7 - Increase of Resolution

A few additional notes need to be added to this mystic cacophony before a conclusion can be drawn about Sirius, the Temple of Solomon, and the nature of UFOs.

A remarkable UFO group was contacted by Jacques Vallee in Paris, France. The group is called the Order of Melchizadek, and it uses the Star of David for its emblem, and for its program espouses a one world government and the doing away with money and religion - except for the UFO-oriented sort of religion, I would imagine.


The Order is cabalistic in its mystical practices, the Qabalah being an ancient form of Jewish mystical cosmology, a philosophy also employed by other occult groups such as the OTO and the Freemasons.


Vallee notes the curious number of organizations that the head of the French Order of Melchizadek fronts, including:

  • the Front for christian Liberation

  • Jesus People Europe

  • Jesus Revolution

  • the Charismatic christian

  • the christian Socialist Party

  • Jew and Arab movements

Here relevant crosscurrents include cabalism, the Order of Melchizadek, and the Star of David. Throw in one world government and the abolition of money and religion for good measure.

Another French UFO group that Vallee investigated should be stirred into the mélange. The Frenchman Claude Vorilhon was taking a pleasant hike in the mountains one day - so he relates - when he saw a UFO hovering nearby, the craft bearing a Star of David with a swastika inside the emblem. A glowing childlike figure stepped forth from the craft.


The child conversed with Vorilhon, bestowing a new name on him, "Rael," and informing the man that the reason he had been chosen to be contacted was because France was the birthplace of earthly democracy during the French Revolution. The being entrusted Vorilhon with the mission of building an embassy in which the aliens, which Vorilhon calls the Elohim, from the biblical reference, could meet with dignitaries of Earth, with the stated task of spreading "Peace, Love and Fraternity."

Vorilhon was informed that humans had been created by the Elohim, godlike space travelers who were also skilled in the arts of DNA alteration and cloning. Vorilhon was now to assist the Elohim in preparing mankind for the final age of Revelation.


Vorilhon, now going by the name Rael, insists to his numerous followers that,

"A world government and a new monetary system must be created. A single language will serve to unify the planet."

He and his followers now sport the Star of David/swastika that he observed on the side of the UFO, and practice a form of "sensual meditation" that may be similar to kundalini yoga as practiced by the OTO and other groups.

Of the Rael cult, Jacques Vallee observes:

The most remarkable facts about Rael-Vorhilon are that he has acquired a large number of disciples - including thousands of followers in French Canada - and that the cult seems to have sources of income beyond the donations from his flock, leading some to speculate that the Raelian movement... like Jim Jones' People's Temple, may have attracted the attention of social engineers motivated by the observation and management of such belief systems.

An additional case, that of Betty Andreasson, should serve to link this twisted chain of incidents.

Andreasson's abduction was the subject of a book by Raymond Fowler, titled The Andreasson Affair. Although her case has been discussed at great length in the UFO-related press, and has been the subject of a number of television segments, no one has satisfactorily explained the extremely strange nature of the events she experienced, ones that are quite different from typical UFO abduction events, as least as they are usually presented.

Taking place in 1967, the events of Betty Andreasson's abduction were later brought out through the use of hypnosis. Andreasson recalled being kidnapped from her home and spirited away into what appeared to be a spacecraft. She was transported to an unknown location and then taken through a series of underground passageways that she believed were part of a city.


Arriving at an underground chamber, Andreasson experienced, in a manner that she describes as highly painful as well as emotional, a kind of mythic psychodrama enacted before her which may not have been different from the kind of mystical dramatizations enacted in ancient Mystery Religions and other mystic cults.

She saw a huge bird, that she estimated to be fifteen feet in height, resembling an eagle but with a more elongated neck. The creature was apparently alive, but as Andreasson watched it, it began to transform. It began to glow with a light and heat that was so intense as to cause her pain. When the heat and light had diminished the bird was gone and she was gazing on a pile of flickering embers.

As Andreasson stared at the embers she saw a worm wriggling in the ash.

"Now, looks like a worm," she described it during her hypnosis, "a big fat worm. It just looks like a big fat worm - a big gray worm just lying there."

Also during the experience, Andreasson was told by her abductors,

"We are going to measure you for light... You have not completely understood the word that you have. You are not completely filled with light."

She said,

"I believe I am filled with the light! I believe - I believe that I'm filled with the light!"

Andreasson also recalled that,

"They called my name, and repeated it again in a louder voice. I said, 'No, I don't understand what this is all about, why I'm even here.'

"And they - whatever it was - said 'I have chosen you.'

"'For what have you chosen me?'

"'I have chosen you to show the world.'

"'Are you God?' Andreasson asked, 'Are you the Lord God?'

"'I shall show you as your time goes by.'"

The following text is part of an interview with Betty Andreasson, conducted by Raymond Fowler:

FOWLER: Have they [the UFOs] anything to do with what we call the second coming of Christ?

ANDREASSON: They definitely do.


FOWLER: When is this going to occur?

ANDREASSON: It is not for them to tell you.


FOWLER: Do they know?

ANDREASSON: They know the Master is getting ready, and very close.

Since we are ranging cosmically far afield in our search for connections, it should be noted that Eye in the Triangle emblems have been seen on some UFOs and the uniforms of their occupants, that Men in Black sometimes wear the same emblem and speak of themselves as being members of the "Nation of the Third Eye," and that in recent years a significant percentage among 2,000 UFO sighting reports in Belgium describe triangular craft with lights at each point of the triangle, and another light in the center of the triangle.


This may be the same gigantic aircraft seen over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 - again, the Phoenix! - a craft identified as being a UFO in the news media, but conforming to descriptions of top secret aircraft currently being produced by the military.

To reiterate the elements I have been stirring together in this and the preceding chapter: the "Dog Star," Sirius - the "Lords of Light" and various other references relating to light - the Eye in the Triangle - the Illuminati - Set - Isis - the Temple of Solomon, the Star of David, and God's reported covenant with Israel - the Qabalah-and the Phoenix. All of these symbols convey a single Earthly origin.

Is it surprising to note that these are the symbols and catchphrases of a secret society that has existed since-conservatively - at least the 1700s, and which draws upon mythology that began with the Egyptians, if not earlier.


That society is the Illuminati, whose most visible proponents currently are the Freemasons, a secretive fraternal order with many members among the ranks of prominent world leaders, politicians, intelligence and military, and with conclaves located in virtually all towns of any size in America. Although the vast majority of Freemasons know very little of such arcane imagery and purposes, the information is there to be perused in their books and in the performance of their mystical initiatory rites.

Albert Pike, the head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the 1800s, announced that,

"Sirius still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star (l'Etoile Flamboyante)."

He also spilled the symbolic beans when he said that Sirius was interchangeable with the Eye in the Triangle, the Mother Goddess Isis, and the pentagram beloved of many a mystical sect.

One of the secrets, perhaps the core secret of the Illuminati and of their related societies (including the Freemasons and the Priory of Sion secret society as revealed and simultaneously concealed in Baigent, Lincoln, and Leigh's seminal Holy Blood, Holy Grail) is that the overall goal of this secret society is the rebuilding of the destroyed Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

The secret within the secret is that this is the purpose of the New World Order (another Illuminati conception), namely the enthronement of a new Messiah from the genetic line purported to descend from King David (and Jesus, thus fulfilling the ambitions of both Jews and christians) who will rule over the world in feudal fashion and supposedly usher in a new era of transcendent wonderfulness.



The Freemason Pike said in the 1800s:

"Behold our object, the end, the result, of the great speculations - of antiquity; the ultimate annihilation of evil, and restoration of Man to his first estate, by a Redeemer, a Masayah, a Christos, the incarnate Word, Reason, or Power of Deity."

When Freemasons tell you that the group is all about performing good works and driving around in funny little cars on the fourth of July, don't believe them. They have a metaphysical agenda, although only those initiated at the highest levels are aware of it.

This agenda is exactly what George Hunt Willamson is getting at when he talks about the "Holy Vine of [King] David": a physical bloodline of individuals descended from the alleged marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and from King David. This scenario is also a key to the battle plan of the New World Order (whose agenda seems to go back, in this instance, to at least the time of the Knights Templar).

So UFO celebrity George Hunt Williamson had it, and so the varied branches of the Illuminati have it, although in highly cryptic fashion.


