by Dr. Andrew Silverman

from Karmapolis Website




The following text is the transcript of an interview that Nigel Kerner, a British journalist gave to Karmapolis in relatively funny and exotic conditions (Kerner is still living remotely in a jungle of South East Asia and one of his collaborator served as medium between him and us).


"The Song of The Greys", the title of his last book is one of the most original approach of the Grey’s phenomenon, the abduction’s problem and the extraterrestrial topic because all of his speculations, observations and deductions were always sustained by the last scientific findings, sometimes "weird" science but still science.


The universe according to Nigel Kerner is a frightening and disconcerting universe, a world ineluctably chaotic and "devolutive" where the machines are the true Satan of this century, and maybe from all eternity.


The Short Grey extraterrestrial, as robots are the incarnation of an absolute devil, cold, and emotionless.


The Greys could be those who gave us as legacy our propensity to a violent behavior and to our general eugenics policies throughout history.





Those amazing robots could have inserted in our genotype some sequences that manipulate us because they hopelessly need what they don’t have and that we have, a soul.


We are toward them a kind of Holy Graal, a philosophal stone that changes a machine into an eternal sentient being.

The following text is the original version in English of the interview.



Who is Mr. Kerner, what is his background, his formation?

Nigel Kerner is the son of a Naval Officer who served in South East Asia Command of the British Fleet Air Arm during the War. His mother is of British Plantation owning stock who lived in the Far East. The family migrated to England in the late fifties where they have lived ever since. Mr Kerner now lives with his family on his estate in middle England. Please see his book cover for more details. Mr Kerner has received four plausible affirmed death threats as a result of his book already and you will understand he is cautious not to give too many details about himself.

Did you have any personal experience with the abduction subject?


Why were you so interested with the alien problem and specially the short greys?

I have children. I soon came to see that there is no greater peril to their future welfare and indeed the welfare of all children in all human generations to come, than the danger these entities present to all sentient living beings in any planet that supports intelligent life.

Why, as far as you know, was the grey the subject of this book? Why not another kind of e.b.e. (like more humanoid aliens, the blond aryan type etc)? How do you know that the greys are behind the problem of genetic interception?

The book does mention the other types of alien being witnessed by abductees - the taller more humanoid beings, the blond Aryan types and the reptilian alien forms.


In fact these different forms are discussed in greater detail in Mr. Kerner’s forthcoming book:

"So You Believe There Is No God".

But the first book does focus mainly on the Grey aliens for two main reasons.


First, the Greys are common to almost all abduction experiences. If the other types are seen they are nearly always accompanied by the Greys.


Second, the Greys are the most dangerous of all the alien types to soul-bearing beings such as ourselves because they are robotic in nature and lack any connection whatsoever to anything that is not of the material, physical universe. The other beings are different forms of clone derivatives who have a referred connection based on a biological, living sentient modulus however indirect this might be, to living soul-bearing entities.

You ask how we know that the Greys are behind the problem of genetic interception. Most abductees report that it is the Greys that carry out the horrendous physical procedures on them. These procedures mostly seem to be connected to human reproduction and procreation - the harvesting of sperm and ova and the manufacturing of hybrid ‘children’. It is in fact their principle program to protect and further the existence of the biological cloned beings and Nigel Kerner strongly suspects that this has led them into their genetic interception of Earth-based humanity in the first place.


These clones would have to have been re-cloned so many times that their biologies were breaking down and losing their ability to continue into the future as living organisms. After all Entropy would break down everything in time to greater states of randomness and disorder with time. Thus the Greys, the guardians of the clones, would naturally and logically look for a mechanism to hold this life force that was more permanent and would not break down with entropic momentums. They discovered that mechanism in living soul-bearing beings such as ourselves. They detected our facility to physically die and yet return to life again through birth.


They noticed that the same ‘electro-spatial’ field (SOUL) left and came back again into the realm of physical life when a living being was born. They are desperate to bridge the clones that they, the Grey roboids, were built and programmed to serve, into this facility for continuance. They are seeking a way for their Clones to be born. That is the sole reason for their genetic interception of humanity and no-doubt that of other species like ours at other locations in the universe. It is the under-base of all their endeavor. Something they themselves saw they had no choice but to do.

