September-October 2014

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Part 1
September 10, 2014







Once again, major, hard evidence is available from government scientific websites showing that major fraud is being perpetrated on us all regarding the latest vaccine scam through a well coordinated fear campaign by our government and associated regulatory agencies.


Weeks ago we first heard of Ebola out of Africa where no remedy was available. Then two doctors who were contaminated were brought into the U.S... Then, wait for it… they were cured and released!


Science had come through again.


Ebola vaccine was tested back in 2006 in over 4 government studies, who refused to publish their results because the results were probably too poor and ineffective, or worse, to report on their website.


Please forward to all; to teachers, friends, families, those on your list server: facebook, twitter, instagram, facetime, etc.


This madness can only end when we all become very well educated as to who, what and why the powers that need not be are using fear and mass lies of propaganda to get us to be injected with very, very questionable vaccinations.





Experimental Ebola vaccine to be injected into humans en masse beginning this January - WHO

30 September 2014 - Updated



'The United Nations isn't letting a good crisis go to waste, having recently endorsed the use of untested, experimental Ebola vaccines being rushed to market as this is typed.


Agence France-Presse reports that the vaccines, which are bypassing the normal testing and approval process, should be ready in bulk by early 2015 for use in West Africa.


Two vaccines in particular, one manufactured by British drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the other by U.S.-based NewLink Genetics, are being accelerated through clinical trials, according to World Health Organization (WHO) Assistant Director General Marie-Paule Kieny.


If all goes as planned, the jabs will be available to health workers as early as November.'





They Latest, Greatest FEAR Hype

GSK's Ebola vaccine to begin US clinical trials in weeks

September 05 , 2014



In addition, a steering committee made up of senior officials from NIH and the Department of Defense last week approved the first step toward using three advanced laboratories to manufacture Ebola vaccines and treatments, a person familiar with the planning said.




Proof the government has had the vaccine ready for 8 years!


Experimental Ebola Vaccine Trial

This study has been completed.


Information provided by: National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC) Identifier: NCT00072605


First received: November 4, 2003

Last updated: August 23, 2007

Last verified: August 2007




This study will test the safety of an experimental vaccine developed to protect against Ebola virus infection and to determine if the vaccine induces an immune response to the virus.


The Ebola virus causes a disease called Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms begin with fever and muscle aches and progress to breathing problems, severe bleeding, kidney problems, and shock. The infection may be mild, but it can also lead to death.


The vaccine used in this study is made from small parts of Ebola genetic material. It cannot cause Ebola hemorrhagic fever to develop in those who receive it.


Healthy volunteers 18 to 44 years of age may be eligible for this study. Candidates will be screened with a medical history, physical examination, and laboratory tests, and complete an "assessment of understanding" questionnaire to show that they understand the study.


Depending on their order of entry into the study, participants are assigned to receive one of three vaccine doses or placebo.


The first group receives the lowest dose (2 milligram) of vaccine or placebo. If this dose is safe, then the second group receives 4 mg, and if this dose is safe, the third group receives 8 mg. Injections are given in a muscle in the upper arm. Participants receive three injections, each 4 weeks apart (on study days 0, 28, and 56).


Participants record their temperature and symptoms in a diary card for 7 days following each injection. They return to the clinic 2 to 3 days after each injection and then 2 weeks after each injection until study week 10. Additional follow-up visits are then scheduled at weeks 12, 24, 38, and 52.


At each visit, participants provide a blood and urine sample for testing and have their vital signs, and lymph nodes checked, their weight measured, and their symptoms reviewed.







A service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health

Include only open studies

Exclude studies with unknown status







Evaluating an Ebola and a Marburg Vaccine in Uganda



Ebola Virus Disease;  Marburg Virus Disease


Biological: Ebola vaccine;  Biological: Marburg vaccine;  Other: Placebo injection



Experimental Vaccine for Prevention of Ebola Virus Infection



Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever;  Ebola Virus Disease;  Ebola Virus Vaccines;  Envelope Glycoprotein, Ebola Virus;  Filovirus


Drug: VRC-EBOADV018-00-VP



Ebola and Marburg Virus Vaccines



Ebola Vaccines;  Marburg Virus Disease;  Ebola Virus Disease;  Marburgvirus;  Ebolavirus


Drug: VRC-EBODNA023-00-VP;  Drug: VRC-MARDNA025-00-VP



Experimental Ebola Vaccine Trial



Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola;  Healthy


Drug: VRC-EBODNA012-00-VP



Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of the Ebola Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vector Vaccine (cAd3-EBO), VRC-EBOADC069-00-VP, in Healthy Adults



Healthy Adult Immune Responses to Vaccine


Biological: VRC-EBOADC069-00-VP



Safety Study of Single Administration Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Treatment for Ebola Virus



Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever


Drug: Placebo;  Drug: AVI-6002







Ebola - Creating Disease Profit and Control










From the Medical Doctors and Nurses themselves…






The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an association of medical doctors, registered nurses and other qualified medical professionals whose purpose is to counter the messages asserted by pharmaceutical companies, the government and medical agencies that vaccines are safe, effective and harmless.