If it is thought that Williamson is merely echoing biblical themes and in fact had no secret Masonic orientation woven into his writings on UFO contact, we should listen further to his words:

"Solomon," Williamson says, "was a great artist; he designed most of the burnishings for his Temple of God. He was an alchemist, and manufactured by alchemical means the gold used in his Temple. The transmutation of base metals into gold was accomplished by 'vibrations.' Alchemy was more than a speculative art - it was also an operative art!"

Similar, perhaps, to the speculative and operative lodges of Freemasonry?

The Andreasson encounter reiterates a number of secret society symbols, including its familiar 'light' motif, but centers around the explicitly Masonic symbolism of the death and rebirth of the phoenix.


In the informative book The New World Order, Ralph Epperson asserts,

"The phoenix bird symbolizes a rebirth, not only of an individual inside the Masonic religion but also of a new civilization arising out of the ashes of the ruined one."

And this appears to be the plan of the Illuminati.

In recent years the highest levels of political manipulation have been directed toward fulfilling the biblical prophecy and Freemasonic philosophic cornerstone of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem on the site of the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim holy place, and placing a World King of Davidic bloodline on its throne.


There have been several attempts by terrorists linked to high level Israeli intelligence to blow up the Dome of the Rock, the reported site of Solomon's Temple, an event which is rightly seen as a certain motive for the launching of a holy war between the Jews and Arabs.

Making it even more likely that the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed, and the Temple of Solomon rebuilt is that a red heifer has been born in Israel - supposedly the first red heifer since the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in A.D. 70. The ashes of a red heifer were traditionally used for purification before approaching the Holy Temple.


Some Muslims are concerned that the birth of the red heifer will be seen as the signal for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock.

"The potential harm from this heifer is far greater than the destructive properties of a regular terrorist bomb," David Landau wrote in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.

As far as the possibility that the recapturing of the reported site of Solomon's Temple will set off war, and possibly nuclear war in the Middle East, not many Jewish or fundamentalist christian sects - or even Freemasons - are likely to be much worried about this possibility.


Millions of dollars have in fact been channeled into the terrorist organizations from christians in the United States in their fanaticism and belief that the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple will set off the advent of the Messiah, which conveniently also carries all the earmarks needed for it to parallel the second coming of Christ.

And the manipulation continues...

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8 - Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati

The most revelatory account I have I come across of a possible contact with an alien intelligence is the book VALIS by Philip K. Dick.


Aspects of the book that seem to be little understood are symbols that point to an encounter of some sort with what we can accurately term the Illuminati. Again, the messages in VALIS are coded, and the meanings encoded are Freemasonic, comprising in fact a relatively exhaustive recapitulation of Freemasonic lore and agenda.

VALIS is a semi-fictionalized account of "Horselover Fat," Dick's alter ego (the name formulated from a word derivation of his name), and Dick's meeting with what he takes to be God, or at least a God, via the medium of a pink beam of light. Dick dubs this god VALIS (a Vast Active Living Intelligence System).

Dick's vision came about when, in March of 1974, and suffering from two impacted wisdom teeth, he waited in his apartment in Anaheim, California for a prescribed plain killed from a local pharmacy. When the delivery person from the pharmacy arrived at the door it was a young woman wearing a golden fish-emblem necklace.


Dick reflects that:

For some reason I was hypnotized by the gleaming golden fish; I forgot my pain, forgot the medication, forgot why the girl was there. I Just kept staring at the fish sign.

"What does that mean?" I asked her.

The girl touched the glimmering golden fish with her hand and said,

"This is a sign worn by the early christians."

She then gave me the package of medication.

In that instant, as I stared at the gleaming fish sign and heard her words, I suddenly experienced what I later learned is called anamnesis - a Greek word meaning, literally, "loss of forgetfulness."


I remembered who I was and where I was. In an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, it all came back to me. And not only could I remember it but I could see it. The girl was a secret christian and so was I.


We lived in fear of detection by the Romans. We had to communicate in cryptic signs. She had just told me all this, and it was true.

This sudden influx of knowledge had been caused by a pink beam of light that had shot out of the necklace the girl was wearing, the beam apparently penetrating directly into Dick's head and imparting a vast array of information, including the knowledge of several languages that he had not previously understood.


Aside from feeling a sort of hyper-rationality, Dick sensed that he had been taken over by a superior mind that had memories dating back in excess of two thousand years.

Later Dick was to hear troubling, grotesque messages coming out of his radio telling him to die, and would have an all-night display of graphic inner vision similar to thousands of abstract paintings seen in rapid succession projected upon the mind's eye.


He also experienced a superimposition of the features of ancient Rome onto those of the California landscape in the 1970s, and formed the conviction that the present world was locked in what he termed a "Black Iron Prison," a state of spiritual (and probably physical) entrapment.


From these experiences and others Dick evolved a complex body of speculation, from which he drew a trio of books that included VALIS and a lengthy Exegesis (The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick) consisting of several thousand pages of handwritten notes speculating on the nature of his contact with what he determined to be God.

The outcome of Dick's experiences with VALIS was not altogether benign. After the encounter (and a breakup with his wife) Dick attempted to kill himself, ending up in a mental ward instead.

What Dick believed to be the source of his contact is particularly interesting:

"Where did the plasmate [VALIS] originally come from?"

After a pause Fat said, "From another star system."

"You wish to identify that star system?"

"Sirius," Fat said.

In VALIS Dick relates the fairly widely-known information on the African Dogon tribe and their startling and unexplainable exact astronomical knowledge about the Sirius star system (as described in The Sirius Mystery by Robert G.K. Temple - possibly a pseudonym?).


The Dogon, Dick says,

"got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago.


The three-eyed invaders are mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton and emanated from a planet in the star-system Sirius.


Although they had no hands, but had instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders."

Dick has Horselover Fat dreaming of these three-eyed creatures:

"They manifested themselves as cyborg entities: wrapped up in glass bubbles staggering under masses of technological gear... Soviet technicians could be seen, hurrying to repair malfunctions of the sophisticated technological communications apparatus enclosing the three-eyed people."

I will have more to say about the Dogon later in this text.

Dick also believed that,

"Our world is still secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton, and his knowledge is the information of the Macro-Mind itself... From Ikhnaton this knowledge passed to Moses, and from Moses to Elijah, the Immortal Man, who became Christ. But underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man, and we are that man."

"Real Time ceased in 70 C.E.," Dick asserted, "with the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem [i.e. the Temple of Solomon]. It began again in 1974.


The intervening period was a perfect spurious interpolation aping the creation of the Mind. 'The Empire never ended,' but In 1974 a cypher was sent out as a signal that the Age of Iron was over; the cypher consisted of two words: KING FELIX, which refers to the Happy (or Rightful) King.

"The two-word cypher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton (Akhenaten), the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us."

Dick believed that,

"The person referred to by the two-word cypher KING FELIX is the fifth Savior who... VALIS had said, was either already born or would soon be."

Out of the VALIS communications,

"Fat deduced that he had a mission, that the plasmate's invasion of him represented its intention to employ him for its benign purposes."

Of Ikhnaton's three-eyed kin, Dick alter-ego Fat observes,

"My God... These are the original builders...," to which another character replies, "We have never stopped... We still build. We built this world, this space-time matrix."

This is reminiscent of the terms with which the Freemasons refer to themselves in such tomes as Pike's Morals and Dogma. There is no mistaking the connection for anyone with the slightest familiarity with Masonic lore.

And VALIS, we learn, employs the same mystical communication system as the Masons:

"All its verbal information is stored as Cabala."

The Qabalah (alternative spelling, Cabala) is an ancient form of mysticism that pervades Freemasonry, top of pyramid to base.

Dick describes the method by which VALIS initiates secretly communicate with each other:

"During a handshake, a motion with one finger of two intersecting arcs: swift expression of the fish symbol, which no one beyond the two persons involved could discern."

The connection with the secret handshake of the Freemasons is obvious.

In Exegesis, Dick amplified on his beliefs:

For the first time I have inferential evidence that a genuine secret fraternity of authentic Xtians exists, & has affected history... & possess supernatural powers & Immortality, due to direct links back to Christ - so they are the true hidden church.


The two historic interventions which I am sure of collate: the secret fraternity fights the Empire (Rome in all its manifestations) & promotes the evolution of man to higher levels by inner & outer regeneration. The 16th, 17th century Illuminati are connected with this secret brotherhood...