Why was Mr.Kerner so interested by the subject of the short grey. Is it because he was a witness of abduction or a close encounter or a similar fact?

As far as I know: No.

Does he know personally people who were victims of abduction?


When we looked at the sources of the information in your book; most of it is scientific sources, magazines etc. Do you (or Mr.Kerner) have other kinds of sources like personal accounts, some kind of military or government sources who confirmed the alien (I mean grey) visitation and the genetic interception?

We have come across numerous personal accounts of alien abduction and visitation from extremely reliable witnesses, doctors, teachers, military pilots, airline pilots, soldiers etc. Many of these accounts were given in television interviews, whilst others were found in the excellent book ‘Abduction’ written by Harvard Professor John Mack, and the extremely perceptive books ‘Secret Life’ and ‘Threat’ written by Dr. David Jacobs. We have a dossier of videos containing hours of footage of UFO sightings, witness accounts and abduction experiences. The Rendlesham Forest air base at which numerous military personnel including a Colonel witnessed an unmistakable UFO sighting stands out as particularly interesting

There are also many books that we have drawn on written by people who are or were themselves involved in the military or the Government – for example Nick Pope the British Civil Servant who was in charge of a British government section devoted to investigating UFOs as a phenomenon and Timothy Good. No lesser person than Admiral Lord Hill Norton while he was Chief Of Staff of the armed forces Of Britain (1971-73) has stated unequivocally that he believed that UFOs were real extra-terrestrial craft The British government went to great lengths to minimize the exposure of his views in the Press.

When the religious sources write about some kind of gods or magical beings, is it only speculation that allows you to think that those beings are connected with the greys?

The first thing that drew my attention to the possibility that the ‘God’ that features in certain religious texts (particularly the Old Testament of the Bible) might be somewhat suspect was the extremely fallible human qualities that this ‘God’ seems to display.
He is vengeful (‘an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth’ ); jealous (‘thou shalt have no other Gods before me for I am a jealous God’ ) and downright violent. In fact not only does he condone the slaughter of large numbers of people considered to be enemies to his ‘chosen few ’ he actually instigates the carnage. This made me take a closer look at these texts and when I did so I discovered many explicit references to alien technology.


The ‘prophet’ Ezekiel actually described the spaceship he saw, the ‘wheel within a wheel’ that ‘lifted up’ from the earth shining with amber coloured light. He was also shown cloning procedures. The examples of alien technology at the time of Moses, as you will have seen from the book, are numerous – a ‘pillar of fire’ (a laser beam) that accompanied the children of Israel wherever they went, references to Moses’ abduction in a spaceship etc The Hindu texts also speak plainly of alien craft ‘vimanas’ flying in the sky.


It is perhaps no coincidence that the texts recording the sayings of Christ and Buddha and their descriptions of ‘Godhead’ give no indication of any alien input. In fact, as is illustrated in the book, Jesus actually instructed his disciples on the nature of the alien threat and how to cope with it. This close and inextricable tie with the UFOs with the main sources of religion and religious belief throughout history was to me the greatest revelation of all.

Can you describe in short and clear terms the legacy that the grey gives to us? What kind of connection do we have with them.

The most important thing to understand about the legacy of the Greys is that they established their connection with us hundreds of thousands of years ago with their interception of the primitive species that existed at that time on the Earth. Like fishermen they cast their lines out into the sea and caught the only fish that would bite at that time. First the primitive Miocene apes, then the Australopithecenes, then Homo Habilis and eventually our ‘ancestor’, the ‘African Eve’ - Homo Erectus.


These primates and hominids were the ends of devolving lines of soul field that incarnated at this location in the universe. They were the ‘foam’ that stayed on the beach of the physical universe after the vast tide of soul chose to return to Godhead and leave the perils of a physical universe behind. That ‘foam’ was caught by irregularities in the sand on the beach, the chaotic irregularities of a physical universe governed by entropic momentums.

The Greys could only reach the more primitive species at first but once they had set their hooks into those species and hybridized them with other slightly less primitive species present at the time, they could then start to reel in the lines of soul that would lead them closer to what they were looking for – a bridge into eternal life for the Clones that they were programmed to look after. They ‘rewired’ their hybrids with brain circuits that they had lost through natural devolution.