Our conclusions have been reached individually by each member of the Council, after thousands of hours of personal research, study and observation.






Principles and Findings

  • We are profoundly critical of the practice of vaccination. Vaccination is an unacceptable risk to every member of society, regardless of age.

  • As medical professionals, Council members have observed first-hand the health of vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. We find the latter group to be robust, healthy and drug-free compared to the former group.

  • We have reviewed published studies in support of vaccines and have found them wanting in both substance and science.

  • We have brought out into the open hundreds of peer-reviewed, published medical articles that document the damage and the diseases caused by vaccines.

  • We find the premise of herd immunity to be a faulty theory.

  • We encourage intelligent debate about vaccination.

  • We expect individuals to take responsibility for their health and the health of their children by investigating the problems due to vaccination prior to subjecting their children, or themselves, to this medical procedure.

  • We believe that refusing vaccination is a personal right that should be legislatively guaranteed.


Board of Directors

  • Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH

  • Suzanne Humphries, MD

  • Sherri Tenpenny, DO


Board of Advisors

  • Alexander Kotok, MD, PhD

  • Demetra Vagias, MD, ND

  • Harold Buttram, MD

  • Jayne Donegan, MBBS

  • Juan Manuel Martinez Mendez, MD

  • Kris Gaublomme, MD

  • Robert Davidson, MD, PhD







  • 2007 SARS Virus

  • 2008 Bird Virus

  • 2009 The Great H1N1 scare which allowed vaccination manufactures to get immunity from prosecution for any vaccines

  • 2010 HPV vaccine

  • 2011 Whooping Cough

  • 2012 MMR (measles)

  • 2013 Pregnant Women for Hep B,

  • 2014 Ebola…

All this annual new scare while Big Pharma makes Big Bank.





Vaccine Nation - Selling Fear, Making Bank



If you follow the CDC's recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

The corporate owned media is spouting off again in big bold headlines around here about all the deaths incurring from the newly revived H1N1 virus.


Not so coincidentally, California law is passed in 2014 to make those who refuse to vaccinate their children to attend public school must now go to a doctor so that he/she can inform them of the dangers of not getting your child vaccinated.


Sadly, the new laws are also requiring parents to have to disclose what vaccinations, if any, they have given their children and now, NYC is now mandatory vaccinations on all children that attend day care and preschools while study after study after study after study prove that the those who get vaccinations are the MOST likely and ARE getting the disease while Big Pharma makes Big Bank.

We have been conditioned to accept that every year a new or revived virus is amongst us all and if we don't get vaccinated the declared PANDEMIC will occur.


The internationally accepted definition of a pandemic as it appears in the Dictionary of Epidemiology is straightforward and well-known:

‘an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people'.

Though only a few cases of the actual virus are detected the world PANDEMIC is used often and easily.

In 2006 we had the SARS virus where only a few Asians died but major cities like Toronto were shut down and kicked off the annual flu scare/hype/profit season.


  • in 2007 we had the Bird Flu Scare

  • in 2008, the Swine Flu scare which morphed into the 2009 H1N1 scare

  • followed by the 2010 HPV vaccines for girls or else they would get cancer, and now boys being included

  • followed by the 2011 Whooping Cough scare affecting teenagers with mandatory vaccinations

  • followed by 2012 law where children can get vaccinated without parental knowledge or permission in CA (source),

...and now we are being told that the H1N1 is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

As you can read below, Bill Gates had called for a "Decade of Vaccination" campaign is funding billions to research into the aerial spraying of "hard to reach rural areas" for delivery of vaccinations. WTF is going on?

The good news is more and more parents are waking up and beginning to understand that most physicians and nurses giving the vaccines do as their told and do not even know what is in most of the vaccines they recommend and give out so easily. Scroll down to show what is in the vaccinations. It should surprise everyone for a reason, they don't want you to know.