Whether the godlike VALIS was involved at all, what was communicated to Dick seems to be approximately what the Freemasons and their brethren want us to believe about their mission:

that theirs is an ancient tradition resting on an immortal bloodline that comes from the star system of Sirius, and that fulfillment of their plans (including the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon, and the enthronement of a World King (their secret agenda hidden in their convoluted inner circle cant) is the only salvation for this soon-to-be One World.

Dick seems to believe that VALIS took the form of a satellite, firing electronic beams of information down upon the Earth. Or perhaps crop circles?


He has one of his characters say,

"The satellite had control of them from the get-go. It could make them see what it wanted them to see... The satellite has occluded them, all of them. The whole fucking United States."

There are other indications that the actual VALIS that Dick contacted may have come from another source than Sirius.

"In Fat's [i.e. Dick's] opinion, his apartment had been saturated with high levels of radiation of some kind."

He theorized that,

"the Rosicrucians [the philosophic precursors to the Masons] were telepathically beaming pictures at him, probably boosted by micro-relay systems of an advanced order; but then, when Kandinsky paintings began to harass him, he recalled that the main art museum at Leningrad specialized in just such nonobjective moderns, an he decided that the Soviets were attempting telepathically to contact him."

Later Dick theoretically pinpointed the transmissions as originating from the schemes of a crippled rock musician named Mini:

"He visited the Soviet Union one time; he said he wanted to see certain experiments they were conducting with microwave information transfer over long distances."

Fat himself comes to believe within the pages of VALIS that,

"All that was involved from the start... was advanced laser technology. Mini found a way to transmit information by laser beam, using human brains as transducers without the need for an electronic interface.


The Russians can do the same thing. Microwaves can be used as well. In March 1974 I must have intercepted one of Mini's transmissions by accident; it irradiated me."

Actually, I doubt that Dick felt the source of his infernal "enlightenment" - that happened to him in real life, in much the same fashion as it was depicted in the partially fiction VALIS, as shown by his statements in his Exegesis - was a rock musician.


It happens that information beam experiments of exactly the type that Dick speculated on were at about that time being conducted by both the CIA and the KGB.

CIA Director Richard Helms described research taking place in the 1960s into,

"sophisticated approaches to the 'coding' of information for transmittal to population targets in the 'battle for the minds of men'" as well as "an approach integrating biological, social and physical-mathematical research in attempts... to control behavior."

He described,

"use of modern information theory, automata theory, and feedback concepts... for a technology for controlling behavior... using information inputs as causative agents."

Anna Keel, in Full Disclosure magazine, writes:

Due to [the CIA's] Project Pandora, it is now known that applied biological (and other) frequencies can also be used as direct "information inputs" (e.g. of feeling or emotion) and to reinforce brain rhythms associated with conditioning and information processing.


One way to get such a signal into a human may be through use of a high frequency carrier frequency. Results of research into information processing, unconscious processes, decision making, memory processes and evoked brain potentials would likely be exploited or integrated in an interdisciplinary system.

For difficult subscribers... there are substances that have psychological or psychobiological effects ranging from subtle through devastating, and that cause increased susceptibility to conditioning.


Some of these substances are similar to ones which are recognized by neurotoxicologists or behavioral toxicologists as occupational hazards; some are variations of substances used experimentally in laboratories to produce selective damage in certain neuronal tracts.


Many substances needn't be injected or orally ingested, as they may be inhaled or applied with "skin transferal agents," i.e. chemicals like the popular industrial solvent dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO), which can, in fact, enhance the applied substance's effect.


For instance, some compounds cause damage that produces increased sensitivity to stimulus, distraction (or flooding of thought associations), and enhance susceptibility to influence i.e., a state where automatic parallel information processing, which usually takes place outside of awareness, and interferes with conscious or more intentional limited channel processing.


While causing acute mental symptoms wouldn't be the goal in groups, producing mild distraction, an ego weakened blurring between the sense of "I" and "you," would enhance some kinds of conditioning and promote suggestibility; then, perhaps transmitted "thought associations," "the voice of God," "lucky advice" or whatever, can more easily get through and have an effect...


Convenient to the agencies involved in covert influence, is that among primary symptoms of schizophrenia or mental illness are ideas that one is being influenced by "transmissions" (e.g. radio frequencies), "voices" or even telepathy; unless complaints about covert psychological weapons are well organized, they would tend to be discounted as indicative of mental imbalance.

Another approach that may have been used is the transmission of "key concepts" to matters that the subject is already conversant in, creating a realignment of the subject's sense of reality by the injection of just a few bits of information, images, or sentences.


In Dick's case this might have involved accessing his study of religious symbolism and history.


A fast acting hallucinogen and a beamed transmission of religious concepts might have made him very susceptible to the idea that, due to an unexplainable event of "gnosis" he had tapped into the secrets of reality.

Dick describes a message broadcast,

"Out over the airwaves by one of the largest TV stations in the world, NBC's Los Angeles outlet, reaching many thousands of children with this split-second information which would be processed by the right hemispheres of their brains; received and storied and perhaps decoded, below the threshold of consciousness where many things lay slumbering and stored."

He terms the message the KING FELIX cypher, and reports that,

"The United States Army cryptographers studied it but couldn't discern who it was intended for or what it meant."

Dick describes the way in which the message was broadcast:

On the screen the words FOOD KING appeared - and then they cut instantly, rushing their film along as fast as possible so as to squeeze in as many commercial messages as possible; what came next was a Felix the Cat cartoon...


One moment FOOD KING appeared on the screen and then almost instantly the words - also in huge letters -  FELIX THE CAT.


There it had been, the juxtaposed cypher, and in the proper order: KING FELIX.

I don't know whether the KING FELIX cypher or the Food King/Felix the Cat messages were actually broadcast (other than in VALIS, that is), but discounting the possibility out-of-hand would be unwise.


Certainly similar messages have been sent over the airwaves, such as the Eye in the Triangle station break presented by CBS during 1992. A perfectly clear representation of the Eye in the Triangle was shown, quickly metamorphosizing into abstract patterns.


Curious as to whether I was projecting my own fixations, I polled an audience of about a hundred people from the podium at a UFO convention; the majority of them had also noticed the depiction.

Another television subliminal was the image of the Statue of Liberty projected between the film frames of an ALF cartoon, as reported in TV Guide. Surely that image must have been slipped into the programming by some overzealous right wing patriot skulking in the CBS editing room.


So one would tend to believe, but check out what conspiracy theorist and Freemasonic expert Norma Cox has to say in her Secrets newsletter on the subject of Lady Liberty:

[This] is the statue of the Moon Goddess, Diana... This Queen of Heaven is also the Queen of Democracy... Diana's right arm holds a great torch (symbolizing the sun) high in the air.


The left arm (right and left symbolic of male and female), grasps a tablet which bears the date of the Declaration of Independence.


A crown with huge spikes, like sun rays, rests on her head (the crown covertly represents our satellite, the Moon)... Note the similarity between Juno, holding aloft a sword and Diana, whose statue, symbolizing Freedom, Equality and Worldwide Brotherhood, stands in New York harbor.


Worshipped as Juno Lucina, the Bringer of Light, Illuminism's adoration of this Moon goddess ranks only slightly below that of the god of the Sun who, in the case of Juno, is Jupiter (Zeus), her husband.

I have been following examples of the injection of occult symbolism via other conduits; one of these, amazingly, impossibly, is Camel cigarette advertising.


Although the media has been hip to the idea that the cigarette company is specifically targeting young people with their cartoon "Joe the Camel" cigarette campaign, no one that I know of has spotted the fact that the Camel ads are riddled with subliminal imagery, including occultist subliminal content. It begins with the Camel image itself, the camel being a symbol of Isis according to Aleister Crowley.


Other images I have noted in these ads are the obviously phallic snout of Joe the Camel (this representation has been noted by other, including mainstream writers), the phallus being a seminal occultist obsession; a tiny representation of a man with erect phallus on the cigarette package's front; and a sprinkling of other important occult symbols such as the rose, the moon, the ocean, the eye in the triangle, and the pyramid, all Isis or Illuminati symbols, prominently featured for no apparent reason in Camel advertising.