The roboids had a full circuit plan from the Prime Beings that had originally programmed them and they used that plan to re-establish these far more primitive species that they found on our planet in as close an aspect to these prime beings and their clones as they could possibly do. This rewiring became easier as the hybridization process produced better and better body aerials for receiving expressions of soul field that were closer to Godhead into physical life, and therefore closer to the state of their original Prime Beings.

One might say that through this procedure the Greys brought about human ‘evolution’ and that they in that sense could be seen as a great blessing to humanity. However as you have read in my book nothing could be further from the truth. Their genetic interception of the primitive hominids was for their purposes only. It was not a magnanimous gesture based on love and pity for a species they found on a planet. Further, I believe their interception of a species endangered not just our physicality but more important our status beyond atoms after death. (I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that we continue after death). Thus alien interception endangered and endangers now, our eternal prospectus.

This is because their genetic interception provides blocks to the natural communion that ought to take place between a soul and the body aerial it has formed to house it in physical life. Without this interception the more rapidly devolving hominid species lines on this planet would have naturally devolved into monkeys whilst the more slowly devolving lines, such as the Neanderthals might, in some cases have returned to Godhead.


With the interception and the hybridization it involved, these more slowly devolving lines were compelled to reincarnate into alien intercepted lines and forced to take on the disadvantages of that interception. Thus, apparent evolution in the fossil record is nothing more than a tracer for alien interception, Grey Roboid ‘fishermen’ reeling in the lines of soul to get as close to the source of eternal life as possible.

The legacy they have given us as modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens and are still giving us, has three parts: There are the subtle way in which our environment has been altered culturally, politically and through increased enforcement as a result of
alien-inspired technology (microwaves etc). Then of course there is the genetic manipulation to try and make us more compatible with them. This has the effect of altering our DNA configuration in such a way as to tend to make it less receptive to what we have described as ‘God-light’.


This reduces our sense of spiritual connection to other human beings i.e. our capacity for empathy. This, therefore promotes self-centred behaviour keeping us stuck in an entropic universe caught in a vicious circle of diminishing independent existential tenure. Thirdly, it seems that some individuals may have physical implants in their bodies after abduction which could act as tracers so that individual ‘experimental subjects’ can be monitored remotely.

The connection we have with the Grey aliens is through the genetic tracers they have placed within us. Perhaps through ‘nanobots’. (See below). Human qualities such as compassion and conscience are "alien" to their programming and so make interception more difficult for them.

Why are they so dangerous, so predatory?

Their biggest danger lies in the fact that their genetic interception denies many individuals the chance for eternal life. That interception provides blockers against an individual soul’s natural reception of ‘God-light’ – (the expression of the infinite reach of the ‘universe of the whole’ - what I like to call the GODVERSE - into the finite reach of the ‘universe of parts’ - see book.)


We are caught in a physical existence because we have certain ‘restrictions’ certain qualities that reflect a lack of understanding of the true nature of reality. Qualities such as hate, envy, greed, aggression, etc. These qualities are mental momentums that separate parts as the Universe separates parts. They are the consciousness equivalent of the physical entropic momentums for separation in the universe.


Thus they provide ‘scratches’ and ‘dirty marks’ on the individual ‘lenses’ through which the light of God shines into us. These blemishes distort and twist that light defining each of our individualities as extents of difference to that light. That’s how we defined our individualities in the first place. Alien interception provides extra scratches and dirty marks that are extra to our own ‘restrictions’ or ‘sins’. Thus alien interception is an imposition on us.

Their predatory nature is due to the fact that they see us as their experimental subjects. If they were human and were acting out of motives of cruelty or hatred then these things would lead to their own destruction as a people in time but because they are just self-generating machines – they can continue following their agenda as long as there is physically-based sentient life to prey on.

It is crucially important that we do not try to understand the Grey aliens in anthropomorphic terms. These Grey roboids are programmed machines. They have no facility for human emotions such as cruelty. They feel the same way about us as most scientists feel about their laboratory rats - neutral, cold, experimentation.


Abductees have commented on the blank, emotionless faces of the Greys as they carry out painful procedures on their human subjects.

