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Edgar Fouche and Reverse Engineered Aviation Programs

From: ExopoliticsYahooGroup Website

by Dr. Michael E. Salla

Date: 12/06/06 12:12:37


In here are the notes used by Edgar Fouche in a conference presentation in 1998.


This is based on his experiences both in many black projects which he can verify, and his interviews of a number of former colleagues in black projects who told him what they worked on. While his testimony is therefore based on hearsay when it comes to exotic aviation systems that he didn’t directly work on.


His background checks out so it is very likely that he is relaying accurate information rather than participating in a disinformation program. He is certainly someone worth considering in trying to unravel what is happening in exotic aviation programs that use extraterrestrial propulsion principles.

Fouche describes many of the advanced propulsion systems used in covert programs. He describes the hypersonic Aurora project that comprises the SR-75 capable of speeds above Mach 5, and acts as a mother ship for the SR-74 that can travel at speeds of Mach 18 or more to deliver satellites.





The speeds described by Fouche for the Aurora hypersonic vehicles are similar to those claimed by Dr. JP Petit thus providing confidence in our understanding of these covert aviation programs


However, Petit argues that the Aurora uses Magneto Hydro Dynamic propulsion principles rather than (sc)ramjets as Fouche argues.

Most significant in the conference presentation is the large black triangular vehicle, the TR-3B that Fouche claims generates an intense magnetic field that reduces its weight by 89 percent.


He says that the TR-3B does not have an antigravity propulsion system and merely uses the Biefeld-Brown effect to reduce its weight so that more conventional propulsion systems such as scramjets can give it amazing speeds.






This would be well above Mach 18 that he claims is the speed of the SR-74. Fouche claims the TR-3B is 600 feet across which would make it similar in size to an aircraft carrier, and capable of transporting a large cargo.

Fouche claims that advanced hypersonic vehicles like the Aurora and TR-3B are often confused for UFOs and account for the black triangle phenomenon.


Fouche says that due to Area 51 coming under the publics gaze since the mid 1990s, these advanced hypersonic vehicles have been dispersed to other bases and now operate out of areas such as Alaska, Utah, and more remote regions such as Scotland and Diego Garcia.


If Fouche is accurate in his account of the various advanced avionic projects currently in use, then we have evidence that a number of UFO sightings are in fact advanced Alien Reproduction Vehicles.


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More on Flying Triangles - Ed Fouche Interview with Paola Harris
From: ExopoliticsYahooGroup Website

by Dr. Michael E. Salla
Date: 12/08/06 09:39:23



What follows is an interview with Edgar Fouche conducted by Paola Harris in 1999 and printed in her book, Connecting the Dots, pp. 84-90. It illustrates more of his views on black projects and how extraterrestrial technologies have been secretly reverse engineered.


He gives more details about the TR-3B flying triangle and claims it is the basis for many UFO sightings involving flying triangles. This is worth considering given widespread knowledge of how the Biefeld-Brown effect produces a lift for objects by using high voltages charges, and how large triangular objects offer a stable geometric design for optimal effect.


The following 15 min video gives a demonstration on how the Biefeld-Brown effect works and why triangles are most stable.

Fouche also makes a number of major claims in his interview based on his research and interviews with covert project personnel. He claims for example that the Santilli alien autopsy film is disinformation based on actual footage of an alien autopsy. The real EBEs from Roswell he says had four fingers not six. He also claims that the Nazis recovered the first extraterrestrial vehicle.


This is consistent with claims by Col Philip Corso and comments by former German scientists such as Prof Herman Oberth. He discusses the role Majestic 12 committee in spreading disinformation that helps promote the New World Order through manipulating fear of extraterrestrial intervention. He claims that most ET abductions are shadow government contrived (MILABs) and use false screen memories to make it appear as alien abductions.


He argues that this may be a secret effort to genetically modify the human population for a future scenario where the ETs who made the Roswell EBEs return to Earth. It seems Fouche and Steven Greer have the same idea concerning ET abductions being really MILABs.


I think Fouche and Greer err on this point since much data shows that MILABs follow real ET abduction thus creating confusion with overlapping screen memories and different sets of experiences.