There is even a depiction in one ad of Joe the Camel as George Washington; is it possible that Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea were on to something in their Illuminatus! Trilogy, when they suggested that George Washington was impersonated by Adam Weishaupt, after the suppression of the Bavarian Illuminati, and that this is the significance of this ad? Nah.

But to return to Philip K. Dick...


Ultimately the VALIS enigma is difficult to interpret with any absolute sense of certainty about what took place that day in March of 1974. It shines with points of illumination whose meaning remains elusive against the explanations of prosaic reality.


What we do know is that, for whatever reason, in whatever fashion, Philip Dick had almost the entire Illuminist/Freemasonic mythos fired into his forebrain, and that he struggled with those images, trying to make sense of their symbolism, for the short period of time that remained in his life.


Either he was force-fed a massive injection of Freemasonic mythology via electronic beam (as he believed), or in a moment of dreadful illumination - or perhaps hallucinogenic receptivity - Philip K. Dick saw the truth of the world.

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9 - The Sirius Connection

The Freemasons tell a very curious story about the origin of their order and of civilization.


They believe, in a mythology with roots dating back to the time of the Sumerians, that civilization on Earth (not to mention the secret occult doctrine) was established by divine visitors from the star system Sirius, which they symbolically equate with the Egyptian god triunity of Isis, Osiris, and Horus.


In the Sumerian mythology they are explicit in stating that these extraterrestrial visitors, who they term Oannes, were fish-like in form. Isis, it may be observed in Egyptian representations, wears a fish headdress.


The home system of these alien visitors, the star Sirius, was of such significance to the Egyptians that they based their calendar and the alignment of their temples on the star's rising times.

Harry Lebelson in an essay titled "The Search for Ancient Astronauts" reports the following of the fish-like extraterrestrials:

The Oannes were described as teachers who gave the people insight into letters, the sciences and art. Referring to cuneiform and pictographic records compiled several thousand years before his time, [the scholar] Berossus describes how the Oannes taught the people to found temples and codify laws; they taught the principles of geometrical knowledge and 'everything to humanize mankindt,' as Berossus put it.

Here is the theme of extraterrestrials visiting Earth thousands of years ago and civilizing it, along with the information that these visitors specifically imparted information on building ("The Builders") and geometrics, orientations central to Freemasonic lore and symbolism.

We do know that, for whatever reason, there was a sudden quantum leap in civilization that took place virtually simultaneously in Sumeria and Egypt. According to Professor W.B. Emery in Archaic Egypt:

At a period approximately 3400 years before Christ, a great change took place in Egypt, and the country passed rapidly from a state of advanced Neolithic culture with a complex tribal character to two well-organized monarchies, one comprising the Delta area and the other the Nile valley proper.


At the same time the art of writing appears, monumental architecture and the arts and crafts developed to an astonishing degree, and all the evidence points to the existence of a well-organized and even luxurious civilization.


All this was achieved within a comparatively short period of time, for there appears to be little or no background to these fundamental developments in writing and architecture.

And the reason for this remarkable increase in human knowledge is known to us, although not admitted.


Although the truth has not filtered into the hallowed studios of the 6:00 News, it is not in question as to whether mankind has come into contact with an extraterrestrial culture. We have. There is complete confirmation of the legend of the Oannes, which has been obtained in the 20th century. Proof of that contact resides in the secret cosmological traditions of the Dogon tribe of Africa.

The traditions of the Dogon have been transmitted in oral fashion for centuries, and may comprise the most pure offshoot of the secret tradition that underpins the religious beliefs of diverse religions and secret societies -including the Illuminati.


Their tradition clarifies the secret agenda of the major occult and religious traditions of this planet. And that pure transmission from the Dogon speaks of, verifies and conclusively proves extraterrestrial contact.

The secret tradition of the Dogon is centered upon the star Sirius, but more significantly, upon its smaller companion Sirius B. The problem is that Sirius B is totally invisible to the naked eye, and was only discovered through the use of a powerful telescope in the 20th century.


It might have only been a lucky guess that the Dogon attributed an orbiting companion to Sirius, if only they hadn't made so many more "lucky guesses" that prove their scientific knowledge of the star system:

  • They know that Saturn has a ring around it, although it is impossible to determine this fact without the aid of a telescope.

  • They are aware that the planets in this solar system orbit around the sun, and that the solar system is contained in the Milky Way.

  • The Dogon say that Earth's moon "is dry and dead like dry dead blood."

  • They are aware of four moons of Jupiter.

  • They know that the Earth turns on its axis.

  • They also know, most significantly, that the orbital period of Sirius B around Sirius A is fifty years; again, a fact impossible to determine without a modern telescope.

Where did they obtain this information?


They say that they were taught it by intelligent amphibious beings called the Nommo - the term used in both a singular and plural form - who came from Sirius thousands of years ago in a circular, spinning ark. Their tradition is a precise correlation with the Sumerian tradition of the Oannes.


The Dogon call the Nommo "the Shaper of the world"-note the similarity to Phil Dick's concept of "the Builders."

The Dogon have a number of interesting things to say about Sirius and the Nommo. During Dogon ceremonies the Sirius system is portrayed on a checkered blanket, recalling the tessellated or checkerboard pattern that the Freemasons favor for their floors: is this a reference to Sirius?

The Bozo tribe, cousins to the Dogon, call Sirius the "Eye Star," a concept hearkening to the Eye in the Triangle and to the Egyptian glyph for Isis' consort Osiris. It is noteworthy that the Bozo say that Sirius A is "seated." Isis is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics with a symbol of a seat or throne.

Remarkably, there is another religious tradition on which the lore of the Dogon may cast a penetrating light. The Dogon refer to mankind as Ogo, the imperfect, the outcast.


They say that the Ogo were rebellious and were unfinished as a creation. In order to make up for the rebellious - sinful - nature of the Ogo, one of the Nommo, named O Nommo, "Nommo of the Pond," was sacrificially crucified on a tree to atone for our imperfect nature, died, and will return in an ark with the ancestors of men.

According to Robert K.G. Temple in The Sirius Mystery:

The name Nommo comes from a Dogon word linked to the root nomo, "to make one drink."


It is said:

"The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe 'had drunk of his body' the Nommo also made men drink. He also gave all his life principles to human beings."

He was crucified on a kilena tree which also died and was resurrected.

The helical rising of Sirius was key in Egyptian - as well as Dogon - religious ceremonies.


The Dogon also portray the helical rising of Sirius as a cross with a flower-like sun in its center, an image very reminiscent of the flowering cross of the Rosicrucians and their successor groups like the Freemasons and the Ordo Templi Orientis.

It may be speculated that the fish symbol of the secret society that Philip K. Dick felt had contacted him may have derived from the Oannes/Nommo connection.


The fish symbol, stood on its head, also portrays a representation of the fertility cult of Isis, and it is even possible that the christian fish symbol is similarly derived, since it may be argued that christianity is at core a Mystery Religion of Osiris-Sun God worship, transmogrified by claims of an historical uniqueness that it specifically does not possess.

As Aleister Crowley wrote in The Book of Thoth:

In this card [Death, a Tarot card] the symbol of the fish is paramount; the fish (il pesce, as they call him in Naples and many other places) and the serpent [symbolizing the Messiah] are the two principal objects of worship in cults which taught the doctrines of resurrection or reincarnation.


Thus we have Oannes and Dagon, fish gods, in western Asia; in many other parts of the world are similar cults. Even in christianity, Christ was represented as a fish.


The Greek word IXThUS, "which means fish, and very aptly symbolizes Christ," as Browing reminds one, was supposed to be a notariqon, the initials of a sentence meaning "Jesus Christ Son of God, Savior."


Nor is it an accident that St. Peter was a fisherman. The Gospels, too, are full of miracles involving fish, and the fish is sacred to Mercury, because of its cold-bloodedness, its swiftness and its brilliance.


There is moreover the sexual symbolism.

Michael A. Hoffman II in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare observes the following of the star Sirius, that it is,

"regarded in the highest occult circles as analogous to the 'hidden god of the cosmos'... The emblem of the All-Seeing Eye above the unfinished pyramid is the representation of the eye of Sirius, of its omniscient surveillance."

An investigation of the beliefs of Freemasonry (and, incidentally, of the other major religions both exo- and esoteric on this planet) shows that this "charitable fraternity" is merely an updated version of ages-old and archetypal Osiris/Isis Sun God/ Mother Goddess programming.