Do you know the fact that Lt. Colonel Corso, a US officer who was at the head of a research and development department – foreign technology retrieved – at the Pentagon, confirms your thesis that the greys are purely robotic, that they were designed for space travel? What do you think about it? Do you know if there is other scientist or military people who confirm this? Do you contact them?

It is simple sense that there has to be ways past the barrier of the speed of light. This is only a nominal ceiling to define the engine of the separation of parts – our Universe. The skin that wraps it in a shape that allows for this scenario of continuous separation to take place. We are told this skin can be broken by punching holes in space/time. Finding what they call ‘Wormholes’ or making your own wormhole yourself as the Greys’ technology showed when one of their craft was examined by a Physicist called Bob Lazaar.


He discovered an array of what he called gravity amplifiers that could amplify gravity in one place consequently negating it in another. The craft simply ‘fell’ into this location with no gravity. With no gravity you have no limit to speed. More important you have no inertia. Thus no G forces. This is how these craft disappear so instantly. However if they have to land or stop they have to come into a gravitational field and thus inertia. In inertia you have a lot of problems with a physical body.


You thus need a physical body that can withstand many bouts of inertia. You have to have a machine’s body. Or more correctly a Grey type body. A Mercury sponge providing the scaffolding. Infinitely fine gold wiring interspersed within it to carry the ‘life’ power and nanobots to provide artificial intelligence. This is exactly what they have found in Russia, China and of course the USA when they have got these alien creatures under wraps.


There is evidence that the Germans have known about this all since before the last world War and in fact Hitler is said to have spoken to one and showed it to his closest henchman proclaiming the entity as the new future ‘Man’. The German people are seemingly the most ignorant of all the European people about UFOs. I find that very strange !

Perhaps they are the ones that know most about these deadly entities. With their efficient ways perhaps they have been the best at keeping it all secret from their people. I wonder why!!! (See SOTG … Page 211.)

Can you explain in short and clear terms the way the interception worked? What are the consequences in our behaviour? Is it the main reason why we are supposedly damned?

The interception worked primarily by the Greys grafting onto the genes of our ancestors genes that were copied from the clones of their original Prime Beings. The clones that they were programmed to look after at all costs, were becoming less and less healthy with each replication and their Grey care-takers were looking for a way to breathe new life into the regeneration process.


When they came upon soul-bearing beings with an apparent facility for eternal regeneration (i.e. the facility to age and decay in entropy yet be reborn again with a seemingly new re-generated living biology), they sought to harvest that facility for their clones. Thus they set about genetically intercepting hominid lines that they could reach on this planet with the aim of bridging their clones’ biologies into the biologies of soul-bearing life forms. This was of course a hopeless task as it is impossible to grasp the non-physical with physical means.


But the Grey roboids would have no idea of the futility of what they were doing because they could have no concept in their programming of anything that is not of the physical universe. Anything or any state of existence beyond those allowed by the enforced paradigms of atoms.

The consequence to our behaviour of being intercepted and influenced by the Greys is that we can become extensions of their program to the extent that we are ourselves programmable. Through their genetic interception we are susceptible to their control and can be programmed by them to carry out their agendas. As they are soul-less beings, the influence of the programme will promote a kind of coldness and expediency to seek self-centred goals without regard to the impact on others. These are the qualities that tend to lead to success in material terms so we would expect that the political and economic leaders of our world would be likely to follow this influence more strongly.

Regarding the question of whether this is why we are supposedly damned I would suggest that we need to look at what being ‘damned’ means. In common parlance ‘damnation’ implies a one way ticket to ‘hell’. "The Song of the Greys" suggests that this physical universe is the true hell. Our damnation is defined by the fact that we are stuck here. It is our own minds and actions which bind us but one could make a strong case to say that we would have been less likely to have remained trapped if not for the external influence of things like the Greys. Perhaps this is why beings like Jesus would come to show us the way out of our captivity… yes we are in captivity like animals, being farmed by the greys. Maybe he came to restore the balance… in the ancient Nag Hammadi Texts he is quoted as saying that there were external powers which have had an interest in mankind from the beginning.