This is the conclusion that can be drawn for example from Dan Sherman's testimony who resigned his Air Force position due to him having to relay ET abduction data to covert government officials who would presumable use this to authorize MILABs.

Overall, there is much value in reading Fouche's views on reversed engineered ET vehicles and the current state of 'black' technology. My thanks to Paola Harris for permission to circulate this interview.







Ed Fouche
I first heard about Ed Rothschild Fouche from my editor of Dossier Alieni and Notizario UFO magazines Maurizio Baiata after the book Alien Rapture had come out. My boss thought it talked about exotic planes, exotic technology like the TR3B and the Aurora constructed in Area 51 and back-engineering.


It was known that Fouche' had subcontracted to work on technology at S-4 at Area 51. Later he would talk by phone with Dr. Michael Wolf because I would put them together and they would find common ground. This was important for me, because I needed to cross-check stories, and I was curious what common experiences they actually had. Ed Fouche was as courteous, kind and sensitive as he was tough.


He has a broad view of the conspiracy and the reason for the cover-up. He also had had some conflicts as a consequence of his testimony, although his book was a fictionalized account in collaboration with famed author Brad Steiger. I recognized the same kinds of plots of intrigue, murder, secret black-ops programs and Bob Lazar insider-type disclosure in this fictionalized plot as there was in some of Michael Wolf’s book. Ed Fouche included an interesting element of spiritual awakening that involves an underwater contact. The word “rapture” is biblical and prophetic.

Ed told me he enjoyed the interview, and he sent me a great deal of technical material on the TR-3B and aerial technology. In this interview I asked him also about the alien presence and about any possible contact experiences he might have had, since I was struck by the “underwater” scene in the book, which resembled the one from the movie The Abyss.

I thank Ed for trusting me and sharing his fine mind and his thoughts with me.



Ed Fouche Telephone Interview 1999

Paola Harris (PH): During your talk at the Laughlin Conference in Nevada, you showed slides of a plane built using very advanced technology, similar to extraterrestrial technology.

Ed Fouche (EF): They show the development of certain craft which the government denies exist.

PH: Are the photos classified or unclassified?

EF: Some used to be classified, but they aren’t anymore. Take the TR-3B for example. We had an old digital image where it was impossible to make out the shape of this craft. So I took it to a friend, a graphics expert, who enhanced the details by enlarging it. That’s how we managed to accurately recreate its characteristics.


PH: Is this material in the public domain?
EF: No, we may have restored a photo, but the TR-3B is still the most secret craft in the world. The government has many covert programs, and at least half a dozen of them concern top secret planes— the most highly classified objects in the world—and the technology behind them.

PH: When triangular objects are sighted, as in Belgium in 1990, are they actually craft built by the government?
EF: They aren’t alien. They have a flat, triangular shape; we call them mantas - a kind of TR-3a with bat wings, totally different from the TR-3B. A friend of mine, “Gerald”, worked for NASA for the whole of his career. We met at the end of 1976. According to him, there are three prototypes of these craft measuring about sixty meters (200’) across, and the operational model is about 180 meters (600’) across. He saw them with his own eyes. The copyright on this information dates back to 1994.

PH: Did he tell you what year he saw them?

EF: I think he saw the first prototype in 1991. There were triangular planes before then, but this was the first triangular craft with an Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD), a magnetic propulsion system. It’s a plasma accelerator which somehow disrupts gravity around the craft, thereby reducing its mass and weight by 89%. In practice, this was the result of reverse engineering from UFOs, but it didn’t fly like a UFO, as it had an operational efficiency of 89%.


If you’ve got a craft which can’t reduce its mass and weight more than this, the only logical thing to do is to build a triangular-shaped craft with three multiphase rocket engines mounted at the corners, which is precisely what people see, both in the 200’ version and in the 600’ one. The photos, which are very dark and are posted on the Internet, were taken at night, and you can see three bright lights which correspond to rocket engines. The large glow in the center is due to the energy generated by the MFD.

PH: A friend of mine who works in Intelligence told me that you had come into possession of MJ-12 documents. What did they contain?