This form of worship can be traced back to the literal beginning of recorded history, its mythology anciently crystallizing into the Isis/Osiris Sun/Moon cultus of the Egyptian priesthood.

Osiris, it so happens, was one more divine visitor who is claimed to have civilized the backward and mud-rutting people of Earth with his teachings.


From Egypt the deities of the Sun pantheon may have taken on different names (including Ra, Odin, Jehovah, and Jesus, with feminine counterparts including Diana, Mary, Ishtar, Rhea, Astarte, Cybele, and Ma), but the mode of worship and populace control was essentially the same.

The adepts of the Sun/Moon programming (of which Freemasonry is a major surviving branch) have always called themselves variations on the term "the Illuminati," the origin of the phrase betraying its source. Illuminati - Illumination - the adepts of the Sungod and his consort. When I state this derivation of the term there are no doubt many who will think I am distorting and oversimplifying this religio-occult progression - but I am not.

A quick and cursory sketch of the main branches of the Illuminati might go something like this, although I admit that others might offer a family tree somewhat different in its branchings.


This is a secret society, remember, and what we know of the Illuminati has been obtained by accident (as when lightning struck down a member of the Bavarian Illuminati in the late 1700s, providing us with a cache of inner circle documents), or has been eked out through conjecture, inference, and interpretation of their double-talk code language.

In Isis/Osiris veneration, we can see the beginnings of the ritual trappings of the Mystery Religions that were to follow. One reason that the Greek and Roman Mystery Religions are mysterious is that little is known of what actually took place in their rites, celebrated primarily at night and in caves.


We do know that Mystery Religions were the source of many of the practices that were taken up by later secret societies including the Freemasons, and that they partook - practices varying somewhat from one Mystery group to the next - of secret ritual initiation involving dramatizations of the lives of the gods, the imbibing of psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms, sex orgies (with an emphasis on homosexuality), and at least in some instances, human sacrifice.


The symbology of "light" pervades the Mystery Religions, adepts having been said to "have seen the light," "had their eyes opened," and so forth, all very appropriate to celebrants who enacted their rites in the dead of night in caves. Light = Illumination = Illuminati.

From the Mystery Religions, which were extremely influential upon the tenets of christianity, came the philosophies of the Gnostics, composed of a number of secretive European sects, the most prominent perhaps being the highly secretive, perhaps even fictional, Priory of Sion.

Again, we know very little of what the actual practices of the early Gnostics were, but we do know that the Sun God/Mother Goddess orientation had in certain cases taken on a more philosophical bent, dealing with the eternal cosmic war between darkness and light.


Again, the motif of "illumination" is represented. A recent translation of a document of the Cathars, perhaps the most prominent of the Gnostic groups, suggests that one of their secrets was that they were a straightforward Isis cult.

The Jewish/Gnostic mystical practice of the Qabalah, whose origin may have been about the time of Jesus or shortly after, was a primary influence on a number of secret society tributaries, including the Rosicrucians and the Knights Templar.


Qabalism was also the singular greatest philosophical influence on the Freemasons, which in the mid-1700s evolved a return to an overt Sun God/ Mother Goddess mythology, along with an emphasis in their practices on the importance of the star Sirius.


Freemasonry, aside from being an essentially Gnostic religion, has comprised since its inception a vastly important influence in world politics and in world intelligence agencies, and may be the most active and far-reaching of the Illuminati fronts at the present time.

Freemasonry and the Rothschilds international banking group (the Rothschilds being from the beginning of their dynasty Freemasons) were the main influence on diamond magnate and Freemason Cecil Rhodes' Round Table secret society, formed around the turn of this century.


Rhodes was the single most important Freemasonic spearhead into world political control. Currently we may note the Trilateral Commission (with their symbolic "666" triangular emblem and orientation), the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberger Group as being among the most influential organization on this planet; these sprung from the Round Table group.

While I am limited in space in this thumbnail sketch, it is very possible to trace the twistings and turnings of the Illuminist philosophy until we encounter the secret Freemasonic rituals of the elitist leaders of today, men like George Bush of the Skull and Bones German Illuminati offshoot, Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig, alleged to be members of the Freemasonic P-2 group, and in all probability the (Cecil) Rhodes scholar, Trilateralist, and saxophone player from Little Rock, Arkansas (Bill Clinton), the highly symbolic Masonic location where the arch-Mason Albert Pike formulated his schemes.

Why were the Sun and Moon chosen by the Illuminati of ancient history as deities for the worship of their slaves and underlings? My guess is that it is a relatively arbitrary choice that reflects solar-lunar influence in a simple, understandable fashion, particularly as it might be understood in an agrarian society where these astral bodies are the obvious and all important influences in a people's day-to-day life.


If the sun doesn't shed its beneficent rays on the Earth, then the crops don't grow.

There is an additional associative quality of the Sun God/Mother Goddess programming that pertains to the human mother and father and accesses our unexamined and authoritarian-inlaid childhood programming, digging into deeply ingrained programming much in the same way that beer commercials on television access a different level of instinctuality, by being larded with sexual imagery.

As the cult of the Sun God and his consort first evolved, the Illuminati made it well known that they were the chosen representatives of these immortal deities - and did the people REALLY want to take a chance on not believing what they told them? The masses had better treat the Illuminati real nice, or they might have a word with the Sun God and his consort and have them bring a punishing plague of frogs.

"In the beginning," the Sun God and Moon Goddess were in absolute control, working in mysterious and usually sadistic ways that were only fully decipherable to their Illuminated envoys. A lot of people fell for this stuff, and they were probably given little tin badges that clearly identified them to the hold-out heretics whom they in turn tortured and murdered in order to assist them to "see the light."

In time (say about the time of the Chaldeans) the Illuminati started to believe some of their own programming and began to study the movement of the Sun and moon and their brother and sister stars and planets.


This gave the Illuminati another leg up, via astronomy, in being able to predict coming occurrences like eclipses and comets. By the time astrology was formulated, the Illuminati had it all pretty well sewn up, with franchises in operation all over the planet.

Science began in a similar fashion as astrology - gasp!


But the dominant belief modes of humanity have always been given names like "Science," which simply means "knowing." During the sixteenth century when the noble Illuminati popularized this latest version of "knowing," they had lots of free time to dabble in astrology and alchemy (the forerunner of modern chemistry) and, for a change of pace, to participate in sex orgies in groups with names like the Hell Fire Club.

Since the Sun God (and his various relations, including sons and wives) were, after several thousands years of worship, beginning to fray around the edges in terms of believability, and a lot of commoners were beginning to grumble that this stuff was all made up, the Illuminati came up with a new and improved version of their mind control software that didn't depend upon the Sun God or Moon Goddess for ultimate authority.


As the Sun/Moon cult lost some of its popularity, "Scientists" were quick to take up the slack. According to their propaganda, the physical laws of the universe were the ultimate causative factors, and naturally, those physical laws were only fathomable by the scientific (i.e. Illuminati) elite.

Now the Illuminati restored their waning dominance with their promotion of the arcane wisdom of bunsen burners, stupefying Mesmerism and electricity, and they no longer - at least at the present time - needed to draw their powers from mystical associations of the stars and planets.


Their vision of the universe and society, as fostered by members of the British Royal Society and other Illuminati-conceived groupings, became the predominant worldview. The main tenet of their new religion, Science, was that whether you understood it or not, it was always Right. Not so different a creed than the programs that preceded it.

The British Royal Society of the late seventeenth century was the forerunner of much of the media manipulation that was to follow.


After the re-tooling into "scientific" values was accomplished by the Illuminist masters, society (in the view of the Illuminati) needed to be conditioned for stability in a capitalist and non-religious format. The cogwheels had to be greased.


This was accomplished by the launching of non-religious, pro-scientific attitudes through the same media vehicles that influence us today: newspapers and books, with radio, motion pictures and television soon to follow.

And heretics against either Science or Religion have always been dealt with in summary fashion - sometimes possibly in dark blue vans by CIA technicians dressed to look like space aliens.

Now we are in an era - which we arbitrarily term "modern," but which seems to have no claim to that appellation - whose religion is a hybrid of both science and mysticism: this is the religion of the UFO and the New Age.


It is a religion that performs the functions of all religion: it induces awe and susceptibility and confusion and guilt and re-stimulation of infantilism, and opens up the believer to intervention by the priesthood.