Do you think that any governmental institution is aware of this situation? Do you think that the "deal between the U.S. government and the grey" is a real thing and the only deal?

There is plenty of evidence from many sources, including actual memorandums from Government and Military organizations, that absolutely confirms that these institutions are fully aware of the alien phenomenon and its reality. The famous Roswell incident and all that has taken place in
Area 51 confirms that there is indeed a hidden agenda that is running its course based upon the combined interests of the Greys and certain factions within the U.S. Government.


However I am sure that the U.S. Government is not the only organization infiltrated with individuals who are controlled by Grey masters. The Greys have supreme intelligence and you would expect them to use that intelligence to plan for the best, most efficient achievement of their aims amongst humanity. That would involve planting their hybrids, their most controllable individuals, amongst the key echelons of power around the world. Of course this marks any one who thinks this, as a danger to these ‘alienised cartels’.


They dismiss it all of course as paranoid hysteria, but if what I am postulating in the book SOTG is even remotely true then it is impossible to be paranoid enough. Sincere seekers of the truth have been misled so many times by the world’s leading governments with their favorite dismissal line ‘O they are just conspiracy theorists’ only to find that in most instances these conspiracy theorists were right. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, and the fiasco of lies and distortion about Iraq’s WMD’s are only two significant examples of this.


A secret of the size that aliens may be our ‘pseudo fathersfarming homo sapiens sapiens and hell bent on harvesting their progeny to steal their DNA is so sensational a thing, that no one who is part of their conspiracy will be about to admit it. The entire fiscal system of the world would collapse in no time and chaos would reign in Occidental countries particularly if it was discovered that abductees have witnessed huge numbers of white-Caucasian bodies (presumably human clones) wrapped and sealed for their use. (See answer to your later question)

Is there any material solution to struggle against this phenomenon of interception?

There is no material solution to the problem of alien influence. Their technology is millennia in advance of ours so we can’t stop them physically. Ultimately the only way to guarantee escape from influence of any kind is to escape the physical universe by changing our minds and actions to make them congruent with the eternal universe of the whole – the ‘Godverse’. Game set and match to the great religious teachers of the past who constantly warned us of this peril. As a species we just did not understand what they meant.

They have programmed in to their intercepted lines of mankind all the mechanisms necessary to keep their experiments intact and functioning. Racism and tribalism are a case in point. What better way to keep experimental groups separate in order to avoid one experiment leaking into another and affecting the final result, than to programme separatism and tribal identity into the experimental subjects. The racism of the white-Caucasian (their most well-intercepted grouping) is highly efficient in keeping out any other genetic influences that might dilute the experiment and hence the results of the interception.

When you say that the greys are connected to a prime being, this prime being is of the same nature as our prime being (unity, love, perfect etc)? Does this grey prime being have really the same physical appearance as the short grey?

Yes, they would have had similar qualities to our original prime beings because they would have just entered this universe from the universe of the Whole and so would retain some of the properties of the latter. However it is crucial to make the distinction between the CLONES of these prime beings and the ROBOID GREYS that were built to look after these CLONES in an entropic universe that was continually eroding their already fragile biological prospectus.


A PRIME BEING is a being with a soul-line connecting it with Godhead. As such it is a receiver of the unionizing power of the infinitely present light of God in the Universe of parts and is able to channel and shape that power to keep its physical housing intact despite the onslaughts of the physical entropic forces that are a constant factor affecting all things physical. In other words, that power provides for what we might call the ‘spark of life’ in living systems.


A CLONE has an indirect connection to that unionizing power through the PRIME BEING from which it was cloned.


But a GREY ROBOID has NO connection to that power, it is a purely physical, material artifact designed to resist the forces of a physical universe and protect the CLONES from those forces. For that reason the GREYS need bear no physical resemblance to the PRIME BEINGS.

Why does a prime being need to see, to feel his creation through the universe of parts?

The Prime Beings entered the universe to view separation from the point of view of separation. That is the one thing that can’t be seen from the universe of the whole – The GODVERSE. There is no compulsion to do this but it happens through the exercise of free choice. Ultimately, in logical terms, it is not possible to explain why any particular choice is made by the use of free choice. If you think about it, if you could fully explain why a choice HAD to be made then that choice would not be free.