EF: Part of the documents concerned the autopsy of some supposed aliens, similar to those described by Col. Corso in his statements, and also some things that came out of Santilli’s alien autopsy, broadcast in the U.S. on FOX, which in my opinion is a reconstruction by the government in an attempt at disinformation.


PH: Are you referring to the Santilli footage with the alien with six fingers?

EF: Yes. The aim of the reconstruction, based on the original footage but showing an alien with six fingers, was to confuse the public. Anyway, an MJ-12 autopsy document also talks about a removable lens, like the one seen in the Santilli footage and as described by Col. Corso. But note that these MJ-12 documents were filed a long time before Corso wrote the draft of his book or before Santilli had seen it in the footage.

PH: That’s interesting. And did the aliens have six fingers?

EF: No, four. Why did they film aliens with six fingers? Think about it for a moment. If everyone believes that four-fingered aliens are roaming the Earth, and all of a sudden footage appears which corresponds exactly to the real film but where the being has six fingers, then it’s clear that the footage is not genuine. The aliens in the video aren’t real.

PH: There may be more than one race, given that they are allegedly biological entities created in a laboratory.
EF: I disagree with Dr. Wolf’s view here. Initially, there was a UFO crash in Germany and the aliens there were grays. The second crash happened at Roswell and another then occurred in the U.S. In between the two incidents, there was a UFO crash in Russia.


PH: Some alien races are believed to be very similar to human beings. Col. Corso said that it was worrisome that some of these races may be so humanlike that they could walk along Pentagon corridors without being recognized.
EF: As I mentioned, one of my key informers, an NSA investigator, swore that there was an alien race of this kind. We knew of their existence but had never managed to communicate with them. This is why a massive technological race began in order to equal them, so we could protect ourselves. Although these aliens have never shown hostile tendencies, they were so technologically advanced that they constituted a potential threat. You know how the military thinks: if they can’t control something, they prefer to kill it.


PH: That’s absolutely true!
EF: So it was all part of the rationale; it was a question of secrecy. At that time the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), or the so-called Star Wars program, was launched, and following a new Majestic 12 Charter, various technologies were developed, basically to defend the atmosphere, which forms our external barrier.


PH: Have you ever heard of luminous aliens, or beings of light?

EF: Quite the opposite. The reason why this race uses EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), going back to Roswell, is because they are neither humanoid nor sentient beings. In the autopsy document, EBEs are described as absolutely identical to each other, that is to say, they are manufactured beings. This is logical, in my opinion. Indeed, there is no reason to send a living being to explore the universe on a one-way journey when your scientific knowledge is advanced enough to create an EBE which can do it for you.


Today, we have moved closer to this type of technology: Beings are being designed with higher perceptive capabilities, for example better visual abilities, where the bodies are programmed for a mission and then they are sent into space. While considering myself to be a rational person and not agreeing with many aspects of UFOlogy, everything I wrote in my book is completely logical, in my view and in the view of those who know me.

PH: So in other words, they are robots or androids. Do you know anyone who has communicated with them?
EF: According to Gerald, at the site of the Roswell incident a “body” was found still alive. Everyone denies that Secretary of Defense Forrestal was at the scene. On the contrary, it seems that everyone had a good false alibi. Well according to Gerald, Forrestal was right there, and communicated telepathically with the alien. As you know, Secretary Forrestal then began to show signs of a mental and emotional disorder, and was admitted to Bethesda Hospital, where he threw himself out of a window on the sixteenth floor. In my view, there aren’t any holes in the story.


They have never sent us an alien ambassador, and there are no underground bases where military personnel work alongside aliens. If we had had some sort of technology-exchange program with them, why would we have to invest billions of dollars in Research and Technology in order to do everything on our own? We could give them hundreds more human beings in exchange for their science.


PH: In your opinion, do these androids or manufactured beings have a program? They must have, mustn’t they, seeing as too many people continue to talk about their abduction experiences?

EF: I’m not so sure, and this is part of the current diatribe. According to Gerald and another two people I have talked to, there have been some abductions, but only a limited number. Most abductions are carried out by the government.