Attempting to crack the secret of the nature of this elusive beast, the UFO:

  • Isn't it odd that the U.S. military just happened to be working on disk craft back in the 1950s when the whole UFO flap started?

  • Isn't it odd that the mind control implants that are supposed to be inserted through the nostrils of UFO abductees just happen to conform exactly to the implants designed by Dr. Jose Delgado, the CIA mind control researcher?

  • Isn't it odd that several of the most prominent among "UFO researchers" have been members of military intelligence, men such as John Lear, "formerly" of the CIA?

  • And isn't it the oddest thing of all that the intelligence agencies of all countries crawl with Freemasons, and that the CIA just happens to have a reported faction of Mother Goddess cultism within its ranks?

Attempting to get a grip on this topic, why would "UFO" testing be done relatively "out in the open," on military reservations that can be fairly easily observed by a public notified of UFO flights by "former" CIA men eager to spread the truth about the little grey men?


Are the military authorities teasing us, as it were, with this open testing, along with all the other revelations of the secret order that underlies the normalized facade of our society and media?

When George Bush spoke repeatedly of the New World Order,

  • Is it likely that he would have simply forgotten the thousands of right wingers and conspiracy buffs who for years have used that phrase as the personification of world fascism, evil, and mind control?

  • Or was something else going on, some other process or directed transformation?

  • When CBS broadcast an Eye in a Triangle in their station identification, could it possibly have been done by accident?

  • Does this not hearken to the "cant" language, the mystical double-talk employed by Freemasons and other secret societies?

Michael Hoffman II has spoken about similar processes involving "revelation of method" or the purposeful giving away of arcane secrets of Freemasonry, which he dubs "the cryptocracy."


He likens this to the activities of the alchemists:

This is what simplistic researchers miss: the function of macabre arrogance thumbing its nose at us while we do nothing except spread the tale of their immunity and invincibility further. That is the game plan operant here.

To the belief system of the modern man it sounds too crazy. Why would the perpetrators want their secrets revealed after the fact?...


This question can only be definitively answered if one has an understanding of the zeitgeist which overseers in the cryptocracy have partly manufactured and partly tailored their own operations to coincide with. As I've pointed out, secrets like this were rarely revealed in the past because traditional people had not yet completed the alchemical processing (of mind control).


To make such perverse, modern revelations to an unprocessed, healthy and vigorous population possessed of will, memory, adherence to their deepest inner intuition and intense interest in their own salvation, would not have been a good thing for the cryptocracy. It would have proven fatal to them.

But to reveal these after-the-act secrets in our modern time, to a people who have no memory, no willpower and no interest in their own fate except in so far as it may serve as momentary titillation and entertainment actually strengthens the enslavement of such a people.

There is an occult/Freemasonic stratum in the command structure of media and world control.


There is a long-term occult agenda in geopolitics that is just now coming to poisonous fruition.

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10 - Demons and Adepts

Secret societies such as the Freemasons have been linked throughout their history with the kind of otherworldly visitations that we associate with UFOs, having now conveniently pigeonholed the phenomenon into a "scientific" categorization that removes them from the relatively discredited earlier pigeonhole of being demonic.

"These are highly evolved beings from the planet Xenon," we might be saying, "flying in craft that are thousands of years in advance of our own. You can't use a crucifix to scare these babies off."

Historically many occultists have claimed to channel alien beings that conform exactly to allegedly extraterrestrial visitors that are described today, although in the past this phenomenon was considered to be related to religion.


Jacques Bergier, in Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to the Present even credits the possibility that these entities actually exist, suggesting that the proliferation of alchemical, occult, and scientific knowledge that took place in the fifteenth and sixteenth century may have been due to contact with otherworldly beings by Illuminati such as Roger Bacon, Jerome Cardan, and Leonardo da Vinci.


Is it possible that during the Middle Ages the Nommos made a return visit?

Bergier attributes the alien influx of knowledge to "Information Source X" and believes that:

This knowledge was connected with alchemy but went beyond it... A knowledge that came from where? More or less directly from those Intelligences who are able to light and extinguish stars at will - an essentially rational knowledge, offered without request for payment and not requiring adherence to any religion - a knowledge that must have filtered over to [Jonathan] Swift, enabling him to predict the Martian moons.

Certainly, during the Middle Ages contact with angels and Men in Black and sundry demons (often dressed in "shining armor") was almost taken for granted by the populace, although I have the suspicion that it was probably in the interests of the clergy and secret mystical societies to play this material up and to weave legends around it.


At that time the term "demon" did not always carry the satanic overtones that it does in this era, and the descriptions we have of the otherworldly beings from that time suggest that they were of two general descriptions.

There were the monstrous succubi and tormentors of humans that the clergy - including catholic, protestant, and jewish - got a kick out of spooking their aptly-termed flocks with.


There was also the category of entity said to have been in contact with the Illuminati of the day, and that group seems to have been more interested in imparting the advanced and arcane knowledge of alchemy and astrology and science than in forging diabolic pacts and wagering souls.

Note the difference: the clergy would be well-served by the imps of hellfire, while the Illuminati, affirming their possession of transcendent knowledge, would be served by contact with wise, unearthly spirits who didn't have anything to do with the bugaboos of mainstream religion.


Not that I am absolutely positive that some of these "demons" may not have been real, but this dual orientation suggests that at least some of them were invented, just as some UFOs are invented.

Bergier quotes Jerome Cardan, who claimed to be in contact with demons:

"Just as the intelligence of a man is greater than a dog's, in the same way that of a demon is greater than a man's."

Bergier also reports:

During the Middle Ages, appearances of creatures with garments of light were most common.


These messengers went to meet rabbis, with whom they held lengthy discussions on the cabala, the powers of gold, the knowledge and exploration of time, etc. They stated that they knew the guardians of the sky, but were not guardians themselves...


There is no law against interpreting this radiance and the demons' shining garments in terms of our twentieth-century mythology, against imagining that the "double face" [displayed by many of the demons] is a space helmet, that the "luminous garment" is a force barrier producing luminous radiation through fluorescence or excitation...

While I don't know whether the Freemasons and their cohorts ever really contacted the sort of beings who we would now term "extraterrestrials," it may be that they did.


Or it may only be that they only thought they did. Certain areas of human history - and the history of disinformation - elude easy answers.


Yet I can't help reflecting on the fact that contact with extraterrestrial aliens might have been just as profitable a pursuit then for the occult adept - and the rank charlatan - as it is today.

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11 - Occult Espionage

Elizabethan scholar Francis Yates places John Dee, Illuminatus Extraordinaire, at the center of the formation of the Rosicrucian secret fraternity, this because of the references to Ros Crus, or the "Dew of Light" in his work. The Dew of Light is also a cabalistic image.


Today we primarily know Dee as cabalist, alchemist, court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth, and ET channeler - at least one of whom who bore a close resemblance to a grey alien.

But Dee had another interesting side to his character that falls into the grey area between scholarly disciplines that few are willing to talk about. John Dee was one of the founders of what has come to be known as British Intelligence, which in its early days used alchemical ciphers of Dee's invention for passing secret messages.


For what it is worth, Dee's code name was 007.


As late as World War II, Himmler claimed that the Rosicrucians were a branch of British Intelligence, although my sense is that he may have gotten it backwards.

To this day, British Intelligence remains heavily Freemasonic in its membership.


Peter Wright, the former assistant director of British M15, describes in his book Spy Catcher his initial vetting for a high-level position in the organization:

"Just wanted to have a chat - a few personal details, that sort of thing," he [John Marriott, M15's personnel director at the time] said, giving me a distinctive Masonic handshake.

I realized then why my father, who was also a Mason, had obliquely raised joining the brotherhood when I first discussed with him working for M15 fulltime.


I'm reminded of an odd instance when a journalist friend of mine was covering a survivalist/patriot convention for an American magazine.


During the course of the convention, he met Bo Gritz, the right wing Liberty Lobby's Populist Party candidate for president of the U.S. in 1992, Vietnam war hero, and a prominent personality in the patriot movement. Shaking Gritz's hand, he says that he was rather surprised that he was given what he took to be a secret Masonic grip, and that Gritz looked at him in a somewhat sheepish fashion when he didn't return the grip.


An interesting confluence of forces in play in the world these days...