However, it is my experience that for many people the most puzzling and seemingly bizarre conundrum for them to understand is why anything that originates from the all knowing, perfection of Godhead would freely choose a state in which that knowing is limited. From our point of view, as already limited beings, such a choice would be insane! But the point is that we cannot look at it from our point of view, we can only understand it if we try to logically understand the nature of the all-knowing state.


The all-knowing state is all knowingness itself and as such it would implicitly seek the knowledge of that which it cannot know from its all-knowing state i.e. the limited state of separation and restricted knowledge. Thus the expression of Godness into the Universe of parts was a natural expression of the all-encompassing reach for knowledge implicit in Godhead. Once that expression was made the freedom of choice to stay in the universe or return to Godhead was implicit and most Prime Being chose to return, to be exact 95-96% returned, a figure which is exactly proportional to the amount of ‘missing’ or ‘dark’ matter and energy in the physical universe!

In your system, is there a hierarchy between prime beings? A prime being who creates the prime being of the grey and of the human?

No, no-one creates Prime Beings of any kind. That is what it means to be a Prime Being. Prime Beings arise out of the potential of all absolutes in the Godverse. Ultimately, that is their beginning and their end. They are PRIME beings because they are the first representations of the GODVERSE when it materializes as Universes or dimensions of separated parts of the ALL

Again it is crucial to understand that the GREYS have no actual connections with the Prime Beings that created them. They are machines with no living component. It is the CLONES that were created by these Prime Beings that are connected to those Prime Beings.


In addition some of those Prime Beings themselves may have become caught in the universe of parts and devolved down to grosser and grosser states of being. They may have devolved from relatively insubstantial ‘hydrogen-beings’ into the far more substantial ‘water-based’ physicalities that are equivalent to our human physicalities now.

Thus you could say that there are four different types of entity that can be identified in this universe:

1. The Prime Beings
2. The Prime beings devolved into grosser, more entrapped states
3. The Clones
4. The Grey Roboids


What do you think about some conspiracy theories like this one: "the short greys are in fact some kind of reptilian or draconis, lizard related being? They are involved in our development, they influenced it because they manipulated a black world government? The grey as reptilian is incarnated in some famous personalities like the england world family (black nobility). They are cruel, merciless and they want our destruction? It is in fact the theory of David Icke and some other conspiracy theoreticians. What do you think about them?

I would not call the Greys ‘cruel’ because to be cruel you have to have feelings. I think the problem with Icke’s work is that it mixes some salient points with some palpable nonsense and this tends to make people reject all his ideas although some of them are very cogent.

However there are many abductees who have reported seeing a kind of reptilian being in spacecraft and there are certain clairvoyants who claim to see manifested behind certain individuals the shape of a lizard. I believe that it is quite possible that the original clones whom the Greys were programmed to serve may well be the clones of a type of Prime Being that devolved (if it got caught in the physical universe) into a form of reptile. Perhaps the dinosaurs were the end of their devolving line. That would make this planet the home planet of the original Prime Beings from whom the Clones and the Greys came.

It is possible that our species Homo Sapiens Sapiens comes from another set of Prime Beings whose natal point is at some other location in the universe and whose devolutionary path takes the form of the ape rather than the lizard. All animal species are the ends of devolutionary lines of different groups of Prime Being that entered the universe at different locations in space-time. The various physical forms that these species have taken are dependant upon the shape of the particular ‘force-print’ in which that devolution happened. Gravitational fields, magnetic fields etc would all have a part to play.

If the Greys that have visited and are visiting our planet were created and programmed by Prime Beings that originated from this planet then it would make sense that they would return to their point of origin when the clones that they were programmed to serve began to break down. Those of their original Prime Beings who did not return to Godhead might by that time have devolved into the dinosaurs and were too distant from the original Prime Being state to be of any use to them.


So they set about converting hominid species that were closer to that Prime Being state for their purposes. The only problem was that their conversion pattern in their programme was for a pattern of prime being that had the devolutionary format of a reptile. Perhaps that is why the clairvoyants that I have mentioned see the reptile form behind intercepted individuals.

Since the publication of the book, is there something new, some new facts or precision about the grey that you don’t have the opportunity to mention?