In 2008, 39 percent of parents became educated about vaccinations and refused or delayed vaccines for their children.


This compares to just 22 percent in 2003.The numbers have assuredly gone higher but data is hard to find since media doesn't wish this type of information gets publicized.


The data comes from a telephone survey of the parents of 9,000 toddlers. Many of the parents were worried about whether the vaccines were safe or effective.


WebMD reports:

  • 27 percent said too many shots were recommended

  • 26 percent questioned whether vaccines really worked

  • 25 percent cited worries that vaccines might cause autism

  • 24 percent worried about side effects




Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting Vancouver, Canada

May 01-04, 2010



I have not vaccinated my child of 8 since I learned of the dangers involved where even the best pediatricians have little knowledge of what they were injecting into children.


My son has not been sick, other than an occasional cold. We are still our child's first guardians and vaccinations are big business for Big Pharma with complete complicity our government regulatory agencies.


The precautionary principle says if you don't know the harm, don't do it.


There are so many other alternatives to vaccines such as homeopathic medicine and healthy nutritional diets to build up a child's immune systems that are never, ever promoted by our healthcare agencies because big business has little to profit from such promotion.




CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus



The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which WAS cached here (since removed by Google so you can view an image of the cache here below):





They are admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40.


It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.





SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans.


Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer. SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the tumor-suppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigen.


Mutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation, leading to cancer.





by Jamie Lee



Please consider the following facts:

If you follow the Center for Disease Controls recommended vaccination schedule, your children will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he or she is 6 years of age.


By the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children have gotten a whopping total of 69 doses of 16 vaccines.


Vaccine companies over the last eight years have outperformed all other medical companies in annualized profits with a stellar return of 32% annually.


In 2009, during the H1N1 scare where more people in the U.S. died of the common cold, the National Institute of Health granted complete immunity from prosecution for vaccine makers.


From 2010 to 2013 Medical drug manufactures paid out an all-time record $16 Billion in fines for drugs that killed, maimed and injured consumers (but no vaccine companies since they had immunity from prosecution.) Drug manufactures know that they only will have to pay fines if their medicine proves to be unsafe, so it is factored into as a cost of doing business.


In 2012 Kaiser Permanente of San Rafael reported that 91% of the cases for Whooping Cough, the same vaccine being required, and soon mandatory, to enter 7th grade public schools, HAD been vaccinated for Whooping Cough.


If more than 10% of students in public schools opt out of being inoculated, then Federal funds are cut from the schools.


According to WebMD, In 2008, 39 percent of parents became educated about vaccinations and refused or delayed vaccines for their children. This compares to just 22 percent in 2003. No further comparisons have been done since then.


The Marin IJ reported in 2013 that families that opted out of vaccinations for their children had the highest degrees of formal education.


The CDC has admitted, according to their own website, that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40.


It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.








Part 2
October 4, 2014







The Hype, The Hypno and The Hypo

hypno- word-forming element meaning "sleep," from Greek hypno-, comb. form of hypnos "sleep" (see somnolence).


hype (n.) "excessive or misleading publicity or advertising," 1967, American English (the verb is attested from 1937), probably in part a back-formation of hyperbole, but also from underworld slang sense "swindle by overcharging or short-changing" (1926), a back-formation of hyper "short-change con man" (1914), from prefix hyper- meaning "over, to excess."


Also possibly influenced by drug addicts' slang hype, 1913 shortening of hypodermic needle.


Related: Hyped; hyping.


In early 18c., hyp "morbid depression of the spirits" was colloquial for hypochondria (usually as the hyp or the hyps).


hypo- word-forming element meaning "under, beneath" (in chemistry, indicating a lesser oxidation), from hypo-, comb. form of Greek hypo (prep. and adverb) "under," from PIE *upo- "under, up from under, over" (see sub-).

Read 'Vaccine Nation ~ Selling Fear, Making Bank'.









See "Ebola - 47 Questions and Answers that Will Set your Hair on Fire".











Part III

NWO Endgame On
October 25, 2014




Fear Everyone and Run ?


Obama - Bush Inside


Face Everything and Reform???


Fire. Earth. Air and Rain (of tears).



Interesting times indeed.

It is very hard to make any sense out of the madness that is the Great Ebola CR-ISIS and only two people have allegedly died so far.

"Tell them the biggest lie, yes. But, they have to want the kind of lie you're telling. It has to give them equal parts of fear and fascination".

(Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda operative).

