pure recursion, pure self-reference/awareness, pure shareability, pure love, and what makes it through every wormhole are all exactly the same thing.

The file sharing trick is solved ultimately and always, by the laws of symmetry. Congress hasnít repealed them, because congress hasnít discovered them. Take symmetry operations (the alphabet), to heart, and what do you got? A fractal. As above so below, I am that I am, and all that. How does this translate in how to share under pressure? The heart braids pressures best by turning inside out. This happens when fear changes to love, resistance to sharing, in the shape of the breath wave. Fear resists spin (a mind or recursion killer). Anger jerks the spin up sharply. (Sentics here). Love is a wave whose maximum is .618 into the duration of the wave. This is true of how to breathe and how to touch in order to love.

So the advice was (something like going to ritual as if to a lover) to prepare yourself as if you were about to die, before you took gold powder, or stood in the implosion sound, or touched the fractal magnetic monolith. In epileptic terms this is called "Petit Mort": "little death" (RAPT-SURE). If you die a little bit, that is prepare yourself a little bit each day for the no secrets, everything is shared mode, then it wonít sneak up on you all at once leaving you clueless... eyeless in gaza. Those who get the most out of near death experiences, are those who with gentle comfort and self confidence, enter the stillness with their eyes open and their memory working. This is only possible with a clear mind, unfettered by panic, and surrounded with intention. Intention directs the bioplasmic streamers like waveguides for arrows through wormhole songlines.

So now, let us look at the reports of those brave souls who sat for many minutes in high decibel PHI sound chord environment (with many thanks to Ray Flowers). When I first did the math to synthesize five pure PHI harmonics on the Korg M1, 5 seconds did me in. My heart hurt. I felt vulnerable. The physics is that indeed PHI ratio phonon geometry makes wormholes to the core of matrix in the room. This however, serves the evolution of the personality only if..... (" was a nice wedding, but was the Genepool SERVED?...") If you make a credit card phone call to GOD, it is not a good investment without a plan for the direction of the conversation. Or what do you DO with all that bandwidth, when your modem technology explodes to infinite connectivity. If you were susceptible to distraction as a thrown softball curving unpredictably in the wind, how much more awry you can go as a supersonic missile with a faulty aiming device.

Our friends here consistently did report the vulnerability feeling, in the presence of PHI sounds. This makes total sense, as indeed the protective sheathing onion skinning the personality, becomes instead transparent as the pressure envelopes between spheres become totally interpenetrable in the presence of perfected implosion pressure geometry. It is literally the physical geometry of no barriers, no separateness, no secrets.

In my very subjective perception, other reports of more transcendent like experiences came frequently from people who had less trouble with secrets in their lives.

Interestingly, Ray reports things happening with digestion in a high percentage of those who had intense sustained PHI chord experiences. Of course diet was discussed as a variable. But he is convinced that the reports of digestive effects were too universal in the many he shared the experience with. The reports suggested a kind of constipation, followed by diarrhea. Indeed, implosion is yang, centripedal, and hard making.

Clearly much work needs doing regarding PHI harmonic scales. My general belief is that indeed they will be useful for human transformation and ultimate connectivity. I continue to encourage our friends, Ray Flowers, Professor Wayne Kirby (UNCA Music Dept.), Roy Wooten Profession Musician and Instrument Designer, and David Van Koevering partner to the Moog interests, to learn from our research and move in their own directions. I believe we all need permission to make mistakes together. However, as in any shamanic initiation, there will never be a totally mechanical (non recursively self-aware) substitute for intention and guidance.

In my view, you cannot effective make sacred space unless you know what it is and what it is for. The adage which says: "where there is flame, waves have agreed", is a good description of PHI sound environment. The psychodynamic is again reminiscent of where people may be forced to agree when their emotions have not processed their separateness. In other words, the form of agreement is worthless without the heart of agreement.

William Buehler, arranges people in a tree of life geometry in the room. They enter a dream/meditative space together intentionally, and then report their experiences. These are then interpreted FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THEIR GEOMETRIC POINT OF VIEW, of where they were seated on the "tree of life". The point is, this is an example of an appropriate preparation for lightning. The proteins prepare to be struck by lightening, by ASSUMING THE POSITION. Then the pent/dodec can be spun up wratcheted in DNA. How do we assume the position, as a markabbah gold geometry sonic aura rings the room?

Another way to view the emotional psychodynamic of the situation is almost romantic. Suppose a young person suddenly finds themselves the object of the intense love of a more emotionally mature person. Love is recursion, the turn inside out self to other, of points of view. As a result there is a projection which says here I suddenly am given the love which trusts my pure intention. The problem is, if I even subconsciously do not trust my own pure intention, then the extra momentum added by crushing love, is to further test the purity of my own intentions. The clichť which truly describes this situation is, if you do not love yourself enough, you cannot receive more intense love from another than you have for yourself. Trying to disobey this law of symmetry, results in the same fractionation or over-messianic tendencies of personality.

Translating this into how to approach PHI in sound, or Gold in the blood, we may get clues. Both are a wave spin path to zero point, or touch to the grail. Both are encounters with fractality. How do you place a label on a new record album which says, do not play this Phi Decade Chordal music until you love yourself and trust your pure intention?

If your new PC suddenly opened a "window" onto all the pictures in GODís mind, would you have a clue on how to sort? This is how your own DNA will look to you if you enter a perfect sonic braid. A gentle way to start was to measure the change in testube DNAís helical wrapping tightness, as affected by EKG coherence during compassion. Sure enough, the change was measured. (At my suggestion, Glen Rein & Rollin McCraty at Heart Math.) It is a little more invasive perhaps to play High decibel PHI harmonics among friends sometimes who have not even been introduced. What is wrong with this picture. How shall we tell our teen agers that a sonic or capacitance envelope of the proper harmonic geometry, will be the most potent catalysis for intimacy. This could effect beer sales.