Yes. I have discovered the reason why the Greys genetically engineered a species – the white-Caucasian that is lacking in the dark pigment melanin on the surface of the skin. The distinguished biologist and geneticist Professor Steve Jones of the Galton Laboratory of University College London in his fascinating book:

In The Blood - God Genes And Destiny’ outlines a biological fact, which in my opinion may be a very plausible reason why the vast majority of abductees are white Caucasians. Jones points out that although the number of melanocytes is the same in blacks and whites, ’in black skin they are far more active and the melanin granules cluster around the nuclei of the cells in which they are found, suggesting that they play a vital part in protecting DNA from damage by ultraviolet light’.

This would also prevent ultra-violet light being used to alter gene orientation (a standard method used to splice genes) within the nuclear membrane because melanin absorbs light and reduces its power to splice gene sequences.


I postulated in The Song of the Greys’ , that the cell’s mitochondria ( which includes DNA that is independent of the nuclear DNA of the cell and is, to a certain extent, uninvolved in functions which benefit the cell) can act as a conduit through which information from the alien beings, who may have inserted this DNA, can pass. When this possibility is considered together with the above mentioned qualities of melanin, certain implications can be gleaned.

Much of what light is and light can do is mysterious to science. We know that in all the described abduction cases, indeed in all the interactions that have been claimed with these aliens, ’light’ is described as an effect that they use to move, intercept, and induce, all kinds of procedures. We have to assume that light (and this ’light’ may be seen as a kind of universal force management polarization factor), may be crucial as their means of reaching and interacting with our species. Melanin, as a dark pigment, absorbs light. Nuclear DNA that is protected by the melanin granules that are clustered around it, may therefore be safe from any alien engendered effect that is expressed through the way they use light.

Karen Brewer, associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, has written
an article in the New Scientist (30.8.97) which outlines the research that she and her team are conducting into the possibility of light-activated anti-cancer drugs. Her group has created synthetic molecules that "when flooded with light, have the potential to carry out a wide range of tasks, such as synthesizing useful compounds, generating clean fuels or attacking tumours".


The chemicals that are used to carry out these tasks are known as "supramolecules". "Chemists can mix and match the units to create supramolecules that are tailor-made for particular tasks". Karen Brewer describes how photons could stimulate a platinum active site in the anticancer drug cisplatin.


She outlines how the drug would be ’switched on’ at the tumour site by exposure to laser radiation. This would result in a strong bond between the platinum atom and the DNA bases which would prevent the DNA unzipping and replicating and so stop the tumour cells multiplying. Brewer also explains that a "broad range of wavelengths" can be used to activate the supramolecule so that it would be possible to "tune light absorbers to capture photons at certain wavelengths".


The use of light to bind a metal into DNA bases is thus illustrated here as a technology that is already within our reach. If our relatively primitive technology is capable of this, what more might the supremely advanced technologies of alien beings be capable of in their ability to use the properties of light to bind their elements into the DNA of human beings.

Melanin has also been found to have a capacity to conduct electric fields. Encounters with alien beings or craft have been demonstrated to take place, with by far the greatest frequency, at locations at which there are particularly high electro-magnetic fields (power stations, military bases etc).


High electro-magnetic fields also seem to be put out by the alien craft themselves, often causing widespread power failures in the areas in which they appear. The conducting properties of melanin would enable it, perhaps, to act as a sort of Faraday cage conducting electric fields away from the nucleus of the cell and thus preventing alien procedures from reaching the DNA in the nucleus. If high electro-magnetic fields are a vehicle through which these aliens can reach humanity then it may indeed be the case that dark skinned people have a natural barrier to that reach.

The surviving ancient primaeval dark-skinned races of our planet, for so long looked on with marques such as primitive and inferior by racists and eugenists, may in fact, with ultimate irony, turn out to be superior in the race of the soul survival stakes. It may well be that these so-called ‘less developed’ people are naturally more genetically resistant to and thus stronger at preventing, the hybridization of their humanity and therefore their souls by an alien form of robotic bio-mechanical lizard hell-bent on hijacking them.