ONLY TWO PEOPLE have died in the U.S. yet mass fear and near hysteria is setting in, everyone is being prepped for the mandatory vaccinations and martial law that awaits this coming Winter, just as the Great Propaganda Machine from our very own Ministry of Truth planned out years in advance.

Only two people have died yet we have,

  • Mass evidence of Ebola creation at CDC labs in Africa of this designer strain of Ebola.

  • Mass evidence that the National Institute of Health had been working on several Ebola vaccines in their labs since 2003 and before.

  • Mass evidence that Ebola was patented by the U.S. Government in 2009.

  • Mass evidence that Ebola tests were heavily funded after the U.S. Bioweapons labs created and deployed the Anthrax virus in 2001 that killed just 10 PEOPLE but received some $ 70 Billion in funding thereafter.

  • Mass evidence the Ebola testing machines don't even work, by the guy who designed it himself.



Genetic engineering

can do far more damage

than nuclear bombs".

Michael Crichton M.D.




As I've been pointing out, the standard test for diagnosing Ebola is the PCR, which has many flaws that render it misleading and useless. Therefore, "diagnosed with Ebola," through the PCR test, means nothing.


"Ebola" could be flu, could be "drinking contaminated water," could be any number of non-Ebola conditions.

"The definitive identification of the Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) requires additional testing and confirmation procedures in consultation with public health or other authorities for whom reporting is required.


The diagnosis of Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) infection must be made based on history, signs, symptoms, exposure likelihood, and other laboratory evidence in addition to the identification of the Ebola Zaire virus (detected in the West Africa outbreak in 2014) by this [PCR] test."


Evidence that Hax Mats suits are a complete joke and that, just like Katrina, the government is being portrayed as inept, stumbling, fumbling and bumbling to keep everyone off balance.


And when fear reaches the critical Problem/Reaction/need a Solution we will have mandatory vaccinations, National ID Vaccines and great panic.

This is all scheduled for the Winter, just as the water to California doesn't show up again after water was cut off to Central Valley farmers in the Spring, yet all in state kept the golf courses green, the car washes open, home lawns watered, etc. during the "Greatest Drought in the History of California", according to Governor "Moonbeam" Brown.

Additionally, we have great sickness and disease forecast going forward as the World Health Organization recently came out with a major report that we will see a 70% increase in cancer within just 16 years.



"We are lived

by forces we barely understand".

W.H. Auden



We know chemtrails cause heavy metals into our food and soils and cause respiratory ailments that have been raining down across the globe for over two decades now causing Moregellons disease as well.


We know radiation from Fukushima and other nuclear fallout will cause symptoms just like the Ebola virus for decades to come. We know our foods are tainted with chemicals, dyes, irradiation and Genetic Modification using fluoridated water supplies.

Is this the perfect cover for the Ebola virus to be diagnosed with similar symptoms for mass quarantine and vaccinations for decades to come?

And how successful they have been where 10 deaths of the Anthrax scare in 2001 brings out radical change to our civil rights with the Patriot Act. Where the killings of few in Boston by allegedly two 19 year old Russians with pressure cookers gets most of Boston lockdown with "Shelter in Place" orders on the very lands of the Boston Tea Party.

And now ONLY TWO DEATHS and they've got the entire planet of FEAR alert for things to come.

You have to admit, they're really, really good at the Fear and Severe Crisis Social Engineering (FASCE) and Sheeple Conditioning and Response Effort (SCARE).



The Ebola Breakout Coincided With United Nations Vaccine Campaigns


The Ebola pandemic began in late February in the former French colony of Guinea while United Nations agencies were conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns for three other diseases in rural districts.


The simultaneous eruptions of this filovirus virus in widely separated zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire Ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans.

Yoichi Shimatsu



The cross-border escape of Ebola into neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia indicates something went terribly wrong during the illegal clinical trials by a major pharmaceutical company.


Through the lens darkly, the release of Ebola may well have been an act of biowarfare in the post-colonial struggle to control mineral-rich West Africa.

Earlier this year, rural residents eagerly stood in line to receive vaccinations from foreign-funded medical programs.


Since the cover-up of the initial outbreak, however, panicked West Africans rural folk are terrified of any treatment from international aid programs for fear of a rumored genocide campaign. The mass hysteria is also fueled in a region traditionally targeted by Western pedophiles by the fact that filovirus survives longer in semen than in other body fluids, a point that resulted in murderous attacks on young men believed to be homosexuals.


Ebola detonated fear and loathing, and perhaps that is exactly the intended objective of a destabilization strategy.