Linking the Mother Goddess cult (of which Freemasonry is the most prevalent example that we know of) to intelligence agencies, the authors of Dope, Inc. give a highly interesting interpretation:

The Cult of Isis was developed in ancient Egypt no later than the Third Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, approximately 2780 B.C. and represents one of the earliest formal articulations of the entropic and backward ideology of mother-worship.


As known to the priesthood of the Temple of Isis - true believers themselves - the Isis cult formalizes the elements of a capability for social control, exploitation, and destruction of creative free will in subject populations.


The elements include:

  • Use of various schizophrenia-inducing drugs;

  • Use of repetitive, heteronomic sounds in "music" to supplement the effect of psychotropic drugs, and to create a societal aesthetic that endorses and encourages the use of the drugs;

  • Creation of synthetic cults based on the original reactionary Isis myth but specific to the psychological profile of the population which the priesthood has targeted for subversion;

  • Enforcement of a political-economic model antagonistic to general human progress, and containing targeted populations within noncreative, manual slave-labor projects such as pyramid building.

This combination of Pharaonic cult capabilities was taken as a model for further refinement in this century by the British Secret Intelligence Service's Tavistock Institute in London - an institution which launched the "counterculture" in the United States and Europe, based on the very drugs, mescaline and hashish, the ancient priesthood had employed.

The occult underpinnings of the spy business should not be glossed over if we are attempting to understand historical world manipulation by secret societies, much less the real nature of UFO abductions.


It may be interesting to note that many occultists channeling "alien" entities have had one foot in the occult camp, the other foot among spy agency contacts.

Aleister Crowley was a "magickal" adept who functioned as a spy for the British, and - opinions differ - perhaps simultaneously for the Germans. During his career as the world's foremost occultist of the time, Crowley claimed to be in contact with any number of alien beings, including gods of ancient Egypt, and to channel written material such as The Book of The Law, which he attributed to an extraterrestrial entity named Aiwass.


As noted earlier in this text, he also claimed he had contacted an alien named Lam, which, from the drawing that Crowley made of the entity, looks almost exactly like the big-headed aliens so often involved in UFO abductions.

A 1923 U.S. military intelligence report reveals that Aleister Crowley, as well as another famous occultist, Rudolph Steiner, the founder of the Blavatsky-esque Anthroposophy, were being investigated as the leaders of a New York occult group allegedly involved in "subversive Bolshevik activities."


The report, written by a Norman Armond, goes so far as to suggest that the Russian Revolution may have been controlled by occult networks. Armond states that Steiner and Crowley, through a holding company Steiner controlled, had been involved in an alliance with Lenin that had begun in 1909.

Aleister Crowley is reported - whether reliably or not, I do not know - to have initiated "psychedelic guru" Aldous Huxley into drugs.


While this connection may lie somewhat afield of what we are discussing, Huxley was the grandson of Thomas Huxley, a founder of the Rhodes Round Table, which was the base from which later well-known elitist control mechanisms such as,

...were launched.

Aldous Huxley was raised in the "Children of the Sun" (note the Sun orientation), a school for children of Round Tablers, and was tutored at Oxford by H.G. Wells who, during World War I, was the director of British foreign intelligence, and as the author of books like The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution, the most influential mouthpiece of the Rhodes/Illuminist New World Order.

During 1952 and 1953 secret meetings are reported to have taken place between CIA Director Allen Dulles, Ford Foundation Director Robert Hutchins, and Dr. Humphrey Osmond, Huxley's friend and personal physician. These meetings involved the funding by the Ford Foundation for a number of experimental research projects using LSD and mescaline.


Also of interest is the statement of Captain Al Hubbard that LSD had been discovered, years prior to the date of its reported discovery, by a group led by the aforementioned Rudolph Steiner, seeking to discover a metaphysical "Peace Pill."

Huxley started a number of groups that, by furnishing LSD, mescaline, and settings for controlled trips, launched virtually all of the acid-occult missionaries of the 1960s, including Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass), Gregory Bateson, and Alan Watts.

As poisonous as it may seem to a mostly-liberal audience, the LSD invasion of the world may have been a form of chemical warfare launched by British Intelligence (and their apparent masters), much in reflection of the kind of drug warfare that England had waged in the previous century during the Chinese Opium War.


Certainly LSD and a connected doctrine of occultism as furnished by men like Crowley and Huxley has paved the way for future interventions of the occult (and possibly ufological) kind, and for a possible alchemical transformation of which we are only beginning to be aware.

The espionage strategy of drug and occult philosophy-induced destruction of a culture is reminiscent of the process that Carl Raschke attributes to UFOs in "Ultraterrestrial Agents of Cultural Deconstruction" in Cyber-biological Studies of the Imaginal Component in the UFO Contact Experience.


Raschke believes:

UFOs serve as facilitators of what I label "cultural deconstruction,"... "Deconstruction" is contrasted with "destruction" inasmuch as the latter connotes a random and unconstrained act of demolition, whereas the former suggests an aim-governed and formative sequence of changes...


The work of deconstruction is not sudden, but slow and inexorable.


It is more akin to a sculptor chipping away at stone so that he can craft a figure than to an iconoclast who seeks by some coup de main to obliterate outworn impressions.


So far as UFOs are concerned, the deconstructive movement works upon human culture as a whole, although it may also have devastating effects at times on individual lives.

Another "child of Crowley" was rocket scientist, Caltech founder, and California OTO head Jack Parsons.


In Pasadena, California in January of 1946, Parsons, assisted by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (who later claimed he was working in Naval Intelligence at the time) participated in a "magickal" working intended to incarnate the demonic Whore of Babylon via Crowleyan sex rites.


At about the same time that Parsons was trying to incarnate an extraterrestrial entity, he also claimed that he had met a Venusian in the desert of New Mexico - an interesting foreshadowing of the claims of later "contactees" such as George Adamski in the early 1950s.

Hubbard was later to abscond with Parson's girlfriend and his money, going on to form the Church of Scientology with its Freemasonry-like "grade chart" of spiritual processing and its cross emblem that is almost a duplicate of Crowley's Book of Thoth cross. Hubbard's son, Ron DeWolfe, says that Hubbard was something of an acolyte of Crowley, and after the death of the Beast 666, determined to take on his mantle.

Parsons was to die in June, 1952, in a chemical explosion that has often been suggested to have been a by-product of his cosmic tampering.


That may or may not have been so. Before his death Parsons was interviewed by FBI agents and admitted that he had been illegally in possession of a number of classified documents relating to explosives taken from Hughes Aircraft Corporation, and that he had furnished them to the Israeli government.


The question remains open as to who was responsible for Parson's death -infernal forces or Howard Hughes playing turnabout?

James Shelby Downard, in "The Call to Chaos" in Apocalypse Culture provides additional deep background on the intelligence agency-occult connection:

Consider that the secret society which became the nucleus of the Office of Strategic Services -Central Intelligence Agency octopus was making biotelemetry implants in unsuspecting people as early as 1933.


After the operations, the victims were kept drugged for a time and then were brainwashed (OSS-CIA is written that way because when the former became the latter, they changed the name but not the facts). I believe the implants were at first activated by touching the skin with a device similar to an electronic prod, but which actually was a symbolical phallus.


The early implants were made to stimulate the pudenda nerve, when triggered, so that the sexually excited and amnesiac-drugged victims could be used in the sex circuses of the OSS-CIA secret order. Those victims were not infrequently operated on while anesthetized by morphine and scopolomine, which produce analgesia and amnesia (twilight sleep, to esotericists).


They too were brainwashed after healing. This evil program, supposedly for the sake of national security, was oriented to the Cult of GAOTU (The Freemasonic god, the Great Architect of the Universe).

Downard also reports:

Saturnalian orgies were and are performed with some representation of a deity...


A woman I call the Great Whore performed in those rites some years ago, representing such deities as Artemis (Diana or Hecate), Aphrodite Porne (Dirty Venus), Bastet, Selket and the White Goddess described by Robert Graves in his famous book.


I do believe that these sex circuses were part of a greater Call to Chaos working...

Is Mr. Downard projecting all of this?


I am not entirely certain, but I do know that there are strong verifiable linkages between occultism, politics, and spycraft. One of the less-spoken-of aspects is their connection to homosexual and bisexual practices, long a mainstay of certain forms of ritual magick. With the risk of straying into Political Incorrectness (truth, as always, being a secondary concern of the arbiters of our national mindset), I will speak of such matters.