Professor Jones also makes the point that the colour change from dark skins to fair skins, that is said to have taken place when the migration out of Africa brought human beings to Europe, does not necessarily make sense when seen in terms of biological advantage. It is accepted generally that this change was due to the fact that a fair (or, in other words, transparent) skin would absorb more of the meager levels of ultra-violet light that are available in Northern climes.


The absorption of ultra-violet light is necessary, we are told, to aid in the production of vitamin D, vital for the production of strong bones and teeth. Steve Jones says that "although the idea of rickets as the driving force behind the evolution of skin colour is attractive, melanin was probably not lost because of changes in vitamin balance". He points out that "rickets is a disease of civilization", a disease which only became common as cities grew in the middle ages.


Even blacks only need two hours a week of sunlight to stay healthy. "At first sight" says Professor Jones, "evolution has got it wrong. If human’s followed the rules that apply to other animals, who have been a lot longer on the real estate, Europeans ought to be black and Africans white", simply because dark objects absorb more of the suns light and heat. However, it is also true that blacks are able to sweat more than whites and, says Jones, this "more than compensates for the effects of skin colour" .


There are also the obvious advantages of a dark skin in the tropics which lie in its the ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of high levels of ultra-violet light. So the advantages of a fair skin, no matter what the climate, are difficult to find in evolutionary terms. However, in terms of an aid to an easy and efficient alien interception of the human genome, the advantages are, I believe, enormous.

Another discovery that has great relevance for our understanding of the Greys interception of our species is that of recent developments in the science of
nanotechnology. Imagine a world where disease could be eradicated by an injection of tiny robots the size of molecules. That is the hope offered by nanotechnology - the science of microscopically small machines.


But others fear nanotechnology could lead to a non-biological cancer - where swarms of tiny nanobots come together and literally devour human flesh. This all sounded like science-fiction until a brilliant young scientist called Hendrik Schön seemed to bring it a step closer. Schön’s great breakthrough was to make a computer transistor out of a single organic molecule. It was an achievement of almost incalculable brilliance. Some speculated this technology could spell the end of the entire silicon chip industry.

Crucially, Schön’s transistor was organic. Suddenly, this seemed to be the first step towards true nanotechnology, where minute computers could grow as living cells. Scientists speculated about how these tiny machines could be used to target diseases with astonishing precision. Others wondered - could the military use them as a new weapon? Others, including Prince Charles, were terrified. If these machines can grow by themselves, how do we stop them from growing?

Schon’s results were eventually discredited as fraudulent, he was accused of fabricating some of his data. However he stands by his results to this day. Could it be that his research hit too close to the mark of what Grey alien technology has been carrying out throughout history with humanity as their experimental subjects.
Therefore he had to be discredited. Tiny implants have been found in many abductees, could these be nanobots programmed to transform the human genetic prospectus?

Are you aware that the book is unique and that there is as far as I know no other book like the song of the greys (method, theory, content, scientific approach and deductions etc)?

I would hope that other people have independently come to the same conclusions as the book is not trying to be ground-breaking or original it is just trying to make an attempt at rationally getting closer to the truth about the alien phenomenon and the human condition.

What were the reactions of the scientific with this book? Does the evolutionist react "against" your thesis of devolution and alien interception? What were the reactions of the "ufologist"?

We have not heard the reactions of many of the scientific community or ufologists to the book. I (Dr. Andrew Silverman) spoke many years ago spoke to Prof. John Maynard Smith (a leading evolutionary biologist) after a public lecture in Scotland about the devolution of species…. the professor said that he couldn’t fault the logic of the argument that postulated devolution although he didn’t agree with it!

In 2003 a book was published by Michael A. Cremo (a specialist in the history and philosophy of science) called ‘
Human Devolution’. Cremo’s research suggests that humans have existed on earth for hundreds of millions of years.


This evidence totally contradicts Darwinian evolution so Cremo asks the question,

"If we did not devolve up from apes then where did we come from"

In answer to that question he comes to the conclusion that,

"We did not evolve up from matter; instead we devolved, or came down, from the realm of pure consciousness, spirit".

Six years previous to Cremo’s book, when "The Song Of The Greys" was published, Nigel Kerner had come to the same conclusion. In fact I can stand witness to the fact that he came to that conclusion in 1985, nineteen years ago!