This ongoing series of investigative journalism reports on the Ebola crisis exposes how West Africans are largely justified in their distrust of the Western aid agencies that unleashed, whether by mistake or deliberate intent, the most virulent virus known to man.

A pair of earlier articles by this writer examined the British and American roles in developing Ebola into a biological weapon and its antidotes into commercial products. This third essay examines the strange coincidence of the earliest breakout in Guinea with three major vaccine campaigns conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN children's agency UNICEF.


At least two of the vaccination programs were implemented by Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders), while some of those vaccines were produced by Sanofi Pasteur, a French pharmaceutical whose major shareholder is the Rothschild Group.


This report uncovers the French connection to the African Ebola pandemic.

The reason for suspecting a vaccine campaign rather than an individual carrier is due to the fact that the Ebola contagion did not start at a single geographic center and then spread outward along the roads. Instead. simultaneous outbreaks of multiple cases occurred in widely separated parts of rural Guinea, indicating a highly organized effort to infect residents in different locations in the same time-frame.

The Ebola outbreak in early March coincided with three separate vaccination campaigns countrywide:

  • a cholera oral vaccine effort by Medicins Sans Frontieres under the WHO

  • UNICEF-funded prevention programs against meningitis and polio










"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth,

and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts…

For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost,

I am willing to know the whole truth…"
Patrick Henry





The Tuskegee Experiment (1932-1972) was a 40-year American government study of the effects of untreated syphilis on black men.


"Untreated" is the key word: when a cure for the disease was found in the 1940s, none of the men were allowed to receive it, not even to save their lives or stop them from going mad. It sounds like some cruel Nazi experiment.


And yet it went on even after laws were passed in the late 1940s to prevent Nazi-like experiments! Of the 399 men in the study 128 died directly or indirectly from the disease.


They spread it to 40 of their wives who in turn gave it to 19 of their children.


Timeline of U.S. Government Biological Experimentation on It's Own People

1932 The Infamous Tuskegee Study


In recent history, we have seen the influence of occult population control advocates here in America.


Nowhere is that influence better demonstrated than in the Tuskegee Study, a scientific research program in which 400 syphilis-infected black men were recruited by the U.S. Public Health Service back in 1932.

The evil men who conceived that Nazi-style study justified their atrocity by alleging that scientists needed to learn how untreated syphilis progressed in the human body. For a period of forty years, between 1932 and 1972, the genocidal Tuskegee Study continued.


It was not until 1972, when one newspaper finally had the courage to break the story to the public, that the Tuskegee Study was finally terminated.




The Population Control Agenda

  • 1945-1955

    Much of the original proof that fluoride is safe for humans in low doses was generated by A-bomb program scientists who had been secretly ordered to provide "evidence useful in litigation" against defense contractors for fluoride injury to citizens.


    The first lawsuits against the American A-bomb program were not over radiation, but over fluoride damage, the documents show.


    Human studies were required. Bomb program researchers played a leading role in the design and implementation of the most extensive US study of the health effects of fluoridating public drinking water, conducted in Newburgh, New York, from 1945 to 1955.


    Then, in a classified operation code-named "Program F", they secretly gathered and analyzed blood and tissue samples from Newburgh citizens with the cooperation of New York State Health Department personnel.


    The original, secret version (obtained by these reporters) of a study published by Program F scientists in the August 1948 Journal of the American Dental Association shows that evidence of adverse health effects from fluoride was censored by the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)-considered the most powerful of Cold War agencies-for reasons of "national security".


    The bomb program's fluoride safety studies were conducted at the University of Rochester-site of one of the most notorious human radiation experiments of the Cold War, in which unsuspecting hospital patients were injected with toxic doses of radioactive plutonium.


    The fluoride studies were conducted with the same ethical mindset, in which "national security" was paramount.

  • 1950 Sept. 20-26

    One of the biggest experiments involved the use of Serratia marcescens and bacillus globigii being sprayed over 117 square miles of the San Francisco area, causing pneumonia-like infections in many of the residents.


    The family of one elderly man who died in the test sued the government, but lost. To this day, syraceus is a leading cause of death among the elderly in the San Francisco area.

  • 1950

    Department of Defense begins plans to detonate nuclear weapons in desert areas and monitor downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates

  • 1953

    U.S. military releases clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia. Their intent is to determine how efficiently they could disperse chemical agents.

