by Mitch Battros
April 17, 2012

from EarthChangesMedia Website


Within the last week, we have observed several large earthquakes around the ring-of-fire; three volcanoes have elevated their alerts to "warning" or color code "orange"; and a string of devastating tornadoes.




New research identifies a steady stream of charged particles have been flowing from the Sun.


This is in addition to the escalation of solar flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) we have witnessed over the past few weeks. No surprise to the M,C,B-class flares and CMEs which often follow.


This is expected as part of Cycle 24's drive to solar maximum.

What is new, is the observation of a steady stream of solar wind (charged particles) flowing from the Sun. They are coming from coronal holes and newly described 'filament'.


The cause of what appears to be a new addition to solar cycles in the way of a steady stream is undetermined.


I will now inject my hypothesis:

I suggest it is related to our galaxy 'Milky Way'. Something is changing and we can see it in our neighboring planets and celestial orbs such as asteroid, comets and bolides.

I further suggest - the waves of charged particles hitting Earth's magnetic field, is both affecting Earth's atmosphere and Earth's core. As a result, shifting jet streams and ocean currents cause extreme weather.


I believe it is the effect on Earth's core which is causing a slight shift in the mantle, which in-turn has an effect on tectonic plates.

In the video below which occurred earlier today, you will see the looping of charged particles coming from the Sun.


My hypothesis suggests similar loops occur away from the Sun - perhaps in all parts of our Galaxy.

Released today in a new research study suggests that charged particles in a magnetic field can escape into infinity without ever stopping. One of the conditions is that the field is generated by current loops situated on the same plane.


I believe something is happening in our galaxy which is causing magnetic fields to 'loop' or spiral - not only related to the Sun, but to all celestial bodies.


Current Solar Activity

A few C-class flares and an M-class flare were observed during the past 24 hours. We expect active conditions with C-class and M-class flares possible, with largest activity coming from sunspot region 1459.







An M1.7 flare was observed by GOES on April 16, peaking at 17:40 UT.


The flare originated from an active region 1459 which crossing the east limb today coming towards meridian center. The accompanying CME propagated with the speed of about 1300 km/s.


This CME will not trigger significant geomagnetic activity, but a glancing glow from the CME-driven shock wave arriving late on April 18th is possible.


Solar wind speed is low, and amounts about 340 km/s.