PH: Why on Earth would the government be involved in abductions and insert screen memories in people’s minds, making them believe they were abducted by aliens?
EF: There are several reasons. TMK is easy to use: it’s a mind control technique first used in the ‘30s and ‘40s, when the CIA used to give people large doses of marijuana extract (THC), heroin and mescaline, altering human behavior via brainwaves or ultrasound to create screen memories or to put false memories into people’s minds.

PH: In other words, you are saying that the manipulation of human beings is being carried out by the government, and not by aliens.

EF: Three people I trust swear that they are absolutely sure of this. Think about it—one of the reasons which comes to mind is that if there were some alien germ which could infect us, we could alter human genetics through injections. But what would happen if aliens came to Earth and released microbes which could modify our atmosphere? We would have be able to adapt. In other words, maybe we know that aliens are coming and they will settle on Earth. How can we protect our race?

PH: Is this how you explain the reasoning behind abductions?

EF: Exactly. It’s for the protection of the species. Or maybe they’ve learned how to improve our species from genetic engineering.


PH: But why abduct people, Ed? Why do we have to do it in such a violent way? Can’t we find another solution? For example, say it’s being done to fight a disease?
EF: But how would you harvest eggs?

PH: But these people truly believe that they have passed through walls and been in spaceships. Why would the government create all these false memories?
EF: Disinformation. If you plant half a dozen different versions of what is going on in people’s minds, no-one will ever believe anyone else, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

PH: It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In Italy too, really strange things are happening to people who live both in cities and in remote areas. How can it possibly be a government conspiracy?
EF: It could be a cross-section.

PH: They would have to have made agreements with Italy and all the other nations.
EF: I have never believed in the theory of aliens or the New World Order controlling minds for financial reasons. The New World Order exists for a different reason, it’s part of a Majestic 12 plan to unite the world under a single government. Supposing there’s an alien threat, how could we unite the world under one power? How could we all agree? We would never agree, not even through the United Nations. Not unless a pre-existing authority imposed the terms of the future new order.

PH: So you believe that convincing people that we are threatened by aliens will unite everyone in a single world order?

EF: Yes. It would also happen in the event of a crisis. Y2K is a prime example. The world now relies on computers. There is no easier way than to crash all the computers in the world to take control and overcome those who possess all the computer-based and military power.

PH: Why would they take control?
EF: To rule the world under a single government.

PH: Made up of...
EF: Whoever these people are.

PH: So, as far as you are concerned, the UFO phenomenon is in reality a major conspiracy devised by the people of the New World Order, who may be acting exclusively for their own benefit? We blame aliens for abductions, but in actual fact it’s the government’s doing?
EF: Put it like this: we are under threat. Whoever has sent these genetically designed androids or robots (EBEs) to Earth has transmitted a return signal. These beings have found an inhabitable planet with intelligent life forms, and sooner or later the real “striking force,” the real aliens, will arrive. So we have embarked on this massive program; we have eggs from all these people. We have created special, genetically modified children, and we have placed them in all areas of society through adoption, including placements with individuals connected to the government.

PH: Just a minute, you may be right! They have given these children to people connected to the government. I think I have met some of these children. But why would they do this?
EF: OK, I’ll tell you. A microbiologist friend of mine is a great believer in junk DNA; that is to say, the potential of our DNA has never really been grasped. In reality, it can form a third DNA helix, which is an important evolutionary change. Once the One World Order is established, all the genetically modified individuals will be injected with another DNA element.


Imagine, for example, DNA capable of sparking off an evolutionary process inside them: these individuals will be able to control the world and not be influenced by aliens, even biological entities which communicate mentally. They will all be placed in key positions, and obviously their seed and eggs will be used to make more human beings, who will also be endowed with these abilities.

PH: Have you ever as a child had anything strange happen?

EF: When I was small, my mother says once when we were riding in the forest, we saw a forest fire which came right into the car but my mother does not like to talk about it. I have a vague recollection of it. It is funny that you are the only person who has ever asked me that question.

PH: I am curious sometimes why people are interested in this field, Ed. Sometimes it could be they are chosen or given an invitation. Thanks for the interview.

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