Jim Brandon in his excellent The Rebirth of Pan has commented on the attraction of UFOs, inexplicable Fortean events, and alien entities to sex activities of various sorts.


It should be noted that homosexual orgies seem to have been an integral part of many Mystery Religion rituals, the precursor of many current secret societal practices, and that in primitive tribes homosexuals were often looked upon as partaking of divinity, and took on the role of shamans (read "channelers" in latter-day parlance).


The Mystery Religions in addition utilized hallucinogenic drugs, Sun and Mother Goddess worship and human sacrifice - at least on occasion.

Aleister Crowley engaged in bisexual practices for some of his magickal workings, as did the cabal of "Apostles," a Cambridge University student group that was thoroughly infiltrated by the KGB and took over British intelligence in the 1930s, their influence said to have continued until the present day.


One of the founders of the Apostles, which was termed by members as "the Higher Sodomy" and "a sort of gay Freemasonry," was Sidney Reilly, "Ace of Spies" as the media has it.


Reilly was also part of the Rhodes Round Table group at 120 Broadway in New York that provided funding for the Bolshevik revolution.


An index to Reilly's viewpoint is provided in a letter on bolshevism that he penned in 1925:

I believe that... it [bolshevism] is bound by a process of evolution to conquer the world, as christianity and the ideas of the French Revolution have done before it... and that nothing - least of all violent reactionary forces - can stem its ever-rising tide... the much decried and so little understood "Soviets" which are the outward expression of bolshevism as applied to practical government, are the nearest approach I know of, to a real democracy based upon true social justice and that they may be destined to lead the world to the highest ideal of statesmanship - Internationalism.

Pretty straight Round Table-One Worldism in Bolshevik guise.

From the ranks of the Apostles came such highly-placed British intelligence turncoats as Anthony Blunt, Donald Maclean, Kim Philby, and Guy Burgess. These men were KGB agents who infiltrated and controlled the highest levels of British - and in certain instances - American spycraft.


In recent years Victor (Lord) Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family (which bankrolled Cecil Rhodes), a member of British intelligence during World War II, was fingered in the British Parliament as the most likely candidate for the highly-placed "Fifth Man" Soviet spy among his Apostle friends Blunt, Burgess, Philby, and Maclean.


Although there were calls for prosecution, Margaret Thatcher defended Rothschild and within months the case was closed.

The behind-the-scenes manipulation continues.


Another homosexual cabal that allegedly included Knight of Malta, British intelligence agent, and Rhodes Round Table lawyer Louis Bloomfield, along with homosexuals Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, as described by "Torbitt" in his pivotal investigative document Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal, is said to have been responsible - in an organizational sense - for the John F. Kennedy assassination.

There is a tangled web of Masonic symbolism that can be discerned in the events of the JFK assassination, beginning with the fact that the killing took place in the "Lone Star" (i.e. pentagram, Sirius) state.


Remarkable research in this regard has been done by James Shelby Downard, demonstrating that the Kennedy assassination was manipulated for ritual purposes in an enactment of the ages-old "Killing of the King" fertility ritual, admittedly a radical theory but one backed up by a good deal of evidence.

As John Michell has said in The Flying Saucer Vision,

"what we now suspect was in the past openly known.


The 'gods' demand sacrifices, perfect specimens for their own scientific purposes. In the days when the nature of the gods was known, their desires studied, and the benefits they could bring enjoyed, sacrifices were left for them on the high places which they frequented.


The relationship between the gods of mythology and the superior race from the sky, to whom the first sacrifices were made is a large subject which must soon be studied in detail."

In "The Call to Chaos" in Apocalypse Culture, Downard explains,

"The third degree of 'Blue' (basic) Freemasonry, and more particularly the ninth degree of Scottish Rite work, embody symbolical assassination and death ritual; but in GAOTU [the Great Architect of the Universe] operations they go in for the real McCoy: heavy snuff stuff."

The Kennedy assassination was performed at Dealey Plaza, the location of the first Masonic temple in Dallas.


"Security" for the Kennedy motorcade was supplied by the New Orleans CIA office, with headquarters in a Masonic temple building. Dealey Plaza is located near the Trinity River, and Kennedy's motorcade headed for the Triple Underpass, both references symbolic of the Masonic triangle and number three fixation.


In what may have been a symbolic dramatization of the Masonic Hiram Abif legend of assassination by three "unworthy craftsmen," after the Kennedy murder three "hoboes" were paraded in front of cameras by the Dallas police (one of the "hoboes" alleged to be E. Howard Hunt of the CIA), then the three were quickly released without record of their identity. In Masonic lore assassins travel in threes.

"Torbitt's" investigations persuasively show that the conspiracy to murder JFK was run from the top by Masonic Vice President Lyndon Johnson and 33rd degree Mason and homosexual J. Edgar Hoover, at the time playing dual roles in Washington as Director of the FBI and epically repulsive party girl, with Bloomfield (also very likely a Mason because of his affiliation with British intelligence) running a large network of conspirators and underlings in the killing of Kennedy.


Mason Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Mason Earl Warren to head the Warren Commission for investigation of the assassination. Information was doled out to the commission by Mason Hoover and Mason and ex-CIA director Allen Dulles, while 33rd degree Mason Gerald Ford seems to have done everything he could to discount the possibility that the murder had been perpetrated by anyone but a "lone nut assassin."

One macabre possibility is that Lee Harvey Oswald may have received the same sort of brain implant as the alleged saucer abductees mentioned earlier.


As detailed in The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell, the Mexico City CIA station was, immediately prior to the Kennedy assassination, the location of certain mind control experiments intended to create a "sleeper killer," that is, an hypnotically-controlled assassin. Russell also repeats a "deadly rumor" that was published in the little-known Were We Controlled? by the pseudonymous "Lincoln Lawrence."


Russell reports:

Lawrence began his chronicle on March 30, 1961, when Oswald was admitted to the Third Clinical Hospital's Ear, Nose, and Throat division in Minsk [Russia]. He had been suffering "complaints about suppuration from the right ear and weakened in hearing," and the diagnosis called for an adenoid operation.


Marina, whom he had recently met, came regularly to his bedside during his eleven-day stay in the hospital.

"After he was placed under anesthesia," Lawrence wrote, "advanced technique was employed to implant a miniaturized radio receiver which would produce muscular reaction in his cerebral region."

Thus, upon leaving the hospital, Oswald would "remain for the rest of his life - without his knowledge - a completely efficient human tool... subject to control!"

The author went on to describe two devices implanted in Oswald's brain.


One was R.H.I.C. (Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control),

"the ultra-sophisticated application of post-hypnotic suggestion triggered at will by radio transmission. It is a recurring hypnotic state, re-induced automatically at intervals by the same radio control"...

On record in the National Archives is a government memo dated March 3, 1964, from CIA director McCone to Secret Service chief James Rowley, which makes a remarkably similar speculation. Following his surgery at the Minsk hospital, McCone wrote, Oswald might have been,

"chemically or electronically 'controlled'... a sleeper agent. Subject spent 11 days hospitalized for a 'minor ailment' which should have required no more than three days hospitalization at best"...

But "Lincoln Lawrence" did not see Oswald ultimately as a pawn of the Soviets. Rather, he wrote that Oswald was later "high-jacked," or,

"maneuvered into the orbit of another group which trained and prepared him for work in the future when they (the second group) might have need for his 'special qualifications.' The second group then asserted control of Oswald upon his return to the United States in the summer of 1962..."

According to Lincoln Lawrence, Oswald was not the only manipulated cog in the wheel.


Another was Jack Ruby,

"placed under hypnosis... perhaps at a party or perhaps by some 'performer' who was pretending to offer a casual audition for the Carousel Club."

The entertainer at Ruby's club the week of the assassination was, in fact, a hypnotist, William Crowe, whose stage name was Bill DeMar.

It is verifiable that Masons and their allied secret societies are hardwired into the control systems of government and intelligence agencies, comprising a level of unseen motive and hidden intention in agencies that have the power of life and death over the citizens of the United States and the world. They control the controllers, so to speak, and if there was a conspiracy and a cover-up in the John F. Kennedy assassination, then they were certainly in a position to accomplish them.

James Shelby Downard, again, has stated:

But the ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic but sorcerous; for the control of the dreaming mind and the marshaling of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation.


Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963 - call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence - it is this transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder.

And the transformation continues...


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