  • 1953

    CIA initiates Project MKULTRA. This is an eleven year research program designed to produce and test drugs and biological agents that would be used for mind control and behavior modification. Six of the subprojects involved testing the agents on unwitting human beings...







(Remember these guys are very long term planners.)

It appears it is time for the "brave new idea of a New World Order" is revealing itself in full now.


Note the inscription date of May 1st, 1776.


This was the date of the founding of the Illuminati of Order by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria which then came to the United States and had great influence on George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, who were high level Scottish-Rite Freemasons themselves.












Please read quickly down below about Deagel, Inc., an apparent elite insider mass military publication cataloging company that held wild estimates for country by country depopulation, before the site is taken down. I had a chance to view the site while it was up an running yesterday.

The cover website shows Deagel to be some sort of military accounting hardware publication which listed every single aircraft of some 203 country's by name, address and contact.

Searching further I found and astonishing list of every single embassy in these 203 country's, there contact info, list of all national and international banks, lists of all government financial institutions, all spook agencies as well listed by nation.

I searched for an "about" but found none. No contact information either. Likewise nothing on Wiki or Google Images. I then went into the country of origin to determine the population predictions by 2025 that Deagel had recorded for each of the 203 countries. I found most countries of the Far East, the South would see flat to moderate rates of population increase by 2025.

Yet countries like the U.S., Great Britain, Israel, Sweden, etc. were going to see declines in populations by half and more by 2025, as you can see cached down below.

Interestingly, 2025 is also the U.S. Air Forces goal for Owning the Weather:








Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Canadian Press that it's "quite conceivable, if not likely" that fast-tracked Ebola vaccines may have to be given to entire countries to get the viral outbreak under control (via Modern 'Healthcare'):

"It is conceivable that this epidemic will not turn around even if we pour resources into it. It may just keep going and going and it might require a vaccine."

"As the epidemic gets more and more formidable and in some cases out of control it is quite conceivable, if not likely, that we may need to deploy the vaccine to the entire country to be able to shut the epidemic down. That is clearly a possibility."






"You never let a serious crisis go to waste.

And what I mean by that it's an opportunity

to do things you think you could not do before".

Rahm Emanuel

former Chief of Staff to President Obama

and dual citizen with Israel.



Is Ebola the Delivery Vehicle towards the desired NWO?

Please read Part I and Part II of the Great Ebola Hoax which documents that labs have been working on Ebola drugs since the original outbreaks in 1976,

  • where Ebola was named after a river in the Congo

  • where the National Institute of Health has conducted no less than 4 Ebola vaccination trials in 2003 and 2006

Step by step by step, year by year by year, the indoctrination of fear from viral disease has been foisted upon all so that the Great Fear can be inputted for willing submission to power as it appears the NWO will play their Big Hand for the End Game.

How will it now play out?


Pick your favorite with odds. Winners will be notified by mail.

  • Obama greets Ebola victim in White House this week, gets the virus. White House is quarantined and Martial Law is declared until after 2016. Elections are canceled and Obama remains dictator in chief. (2-1)


  • NYC reports daily increases of positive Ebola. City is locked down. Obama declares martial law with Shelter in Place mandates, followed by mass vaccinations ordered. Panic ensues across all major cities and every single cough by other is said to have the Ebola as flu season hits its peak. (6-1)


  • Refugees recently allowed into country from Mexico and Haiti by Obama arrive with the Ebola virus. Martial law is declared. The country is put under quarantine, mass vaccinations are mandatory. Markets crash, U.S. goes back to gold standard. Wealth of all U.S. Citizens goes down by 2/3rd's. (6-1)


  • Actual sickness' from years of mass chemtrailing, as well as Fukushima radiation causes Ebola type sickness for years and years and is blamed on Ebola virus. Mass vaccinations are ordered and those that resist are relocated to FEMA camps. (8-1)


  • NWO gets thwarted by people waking up and not taking bullshit anymore. People come together and abolish the government and create their own sovereign ownerships where they live and reside in peace, harmony and happiness where Rights of Nature is revered and lands, air and soil is preserved for generations to come. (1000-1)





Also, in 2009, the United States Government patented the Ebola Virus. (Source)

Then in July of 2014 President "I'll Bomb-ya all" signed another one of his hundreds of Executive Orders, Order 13295, (thereby, again, bypassing Congressional oversight and approval) to declare anyone with a "respiratory illness" could then put into quarantine by his command, even with our without martial law being,

...and ONLY TWO DEATHS IN UNITED STATES TO DATE and look what they've accomplished already to get order out the chaos.